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The Self-Agency Advocate

The Self-Agency Advocate

By Amanda Hanna

It's time to level up your self-agency game.

Dig deeper to reconnect with your truest self and build your capacity to live wholeheartedly, communicate compassionately, tackle the big topics and emotions vulnerably, and make drastic change from the inside out.
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Sexuality, Desires and the Other Side of Intimacy with Nina Powell

The Self-Agency AdvocateJan 22, 2020

What does the 300HR Trauma-Informed Movement Facilitator Training offer? With Amanda & Kirsten
Jun 29, 202100:23
How do we best support ourselves with proper nutrition? | Musings with Amanda

How do we best support ourselves with proper nutrition? | Musings with Amanda

Food is medicine. It heals you. It is the fuel for our entire being.   

In this video I want to shift the conservation towards a more healthy and balanced relationship with food, to see it as a source of joy, of nourishment, of fuel, and truly of medicine.  A big part of maintaining and thriving a personal practice is your mental health and making sure that it is nourished and supported through the foods that you consume.   

How can we best support out mental and physical well-being with food? 

What does proper nutrition look like? 

How can we learn to listen to our individual body and needs?

Jun 21, 202119:27
Developing your Personal Practice

Developing your Personal Practice

Do you have a daily personal practice? Maybe you already have one but you struggle to make this routine? Or maybe you feel lost as to where to start?

In this video we explore how to create your unique personal practice, the impact it can have on your life, and the best way to make this sustainable so that we can do this long term.

A personal practice is unique from person to person. No one can determine what will really work for you. Whilst others can offer tips and advice, we have to develop it ourselves so that it is sustainable and maintainable.

In this video I explore:

  • How to manifest intentions using a personal practice
  • The power of and uniqueness of both a morning and evening practice.
  • Understanding the different brainwaves so that we can cultivate a personal practice at the most beneficial times.
  • Treating our personal practice as sacred whilst being realistic about the time and energy we have available.

And much much more!

Jun 08, 202117:37
Developing Personal Responsibility | Musings with Amanda

Developing Personal Responsibility | Musings with Amanda

We have spent a lot of our life believing that we are helpless and that change is out of reach.

But you are now stepping into a new reality; a reality where you are EMPOWERED to live your truest life by placing the change that will happen into your hands. This is where taking personal responsibility for your life comes in.

When I think about personal responsibility I think about
- HOW is it that I show up in this world?
- WHO am I showing up as?
- WHAT actions am I taking?

Nobody else is going to do the actions that nourish and feed my physical, emotional and mental well-being. So I need to take that responsibility to do it myself.

Questions I ask myself,
- WHO do I want to be in this world?
- WHO do I want to show up as?
- HOW do I want people to feel after I have left a situation?

We all have a responsibility to know our self on deep and intimate level. To do this, we must remain CURIOUS - so that we can get to know our self in ways that we haven't before.

In this video I explore the importance of taking steps to know yourself intimately so that we are consciously taking personal responsibility for our own life.

May 12, 202111:07
Permission To Rest

Permission To Rest

We do not constantly have to be this ‘work in progress’.

We do not need to be this piece of art that needs mastering.

You are more than perfect exactly as you are.

How do we truly rest?

We need to decrease the amount of stimulation as much as possible. This allows our whole nervous system to deeply rest.

In this video I explain the IMPORTANCE of deep rest on our nervous system and HOW to actually switch off and rest.

Apr 02, 202110:47
Self-Regulation: Tools to return back to a safe place

Self-Regulation: Tools to return back to a safe place

Self regulation - the ability to come back to a place of safety.

In this episode I talk about the tools we can use to drop back into a place of safety. A place where we feel calm in the present moment and where our nervous system can return back to a regulated state.

I describe some different breathing techniques which you can use to explore how you are feeling and return back to a baseline state.

The BREATH is the most powerful tools we have to identify our emotional state. It is one of the quickest ways to drop back in and come back to a base line. Our breath is like a compass - when we notice how we are breathing we can tune into how we are feeling, our emotions.

Mar 10, 202111:53
Self-Care vs Self-Soothing | Musings with Amanda

Self-Care vs Self-Soothing | Musings with Amanda

In this episode I define the difference between Self-Care and Self-Soothing.

Self-soothing involves immediate relief to allow ourselves the chance to breathe and switch off. This allows us to build the resilience to move towards Self-Care.

Self-Care asks us to look at how we are fundamentally caring for our mind, body and spirit as a whole.

Self- Care is rebuilding and maintaining your resilience. It is rebuilding your capacity to show up and interact with the world around you. It allows us to take control and feel more empowered over different aspects of our lives.

Invitation to you:

Draw a circle and divide it into the 5 sections, one for each of the 5 elements listed belows. In each section, write down what you do for this element, whether it be a self soothing or self care activity. You might start to see a trend. You might see certain aspects of your life that you feel you are giving lots of attention towards, and you might notice areas which you are neglecting. From here, you will be able to see which elements need more attention and whether you need to incorporate more Self-Care






Whilst we may not have control of the external world. We have control of ourselves, and our own internal workings, so we must try to take as much care of our own internal landscape. This therefore makes handling the external forces a little easier.

Mar 01, 202113:41
Advocacy for disability with Kelsey Ferrill

Advocacy for disability with Kelsey Ferrill

Kelsey and I discuss the importance of advocacy to raise awareness about disability and make sure everyone has equal opportunities. We talk about the importance of normalising disability in a world where we are trained consciously and subconsciously to fear difference and to fear ‘other’. Kelsey is passionate about educating others and creating space for awareness and normalisation of disability.

