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Sew Taco

Sew Taco

By Gerald & Elena Flores

This is the power team (husband and wife) who run the popular and successful brands (Taco Gear® & Sew Bonita). We talk about the stories, fun times and challenges that come with running an online brand and anything else that crosses our mind.
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Still Staying Motivated & More - S3 E11

Sew TacoApr 19, 2019

The Final Episode - S8 E13

The Final Episode - S8 E13

This is it. The final Sew Taco Podcast episode. We can't thank you guys enough for all your listens and all the support. It's really amazing and overwhelming. We have our final tips, stories and advice to give you guys and of course our final goodbyes. 

Apr 30, 202159:34
Drugged and Dallas - S8 E12

Drugged and Dallas - S8 E12

In the second to last episode of Sew Taco, we talk about how Elena drugged Gerald (accidentally) and a super fun trip we took (for friends and food) to Dallas, Texas! 

Apr 23, 202145:51
Our Final Episodes (ever) - S8 E11
Apr 16, 202131:48
Elena's New Adventure - S8 E10
Apr 09, 202135:58
The Neighbor - S8 E9
Apr 02, 202147:21
She Said What?! - S8 E8
Mar 26, 202142:05
The Good, The Bad - S8 E7
Mar 19, 202138:50
Onto The Next One - S8 E6
Mar 12, 202138:40
Elena Can't Stop Laughing - S8 E5
Mar 05, 202152:21
Vaccination Funk - S8 E4

Vaccination Funk - S8 E4

This Sew Taco Podcast episode gives some important updates about , and AND we run off on a lot of other topics for some reason. Enjoy!

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Feb 26, 202143:58
We Survived - S8 E3
Feb 19, 202151:09
A Crazy Customer & Starting a Podcast in 2021 - S8 E2
Feb 12, 202149:08
Feb 05, 202142:28
Chasing Camilla - S7 E31
Jan 29, 202108:06
Little King Goods - S7 E30
Jan 22, 202113:37
Feliz Modern - S7 E29
Jan 15, 202109:23
Wero - S7 E28
Jan 08, 202107:38
BarbacoApparel - S7 E27
Jan 01, 202108:45
Chisme Email - S7 E26
Dec 25, 202011:33
Part 2 - Our First Recording Ever - S7 E25
Dec 18, 202027:55
Part 1 - Our First Recording Ever - S7 E24
Dec 11, 202019:41
$15.6K in the rain! - S7 E23
Dec 04, 202038:25
Someone Spills the Tea on Elena - S7 E22
Nov 27, 202053:18
Guest - Gilbert Cantu / Designer, Artist, Bonsai Master - S7 E21
Nov 20, 202001:06:11
NYCTO - S7 E20
Nov 13, 202049:23
Guest - Tejal Parekh, MSW / Bright Doll Face - S7 E19
Nov 06, 202001:03:17
Guest - Cristina Martinez / Very That - S7 E18
Oct 30, 202001:12:09
It's Cause You Know Why? - S7 E17
Oct 23, 202047:53
Do You Know Us? - S7 E16
Oct 16, 202047:13
How Many Friends Do You Need? - S7 E15
Oct 09, 202052:16
Celebrating Elena! - S7 E14
Oct 02, 202029:37
Guest - Mark Champion / The Ninth Inning Tx - S7 E13
Sep 25, 202001:12:40
What's a Bad Situation? - S7 E12
Sep 18, 202040:39
Are You a Side Hustler? - S7 E11
Sep 11, 202049:34
Unapologetically You - S7 E10
Sep 04, 202049:22
How many website visitors do you need? - S7 E9
Aug 28, 202055:27
I Busted Elena + Organizing & Delegating - S7 E8
Aug 21, 202042:36
Making $20,706 in 36 Hours - S7 E7
Aug 14, 202054:58
The Website BLEW UP - S7 E6
Aug 07, 202046:29
What's in our DMs? - S7 E5
Jul 31, 202030:09
Guest - Mike Henneberger / Emmy Winning Producer & Music Journalist - S7 E4
Jul 24, 202001:22:02
Our Next Event & Dropping Pizza - S7 E3
Jul 17, 202037:24
Guest - Jeff Sheldon / Ugmonk - S7 E2
Jul 10, 202001:04:54
Major Changes & Respect - S7 E1
Jul 03, 202039:31
Our 100th Episode LIVE- S6 E26
Jun 26, 202053:23
Elena’s Celebrity Surprise- S6 E25
Jun 19, 202041:20
The Truth About Starting a Podcast - S6 E24
Jun 12, 202001:03:22
Our Struggle & 100th Episode Plans - S6 E23
Jun 05, 202046:14
New Instagram Feature & Some Games - S6 E22
May 29, 202039:05
Milestones & Giveaways! - S6 E21
May 22, 202050:02
Shady Comments - S6 E20
May 15, 202044:04
Shop Tips & Who is this girl? - S6 E19
May 08, 202058:44
Guest - Brittany Mouttet / Leading Ladies Corpus Christi Podcast - S6 E18
May 01, 202050:21
A whole birthDAY and Likes vs Sales - S6 E17
Apr 24, 202038:04
Random phone calls we recorded! - S6 E16
Apr 17, 202038:24
This is completely normal. - S6 E15
Apr 10, 202030:34
Guest - Designer / Savannah Garza - S6 E14

