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By Allie Hembree Martin

Hosted by the owner of Fame and Fortune®, Allie Hembree Martin encourages the practice of self-care through the conversations and eyes of entrepreneurs on the award-winning podcast Selfish™. Business owners and lifestyle experts share how taking a risk changed their life and exactly how they integrate the practice of self-care into their busy lives.
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4.9 - Destined Designer

Selfish™Apr 17, 2019

Why should you have PR in your marketing campaign?
Aug 30, 202207:57
Interview with Robyn Graham

Interview with Robyn Graham

This week Allie talks with Personal Branding Strategist and business coach, Robyn Graham. Knowledgeable, personable, and a master at her craft, Robyn joins to share how she helps women find clarity around their purpose, build a personal brand, and a strong foundation for long-term success.

Navigating entrepreneurship with anxiety can be challenging. Robyn shares snippets from her latest book, “You, Me, and Anxiety: Take Action Over Anxiety to Enjoy Being You.” She shares about the mindset shift a business owner can create approaching areas as problems you can solve for your client and how the journey is important.

This episode is packed full of encouragement and tactical tips. Tackling imposter syndrome, how to tell your story with confidence, clarity and creating content piece-by-piece to avoid overwhelm and burnout. As Robyn likes to say: “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice make progress.”

She’s such a light and bank of knowledge that you are sure to get something from this episode!

If you’re looking to connect or interested in anything mentioned on today’s episode with Robyn:

Check out The Robyn Graham Show anywhere you listen to podcasts!

Website packed full of resources:

Get a copy of Robyn’s book: “You, Me, and Anxiety: Take Action Over Anxiety to Enjoy Being You”

Teen Edition, Parent Edition, Journal


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Xx, Allie

Aug 23, 202231:18
Review of Building A StoryBrand - Giving Away 3 of my Favorite Business Books
Aug 16, 202220:22
Why PR Matters for Businesses Just Getting Started
Aug 09, 202209:55
I Tried Time Blocking for 30 Days...and Here's What Happened.
Aug 02, 202212:10
Lessons from the 1st Half of 2022
Jul 26, 202214:18
VIP Accelerator Student Spotlight #4 (McKinzie Sheridan)

VIP Accelerator Student Spotlight #4 (McKinzie Sheridan)

In this episode, Allie chats with McKinzie Sheridan. A new business owner and absolute light! Her personality shines through her blossoming business with so many dreams and ideas on the rise.

A natural born leader, McKinzie has always been the reliable and go-to person to add a pop of fun and style to any event.

As a planner and dreamer she settled into a successful career as a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist. In 2020/2021 McKinzie’s life drastically changed and she took on a new perspective, viewing the world as her oyster. Taking a leap, she launched her gifting business McKinzie Rae Services.

Her motto is: “Spread and cultivate joy in everything, everyday.” Believing in the impact a person can have feeling seen, known and loved. Being in such a heavy field of speech therapy, she dreamed of having career balance where she could be impactful and make a difference both in her career and her new light-hearted gifting business.

VIP Accelerator was amazing for growing her business. What she calls a great investment and so thankful for the intentionality behind the course and how she’s been savoring every step along the way. She’s leaving the course confident with direction in her new business, concrete logistics and a great community of entrepreneurial women.

Find out more about her story by listening to the full episode.


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Jul 19, 202232:50
VIP Accelerator Student Spotlight #3 (Ann McKitrick)

VIP Accelerator Student Spotlight #3 (Ann McKitrick)

In this episode, Allie chats with Ann McKitrick. A women with a passion for child development and a big heart for teaching.  She perused a degree in early child development and secondary education.

Landing a wonderful opportunity obtaining a masters degree in human development and family studies. She went on to intern at The Infant Development Center and fell in love with the work she was doing.

With a passion for the developmental side of young children, Ann spent most of her career in academia teaching psychology and sociology.   After resigning from her position at the University of Houston Texas, she started a business for early childhood teachers; Texas Childcare Training. A catalogue of courses that anyone in licensed childcare can take.