  • Navigating the hardship of advocacy.
  • Remembering, trusting and knowing that everything you do has purpose.
  • “How do you keep your sense of self, and your sense of power within you so that you can keep doing this work? What does your practice look like? “
  • 3 things that individuals can do right now to start making their circle more safe, inclusive and accessible; Do not assume, Educate, Listen.

Kelsey Ferrill is a grad student at Royal Roads University (#@RoyalRoadssu on Instagram) pursuing her Masters of Intercultural and International communications. She also sits on the Board of Directors for the Moebius Syndrome Foundation (@MoebiusSyndromeFoundation) and works closely with @PositiveExposure which is an organization that uses the arts to create a more inclusive, equitable world for all. Advocacy is Kelsey’s #1 passion; it is what sets her soul on fire and gives her purpose. She really wants to spread the message of acceptance and inclusivity and most importantly, not judging anyone on appearance alone. Kelsey believes that her life experiences can be used for good and she hopes to work internationally for a non-profit that supports and advocates for people with disabilities.

Feb 14, 202148:31
Safety, Relationship, and Wholeness with Jake Ernst

Safety, Relationship, and Wholeness with Jake Ernst

Jake Ernst and I dive into connection, the true meaning of relationship, and how to create safety with others and in oneself. We look at how we can create space for self-exploration and inquiry while holding compassion and patience on this journey

Join us in an informative and light-spirited conversation around trauma, healing, growth, and all things wellness. While this work can often feel heavy and daunting, you’re not alone and there are ways you can invite in all dimensions of yourself - there is room for sadness and happiness, overwhelm and contentedness, fear and excitement. There is room for all of you here.

  • How do I do this work and find support during these trying and often isolating times?
  • What’s the next step for me to take toward whole-being wellness?
  • What are the ways, or routes, I can take towards safety with others and with myself?


Jake Ernst is a therapist, writer, and speaker based in Toronto, Canada. In his work, Jake is interested in unexplored feelings, unprocessed trauma, and unmet attachment needs in childhood and adolescence as catalysts for mental unhealth and unwellness in adulthood.

Jake works with teens, young adults, and parents.

Through speaking, workshops, and writing, Jake explores the bold and vulnerable stories which are rarely told or brought to the forefront. He dives deep into the uncomfortable and seeks to expand and reimagine our understanding of how relationships, pain, trauma, and mental health impact our lives.

Connect with Jake on Instagram: or Facebook:

Feb 03, 202149:42
How yoga, trauma and social justice are interconnected with Mei Lai Swan!

How yoga, trauma and social justice are interconnected with Mei Lai Swan!

Myself and Mei Lai Swan explore the importance of acknowledging trauma and social justice within the yoga space. We talk about what social justice really means and how we can take care of all people and have systems and cultures that really support our individual and collective well-being.

“I saw the need for training that incorporated yoga, trauma and social justice”

What is social justice? How do we really take care of each and have systems and cultures that really support our individual and collective well-being?

“Yoga is an inherent part of who we are. It is the deep self inquiry. The point of yoga is to wake up to who you are and that's available to you no matter where you are born, no matter your lineage. It is your birthright.”

Mei Lai Swan is the founder and lead facilitator of Yoga for Humankind. Dedicated to the paths of yoga, meditation and community for over 20 years, Mei Lai is an experienced yoga teacher trainer and certified Embodied Flow facilitator with a professional background in music, community development and social work. She specialises in embodied practice, trauma-informed yoga, social justice and nada yoga (sound and mantra).

Mei Lai is passionate about creating authentic spaces for fostering conversation, building community and sharing practices of embodied social justice and collective wellbeing.

With a BA in International Development/Environmental Studies and a Master of Social Work, Mei Lai spent six years working in remote Aboriginal communities running community development programs, before returning to Melbourne to run psychosocial programs with people seeking asylum. She has trained broadly in somatic-based trauma therapy, counselling, and Trauma Centre Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY-F) and has combined these skills to deliver individual counselling, group work programs, and specially-tailored yoga programs for asylum seekers, refugees, disadvantaged youth, and people experiencing chronic pain and trauma.

She is a doula, founder, previous CEO and ongoing board director of Birth for Humankind, a non-profit organisation  providing free birth support to women experiencing socio-economic disadvantage. / @yogaforhumankind / @meilaiswanyoga

Jan 26, 202101:05:27
Self-mastery for true transformation and personal freedom with Chrissy Papetti

Self-mastery for true transformation and personal freedom with Chrissy Papetti

Myself and Chrissy explore the power of Self-Mastery and Self-Enquiry. We talk about the importance of taking ownership of your own suffering whilst honouring all your life experiences. Chrissy is very passionate about Gene Keys, a tool to unlocking the enormous potential of your life. This is an inspiring and insightful conversation which will leave you feeling empowered to create real transformation in your inner world.

“The impact of our minds & beliefs on our physical well being is so great”

Exploring a practice to hearing your inner voice - What can people do at home who are new to self enquiry?

Exploring Gene Keys - self discovery system that gives an insight into challenges you may face along the way and discovery into the gifts that live within those challenges.

“What does it look like to befriend and embrace your shadow”

You can find out more about Chrissy here or by visiting her social links!

Chrissy Papetti LLC,

Chrissy Papetti, Self Mastery Mentor, Success Coach, and Speaker at

About: Chrissy is a Self-Mastery Mentor, Success Coach, and Speaker who teaches leaders and high-achievers to override the limiting patterns in their mind and body that may be holding them back from their potential. She focuses on mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual wellbeing practices with science-backed and spiritually-informed theories, such as The Gene Keys, Human Design, experience-dependent neuroplasticity, subconscious reprogramming, nervous system and emotional regulation, manifestation, behavioral flexibility and resilience, epigenetics, purpose-driven neuroscience and more. Since 2018, she's helped 30+ clients 20x their monthly income and transition their career-paths to start their own businesses, reduce reported levels of anxiety, depression, physical pain, as well as significantly improved their physical health, mental well-being, and quality of life.

