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Serious Shot with CHCA

Serious Shot with CHCA

By Colorado Health Choice Alliance

CHCA chats with people making a difference in the freedom movement.
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Vaccine Mandates and College Students

Serious Shot with CHCAJun 06, 2023

Bat Lab Part 2, FOIA Uncovered Secrets

Bat Lab Part 2, FOIA Uncovered Secrets

Bat lab in Fort Collins - Part 2

This is the second episode in a series on the newly approved CSU bat lab approved by Larimer County for Fort Collins, Colorado, which has a history of lab leaks and gain of function research.

(Listen to Part 1 of this series here:

Christine Bowman leads a grassroots local citizen group called Covid Bat Research Moratorium of Colorado (CBRMC). CSU has failed to schedule the promised public stakeholder engagement process in the past six months to address the public’s safety concerns. Join over 600 people on her Facebook group to engage with yard signs, editorials, and emails of concern. This lab affects the safety of all people and animals in the US, not just Colorado. Contact CSU at and ask him your questions.  

Mike, a concerned citizen of Colorado, shares his research from 2000 pages of FOIA requested documents on the CSU bat lab. Is Nipah virus the next pandemic? How would a Nipah outbreak effect the food supply?

Heather provides her perspective as a local Fort Collins resident. 

Pam provides her perspective on this CSU-CDC-NIH-DOD collaboration as written here:

Jun 26, 202355:29
Bat Lab in Fort Collins?

Bat Lab in Fort Collins?

On this episode of Serious Shot, Pam and Heather discuss the new controversial addition, approved by the Larimer County Planning Commission, of a NIH funded “bat lab” at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.  

Prompted by a detailed article written by Children’s Heath Defense author Michael Nevradakis, PhD., Pam and Heather begin a multi-episode series on this potentially dangerous endeavor.

Area residents are concerned that the research being conducted at CSU could potentially lead to a lab leak akin to that which may have occurred at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, and may have led to escape of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Yet, concerned citizens have been stonewalled by both CSU and lawmakers.

Listen in to hear about what is known about this project so far and what concerned citizens can do to start getting answers and accountability from CSU and local government.

Listen to Part 2 of this series here:

Larimer County Commissioners Meetings (Commissioners oversee BOH and Planning Commission)

Every Tuesday at 9:00am.  Public comment is always first and you can expect to be finished by 10:00am.  Sign up when you get to the meeting.

Hearing Room, 1st Floor, 200 West Oak Street, Fort Collins

More information:

Larimer County Planning Commission

Every 3rd Wednesday at 6:00 pm.  In-person or on Zoom.

Hearing Room, 1st Floor, 200 West Oak Street, Fort Collins

Zoom Link:

Planning Commission meeting website:

Board of Health Meetings

Every third Thursday 6:00 pm.  In-person or on Zoom. 

1525 Blue Spruce Drive 

Zoom Link:

Board of Health Website:

The agenda is posted on the Monday before the meeting.  Zoom link and sign up for testimony is found on the agenda.

Fort Collins City Council Meetings

First and third Tuesdays of each month at 6 p.m.

Council Chambers at City Hall West, 300 Laporte Avenue.

Jun 19, 202354:19
Bait & Switch Legislation (Part 2)
Jun 12, 202329:58
Vaccine Mandates and College Students

Vaccine Mandates and College Students

In this episode of the Serious Shot Podcast, Heather & Pam interview Lucia Sinatra from about vaccine mandates and college students.  We discuss three lists: which colleges still have a mandate, which colleges dropped the mandate, and which colleges never had a mandate. We address the lack of science behind the mandates in academia, and the federal funding which incentivized coercion on some campuses.

Listeners may not be aware of the unique forms of retaliation and privacy violations which college administrators put into policy against young adult students who declined the experimental vaccine and testing, even in states where Governors had issued Executive Orders to prohibit mandates.  We converse about the resulting mental health crisis & suicides, vaccine injuries & deaths, and lawsuits.

The takeaway message to all parents and prospective college students is THIS IS NOT OVER. How a college handled students during COVID should be a priority factor in selecting a college to give your tuition dollars & for alumni donations. This summer of 2023 is a critical time to act-- to not only protect exemptions, but to END MANDATES!