With a new found love for entrepreneurship she paired up with her daughter, and launched Nurtured Noggins; What started as a mommy blog while her daughter walked through motherhood of her own.

After falling to the wayside, Ann held onto the domain. Years later she checked back and the vlog had gone viral! She immediately saw a need and opportunity for a young audience hungry for information. Young moms to looking for resources to interact with their babies. So she pivoted and started nurturing Nurtured Noggins. Working with young parents of young children.

Find out more about her story by listening to the full episode.


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Xx, Allie

Jul 12, 202222:26
Last Group Coaching Opportunity for 2022
Jul 05, 202208:30
Jun 28, 202240:09
Jun 21, 202211:19


In this episode, Allie chats with an inspiring woman who over the years has worn many hats: speaker, influencer, spokesperson, mom! Monica opens up about her incredible journey from her 15-year career in journalism to where she is today. She describes herself as a person who worked hard and had all the things. Monica started out working in her hometown in Louisville, Kentucky, hustling doing traffic reporting and then anchoring on the weekends. Suddenly, she was working Monday through Friday on the morning show reporting. She became an award-winning journalist for covering Muhammed Ali’s funeral. It seemed like Monica was on a forward trajectory, but in November of 2021, everything changed.

Monica goes on to say that she used this opportunity to take stock of what was important and everything she had learned and gained in life. She asked herself, "What’s next for me? What am I passionate about?" Connecting with Allie has played a really important part in what’s next for Monica. She has a story to tell, a story about success and how she made it to where she is today with those dramatic changes in life. With grit, grace, and gratitude is how she now chooses to live every day.

To join the wait list for the next round of The VIP Accelerator, visit 

Fame and Fortune's website:
Fame and Fortune's YouTube:  
Fame and Fortune's Instagram:
Fame and Fortune's TikTok:

Jun 14, 202222:56
Jun 07, 202205:27
How To Grow Your Social Media in 2022
May 31, 202207:04
Influence Book Review
May 24, 202205:55
Interview with Paola Soares, But First She Failed Podcast Host
May 17, 202231:52
Fame and Fortune’s Q1 Recap
May 10, 202211:19
How Teaching College Students Grew My Business
May 03, 202208:52
Making People Cozy For a Living
Jan 12, 202221:04
How Listening to Others Gave Me Freedom

How Listening to Others Gave Me Freedom

Siobhan Dolan took something that happened in her life that she found healing from and turned it into an opportunity to help others going through a similar experience. Take a listen at the success she has had in working with a visibility coach to drill down to exactly what she needs to be doing in her business to move the needle and grow. Check it out!

Jan 11, 202225:36
A Business Birthed During the Pandemic
Jan 10, 202221:58
The Launch of the VIP Accelerator

The Launch of the VIP Accelerator

WOW!! I am blown away at the excitement and learning that happened during The VIP Effect this week. What a great way to kick off the new year!

If you weren't able to attend, during the event we launched The VIP Accelerator, a group coaching program for female business owners wanting to put into place tactics to grow their visibility in 2022.

This 6-month program will dive into every single area of visibility and I will be giving you the exact step-by-step process of how to make it happen in your business. The program is filled with guest experts that compliment my teachings to give you an outsider's perspective. I hate admitting how long I've been in the visibility world, because it dates me, but get a 6-month download on my almost 15-year career in this space.

This is your opportunity to work with me for a fraction of the price it costs to work 1-on-1 with me. PLUS - one of my favorite parts is that I am mailing out monthly business books that we will be working through together on our weekly calls. So consider this a book club with your business besties where you grow big and quickly, with a whole group of cheerleaders behind you.

I started The VIP Accelerator for two reasons. Being a business owner can be lonely and we need a community we can count on. AND you don't know what you don't know. Let me fast-track your fame and fortune by giving you the practical advice you need to explode your business this year.

Why would you wait??

If this sounds like something you would want to learn more about, visit to learn more.