Guest - Designer / Savannah Garza - S6 E14

Hi everyone! We hope you're staying safe! This 

The Bend Magazine Cover (by Savannah!)

Savannah's Instagram:

Savannah's Typography Instagram:

Savannah's Shirt!

Sew Taco Links:

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Apr 03, 202044:04
Hard Creative Times - S6 E13
Mar 27, 202028:14
How this has affected us and what we're doing about it - S6 E12
Mar 20, 202027:52
Visitors, New Side Hustles & How We Met - S6 E11
Mar 13, 202049:20
We WON & it's crunch time - S6 E10
Mar 06, 202043:57
This Blew our Minds - S6 E9
Feb 28, 202038:39
Changing Things Up! - S6 E8
Feb 21, 202043:57
The Power of Saying No - S6 E7
Feb 14, 202044:22
How We Get Sponsors (and a BIG announcement) - S6 E6
Feb 07, 202034:55
We met other podcasters AND launched a new brand! - S6 E5
Jan 31, 202038:06
An Award Followed by a Cease & Desist - S6 E4
Jan 24, 202036:04
Guest - Spurs Designer / Garret Huls - S6 E3
Jan 17, 202044:31
Making Connections - S6 E2
Jan 10, 202043:30
Take Out The Trash - S6 E1
Jan 03, 202035:33
Let's Celebrate! - S5 E15
Dec 27, 201942:06
California Love - S5 E14
Dec 20, 201901:05:14
Taking Breaks - S5 E13
Dec 13, 201930:20
Food Fight - S5 E12
Dec 06, 201945:12
Thankful for Small Business - S5 E11
Nov 27, 201925:56
Innovate or Die - S5 E10
Nov 22, 201940:60
Instagram's Not Dead - S5 E9
Nov 15, 201944:04
Working with Designers - S5 E8
Nov 08, 201950:02
(Fixed) Milestones & Scary Movies - S5 E7
Nov 01, 201944:41
Guest - Hector Flores - Las Cafeteras S5 E6
Oct 25, 201901:07:51
Evolving our Brands - S5 E5
Oct 18, 201949:58
We Survived ACL! - S5 E4
Oct 11, 201935:28
We're in Control - S5 E3
Oct 04, 201944:14
Bad Business Opportunities? - S5 E2
Sep 27, 201953:35
Fear of Failure - S5 E1
Sep 20, 201944:53
Guest - Season Finale (WOW) - S4 E17
Sep 13, 201956:11
Guest - Tina Lain (Gold Dust) - S4 E16
Sep 06, 201901:07:07
Guest - Edward Gonzales (Personal Trainer) - S4 E15
Aug 30, 201901:04:33
Guest - Daniel Benavides (CC Comic Con ) - S4 E14
Aug 23, 201901:18:28
Guest - Vianney Rodriguez (Award Winning Food Blogger ) - S4 E13

Guest - Vianney Rodriguez (Award Winning Food Blogger ) - S4 E13

This episode of Sew Taco features the one and only Vianney Rodriguez with and we had such a good time. Vianney is an award winning food blogger that has worked with some of the biggest brands around. Her story and journey are so inspirational to so many people. Vianney is also our Taco Sister. Gerald and Her were featured in the same book - The Tacos of Texas and since then have been Taco Familia. Vianney talks about so many things and gives the greatest advice. Take a listen, you'll love it. 