If you want to volunteer on a small project to help No College Mandates, contact Lucia Sinatra at:



Twitter: @NCM4Ever

Twitter: @luciasinatra


Jun 06, 202356:14
Naturally Inspired

Naturally Inspired

In this episode of Serious Shot podcast, Pam talks to Tammy Garcia from the Naturally Inspired Podcast about the Naturally Inspired Health Summit on June 24, 2023 at the Ranch in Loveland, CO. 

Tickets for participants are only $20, and there are options for vendors and sponsors.

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia is an organic lifestyle entrepreneur, holistic nutritionist, podcast host, radio show personality, health writer, content creator, speaker and spokesperson for health freedom. She began hosting "Naturally Inspired Podcast" in 2019 where she interviews top minds in healthy lifestyle solutions and health freedom. She also has an online daily show called "Naturally Inspired Daily" and has a weekly show on 1360am KHNC in Colorado called "Naturally Inspired Radio

BONUS! Check out Jayson Garcia’s book “How CBD is changing lives and providing relief

May 31, 202350:49
Getting Pastors Involved in Politics
May 29, 202338:49
Bait & Switch Legislation (Part 1)

Bait & Switch Legislation (Part 1)

This is Part 1 of  the Serious Shot podcast recap of the 2023 session of the Colorado General Assembly. Melissa interviews health freedom watchdog Erin Meschke of Boulder, CO. They discus:

HB1003 School Mental Health Assessments

HB1135 Penalty for Indecent Exposure in View of Minors

HB1057 Amenities for All Genders in Public Buildings

SB296 - Prevent Harassment And Discrimination In Schools

May 24, 202355:48
Mini episode: Why you need to be at the Board of Health meetings
May 15, 202310:46
Board of Health is the new front line! How you can get involved!!

Board of Health is the new front line! How you can get involved!!

In this episode of Serious Shot, Julie Denton, the President of Colorado Health Choice Alliance (CHCA), explains how and why we must engage with the Board of Health. CDPHE is the front line of many freedoms, and the Board of Health is even more important than the legislature hearings at the current time.

For the upcoming BOH meetings:

Reasons to OPPOSE the rule change to titers testing in March 2023:

We must demand change on how the Board of Health interacts with the public. Attend meetings and keep notes for legislators to provide support for an audit. Issues to document should be framed in terms of lack of RESPONSIVENESS, lack of ACCOUNTABILITY, and lack of TRANSPARENCY, which are required by the SMART Act.

Demand accountability NOW before the next “health crisis” of gun control passes rules from the Office of Gun Violence Prevention through the Board of Health.

SHARE: This must-watch video of the exposed gun control agenda in Colorado:

Feb 28, 202346:17
Hope and Opportunity

Hope and Opportunity

In this episode of Serious Shot, Pam & Heather talk about Hope and Opportunity !


First, a brief recap on the HB23-1003 hearing, the controversial mental health assessment in schools which evades parental consent with referrals for students to counseling sessions. Then a recap on the HB23-1029 hearing, a good bill to prohibit administration of COVID19 vaccines to minor without parental consent. Pam & Heather discuss audio clips from lobbyist-influenced legislators and brave citizens at both hearings.


Pam lists the “Serious Shot Seven,” like the Dirty Dozen. These are seven Colorado programs & organizations to boycott for collusion with vaccine mandates and tracking. Heather highlights some of the alarming school surveys for students which are collecting very sensitive data and flagging students.

Resources: has student survey opt-out forms. | have school directory opt-out forms. for when you say goodbye to your AAP Doctors.

5 minute activism

Provide written feedback by Feb. 22 by email on CDPHE rule change proposal to titers testing for exemptions.

Medical Freedom talking points are included in this article:

Proposed changes to rule language are attached. Submit your feedback using our online Google form or email CDPHE must receive your comments by Feb. 22, 2023, at 5 p.m.

Sign up in ADVANCE for the Feb 15th Board of Health meeting if you want to participate and want to testify (two separate sign ups), view the agenda, & get a Zoom link on the Colorado Board of Health webpage.

Join CHCA on telegram, comment on the podcast & we might give you a shout out in the next podcast!