Social Links:

Jan 17, 202148:41
The importance of creating a safe space and how we can do this.

The importance of creating a safe space and how we can do this.

Julie and I explore the concept of safe spaces. What does safety mean in a school system, what does it mean in a yoga space, in the world? We explain the importance of staying in inquiry and remaining curious as one of the most impactful ways to create safe spaces. We look at what it means to lean into change-making and knowing when to walk away.

We talk about how the systems we’re in are built to oppress and perpetuate the very things we’re fighting against. There’s a need right now to acknowledge the ways in which so many public and private spaces have been systemically made unsafe; so what can we do to change this? What small, yet oh so powerful, steps can we start taking to create spaces that are inclusive, accessible, and a little bit more safe for all?


Julie Johnson (pronouns she/her/hers) is a Co-Founder of Integrate Trauma Informed Network and the Restorative Pulse Podcast, Accessibility Specialist in the U.S. Public School System  and a Trauma Informed Yoga Facilitator. She is passionate about creating cultures of belonging and social emotional inclusion in the school system and spaces where she teaches yin yoga.

Integrate Trauma Informed Network is a grassroots, intersectional community of trauma sensitive professionals offering opportunities to explore the concept of belonging and social emotional inclusion through a trauma sensitive lens and the framework of universal design.

You can read more about Integrate Network at and listen to the Restorative pulse  podcast on all major podcasting platforms.

For more information on Universal Design in mind body healing spaces, please check out the work of Natasha Baebler at

Dec 21, 202047:44
Building and exploring your own daily practice

Building and exploring your own daily practice

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to create and navigate a daily practice? In this episode I explain how to create your practice, the biology behind habits and routine, and allowing your practice to become fun and fluid.

Start by asking yourself what you need in order to feel connected to your truth, connected to your presence, centered and grounded.

Let curiosity guide you. Allow your practice to be fluid.

Your practice is your own. Your practice requires you to try new things, evolve, shed old things, and honour everything you are in the present moment.

Learn the biology behind habits and routine.

Dec 15, 202040:55
Yoga & Self Healing; How can we change our inner world?

Yoga & Self Healing; How can we change our inner world?

Dec 07, 202057:48
Exploring shadow work; befriending our shadow self.
Dec 01, 202041:01
Exploration of Somatic Therapy and creating space for transformation with Samantha Tomkinson

Exploration of Somatic Therapy and creating space for transformation with Samantha Tomkinson

In this episode, myself and Samantha explore the power of Somatic therapy in order to deeply feel and transmute our emotions, ultimately allowing for more peace and freedom within. Samantha is deeply passionate about the notion of ‘creating space’ in order to allow ourselves the opportunity to feel, and how we can become curious about these feelings and experiences.

How to find safety within our body?

How do you become comfortable with creating space?

Developing a growth mindset. How to lean into every experience with curiosity.

How to notice the ‘labelling of an emotion’, then feeling into where it is in your body.

Samantha Tomkinson is a psychologist, yogi, business consultant and avid adventurer. She has worked in psychology for 15 years and also holds qualifications in NLP (neuro linguistic programming),  business, somatics, yoga and meditation. She combines all her skills to create impactful learning environments for people through workshops, retreats and coaching.

Nov 23, 202057:09
Exploring dance, yoga & movement-based therapy for healing with Kirsten Wilkinson

Exploring dance, yoga & movement-based therapy for healing with Kirsten Wilkinson

Kirsten and I explore the power of movement based therapy and its place within trauma, stress, emotions, and healing. We look at how we can learn from the wisdom of other cultures and individuals to learn what it means to fully restore ourselves and find pockets of presence throughout our days. And most importantly, how is it that we can powerfully hold space for the healing of self and others?  How can movement-based and embodiment practices help restore your sense of self and overall wellbeing Understand the importance of knowing and respecting where you are at so you can safely meet others where they are at How can you remain in a space of calm when someone is having a stressful or emotional experience Understand the difference between compassion and empathy and how these both show up in the process of reclaiming your body, wellbeing, and life    You can learn and work with both Amanda and Kirsten on the upcoming 20hr Trauma-informed Training - find all of the details here:   Kirsten considers herself a child of the Universe, calling home wherever her teddy bear happens to be. She holds a Masters Degree in Dance and Research from American University in Washington, DC and a BA in Dance and Kinesiology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Kirsten is the Founder and Executive Director of Legacy Motion, an NGO that facilitates collaborative and sustainable programs that promote mental, physical and emotional wellbeing through movement-based restorative practices.  You can find her at or Legacy Motion on Facebook and Instagram.

Nov 19, 202050:53
Taking Personal Responsibility for our own healing journey. Connecting with our inner healer.

Taking Personal Responsibility for our own healing journey. Connecting with our inner healer.

This episode dives into the innate power within every body to heal, and explores how we can own our healing journey and reclaim this inner healer. I walk you through a self reflection exercise which represents different aspects of our lives which we need to thrive in order to live at optimal health. This episode will leave you feeling curious and knowledgeable about reclaiming ownership of these different aspects of life.

What does it look like to take personal responsibility for our own journey?

How do we show up for ourselves? How do we find our own inner resources and reclaim our inner healer?

Move into a place of curiosity.

Personal responsibility. Integrity. Accountability.

Nov 18, 202041:05
Breaking down the complexity of trauma
Nov 03, 202045:54
The biology behind trauma and stress and how we can undergo deep healing | Musings with Amanda |

The biology behind trauma and stress and how we can undergo deep healing | Musings with Amanda |

In this episode I explore the biology behind trauma and stress and how we can undergo deep healing.  

How is trauma and stress stored in the body?