Jan 07, 202202:32
Utilizing a Podcast to Grow Your Reach

Utilizing a Podcast to Grow Your Reach

Dani Goeppert is the virtual event queen and has been able to grow her business through a podcast. I had the honor of appearing on her podcast and as a speaker at her event - and now it's Dani's turn! Keep listening to find out what she looks for in potential guests on her podcast. 

Dani is a speaker at The VIP Effect, which is a virtual conference getting Female Entrepreneurs the Visibility they WANT, NEED, and DESERVE! You can join us from January 4 - 6 for just $17 - go to to buy your ticket today!

Dec 31, 202118:52
Join Us For a VIP Week

Join Us For a VIP Week

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. You are a VIP in my eyes. Yes, that stands for very important person. 

Don't you think that too?

With all VIPs, you have a story to tell. Who is telling your story?

I wanted to help more Female Entrepreneurs get the Visibility they WANT, NEED, and DESERVE so I created the VIP Effect. 

The VIP Effect is a 3 day virtual conference happening January 4 - 6 and it is filled with expert speakers in the world of marketing and public relations. If you are a female business owner - you need to be there. 

Because as a business owner, you have 1 MILLION things on your plate - but growing your business is a real goal of yours - but first you want to nail your social media, your time management skills, the voice and positioning of yourself as an industry leader, and how you can use the media to amplify that voice - we have all the experts here to walk you through the pieces and set you up for business success in 2022!

I believe in this conference so much that I made the ticket price so low that it is accessible to virtually anyone - you can attend for just $17! 

Get visible in 2022 - go to today to grab your ticket!

Dec 29, 202101:55
Her Side Hustle Podcast Made Dreams Come True
Dec 24, 202129:08
How a Podcast Blew Up Her Brand
Dec 17, 202126:26
Why Your Time Management Needs An Overhaul
Dec 15, 202127:26
Bonus Episode: Conversation with David Meltzer - The Inspiration Behind the Movie "Jerry Maguire"
Sep 20, 202122:13
11.10 - How to Captivate the Room
Sep 13, 202148:08
11.9 - Why You Need Trademark Protection Today
Sep 06, 202134:27
11.8 - How to Start Slaying in Sales
Aug 30, 202121:29
11.7 - How to Reach your True Potential

11.7 - How to Reach your True Potential

"True self-love is something most of us will never have."

Theo went from an introverted and depressed musician to anxious and addicted leader in the music industry to founding a rapidly growing 6-and-a-half figure global conscious success coaching business Charisma Coaches. He is also a certified hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist, and NLP. His work has been recognized by thought leaders such as Marisa Peer, Gerard Adams, and top leaders who have worked at major corporations like PriceWaterHouseCooper and Verizon Wireless.

Theo is a wealth of knowledge and I know we could have kept on recording if possible, but you will love the insight he gives in today's episode on really being the best version of you and directing your energy in the right places!

In this episode, you will learn:

✨How to grow and increase your value
✨How to realize the things holding you back from your true potential
✨The biggest mistakes people are making that hold them back
✨How changing your subconscious beliefs can change your life
✨How to make an impact on Clubhouse

Aug 23, 202149:50
11.6 - How TikTok Can Change Your Life
Aug 16, 202125:22
11.5 - Why You Need to Start Paying Attention to the Moon

11.5 - Why You Need to Start Paying Attention to the Moon

"Trusting yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself."

Have you ever considered what the moon has to do with your energy level?? Jillian will absolutely blow your mind in this episode with how staying in tune with the moon can be THE driver in giving you the balance you are craving in your life. No apps, books, or waiting required - tapping into the moon's cycle is something you can do today! I can't wait to hear what you think after listening to this episode. 

Jillian Bolanz is an Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor. She is a guidess of all things moon, cyclicality, intuition, and True-Self love. The creator of the True You Live event and various, deeply connective coaching programs, Jillian’s mission is to help women stop forcing and start flowing in life so that they can uncover the truth of who they really are. She works with women 1:1, leads Sabbat and cycle celebrations, rituals and ceremonies as well as coaches in her True You Tent, and leads women on a moon knowing and embodying journey in her Moon Cycle Collective.

