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Christ in Focus

Christ in Focus

By Christ in Focus

Christian authors Jon and Kathleen Frederick discuss contemporary topics for today’s Christian. Founders of Seven11 Photography, they are bringing their photography inspired messages of faith, salvation, scientific proof of God, and the struggles of being a Christian in today’s world. Both hosts are multi published authors and bloggers. Jon is also a multi-internationally published photographer whose work has exhibited in cities across six continents. Now listen to their personal trials and see Christianity from a new perspective, through a camera lens.
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Finding purpose through Faith- One person’s journey to purpose

Christ in FocusSep 20, 2022

Finding purpose through Faith- One person’s journey to purpose
Sep 20, 202219:10
My Salvation Story: Seeing Life Through a New Lens
Apr 29, 202211:40
What was Jesus like? Learning more about Yeshua
Apr 14, 202228:04
See Humanity through God's Eyes
Mar 11, 202210:08
5 Ways to Better Hear God Speak to You
Feb 14, 202215:54
Is the Christian Cross more than a symbol of Christianity?
Feb 11, 202204:53
Proving God’s Existence
Jan 02, 202205:33