 How can stored traumas manifest as physical and mental symptoms? 

Exploring different modalities to find wholeness and safety within our bodies again. 

Understanding that you have all of the resilience and resources already within you.

Oct 28, 202031:48
Navigating Spiritual Awakenings and Transforming Emotions with Heidi Firth

Navigating Spiritual Awakenings and Transforming Emotions with Heidi Firth

Heidi and I delve into how to navigate life when everything seems to disassemble in order to create space for our greater purpose. We talk about how to seek help and guidance, developing tools to work with our emotions and energy, as well as how to communicate this with those around you.


Suffering may be part of the journey. Without the suffering then how would we appreciate the GOLD?

“I was disconnected from my emotional self. I didn't know how to work with my emotions. So I called on practitioners to help me start to move that energy to turn it into emotion, energy in motion, so that It could transform”

Learning to trust presence and live in the NOW.

What does it really mean to trust vs let go?


Our Invitation to YOU:

Journaling questions:

In what areas of my life do I have too much control due to fear of discomfort?

What is the worst outcome if I let go of this control?

What is the best outcome if I let go of this control?

How can I start to live with more trust and presence on a daily basis?

About Heidi

Heidi loves Unicorns, Snowboarding & Flying.  She dislikes unkept feet, being spoken over & crowded spaces.

She daydreams of a world where people are Earth sensitive + meeting that special someone to fly with into the sunset.

Heidi is most passionate about supporting people to develop tools to navigate their inner landscape, connecting them with their inner wisdom, their inner guru.

You can find Heidi at;

Instagram -

Facebook -

Email -

Heidi Firth

Oct 19, 202057:14
From limiting identities to stepping into your true potential with Chanel Rose

From limiting identities to stepping into your true potential with Chanel Rose

This episode with Chanel Rose will inspire anyone who feels stuck in life - for anyone who has the desire to bring about change but does not know where to start. We explore how to break through the identities and status’ that we and society place upon ourselves. How can we rearrange and create our life so that we are living in a feeling of joy and happiness?


“I spent so many years focusing on the perception of who I was rather than reflecting on who I was for myself. I spent so much time worrying about the wrong things instead of just celebrating.”

Exploring the loss of identity and status in order to recreate our lives.

Defining our boundaries and how to communicate this with people.

→ Invitation to YOU: Journal prompts: What identities do you currently have in your life that keep you small? Who has placed this identity on you? How is it keeping you trapped in a box instead of living an expansive life. How can you step out of this identity today to bring about change?

About Chanel

“I am a native Chicagoan and a lifelong lover of travel. I firmly believe my resilience is rooted in my ability to find home all over the world. Over the last 15 years, I have been helping individuals, small business owners, politicians and executives build themselves as household brands. We take their expertise and find the markets that can find the most value and connect them.”

Instagram: @womenwhoencourage

Facebook :

LinkedIn :

Oct 09, 202001:11:49
Healing from trauma with the power of the body with Faye Lawand

Healing from trauma with the power of the body with Faye Lawand

In this raw and eye-opening episode, Faye and I speak about creating personal transformation through healing past traumas, rewiring our mind and reconnecting to our own bodies. We look at the true power of our bodies to heal, which so many of us are unaware of. Faye talks openly and vulnerably about the physical trauma symptoms she experienced as an adult having fled war torn Lebanon as a child.

If you are ready to find the inspiration and knowledge to transform your life this episode is for you!


The subconscious mind is the archive of past memories, traumas, phobias, limiting decisions, values, and so much more.

What is robbing you of your health, vitality, happiness, confidence?

“How do you break the cycle and what tools did you use to do deeper work?”


Taking personal responsibility is the first step in creating any change. What blocks/ limiting beliefs/ physical symptoms do you currently have in your life that are stopping you from living your true potential? Write this down and journal about how it is affecting you. Feel into where this may have originally come from. Take a moment to think about whether this is something you could work through yourself or whether seeking professional help is the next step for you.

We all have the power to heal!

Oct 05, 202050:29
Limiting beliefs, taking back control, and creating your new reality with Gemma Rose Peacock

Limiting beliefs, taking back control, and creating your new reality with Gemma Rose Peacock

Listen now on Spotify

Listen now on Apple Podcasts

Gemma Peacock and I explore how it looks to take back control of your life and create long-term sustainable transformation. We touch on the small daily habits that have great ripple effects in our life as well as how we can rewire and reprogramme our mind to disarm any limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

Are you ready to take control, set your own tone, set intentions, and decide how you want to feel?

Gemma is a transformation coach who works with individuals who are READY to make transformative changes to CREATE the fulfilling life they dream about.

If you are feeling unfulfilled and are ready for a new direction, I can help you make transformative changes so you can live an authentic, satisfying life true to who you are.

: : :

Set the tone for yourself for the day.

What do your morning and evening routines look like?

Intention setting to create your own reality.

Manra: I trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it is meant to.

: : :

---> Our Invitation to YOU: Write down one limiting belief that you know is holding you back in life. Then write about who you would be and what your life would look like if you did not have this limiting belief. Start to embody the feelings that this new you would have. Embody them at the start of your day as you set an intention to create this new reality for yourself.

You can follow Gemma’s journey on

Instagram: @gemmarosepeacock


Sep 29, 202051:29
Attachment styles & stepping out of the safety blanket to allow ourselves to grow & transform With Rachelle Brempong.

Attachment styles & stepping out of the safety blanket to allow ourselves to grow & transform With Rachelle Brempong.

Rachelle and I acknowledge the importance of understanding our attachment style and how it affects the way in which we show up in all our relationships. We explore how to navigate the world of relationships in order to show up as your true self and move away from comfort zones which limit our true potential. We embrace the importance of personal development and how this beautiful and messy journey will look different for each individual.