Follow her on instagram @sweetlifebake

Her other brand @soytejana


Her top selling cookbook -

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Aug 16, 201901:10:55
"The Cheech" Reactions - S4 E12

"The Cheech" Reactions - S4 E12

We're keeping the guest coming with this special bonus episode of Sew Taco. After screening Cheech Marin's new film "The Cheech" we pulled in a handful of people to get their immediate reactions. This was a beautiful film for so many reasons. Check out what each guest had to say about it.   We interviewed: Barbara Canales - Judge Mark Gonzalez - District Attorney Charlie Chapa - Aurora Arts Theater  John Garcia - DJ & Attorney (yeah that's right) Tanya (a mom who brought her daughters to the film) SEND US A VOICE MESSAGE >> - (we might put it in the podcast) 
Aug 13, 201949:54
Guest - Cheech Marin & Crew - S4 E11
Aug 09, 201955:11
The Locals List (Part 2) - S4 E10
Aug 06, 201930:18
The Locals List (Part 1) - S4 E09
Aug 02, 201901:03:50
Guest - Alissa Peña (Salsa Queen) - S4 E08
Jul 26, 201901:03:31
Guest - Marcos Flores (Superfan) - S4 E07

Guest - Marcos Flores (Superfan) - S4 E07

One of our best friends sat down with us in this episode of Sew Taco. His name is Marcos Flores and he is known as the one and only Señor Cheesehead - A Green Bay Packer Superfan. Check him out on Instagram @senorcheesehead and check out his site After being a fan for so long and buying all kinds of Packers gear, he saw an opportunity to make specific shirts and gear that he didn't see available anywhere else. SO HE JUST DID IT! That's such an important lesson. Hear all about his journey as a fan and where it's led him. 

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Jul 19, 201901:08:04
Guest - Cindy Saenz (Tattoo Artist) - S4 E06
Jul 12, 201901:21:52
Guest - Nikki Riojas (Entrepreneur) - S4 E05
Jul 05, 201901:23:13
Guest - Sonny James (Designer) - S4 E04
Jun 28, 201901:06:55
Guest - Korbin Boomer Matthews (Creative) - S4 E03

Guest - Korbin Boomer Matthews (Creative) - S4 E03

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Boomer (Korbin Boomer Matthews)! Boomer is our 3rd guest in Season 4 of our Sew Taco podcast. One of the things we love about this podcast is how each one of our guest this season is bringing such a unique perspective to each episode. We feel like boomer is an all around creative and has so much to tell. Take a listen, we definitely had a great conversation. 

You can follow him @TheBoomerRumor on twitter and instagram. 

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Jun 21, 201901:11:24
Guest - Javi Luna (Comedian) - S4 E02
Jun 14, 201901:11:10
Guest - Nick Perez (Fashion Designer) - S4 E01

Guest - Nick Perez (Fashion Designer) - S4 E01

It's our kickoff episode for Season 4 - The Season of Guests! We're so happy to bring you our first guest of this season - Nick Perez (fashion designer) with the incredibly amazing brand Nico. In this episode, we talk all about Nick's journey into fashion and how a fashion class in high school started it all. Nick has been a part of many fashion shows including two of his own right in his hometown of Corpus Christi, TX. Since then he's won awards and had incredible opportunities in front of him. Give it a listen and follow him on all he's doing at: SEND US A VOICE MESSAGE >> - (we might put it in the podcast)
Jun 07, 201901:06:44
YOU ARE THE BOSS (Season Finale) - S3 E17
May 31, 201901:06:01
Why You Worried? - S3 E16
May 24, 201959:45
They Don't Know You - S3 E15
May 17, 201945:40
Marked for Life - S3 E14
May 10, 201951:46
Birthday Shenanigans and a Hard Lesson - S3 E13
May 03, 201948:21
Stealing Designs - S3 E12
Apr 26, 201940:52
Still Staying Motivated & More - S3 E11
Apr 19, 201947:07
Our Second Guest! Therese Martinez - S3 E10
Apr 12, 201901:05:53
It Gets Real - S3 E09
Apr 05, 201932:14
Selena & Things You Shouldn’t Say - S3 E08
Mar 29, 201952:26
Our SXSW Weekend Behind The Scenes - S3 E07
Mar 22, 201901:08:28
Elena is PUMPED / How to Find Designers - S3 E06
Mar 14, 201953:08
Best $12 Ever - S3 E05
Mar 08, 201952:17
Our First Guest! - Mayra Zamora - S3 E04
Mar 01, 201955:53
Leaders & BBQ - S3 E03
Feb 22, 201941:25
Locked Out - S3 E02
Feb 15, 201955:44
Keep Going! - S3 E01
Feb 08, 201951:28
Know Your Worth - S2 E18

Know Your Worth - S2 E18

Something happened at one of our jobs today that kicked off this rant we ended up in BUT it all has to do with knowing your worth. YOU are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. This podcast covers some fun things, Elena's tooth progress, a listeners message that made us smile and more. Check it out. Season 3 officially launches next week!

