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Seniors Chatting With Seniors

Seniors Chatting With Seniors

By Judy & Michael Yublosky

Are you a senior who’s not quite ready to just play golf, lounge on the beach or watch TV all day? Are you tired of sheltering in place, Zoom meetings that are boring and non-age appropriate? Virtual tours of another museum? We discuss topics that are important to our guests. We share memories of people and events from years gone by. Our goal is for you to realize you are not alone, you matter. And, as seniors we have similar thoughts and feelings. So, join us for a little inspired conversation from fellow 'Sages'. You can also be a guest on a future podcast.
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Mike G. Shares Some Memories Starting From 1968

Seniors Chatting With Seniors Jan 28, 2021

Mike G. Shares Some Memories Starting From 1968

Mike G. Shares Some Memories Starting From 1968

Listen to Mike talk about events he remembers starting in 1968. He remembered the music from our production of '1968 - Those Were The Days'. But he admits late in the podcast that events of the year we discussed were a blur. It was while he was in school and in another world

Mike grew up in Elyria, Ohio a small town west of Cleveland. He graduated from Adrian College in Michigan in 1968 with a Liberal Arts degree. He tried unsuccessfully to become a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Later Mike got drafted and was classified as 1A. It was during the Viet Nam War and he was unable to find a real job because of his draft status. So he found work at Cedar Point Amusement Park. He was drafted and spent a year in Viet Nam. He jokes that he lost Thanksgiving 1969 when he crossed the international dateline. 

He went back to community college and took some business courses. Eventually, he got an accounting degree at Ohio State. Work as an auditor for Kraft Foods brought him to Chicago. It took several years, but he eventually became a CPA.

Jan 28, 202111:19
Ron Joined Judy and Michael on January 17th

Ron Joined Judy and Michael on January 17th

Our friend Ron grew up in Milwaukee, WI. He recalls some of his personal memories of 1968 as well as memories of his sister the following year.

Ron is definitely an avid Green Bay Packers fan. He remembers events in that time period including the first two super bowls and Vince Lombardi's exit from the coaching ranks. 

He also tells us about the Chicago White Sox playing up in Milwaukee during the season.

Jan 18, 202109:13
Looking Back On The Making of '1968 - Those Were The Days'
Jan 05, 202111:23