Feb 12, 202301:06:48
Bad Bill: Colorado HB23-1003
Jan 31, 202352:25
The History of CHCA and Vaccine Bills in Colorado

The History of CHCA and Vaccine Bills in Colorado

In this podcast, Pam & Heather are joined by an old friend to discuss how CHCA formed from grassroots parents in 2014 to a 501c4 with 30,000 supporters across Colorado today. They discuss the expansion of the vaccine schedule after liability was removed in 1986 NCVIA & the history of Colorado bills which have led to the current heavy-handed coercion of vaccine uptake in 2020. They answer questions about “controlled opposition” and how outsiders intend to disrupt organizations with missions like CHCA: protect vaccine exemptions, promote informed consent, & preserve medical privacy. And ultimately they encourage parents to keep showing up!

Jan 28, 202301:10:34
2023 Colorado Legislative Season Kick-off

2023 Colorado Legislative Season Kick-off

In this podcast, Pam & Melissa discuss the first week of Colorado legislative session: one bad bill for school mental health, one good bill for informed consent, and one deceptive bill on using drugs off-label. They also discuss the CDPHE SMART hearing from this week, and two concerning bills on CDPHE’s legislative agenda (“free” vaccines & changes to advance directives). CDPHE has two new priorities: 1. Funding gun control policies at “The office of gun violence prevention” and 2. destroying the oil & gas industry with new regulations for “climate change.” And yet the most shocking health news of the week is CDPHE’s briefing on suicide to the Joint Health Committee. And the action item for this week is to opt-out of CIIS.

Jan 16, 202348:29
Federal ESSER Funds dictate local covid school policies nationwide

Federal ESSER Funds dictate local covid school policies nationwide

In this episode of Serious Shot, Heather and Julie talk to AJ DePriest from Tennessee Liberty Network, a think tank make up of volunteers who are studying a variety of topics related to current issues. AJ is a proposal developer, tech writer, and compliance auditor for federal contractors, although she put her business on pause last May.

AJ and her team at TLN have looked deep into the ESSER funding that schools have received and they have developed an understanding of how these funds are driving policy in our schools. If you want to understand why the schools are continuing to push Covid policies such as testing, vaccine clinics, social distancing, and contact tracing despite parents speaking out and children being harmed, this episode is a must listen. The knowledge you will gain from listening to AJ will arm you with the information you need to communicate effectively about these funds and the policies they are creating as you continue to stand up for your kids.

AJ tells us that the latest installment of the ESSER funds is not the last, so we must get better informed to stop future funding from holding our kids hostage to more harmful interventions.

Message @AJDePriest on Telegram to request a link to your state ESSER fund Telegram channel.

Here is a link to the Approval Letter from Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, stating "Colorado's plan is consistent with all ARP ESSER statutory and regulatory requirements and addresses all of the ARP ESSER State plan elements."

0 - Introduction

2:57 - What are ESSER Funds and how are they allocated.

7:35 - How relief funds are tied to school policies

10:54 - Stakeholder engagement in policy related to ESSER Funds (Warning: There isn’t any.)

15:18 - Strategies to effectively expose and eliminate the policies. Can schools keep the money without the Federal based mitigation strategies?

23:04 - Do schools have to implement covid strategies? How many?

29:25 - Living document as district plan: Safe Return to In-person Instruction and Continuity Plan, Use of Funds Plan

35:56 - How long are ESSER Funds going to be in place?

38:54 - How to deal with ESSER Funds in your district

46:04 - How ESSER Funds are spent and what they are spent on: Social Emotional Learning (CRT) and mental health services in schools

1:01:00 - How to access state information via Telegram

1:03:00 - Is hospital covid funding killing people?

Feb 28, 202201:07:20
Medical freedom victories in Jefferson County

Medical freedom victories in Jefferson County

Serious Shot Season 2, Episode 2

In this episode of Serious Shot, Pam and Heather celebrate two medical freedom victories in Jefferson County this week. They talk to Lindsay and Beth from JeffCo Kids First about how they organized a year-long effort, ultimately resulting in Public Health Director Dawn Comstock’s resignation  AND the end of mask mandates for students effective February 11, 2022.              