If you know that you are holding back in your relationships because of fear and vulnerability and you want to invite change into your life but don’t know how yet, then this is for you.

: : :

“The beauty of the journey is trusting your intuition”

What to do in a moment where we notice we are about to be vulnerable?

How do you show up in a relationship? Who are you in a community?

Recognizing that there is more out there for us and then inviting in change from this place.

: : :

---> Our Invitation to YOU: Think about the ways in which you avoid discomfort. What part of you do you not allow to fully shine through because of the fear of being vulnerable and seen? Can you step out of your comfort zone once a week? This could be a really small change you can invite into your life.

- - - -

Rachelle is a conversationalist, marketer and occasional host to her own podcast—“This Can’t Be It”.




Sep 21, 202001:13:28
Navigating change, new normals & finding our purpose in a fast paced world with Amanda Lytle

Navigating change, new normals & finding our purpose in a fast paced world with Amanda Lytle

Navigating change, new normals & finding our purpose in a fast paced world with Amanda Lytle

During this raw conversation, Amanda and I explore how to navigate life, change and new normals as an empath and highly sensitive person. We speak about the importance of holding ourselves accountable to speaking our truth, setting boundaries to our own self worth, and making decisions from our intuition which serve our higher purpose.

This podcast is for you if you find the world overwhelming to navigate and need to develop some tools in order to follow your true purpose and create a sustainable and beautiful life which is free from the modern world of instant gratification, labels and pressure.


Taking the pressure of ourselves in a society which chases instant gratification.

Making decisions for our higher purpose and true self over everything else.

How am I going to set myself up sustainably?

How to step back and take care of yourself so that you can carry on showing up and make changes in the world that create deep emotion for you!


Our Invitation to YOU → Take a moment for yourself and ask yourself which parts of your life you are finding overwhelming and which parts are not serving your higher purpose. When we become aware of these areas we can release them, freeing up time and energy which can be put towards our souls purpose.

- - - -

Amanda has created The Safe Haven podcast which provides a space for real, raw, emotional, and vulnerable conversations. Each episode brings personal stories about the lights and darks, highs and lows of life in a judgement-free zone.

𝘼𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙘, 𝙧𝙖𝙬, 𝙗𝙧𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙫𝙪𝙡𝙣𝙚𝙧𝙖𝙗𝙡𝙚 𝙨𝙩𝙤𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙨, 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮𝙤𝙣𝙚.

You can find Amanda’s podcast here:

And follow her beautiful journey on Instagram at

Sep 14, 202056:56
Deep Healing Through Energy Work and Developing Self Awareness with Kim Knight

Deep Healing Through Energy Work and Developing Self Awareness with Kim Knight

Kim and I talk about how we can heal physical conditions through finding a deep connection with ourselves. We explore how unresolved emotional hurt can create big physical and energetical disturbances in the body that show up as physical symptoms. Kim talks passionately about living from the heart and the gut, developing greater self-awareness and radical self-responsibility.


“A student of life. I am here to learn and grow and to help others with their learning and growing”

How do we drop into our body and listen to our body and heart instead of the mind?

How do we clear emotions to heal our physical body?

Developing self-awareness and radical self-responsibility to create the change we need in our lives.


Our invitation to YOU:

Have you ever thought about where you may be holding onto old stuck emotions?

For some, becoming aware of the physical symptoms of emotional blockages is the first step to clearing them.

If it calls to you, start to tune into these areas of your body and notice what is being held there - what emotions manifest in your physical body?
How do they feel? How and when do they show up in your life? How do they make you feel? What would it feel like for you to be clear of them?


Kim has been working as a Health & Personal Development Coach for over 14 years now. She specifically works to help individuals overcome chronic pain & fatigue conditions, focusing on the metaphysical healing. After suffering with severe mental health difficulties in her late twenties, Kim has been on a transformational healing journey. “A student of life. I am here to learn and grow and to help others with their learning and growing”.

Connect with Kim and all that she offers here:

Sep 08, 202055:38
Breaking down identity and finding true purpose in a world of unlimited opportunities with Oceane

Breaking down identity and finding true purpose in a world of unlimited opportunities with Oceane

Breaking down identity and finding true purpose in a world of unlimited opportunities

Oceane and I take a look at what it means to be human in a world that places so much emphasis on identity and following societal norms. We explore how to break free of identities, explore and find our purpose, and overcome fears that block us from living our most authentic and truest life.

“You can stay stuck and feel repressed, or you can shake the identity and discover a new way” - Oceane


Exploring ‘Who Am I’ and what does my life look like without past identities?

How do we reconstruct or redefine ourselves without limiting ourselves?

Dealing with external expectations that the modern world places upon us.

Finding the courage and vulnerability to hear what everyone else is saying about your life but to honour yourself and go in YOUR direction.

Dealing with the fears and overwhelm associated with unlimited opportunities in our modern day world.

Processing and overcoming fear in stages: Acknowledgement, enquiry, movement.


Our Invitation to YOU = Take a moment to truly ask yourself ‘What Identities are currently defining me?’ ‘What identities are no longer serving me?’ ‘How can I create room for change to find another path of wonderful opportunities?’

When we realise which identities are holding us back, we can start to lovingly release these from our lives, creating room for change and new opportunities. Although letting go of the past can be overwhelming and create fear, once we learn how to cope with this we open ourselves up to a world of opportunities and limitless BEING.

“We are not human doings, we are human beings”

Our time on this planet is short, so how beautiful and full do you want it to be?


Oceane is an inspiring lady, living life wild and free, discovering new opportunities and different paths as her heart and soul explores this life. Her love and zest for life is contagious, her outlook inspiring, her heart overflowing. She is someone who ignites the best in everyone. For more inspiring words from Oceane check out her Student Speaker Spring Commencement 2017:

You can follow Oceane on Instagram at @joyfulheartworker

She may be teaching yoga, spending time in nature, golfing, or just BEING!

