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Eye On Sterile Processing Department

Eye On Sterile Processing Department

By Selendea Barefield

Information to get into and grow your career and personal goals, while working in Sterile Processing.
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Short Staffed? I have 11 Tips

Eye On Sterile Processing DepartmentDec 02, 2022

Short Staffed? I have 11 Tips
Dec 02, 202214:20
Short Staffed? I have 11 Tips
Dec 02, 202213:55
Emergency Checklist
Oct 06, 202211:57
Low Pay, Stop Crying

Low Pay, Stop Crying

Please stop crying about the fact you don't make enough money. What value do you bring? What skills have you acquired?  Stop crying and start acting. #eyeonspd #value #sterileprocessing

Sep 14, 202211:21
What is the Interviewer Really Asking You?
Jul 21, 202208:36
Job's Report: Gig Economy in Healthcare? Bid on the Job You Want
Jul 16, 202204:14
Job Report: Interviews
Jun 29, 202214:42
Job Report: Are You Safe in Sterile Processing?
Jun 10, 202215:08
Job's Report: Travel Pay Reduction and Relocating for Work
May 17, 202215:02
Job's Report: SPD to Vendor?
May 10, 202215:20
Traveling to the HSPA 2022 Conference

Traveling to the HSPA 2022 Conference

I'm heading to the HSPA Conference in San Antonio, TX. In this episode I will breakdown the cost, tips on saving money and places to eat and visit while in San Antonio.   

Check me out on

 Email me at 

Facebook: Sterile Processing Grapevine

Apr 13, 202211:35
S.M.A.R.T & Strenghts
Jan 19, 202215:21
Mindset: The World of Sterile Processing

Mindset: The World of Sterile Processing

We sometimes have to change our mindset to move forward in life. Are you ready to change your mindset and change your life? We can do it together, you bite at a time. 

Jan 10, 202215:37
The SPD Family

The SPD Family

I started my podcast to showcase Sterile Processing Professionals. I present to you Sterile Processing.

Sep 29, 202108:54
SPD in Pakistan: Meet Ghulam Mossa Kazam

SPD in Pakistan: Meet Ghulam Mossa Kazam

Ghulam has three years of experience in Sterile Processing and he is already a triple crown (CRCST, CHL & CIS). He will be the first recipient of the SPD Education Fundraiser. Thank you, to all of the people that made this possible. 
Sep 22, 202112:10
Arm Yourself with Knowledge Meet: Tiffany

Arm Yourself with Knowledge Meet: Tiffany

Tiffany has trained and educated Doctors, Nurses, and Scrub Technicians about the importance of what we do. Tiffany takes pride in going above and beyond to deliver exceptional services and products. She continues to educate new Technicians in the field by providing study aides to help them thrive in their department. Tiffiany has her CBSPD, CRCST, CIS, CER and currently working on her CHL.

Sep 19, 202112:40
We Give You the Tools to Thrive: Meet My Manager T.J.

We Give You the Tools to Thrive: Meet My Manager T.J.

We have all of the IAHCSMM's Box Courses. We give Technicians time to study while at work. We give them the tools to get certified. Thomas Brown's Linkedin profile is what captured my attention when I was looking for a Supervisor position. His profile is about serving his department.
Thomas Brown profile
Eye On SPD Website
Sep 16, 202119:53
From Technician to Instructor: Meet Dannie O. Smith
Aug 31, 202121:34
400 Gone Wrong
Jun 29, 202125:33
Holiday Pay & Juneteenth

Holiday Pay & Juneteenth

Did you know that employers' are not required to pay you Holiday pay? Well, except Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Juneteenth represents freedom. Are you free?

Jun 21, 202107:15
Pride Celebration: Medtronics, Laws and You
Jun 16, 202113:08
Annual Review & You= Pay

Annual Review & You= Pay

Don't wait to prepare for your annual review. Start now. I will give you tips that will prepare you for your annual review, and get  you more.

Jun 14, 202125:18
Your List Before You Travel or Move for Work
Jun 07, 202119:06
Task Rotation: Should it be fair?
May 23, 202116:60
I had 10 Interviews 8 Job Offers: It's My Mindset
May 02, 202135:20
Dear Side Hustler the Sterile Processing Technician,

Dear Side Hustler the Sterile Processing Technician,

 Do you have an EIN number, Business Bank Account, Website or Process Payment System? Did you know the government has grants available for small businesses? I will give you information on this and more.