Feb 01, 201944:45
Ebay is LIFE - S2 E17

Ebay is LIFE - S2 E17

On this podcast episode we officially announce the launch of Season 3 for this podcast. We also talk about why all of Gerald's Taco Gear camera equipment smells like tacos, why Elena almost wasted a 2.5 hour drive for Sew Bonita goods AND how we're having a blast selling old stuff on Ebay. 

Jan 25, 201927:49


Hitting the road, packing, a new kind of email, a chiclet for a tooth, dork dads and our thoughts on FRYE FESTIVAL! All that just happened on this quick episode of Sew Taco. 

Jan 18, 201922:35
Welcome to Sew Taco - "Two Side Hustles and a Microphone"

Welcome to Sew Taco - "Two Side Hustles and a Microphone"

This is a candid podcast about side hustle life from two people who are not only married but BOTH have side hustles / brands. Listen in every week while we talk about anything and everything related to running our brands. We don't hold anything back.

Jan 11, 201900:51
Bottle Service & Collabs - S2 E15

Bottle Service & Collabs - S2 E15

In this Sew Taco Podcast episode we talk about a funny story that happened at Americas Adult Playground. We also talk about something awesome you can do with your brand this year if you haven't already. Even if you have, do it again! We're talking about collaborations.  

Jan 11, 201932:39
2 Stars and a Chipped Tooth - S2 E14

2 Stars and a Chipped Tooth - S2 E14

Happy New Year! In this episode of Sew Taco, Elena has some great advice to share on something we all know but need to be reminded of. This advice / conversation was actually unplanned BUT something happened to us today that made it a perfect topic. Check it out. 

Jan 03, 201924:54
Someone Called Me An Asshole - S2 E13

Someone Called Me An Asshole - S2 E13

As promised, here's a bonus episode for season 2. We'll be releasing these every week until Season 3 begins (late January). In this episode, Gerald talks about the time (recently) when a grown ass man called him an asshole through text message emojis. This wasn't any man. This was a restaurant owner! It's a funny story. The episode is finished off with Gerald's tip for side hustlers. This tip is used by both Sew Bonita and Taco Gear.

Dec 28, 201823:20
We kicked 2018's ass - S2 E12

We kicked 2018's ass - S2 E12

In this episode we talk about the crazy thing Gerald had to do the day we recorded this. We each also talk about some memorable moments from this year as well as a few tips for evaluating your 2018 side hustle and what to start thinking about for 2019. This is the last official episode for 2018 BUT we are releasing a handful of new episode nuggets each week until Season 3 kicks off mid to late January. So you'll still be able to listen to us each week. Thank you guys so much for an awesome 2018 and for listening to this podcast. You guys rock. 

Dec 21, 201848:24
Tattoos and a Tip - S2 E11

Tattoos and a Tip - S2 E11

In this episode of Sew Taco w/Sew Bonita and Taco Gear we talk about some recent ink we got which is both sewing and taco related. We also go over a listeners question talking about how to get more sales in your store. We round it all off by playing a few more rounds of 5 Second Rule...because it's awesome.
Dec 14, 201844:47
5 Second Rule - S2 E10

5 Second Rule - S2 E10

Elena is back! In this episode Elena catches us up about what's going on with Sew Bonita this coming weekend AND we decide to play 5 Second Rule. You know, that game you see played on Ellen? Finally, we have a few things to say about how to look at the end of this year for you and your side hustle and start thinking about next year. We do the same for Taco Gear & Sew Bonita.
Dec 07, 201836:36
A HUGE Success - S2 E9

A HUGE Success - S2 E9

We did it BIG and it was a HUGE Success. In this episode of Sew Taco, find out what happened at Elena's latest Loca for Local Popup she organized and more. Sew Bonita and Taco Gear had a great Black Friday sale thanks to YOU.
Nov 30, 201828:16
New Orleans and Popups - S2 E8