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Uncovering Bodily Wisdom with Nikki Rhodes; Sexuality, Radical Self Responsibility & Living Authentically

Uncovering Bodily Wisdom with Nikki Rhodes; Sexuality, Radical Self Responsibility & Living Authentically

Nikki and Amanda explore some tools to dive into your inner landscape and find the healing path that’s best for you. We talk vulnerably, openly, and honestly about sexuality, self-respect, living bravely and authentically, and so much more.

If the words sex, intimacy and personal transformation resonate with you on your healing path, this podcast will make your soul light up! 

: : :

Boundaries - what are they and how do I embrace radical self responsibility?

How to be sexual and successful - finding the confidence and power from within!

Tell me everything about sex magic and how to find balance while putting my needs first!

How do you know what you’re meant to call in and how do you mindfully and bravely do that?

Diving into self enquiry in order to drop conditioning and programming, to live out our fullest expression. 

---> Our Invitation to YOU = Take a moment with YOU. Ask yourself, “What do I need? What do I want? What is it that ignites me?” When you discover those desires, declare that you will, or one day will, speak boldly and passionately in every space of your life to receive all that you want, desire, need, and deserve.

Set the intention of living your bravest, boldest, best life.

: : :

Nikki Rhodes is a passionate advocate for authentic relating. She believes that positive sexual education is our birth-right. She facilitates workshops, coaches people in all things sex and relationship related and is an international speaker at various festivals and retreats.

Nikki is an inspiring entrepreneur and is the co-founder of NZ Spirit Festival, an annual alcohol-free wellness, yoga, camping and music festival, Resolution NYE Festival and NZ Yoga Day under the events company NZ Spirit.

Aug 26, 202051:49
Fulfilment, Relationships, and Getting Where You're Going with Marika McGoldrick

Fulfilment, Relationships, and Getting Where You're Going with Marika McGoldrick

Marika walks us through what it's like to make big life transitions and navigate the difficult and heartbreaking spaces in between. We get into the embarrassing ways we show up in relationships and how we're learning every single day how to be a better friend, partner, and version of our Self. Marika's candid, humourous, and vulnerable insight offers something for everyone. 

: : :

How do I learn more about myself, who I want to be, what's important to me and how to stay firm in my conviction?

So if I'm not happy with how I'm showing up in my life, it's actually possible for me to change?!

Just how powerful and important are our thoughts and the story we tell about them?

---> Our Invitation to YOU = Next time you start to feel nervous, excited, or anxious about something take a moment to pause and observe - what are you feeling in your physical body? What is the story you're telling yourself about these sensations? If the story isn't beneficial, how could you change the narrative to support you, elevate you, and set you up for success?

: : :

Marika guides people who want to make a positive impact in the World, by helping them to step into their divine power and shine their light bright.

She is a fully qualified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher. Mindfulness is at the core of her work. She uses it to help people connect to their higher-self, and get direct guidance in order for them to feel more aligned and free. (subtitles in English)

Aug 18, 202001:02:32
Redefining Beauty and Self-Appreciation with Sarah Menlove

Redefining Beauty and Self-Appreciation with Sarah Menlove

Sarah and I explore what it means to rediscover your body in ways you never thought possible. Letting go of the “shoulds” we’re told about how to look, how and what to eat, and how to love ourselves. This is for those who know what it’s like to dislike your body, struggle(d) with eating and constant dieting, but it’s also for those who have found a deep well of gratitude and love for their bodies and selves - this is literally for everyone.
It’s an incredible conversation, enjoy!

: : :

Who am I without my career? My relationship, friends, titles, education?

How can I learn to love myself when everything falls away?

What if I don’t think I can ever like my body, let alone love it?
**It might seem impossible for some, I was one of them, but Sarah gives an inspiring insight into ways you might just take the first step.

---> Our Invitation to YOU = Declutter your life of negative influences. Unfollow, mute, delete, unfriend, whatever it is that you need to do in order to clear your space of people, media, and experiences that tell you you’re not good enough. Bonus marks for checking out and diving into Sarah’s resource list for body positive people and accounts to follow! Surround yourself with those who inspire and elevate you, in real life and on social media.

: : :

Sarah Menlove helps women find loving acceptance for their bodies, claim back their worth from their image and release the cycle of guilt, shame and punishment so they can powerfully share their gifts to the world.

She is a Certified Mastery level coach through the Health Coach Institute. She specializes in body image and intuitive eating and has helped clients break free from body shame and restrictive eating to live their most bold, authentic lives. Sarah combines principles of intuitive eating, health at every size, self-compassion, transformational coaching techniques and energy healing to support her clients to re-build trust with their body and themselves.

Connect with this goddess here:

Follow her on 
Join her private Facebook group 
Checking out her website

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How to Find Radical Trust & Surrender to Something More - A Conversation on Waking Up with Dion Freeman

How to Find Radical Trust & Surrender to Something More - A Conversation on Waking Up with Dion Freeman

Dion Freeman, of Healing Aotearoa, takes us on a journey of healing, Maori culture, spirituality, and so much more. This conversation takes us on a deep dive into the messiness, but necessity, of spiritual awakenings and how we can navigate them and allow them to transform us. 

: : :

What can I do when self-doubt and worry start to seep in? How do I believe in my Self? 

Are you sure this healing stuff isn't just hippie bullsh*t?!

What else is out there that I can start opening my mind and heart to?!

---> Our Invitation to YOU = Take time out in nature, whatever that looks like for you, and sit in silence. What do you hear? What do you notice? And now maybe there's an opportunity for you to ask your Source, God, Universe, Energy (whatever a higher power means to you if that resonates) for some guidance, for clarity on your next step or something you've been struggling with. Ask for a sign that you can't miss and then stay mindful and present and notice the signs. 