In this episode, you will learn:

✨How the moon phases align with ourselves 
✨How to align yourself with cyclicality and the moon cycle
✨Why it’s so important to understand the cycles and phases of our own self
✨Other practices along with the moon cycle that affect your daily life
✨Why you need to trust yourself enough to deny what others believe of you. 

Interested in how you can make MORE money by spending LESS time on social media? Check out my program Social Media Success Shortcut for $27! Download it here:

Aug 09, 202135:19
11.4 - When to Hire a Team & Take Maternity Leave as a Female Entrepreneur
Aug 02, 202135:28
11.3 - When Failing is the Best Thing That Could Happen
Jul 26, 202128:41
11.2 - The Facebook Ad Strategy You Haven't Heard
Jul 19, 202131:48
11.1 - Using Customer Service as your BEST marketing tool

11.1 - Using Customer Service as your BEST marketing tool

Have you had a chance to experience a really, really nice hotel in your life?

I'm talking about the absolute best customer service you have ever experienced!

I am super lucky because I worked for the International SPA Association and would get to travel to some amazing properties!

You can just tell as soon as you step foot into the property that has put in the time and attention into your time with them - the furniture and bedding are luxurious, the little details are not forgotten and the customer service isn't just good - it goes beyond what you would expect.

I'm talking - delivering chocolate chip cookies and cold glasses of creamy milk to your room when you arrive, kind of hotel.

I'm talking - they hear it is your anniversary and send up a bottle of champagne to your room, kind of hotel.

I'm talking - when you go down to dine in the hotel restaurant they have your name printed on the menu, kind of hotel.

Now, try traveling to a sub-par hotel after experiencing this 5 star + + property...

Not only are you spoiled, but you appreciate that amazing property even more. You keep thinking about that amazing hotel that you once stayed at. Dreaming to be back there once again.

Think of your business in the same manner. What little touches can you deliver to make your customer's journey with you a 5 star + + experience? No one else will compare and it will leave your client's remembering you fondly and eager to work with you again.

Customer service is a very large chunk of how your clients will remember you - but the little touches, the thoughtful gestures, the personalization - they all play into their experience.

How can you create a 5 star ++ experience?

I hope you will get some good ideas from the guests I interviewed in this 11th season of Selfish. If you haven't yet, please leave me a review of the podcast. It is the best way for new listeners to find the podcast and it is becoming even more important for podcast hosts. I hope you enjoy!

Download your Social Media Success Shortcut at 

Jul 12, 202103:48
10.10 - Creating a Personal Brand that WOWS

10.10 - Creating a Personal Brand that WOWS

Jul 05, 202138:37
10.9 - Selfish Productivity
Jun 28, 202132:13
10.8 - How A Realtor Went Viral on TikTok
Jun 21, 202133:17
10.7 - Unclutter It and Change Your Life
Jun 14, 202121:09
10.6 - Why Your Mindset Matters
Jun 07, 202126:00
10.5 - Why You Need To Know Your Colors
May 31, 202121:58
10.4 - Are You Making These Brand Mistakes?

10.4 - Are You Making These Brand Mistakes?

Henry Kaminski Jr. is the founder of Unique Designz, a full-service design, branding, and digital marketing agency that is dedicated to helping personality brands; coaches, consultants, influencers, speakers + authors design / grow their brands, scale their profits + increase their exposure online. He’s is the host of the popular “Brand Doctor’s Podcast” where he talks about strategies that help entrepreneurs design reputable and profitable personal brands. As a self-taught graphic designer and brand consultant, he's overcome all the odds to build a wildly successful multi-million-dollar business over the past 14 years. He has worked with a diverse range of business owners and professionals, including celebrities like Jon Bon Jovi + Fabio Viviani as well as Internet marketing expert Russell Brunson who has named Henry the "Million Dollar Brander” and recently has been inducted into the Click Funnels 2 Comma Club, by generating over $1 million with one single sales funnel, using the Click Funnels software.