0 - Introduction                 
1:05 - The pressure to get Comstock to resign               
7:31 - Everyone loves a good rally
14:15 - How to prevent another incompetent Public Health Director                 
18:57 - Closed Executive Sessions/Comstock's resignation                    
24:47 - Strategies to keep this from happening again                   
30:38 - Victory: cancellation of the mask mandate                      
33:26 - Health Department Interrelationships                    
41:27 - Top ideas for other counties moving forward                        
47:45 - Where is Comstock going now?                    
48:51 - Celebration and inspiration to move forward                           

Feb 12, 202253:27
JeffCo Moms, can they be trusted?

JeffCo Moms, can they be trusted?

Serious Shot Season 2, Episode 1

Constituents of Jefferson County learned from CORA requests that Dawn Comstock, as a member of the Board of Health, led the hiring committee for a Director of Jefferson County Public Health and hired herself as the Director in February 2021. This was just the beginning of her unethical behavior supporting a basis for her resignation or removal. Despite Comstock clashing with parents, schools, businesses, and the sheriff, the County Commissioners have taken no action to date to replace Comstock with a responsible public health director. This podcast details a dozen reasons for people to demand the resignation of Comstock.

  • In August 2021, emails showed how Comstock intimidated the Jefferson County School District Superintendent Dorland to impose mandates that she was not willing to impose herself for fear of lawsuits. Comstock also equates not wearing masks to bringing guns to schools, and then doubled down with her threats for Jefferson County Schools to include banning unvaccinated people from public places and banning extracurricular activities. Parents, we need you to take action.
  • In September 2021, Comstock led a witch-hunt in the JCPH lawsuit against three small Christian schools in Jefferson County for alleged mask mandate violations. The lawsuit was dropped due to the schools’ compliance. Health funds were wasted on this targeted lawsuit. Lawyers and Educators, we need you to take action.
  • In December 2021, Comstock advised the public not to shop at Jefferson County businesses, but to go to other counties with higher vaccination rates and higher mask compliance. Business leaders, we need you to take action.

How to help

Listen to this podcast and learn how to engage with the Jefferson County Board of Health before the situation gets worse. There is a plan to send students home to remote learning in Jefferson County if teachers reach a 25% absentee level, and teachers are currently at 20% absentee levels in some schools. Demand that Comstock resigns, and a qualified physician to write Public Health Orders replaces her immediately.                 

00:24 - Introduction                       

5:17 - JeffCo Demographics/Background of Movement                       

6:37 - Dawn Comstock in JeffCo/Gilpin Counties                       

7:23 - Data not driving Comstock Decisions                       

10:33 - CORA Comstock emails to Superintendent                      

15:46 - How Comstock became Public Health Director

21:41 - Comstock targets Christian Schools

27:50 - Protest at JCPH Headquarters

31:25 - Turmoil amongst elected officials re: Dawn Comstock

32:28 -JeffCo Rules Today

35:15 - Comstock and Youth Sports as the Downfall of our Society

39:33 - Final Comments/How to get involved

Jan 18, 202242:02
Dr Toby Rogers discusses the FDA, CDC and how for every one child saved by the shot, another 117 would be killed by it.

Dr Toby Rogers discusses the FDA, CDC and how for every one child saved by the shot, another 117 would be killed by it.

CHCA talks with Dr. Toby Rogers on his recent research into the FDA's Risk/Benefit analysis of the Pfizer product for children and the NNTV for children in order to save one life. The numbers will shock you.               

0 – Introduction                  

1:38 – FDA meeting re; Pfizer shot for kids, Risk/Benefit analysis                  

4:40 – Ten Red Flags of the FDA’s Risk/Benefit analysis                  

25:45 – Number Needed to Vaccinate (NNTV)                  

47:37 – VAERS: Explaining VAERS to counter the mainstream narrative that it is not a reliable source.                  

52:35 – Where do parents go to get objective information/articles about this product?                  

1:00:55 – Marketing Manipulation               

1:08:00 – Ending on a positive note: Top 10 Things you can do today!                                   