: : : 

Healing Aotearoa, under the guidance of Dion B. Rangiuaia Freeman, provides a cultural and holistic look at your healing, accounting for the balance needed in mind (hinengaroa), body (tinana), spirit (wairua), family (whānau) including the overall emotions and connection for each of us. Healing Aotearoa provides healings for a wide range of dis-ease, offering services in traditional Māori spiritual healing known as ‘Honohono’, as well as traditional Māori Bodywork (Mirimiri, Romiromi) and other spiritual services that range from distance healings, home and office blessings, Pounamu carvings, animal healings and workshops (wānanga).

Jul 02, 202001:02:30
Exploring Your Own Boundaries, Rhythm, & Community with Olly Hart

Exploring Your Own Boundaries, Rhythm, & Community with Olly Hart

Olly helps shed light on how we can play with the edges of our Selves to discover not only who we truly are at our core but what it means in the bigger scheme of things. 

: : :

Wait, you dance like no one is watching while you're completely sober?

I don't have to be "spiritual" in order to experience the fullness of life?!

How can I act from a place of connection and be more involved when I feel isolated or alone in this big world?

---> Our Invitation to YOU = Spend some quality face-to-face time with people who care deeply about. Make it a distraction-free (yes, this means no phones) space where you can connect through laughter, presence and wonder.
**Note how you feel before and after this interaction... you may just realize you've been craving this and want more (real) face time! 

: : :

Olly offers his unique insight and openhearted connection in everything that he does but it shows up so deeply when you're on the dance floor moving to his passionately curated beats at Queenstown Ecstatic Dance. See you on the floor, QT!

Jan 30, 202039:26
Sexuality, Desires and the Other Side of Intimacy with Nina Powell
Jan 22, 202058:43
On Loving Your Self Fiercely with Charlene Scott

On Loving Your Self Fiercely with Charlene Scott

Charlene brings her contagious laugh and bright spirit to this conversation on what it looks like to go from not even liking yourself to loving yourself fiercely and unconditionally. 

: : :

How do I know if I actually love my Self and does it really matter?

How do I become ok with the uncertainty and not knowing the outcome of a big risk?

Won’t I look weak and incapable if I ask for help or support? **Spoiler Alert: You’ll actually look strong and sexy As Hell

---> Our Invitation to YOU = Next time you think to yourself, “I can do this on my own. I’m a strong, independent human”, ask your Self if you really need to be independent in this moment and where that belief came from. Who’s day could you make by reaching out for support while simultaneously making your life a little easier? We call this a win-win-everyone-wins.

: : :

Charlene has spent the majority of her life trying to fit into the boxes that society has constructed for us but never feeling like she fit in. A year ago at the age of 41 she decided to start listening to her inner truth, quit her conventional job and conventional life in Queenstown, packed all of her belongings into her car and travelled north to seek ocean, a warmer climate and seek a different way of living. She is now living a gypsy lifestyle by choice and trusting in the universe to unveil her journey as she goes. She relies on her art, yoga teaching and dance facilitation for money and is loving life more than she ever thought possible.....

If you want to see what this badass woman is up to and the incredibly jaw-dropping art she's making, check out her sites and drop her a line!

Dec 21, 201944:04
Rethinking Stylishly Conscious Consumerism with Thomas Mo

Rethinking Stylishly Conscious Consumerism with Thomas Mo

Thomas Mo tells us what it's like to be in the world of fashion, consumerism and how to stay true to yourself in an ever-changing and demanding world. It's time to rethink our connection to our clothing, where it comes from, and what it means to us and the environment!

: : :

Is mass consumerism really a thing and what's the big deal?

Wait, I can have an emotional connection to the clothing I’m buying and wearing?!

So tell me the 3 main things I can do to be a more conscious consumer.

---> Our Invitation to YOU = Research and make a list of local brands, thrift shops & consignment stores that align with your values and share it with your friends!

Sharing is Caring & Knowledge is Power

: : :

Thomas Mo started in the apparel side of things in high school at a retail store. Since then, he graduated with an Economics degree and has held various positions in the sales and BD world of technology.

He started Alberta Apparel over 4 years ago, and more recently Greater Canada Apparel. Alberta Apparel is a Made in Canada clothing brand that sells direct and through retailers, representing our beautiful province. Greater Canada Apparel is a brand that works with other companies, bringing their brands to life using a Made in Canada, finished locally approach. He sees a great need for everyone to know and understand where their clothing comes from because of the fast fashion movement.

Within the industry, Thomas wants to educate people on the Made in Canada movement, promote it, and encourage consumers to buy less, but buy smart. There is so much clothing in the world right now that we don’t have places to put it, or even throw it out.

The reason why Thomas joined Fashion Revolution was to continue his knowledge of the industry and network with like-minded individuals. He is passionate about what Fashion Revolution stands for and the possibilities of it within Calgary. He wants to connect the makers, brands, end-users, sewers and retails into one main hub for a bright apparel future within Alberta. You can find out more about Thomas and Alberta Apparel through

Thomas Mo

Alberta Apparel



Nov 28, 201951:39
How to Disrupt Norms with Grace, Compassion and Understanding with Esther Whitehead

How to Disrupt Norms with Grace, Compassion and Understanding with Esther Whitehead

