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Stories From Nowhere

Stories From Nowhere

By Stories From Nowhere

A Conversation Podcast
Hosted by Andrew Monroe Rice

Tied together by our common threads...
Documenting unconventional conversations,
detailing human connections,
presenting the questions and mysteries we all face,
from anywhere, out in nowhere, and everywhere.

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Stories From Nowhere 006: Justin Jones

Stories From NowhereMar 28, 2023

Stories From Nowhere 008: Neil Kirk, in honor of David Rice

Stories From Nowhere 008: Neil Kirk, in honor of David Rice

Episode #008

In episode eight of Stories From Nowhere, Andrew talks to Neil Kirk, a dear family friend, and a former Wall St. colleague of Andrew’s brother. In this last episode of season one, Neil and Andrew talk about the life of Andrew's brother, David Harlow Rice, who was killed in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11th, 2001.

Andrew and Neil discuss the effects of survivor's guilt, inconsolable grief, and how addiction and recovery unites them with David. In this humorous and tender, special episode, the pair recount larger-than-life stories from David’s early days, and share touching thoughts about managing grief, illustrating the importance of permanent human connections.

For more information about the World Trade Center Memorial: ⁠⁠

Visit this link for more information about WTC health resources: ⁠⁠

For more information about AA: ⁠

Apr 11, 202336:07
Stories From Nowhere 007: Fury Young and BL Shirelle, Die Jim Crow Records
Apr 04, 202332:04
Stories From Nowhere 006: Justin Jones
Mar 28, 202347:08
Stories From Nowhere 005: Susan Williams
Mar 21, 202341:04
Stories From Nowhere 004: Sandra Barefoot

Stories From Nowhere 004: Sandra Barefoot

In episode four of Stories From Nowhere, Andrew speaks with Great Britain-based Sandra Barefoot as they share their common bond via the The Forgiveness Project. Andrew and Sandra look back on a meeting Andrew had with a mother of an alleged terrorist in the early 2000s, and explore the destructive power of systemic shame. The pair dives in to a discussion about the hopeful elixir of telling one's story from victim to victor, and what should be done with "the troubled boys in the back row of the classroom?" Sandra shares her wisdom, gained from her remarkable work with the incarcerated in Great Britain, and describes how she has helped her own sons navigate challenges they face as members of a society based on race and privilege.

For more information about the Forgiveness Project:

Mar 16, 202301:16:45
Stories From Nowhere 003: Reverend Robert Musick

Stories From Nowhere 003: Reverend Robert Musick

EP #003 Reverend Robert Musick
Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

On Episode Three of Stories From Nowhere Andrew speaks to Reverend Robert Musick.  

Reverend Robert Musick is the Chaplain at Pikeville University in the central Appalachian region of Kentucky.
Reverend Musick’s radical compassion and unapologetic progressivism are center to his work.
His balanced awareness opens the door for dialogue between left and right wing groups within his community.

In this episode, Andrew and Reverend Musick communicate about their own blind spots, the vocational call, and loyalty to ideals that drive personal faith, and political commitment.

Oct 31, 202201:05:28
Stories From Nowhere 002: Stephen Gambill

Stories From Nowhere 002: Stephen Gambill

On episode 002 of Stories From Nowhere, Andrew speaks to Corpus Christi, Texas based artist Stephen Gambill.
In this conversation, Andrew and Stephen explore intimate stories about cultivating creativity,
growing up gay in rural Texas in the 50s-60s, and the power of ritual in male coming of age rites.

Stephen draws from his experience of co-creating rituals for Richard Rohr's Men's Rites of Passages, and his large canvas paintings and pottery are widely collected throughout the south Texas art communities.

At times funny and touching, Andrew and Stephen pull back the curtain on shared authentic and humble masculinity.
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Oct 25, 202201:08:34
Stories From Nowhere 001: Church Goin' Mule

Stories From Nowhere 001: Church Goin' Mule

Stories From Nowhere, a conversation podcast, hosted by Andrew Monroe Rice.
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On Episode 001 of Stories From Nowhere, Andrew talks with Cleveland, Mississippi-based Church Goin' Mule, connecting on a range of topics, from her back-to-the-land commitment, the symbolism of the mule to her art, finding progressive pockets in red states, the elusive mysteries of the Mississippi delta, the fierce loyalty to self, and the wonders of nature and the unknown.

Mule manages the JX Farms Artist Residency in Cleveland and provides a window onto her integration into the life of her neighbors.
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Oct 16, 202201:08:22