Steve Kirch:                 

Pfizer EUA application:                 

FDA and CDC guidance rules:                 

FDA risk benefit analysis:                 

Walach, Klement, & Aukema:                 

Kirsch, Rose, and Crawford:

Autism Tsunami: the Impact of Rising Prevalence on the Societal Cost of Autism in the United States by Mark Blaxi

Nov 12, 202101:14:23
Pam's story of illness and recovery
Oct 05, 202101:23:29
Two Colorado mothers working to change policy decisions in their school districts
Aug 10, 202149:38
Covid legal strategies with Dave Willson
Aug 01, 202145:04
Dr. Kats discusses niacin as a prevention and treatment for covid and other prevalent diseases

Dr. Kats discusses niacin as a prevention and treatment for covid and other prevalent diseases

In this episode of Serious Shot, Heather and Pam interview Dmitry Kats, PhD, MPH about his groundbreaking treatment protocol that removes all treatment barriers for a long list of prevalent disorders.

Dr. Kats has a PhD in Epidemiology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and he also has degrees in Biostatistics and Mathematics. His background includes epidemiology, aging research, biostatistics, longitudinal analysis, and psychometrics. He has written a hypothesis paper “A potentially critical role for niacin in immunology? that has far reaching implications for not only SARS-CoV2, but also for most modern diseases.

Dr. Kats’ published papers:

Dr. Kats professional career:

Dr. Kats niacin protocol:   

0:00 - Introduction    
8:48 - Smoking and cancer    
11:38 - Smoking and covid    
14:37 - NAD+ deficiency, fake niacin meds, Cytokine storm, niacin treatment with covid    
22:16 - Niacin flushing protocol    
35:00 - Niacin for covid prevention, roll of HDL in covid    
45:15 - Smoking as a niacin source    
47:43 - Getting started with niacin    
52:38 - Flush reduction    
59:42 - Covid long haulers and niacin    
1:06:06 - Vaccine injury and niacin    

Jul 27, 202101:21:04
All the CREEPY NEWS you can handle with Heather and Pam

All the CREEPY NEWS you can handle with Heather and Pam

Heather and Pam discuss this weeks myriad of creepy news, introduce a book club and end on a good note.

0:08 - Door-to-door vax checking

12:40 - SMS fact checking by the government

17:05 - Ingestable microchip technology

26:08 - NEW Book club

33:23 - RSV

39:53 - PCR Testing in schools

46:09 - Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) explanation 

1:03:00 - Ending on good news

Jul 21, 202101:08:55
How FERPA protects medical privacy at schools with NVIC and CHEC
Jul 06, 202101:28:43
FEC United's Judi Reynolds discusses the state of Colorado schools
Jun 21, 202101:12:50
CHCA talks with local freedom group Colorado Stands Up

CHCA talks with local freedom group Colorado Stands Up

In a follow-up to the amazing Pam Popper from last week, CHCA chats with two local Pam Popper organizational leaders, Chennan Clubine and Karen Dwire. Learn what is going on legally with the organization and how to start your own Stand Up group!!

Links from the show:


Donation page:

AFLDS retraining order lawsuit filed:

How much is your University gettting covid relief (a.k.a. covid coersion) money?:

Map of coercive colleges broken down by political party:

Extreme Sports Music | DANGER by Alex-Productions |
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Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

May 22, 202101:10:14
CHCA talks with Pam Popper

CHCA talks with Pam Popper

Pam Popper and CHCA discuss both national legal battles and what you can do on a local level to fight for your freedom.

Pam Popper is a lobbyist, founder of Make Americans Free Again, owner of Wellness Forum Health in Ohio, and author of "Covid Operation, What Happened, Why it Happened, and What’s Next". Popper has been a courageous, tireless, and effective voice in support of freedom for all Americans during the past year’s “Covid Crisis.” In this interview, Popper gives invaluable strategies on how to fight back effectively. She discusses current legal cases, how to support businesses and your community, and strategies for schools. Learn how to get involved to initiate effective change in your community. Lean what works, what doesn’t and how to join this very influential movement. This is a must listen.

Links from the show:

Donate to MAFA legal fund:

MAFA Homeschooling page:

MAFA merchandise:

Covid Operation by Pam Popper:

Face Masks In One Lesson by Allan Stevo:

Colorado Stands Up:

Extreme Sports Music | DANGER by Alex-Productions |
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May 16, 202156:35