If you’ve ever bought into the whole “but I’m just one person, what can I possibly do to make a difference” then this one is for you! Esther powerfully shows us what one person can do in a world of systems, hierarchy and power dynamics. She illuminates hot topics in mental health, neurodiversity, education, community, sustainability, courageous communication and so much more. What a treat, you guys. Listen up! : : : How can deepening my own sense of self-agency make me an impactful change-maker? How do I find a balance between focusing on the greater good and taking care of my Self? Is there a way to be more comfortable in the discomfort when it comes to hard or vulnerable conversations? ---> Our Invitation to YOU = Truly, fully listen to understand. Next time you’re in a conversation, what would it feel like to be so fully present with the other person, their words, their energy, their facial expressions, everything, so much so that you don’t actually think about your reply until after they’ve fully completed what they are saying? No interruptions or interjections, only your simple and profoundly powerful presence. Try this one and see what difference it makes in your relationships and interactions with others. : : : Esther has spent 20 years living in Queenstown and NZ (originally from the UK), building and driving change across the education sector and community sector. Esther has managed the Dyslexia Foundation of NZ for 10 years, leading advocacy on dyslexia in NZ Education and Justice sectors. She is a social entrepreneur, interested in exciting others in community-led solutions, through innovative solutions that encourage participation. She challenges people to think differently about the world in each of her roles. Esther is deeply passionate about challenging the status quo in a positive and informed way and driving change by developing self-agency leadership. What does it mean for our institutions and how can they begin to develop the potential of individuals within organizations?
Nov 09, 201950:31
Confidence, Accountability, & Being a Mom with Lindsay Wye-Palmer

Confidence, Accountability, & Being a Mom with Lindsay Wye-Palmer

Lindsay offers her perspective on why you are exactly where you are meant to be, why accountability is key and the hard fact that Confidence is everything!

: : :
What if everything feels stacked against me, how am I meant to be confident then?

Ugh, but accountability can feel so hard and uncomfortable, isn't it easier to just look at everything that's to blame outside of myself??
**Spoiler Alert, it's easier than you think and so so worth it!

It's really ok to question absolutely everything and make my own informed decision rather than believing everything I hear? HELL YES < More of this, please!

---> Our Invitation to YOU = What beliefs or preconceived notions are you challenging this week? Take one long-standing belief that was passed onto you from family traditions, values, whatever, (think politics, religion, stereotypes, etc.) and get curious about it. Ask other people what they think and see if understanding the other side of the coin shifts your perception. Let us know how you go!

: : : 

Lindsay is a mom to (almost) 4-year-old twins; a child sleep consultant; and a lifelong thinker and learner. She’s never been keen to understand the meaning of life, because it’s always seemed pretty clear: love. She believes the keys to any successful relationship (especially the one with oneself) are respect, empathy, and the ability to take accountability for one’s actions. She is a lover of good friends, game nights, and the Oxford comma.

If you want more of this hilarious, real and inspiring human you can connect with her through 

Oct 26, 201953:16
Understanding Challenge and Stepping into Truth with Chris Wille

Understanding Challenge and Stepping into Truth with Chris Wille

Oct 15, 201938:55
Sitting with the Discomfort to Find the Beauty with Jacob Dodds
Oct 11, 201943:11
How to Go from a Spectator of Life to Living it Wholeheartedly with Leah Reinhardt

How to Go from a Spectator of Life to Living it Wholeheartedly with Leah Reinhardt

Leah and I reconnect over what it means to create from the heart, offer it to the world, and mindfully make sustainable changes on a bigger scale.
Are you ready to be the author of your own life and every aspect of it? Us too. So Let's dive in!

: : :

It sounds terrifying and way too vulnerable to create something from the heart, like a business, and then offer it to the world, how the heck do I do this and is it worth the risk?

How do we change the way we relate to the food, services, and products that we purchase daily?

 And, what are the uncomfortable, vulnerable, rather-avoid-it conversations that need to be had and how do I lean into them?

---> Our Invitation to YOU = Let us know. How do we effectively and sustainably initiate reform in the food and health industries? 

: : : 

Leah is a breath of fresh air who is showing us what it means to take on the world mindfully and sustainably for lasting impacts from the inside out. 

Oct 07, 201945:57
What is the Felt-Sense & How Do I Get One?!
Oct 04, 201910:19
The Power of a Sacred No with Sarsha Hope

The Power of a Sacred No with Sarsha Hope

Sarsha Hope takes us on a deep dive of interconnectedness, embodiment, curiosity and truth. 

: : :
Would I show up differently in the world if I understood on a visceral level that we are all one, we are all connected, and it's through that connection that we make lasting impacts?

Is there one "right way" to experience spirituality, self-connection, and growth? 

What is a Sacred No and could it really make my Yes more powerful?

---> Our Invitation to YOU = Discover what your Sacred No feels like in your body, in your being, and practice communicating this with others. This could be in the moment or it may take some time to build a practice; it's ok to sit with it for a bit and then go back to the person and then express your Sacred No, but start cultivating that profound practice of saying YES to You!

: : :

Sarsha is an embodied, passionate soulful teacher, who has been studying Yoga, Meditation and Healing with master teachers since 1997 and has been teaching since 2002.
Sarsha founded Hope Wellness, Queenstown Ecstatic Dance and most recently; New Plymouth Ecstatic Dance and she teaches retreats & workshops, both nationally and internationally.  Her offerings blend together the best elements of Hatha, Vinyasa, Mindfulness, Embodiment practices and Philosophy.  They are flowing and grounded, providing an opportunity to dive deep into the souls’ inner waters taking you on a journey into meditative states,  a deeper understanding of self and our interconnectivity to the whole.  Known for bringing a resonant, relevant voice that speaks directly to body, heart and soul, Sarsha offers a direct experience of deepening your understanding of all aspects of self.  Sarsha wholeheartedly believes that is from this place that we can create lasting change in ourselves, our communities and to our precious planet.

Oct 01, 201936:19
The Old Mindfulness 1 - 2
Sep 27, 201913:35
Sneak Peak!
Sep 27, 201917:19