WOW - that's all I have to say after recording this interview you are about to hear with The Brand Doctor himself. This episode is GOLD. Henry has dominated the branding world and he is about to unload so much knowledge - I hope you have your pen and paper ready.

In this episode, you will learn:

✨How to make your brand unique
✨Are your ambitions aligned with your creations?
✨What's a funnel? And what you need to know about them
✨Henry's blessing in disguise in his business
✨Top mistakes business owners make with branding
✨The perfect recipe for a good funnel

Interested in how you can make MORE money by spending LESS time on social media? Check out my program Social Media Success Shortcut for $27! Download it here:

May 24, 202147:04
10.3 - The Legal Lowdown You Need

10.3 - The Legal Lowdown You Need

May 17, 202116:54
10.2 - Writing and Productivity Mistakes You Are Probably Making

10.2 - Writing and Productivity Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Whether you are interested in becoming a copywriter or a business owner that may need to hire a copywriter in the future - you will love this interview with Abbi. Her program Successful Freelance Mom supports working mothers and helps them grow profitable businesses. She also drops some great advice on productivity that I will start using today!!

Abbi Perets is a professional copywriter with over 20 years of experience and has written content for some of the biggest brands in the world. She founded Successful Freelance Mom to support and encourage women and mothers to create profitable freelance businesses that fit into their busy lives. Whether you’re trying to get a business off the ground while managing toddlers, teenagers, or a boss who throws regular tantrums, Abbi’s no-nonsense approach will show you how to get the right work done in small chunks of time without making yourself nuts.

In this episode, you will learn:

✨ Why it is essential to keep your to-do list tasks to 25 minutes or less

✨ How many hours a week you need to commit to in order to start a successful business from home

✨ Knowing the difference between a project and a to-do list item in order to best organize your time in your business

✨ Learning revenue-generating activities to focus on, and knowing which aren't and where to cut those in your daily activities

✨ Why some tasks on your to-do list can actually be causing procrastination

✨ The biggest mistakes business owners are making in their copywriting and how to fix those now!

✨ What NOT to say in your copy for your business

✨ Have multiple types of people on your email list? Learn how to target all of them with a very simple strategy

Interested in how you can make MORE money by spending LESS time on social media? Check out my program Social Media Success Shortcut for $27! Download it here:

May 10, 202126:40
10.1 - The One Thing That Changed Everything in My Business

10.1 - The One Thing That Changed Everything in My Business

I used to be a person that would always talk about my dreams, but it never occurred to me that I had to work towards them. It sounds silly now, but I genuinely thought if it was meant to be, it would fall into your lap.

I give a lot of credit to this podcast for giving me the motivation and drive I need to do other "big" things in my life - including starting my business.

I have interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs now and a common thread that I see when it comes to individuals that have success - the ones that are successful TAKE ACTION - messy, unorganized action. I used to be someone who had to have everything figured out before I would take action - I used to think I was just an organized person and I was being thorough and strategic, but then I realized I was using it as an excuse to keep from having to take the BIG action I knew I needed to take, but fear held me back.

I've been working through the book Business Made Simple by Donald Miller and the book is broken down into 60 days and has a video accompanying each section that you watch each morning of those 60 days before reading the lesson that follows in the book. What was today's?? Successful people are action takers. There are a lot of characteristics that make up successful people, some can be introverts, others are extroverts, some went to fancy colleges, others didn't go to college at all. But the one theme that encompasses every successful person - successful people get stuff done!

I am realizing how important this characteristic is in business leaders. I will talk to potential clients that are interested in my services, but they will make an excuse for why now isn't the right time. Turns out 6 months later, they call me back, and say they wished they had started working with me 6 months before.

I am all for being strategic, weighing the pros and the cons. And sometimes the timing isn't right to do something, but other times, you will never know unless you dive headfirst and figure it out along the way.

I remember being in my senior year of college when I set down at my desk to figure out my first set of goals. The prompt I was using said, where do you want to be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. I had no idea what I was going to do that weekend - it was too overwhelming to think about. I never would have dreamed that the life I am living now was possible then.  But how did I get here from that apartment 10 years ago? Just messy action.

