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The Shadow Network with KP Reddy

The Shadow Network with KP Reddy

By KP Reddy

Innovation talks that shape the planet, society and our future. Specifically curated for leaders in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Real Estate, with a sprinkle of start ups that are making a difference.
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KP Reddy Unpacked: Decoding Success (Words Matter!)

The Shadow Network with KP ReddyNov 07, 2023

KP Reddy Unpacked: Decoding Success (Words Matter!)
Nov 07, 202314:42
Risk Mitigation through IoT w/Hamid Alemohammad of Brickeye
Nov 02, 202328:01
KP Reddy Unpacked: Crafting Authentic Client Experiences
Oct 31, 202314:15
Measuring Carbon in Construction w/Anil Sawhney of RICS
Oct 29, 202317:52
KP Reddy Unpacked: Mastering the Art of Storytelling
Oct 27, 202313:55
Customer Discovery w/Raheel Ishtiaq of AIA Contract Documents
Oct 27, 202320:58
KP Reddy on How AI & Generative Design Will Benefit the Built Space
Oct 10, 202301:27:57
KP Reddy Unpacked: Strategies for Sustained Growth
Oct 10, 202315:34
Innovation Bottlenecks w/Aaron Anderson of Swinerton
Oct 09, 202322:34
KP Reddy Unpacked: Navigating the Intellectual Frontier
Oct 09, 202320:24
Innovation in Engineering w/Scott Frank of JB&B
Oct 04, 202325:08
Climate Change and CRE w/Michael Beckerman of CREtech Climate
Oct 04, 202322:38
AI & Conceptual Design w/Campbell Yule of Codesign
Oct 04, 202324:54
Industrialized Construction w/Amr Raafat, of Windover Construction
Oct 04, 202320:24
Approachable Innovation w/Tom Scarangello, Exec Chairman at Thornton Tomasetti
Oct 04, 202327:09
Data-Driven Design w/Nic Halverson, CEO at Occuspace
Oct 04, 202321:49
The Convergence of AEC & M w/Amy Marks, The Queen of Prefab
Oct 04, 202321:53
Reinvention in AEC w/Christian Giordano of MANCINI:DUFFY
Oct 04, 202322:35
Leading Through Change w/Mike Brewer of The Radco Companies
Oct 04, 202323:15
Change Management w/Bill Boynes of Shadow Partners
Oct 04, 202321:19
The Technology of Connection w/Bob Habian of Tect App
Oct 04, 202322:32
Construction Integration w/Roger Krulak of FullStack Modular
Oct 04, 202323:26
Investing in Transformation w/Brad Crawford of Ambassador Supply and Rival VC
Oct 04, 202321:25
The Future of Real Estate w/David Hirschman of Blueprint
Oct 04, 202317:49
VC vs. Corporate VC w/KP Reddy
Oct 04, 202326:05
Economics of Real Estate Investing w/Sam Chandan of NYU Stern
Oct 04, 202319:33
Creating A Culture of Innovation w/Thai Nguyen of Diverge
Oct 04, 202318:37
Tech Diligence w/Matt Ohlman of Shadow Ventures
Oct 04, 202320:05
AI Technology in Construction w/Charles Rathmann of IRONPROS
Oct 04, 202322:46
Technology and the People Problem w/Danielle Dy Buncio of VIATechnik
Oct 04, 202321:23
Drone Technology in Construction w/Dr. Joseph Burgett of Clemson University
Oct 04, 202319:21
Material Innovation w/Rex Donahey of ACI
Oct 04, 202323:07
Intelligent, Carbon-Efficient Multi-Family w/Robert Cooper of embue
Oct 04, 202317:40
Emerging Tech for Job Sites w/Lucas Manos of Ryan Companies
Oct 04, 202317:41
Innovation vs Digital Transformation w/Stephen Held of Leo A. Daly
Oct 04, 202318:32
Model to Machine BIM w/Brian Nickel of Allied BIM
Oct 04, 202317:46
Innovation in Engineering w/Mike Lawless of IMEG
Oct 04, 202319:10
Automating Construction Financing w/Will Mitchell of Rabbet
Oct 04, 202317:23
A Culture of Innovation w/Carla Johnson, Author of RE:Think Innovation
Oct 04, 202317:37
The Future of Construction w/Henry Nutt of Southland Industries
Oct 04, 202317:29
Research in Innovation w/Maanav Mahindru of Shadow Partners
Oct 04, 202317:45
ESG Messaging Strategies for Sustainability Professionals

ESG Messaging Strategies for Sustainability Professionals

ESG criteria are an indicator of the social responsibility of a company. How a corporation responds to climate change; how they treat their workers, shareholders, and the surrounding community; how they manage money: all these factors come into play. Socially conscious investors can use this knowledge to help them decide where they’d like to invest. And they have been; according to the US SIF-Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investing, between 2016 and 2018 there was a 34% increase in ESG-evaluated assets under management for a total of $30.7 trillion worldwide. So what does that mean for sustainability professionals?

It means communication surrounding ESG is essential for financial success. It means corporations need to be able to tell the story of what they’re doing to meet ESG criteria, and how they’re doing it. Join Brad Dockser as he discusses strategies for optimizing your ESG messaging.

Bradford H. Dockser is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Green Generation, which engineers and implements comprehensive integrated energy efficiency solutions that lower operating costs while improving sustainability on behalf of a diverse set of clients worldwide. Founded in 2011, GreenGen transforms the world’s built environment through innovation and solutions by integrating energy, real estate, technology, and capital markets to Operate in the Green.

Want more access to KP? KP is also spending more time in the Shadow Partners Community. He's posting his thoughts and responding to questions. If you want more access to KP, the Shadow Partners Community is where to get it. Join here-> ⁠

Oct 04, 202348:00
Digital Efficiency w/Lee Lance of Ecobot
Oct 04, 202319:26
Automating Compliance w/Tommy Linstroth of Green Badger
Oct 04, 202318:46
AI & Conceptual Design w/Campbell Yule of Codesign
Oct 04, 202309:31
Understanding Data w/Marc Goldman of Esri
Oct 04, 202309:30
Smarter RE Development w/Adam Stark of Jet.Build
Oct 04, 202313:15
Strategic Partners & The VC Landscape w/Ian Pollock of Shadow Partners
Oct 04, 202321:27
Dynamic Pricing—Fintech meets Proptech w/Rowland Hobbs
Oct 04, 202315:03
AI, Automation, & A/E/C w/Maksim Markevich of Kreo Software
Oct 04, 202320:58