New Orleans and Popups - S2 E8

We failed. We were suppose to record this episode while we were in New Orleans but we had no time! So, here we are. In this episode we talk about things to consider when doing a popup and how Elena is now running a popup with 25 vendors! We also chat about New Orleans and The Taco Chair Season 2!
Nov 23, 201842:18
Gerald was a Magician - S2 E7

Gerald was a Magician - S2 E7

Yes, Gerald was a magician for a good while. Elena interviews Gerald in this episode of Sew Taco. A lot of the skills learned to perform and just hustle with magic in general can definitely be applied to any side hustle.
Special visit mentioned by @taque_son
Nov 16, 201846:47
Elena gets scared - S2 E6

Elena gets scared - S2 E6

We start out with Elena getting scared from a new show on Netflix, then we jump into preparing our online stores for the holidays and Elena goes deep into conversation about her new project and patterns.
Nov 09, 201829:52
Don't go crazy - S2 E5
Nov 02, 201846:59
Facebook owes you nothing - S2 E4

Facebook owes you nothing - S2 E4

Social media. It's a heavy topic. How do you handle it with a side hustle? What should you do, post, etc. We talk about all that in this episode and also share a few other nuggets. Oh yeah, we talked about how we danced our asses off with some 80 year olds.
Oct 26, 201838:43
Espresso Funk - S2 E3

Espresso Funk - S2 E3

My goodness we were busy. We talk all about the crazy busy weeks/months w've been having along with the funk one of us got in AND our espresso machine exploding (all in one episode, whoa).
Oct 18, 201846:23
It's the little things - S2 E2

It's the little things - S2 E2

The little things, tips, tricks and how we create inventory (or lack there of) is what we talk about in this episode. Actually, that's just some of the things we cover. Oh, and Elena barely discovers that I named her microphone.
Oct 12, 201847:56
Who's at the door? - S2 E1

Who's at the door? - S2 E1

We're back! In this episode we kick off Season 2 with some of our thoughts on what doing our first podcast was like, addressing some things from season 1, AND we also had a lot more fun.
Oct 05, 201854:53
Staying Motivated - S1 E7

Staying Motivated - S1 E7

THIS is not the end. It is the end of Season 1, but you won't have to wait that long before we release Season 2 (it's already in the works). In this episode we talk about how we stay motivated. Everything from taking a break to finding inspiration in the most random places.
Jul 18, 201846:47
Work and Side Hustle Balance - S1 E6

Work and Side Hustle Balance - S1 E6

Working a full time job and running a side hustle isn't easy. In this episode of Sew Taco, we talk about how we balance both our full time jobs with Sew Bonita and Taco Gear. We don't hold anything back (as usual)
Jul 11, 201836:36
Dealing with Negativity - S1 E5

Dealing with Negativity - S1 E5

It's not always sunshine and rainbows (or glittery sewing machines and tasty tacos). We talk about some brutal truths in this episode. Don't worry, this isn't a bitch fest. We're just letting you know some of the negative things we've experienced and how we dealt with them. There are definitely some helpful tips in this episode.
Jul 05, 201834:38
Comida - S1 E4

Comida - S1 E4

Comida (food)! In this episode, we talk about how we use food in our brands. Both our brands embrace the food of our culture. You'll hear all about our experiences with food in Taco Gear and Sew Bonita.
Jun 28, 201840:55
Being Married to a Side Hustler - S1 E3

Being Married to a Side Hustler - S1 E3

Hey everyone! In this third episode, we talk about exactly what it's like to be married to a fellow side hustler. We're both incredibly busy, but we support each other, work with each other and have fun with each other. We'll talk about how we do that and some of the fun we have. Enjoy!
Jun 21, 201835:59
What They Don't Tell You - S1 E2

What They Don't Tell You - S1 E2

In this episode we talk about all the things they don't tell you when you're starting a brand. We'll talk about some experiences we went through and things that you really don't prepare for, mostly because they just happen. Thanks for the great feedback and positivity from the first official episode. It means the world to us!
Jun 13, 201841:26
Starting our Brands - S1 E1

Starting our Brands - S1 E1

Finally! Here is the very first episode of our new podcast. We're a husband a wife team who each have our own side hustles (@tacogear & @sewboita). This episode is all about sharing our experience in how we got started. We'll talk about the why, the how, and share some resources we used to get our brands off the ground. Each episode will focus on something we get asked a lot. We'd love to hear what you think! Leave us some comments and reviews if you have a minute. HUGE Thanks to our friend Jerry Tagle for providing our intro music. Check him out on Youtube:
May 28, 201847:44