I didn't always give myself permission to take messy action, but in the last few years that I have. I have seen more growth in my life and my business than ever before. I think of it as, seeing opportunities and giving them all that I have to give. Some don't work out, but a lot have.

I have a good group of girlfriends who I talk to every single day, we share the good, the bad, and the ugly with each other. Among others in my life, they are my cheerleaders. Whenever I share happy news they say ALLIE - that's incredible. YOU MADE THAT HAPPEN.

It didn't hit me until recently, that while I know and have always trusted that God is in control, he wants to see us work towards that goal. He wants us to be inspiring others with our actions. So I want you to consider, what part of your life or business do you need to take action in? Has it been weighing on your heart? Let this be the pep talk you needed to get it down. Because I can tell you that being on the other side of that action and having your cheerleaders yell: YOU MADE THAT HAPPEN is the best feeling in the world.

And as I now celebrate 100 episodes, I ask that if you listen and enjoy these episodes -  please leave a review. That is the best way to help others find this content. Enjoy!

May 03, 202105:19
Bonus Episode: What I've Been Up To

Bonus Episode: What I've Been Up To


Here is a bonus episode for you as we approach the 10th season of Selfish. I couldn't help but reflect back on all the lessons that I've learned from the experts I've interviewed over the last five years. This experience allowed me to have the courage to go out on my own and start my business and I love hearing from each of you when it has helped you as well. When I started this podcast I was in corporate America and was using this platform as a creative outlet. My bachelor’s degree is in broadcast journalism and I worked in the spa industry and married those two passions together to create Selfish. I had no idea the people I would have the chance to interview, I had no idea the opportunities the podcast would bring me, and I definitely had no idea I would use the inspiration of my guests to then start my own business. 

Pretty cool journey, huh? 

A story that inspired me recently was from one of my previous guests Allie Bjerk. She created a digital product, sold it on social media, and used the earnings she made from one day of sales and would turn around and spend it on Facebook ads the next day. With that strategy, she was able to become a millionaire in 10 months. I purchased her course in January and I'm now pleased to announce the digital product Social Media Success Shortcut. 

This product combines all the tools needed for a small business owner to have success with their social media marketing strategy. I have worked with million and billion-dollar businesses, all the way to brand new startups. The social media tactics and strategy is the same no matter the size of your business. I have bundled those lessons along with social media prompts for a year, a dictionary of highly converting hashtags, templates, checklists, and many other bonuses that will make marketing your business quick and easy.  The beauty of this program is that it teaches you to use all of these tools in under 30 minutes for the month. Yes, I said the month. So for under $30 and for under 30 minutes you too can have social media success. 

One of my clients, Angel Yamraj, who owns a spa in a small town, came to me with frustration over her marketing. She said she didn’t know what to post, she had a million other things to do, and so social media always became the last thing she would think about. She had priority access to this guide, and here is what she had to say about it: "I purchased Allie's guide and I am now 100% confident in operating the social media strategy for my business! It’s amazing how quickly I was able to learn how to write better content that resonated with my customers, it truly changed my perspective on social media.  Planning out content is no longer a task I dread doing, but instead it takes me just minutes to do, instead of the hours it was taking me. I have enough on my plate to stress about, I'm glad planning social media content will be something I never have to stress about again!" 

Y’all, I really tried to make this an easy decision for you to make. With everything that I share with you in this program, $27 is an absolute no-brainer.  If you are interested in learning more or purchasing the Social Media Success Shortcut, visit

I say this every season but this upcoming group of experts will blow your mind. I'm really excited for you to hear their thoughts of self-care and their business savvy wisdom. If this podcast has been inspiring to you I would be so grateful if you would leave a review and share it with a friend. Producing this podcasting lights me up and I am so glad I have the opportunity to continue in this role and can bring these voices of inspiration to you each and every week.

Apr 26, 202106:17
9.10 - How I Became The Queen of TikTok
Apr 18, 202122:40