Apr 12, 202121:31
Sterile Processing Techs: Out The Box Career Path

Sterile Processing Techs: Out The Box Career Path

I will give you three levels of career paths that you can use to take action today! Dare to be great!

Quizlet Regulatory and Professional Agencies

Hospital Jobs with Little Schooling

Health Care Careers for those with a certificate or diploma

Medical Certifications

AAMI and U.S. Department of Labor

OSHA complete online safety training by osha authorized provider

Board of Certified Safety Professionals:

OSHA 30 Training

Infections Preventionist Certificate

EPA Certification Programs×tamp=&contenttype%5Bpage%5D=page&sort_by=timestamp&sort_order=DESC&page=1


Water Quality

Hazardous Drugs Management Certificate

Indoor Air Quality Certificate

The American Council for Accredited Certification

If you have a degree in biology etc. American Board of Industrial Hygienist.

Mar 29, 202122:06
Minimum Wage Increased but Nothing for YOU
Mar 25, 202125:54
Increase Your Value, Grow Your Brand
Mar 14, 202130:58
Frontline Techs: Your First Six Months. Sunshine & Michael
Mar 08, 202128:58
Black History: Race Based Healthcare, Medical Experiments & Disparities
Feb 28, 202120:48
Frontline Technicians: Anthony & Alain
Feb 22, 202121:21
Choosing A Sterile Processing Program with Warren Nist
Feb 22, 202133:41
Emergency Contact: Is it you?

Emergency Contact: Is it you?

Do you know what to do if you are listed as an emergency contact, and you get a phone call from the hospital's E.R.? In this episode I share a personal story with you.  

Build Your Emergency Kit

Leave a Message:

Feb 15, 202109:13
Frontline Technician: Sarah B. Cruz
Feb 06, 202129:15
Nurses were like Sterile Processing Technicians
Feb 01, 202109:41
Frontline Technician: Dawn Rowley
Jan 30, 202128:13
Resume Part II
Jan 29, 202135:38
Building Your Resume

Building Your Resume

We are dynamic because we have many transferable skills. We are negotiators, trouble shooters, problem solvers, time managers, researchers, and so much more. Let's build a resume that reflects our many skills and talents.







Jan 22, 202128:60
King's Day

King's Day

It is time for change and it begins with us. 

Jan 18, 202100:19
Movin On Up: From Tech to the Top

Movin On Up: From Tech to the Top

My guest Jardin, will give you valuable tools that can help you move up from your position in Sterile Processing to your next accomplishment. Move up, Move on, Just keep Moving.

The music is from the old 70's show, The Jeffersons.

Aug 17, 202025:07
I Quit!: Retention, Turnover & Pay
Aug 12, 202036:01
Bullies in Sterile Processing
Aug 07, 202029:19
Sterile Processing Is Not For You- Job Hack
Jul 27, 202033:25
Retirement: Get Your Money or Die Trying

Retirement: Get Your Money or Die Trying

Sterile Processing Techs are under paid but that does not mean we can't get the most out of the benefits our facility offers.

Jul 01, 202029:19
No PPE, Who Protects SPD?
Jun 21, 202017:54
Us vs. Them & Unhealthy Agreements
Jun 04, 202029:00
Racism In Surgery? 9 Things That Drives Me Crazy!
May 27, 202036:48
Ready To Return To Work?

Ready To Return To Work?

Some people say they are ready to return to work, while others say, "hell no". In this episode I want to talk about the things that we should think about before we return to work and national organizations that deal with workplace safety (not OSHA) in the healthcare environment.  Check out my website for study aides and resources: Resource information about hospitals, agencies, pay-rates, lodging and more DOL and OSHA: list of safety organizations related to the medical field: Robotic surgeries article: . Leave a voicemail
May 03, 202018:52


We take risk every time we put on our scrubs and get to work in Sterile Processing. We take risk when we leave the house. SPT are taking risk when they reprocess N95 mask. I want to talk about risk at work and risk at home and a few tools to use to help techs make better decision. Also check out our website for resources.







Apr 22, 202030:38