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Shaffer Creative: Conversations with Creatives

Shaffer Creative: Conversations with Creatives

By Shaffer Creative

Conversations with artists, animators, filmmakers, writers and other creatives about their careers, their craft and their creative convictions. This podcast is born out of the conviction that those in one field of arts can learn much from those in a different creative discipline. Our goal is not aspirational, it's grounded in creatives who work in their craft professionally. There are no starving artists here.
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Cinematic Revolution of the French New Wave with Richard Neupert

Shaffer Creative: Conversations with CreativesMay 12, 2019

Cinematic Revolution of the French New Wave with Richard Neupert
May 12, 201935:05
Reflecting on Lessons & Life in Animation with Chris Wieme
Apr 28, 201925:35
Animating from Saskatoon to Kelowna with Chris Wieme
Apr 22, 201941:44
The Steadfast Animator - Phil Lockerby Part 2
Apr 15, 201925:08
Surviving 20 Years as a 2D Character Animator Phil Lockerby
Apr 08, 201931:45
Recreating History in Painting with John Stobart
Apr 03, 201926:30
Maritime Painter John Stobart
Mar 24, 201923:11
Disney & The Death of 2D Animation: Mike Surrey Part 5
Mar 17, 201929:56
From Disney to Dreamworks with Mike Surrey
Mar 10, 201925:02
The Lion King with Mike Surrey
Mar 04, 201920:28
From Sheridan to Disney, A Conversation with Mike Surrey
Feb 24, 201918:57
A Conversation with Disney Animator Michael Surrey
Feb 18, 201928:50
Carrying the Hensche Vision with John Ebersberger
Feb 10, 201926:35
The Hensche Influence with John Ebersberger
Feb 03, 201924:47
A Conversation with Oil Painter John Ebersberger
Jan 27, 201922:47
The Value of Personal Animation Projects with Michael Greenholt
Jan 20, 201921:03
Navigating the Studio System with Animation Supervisor Michael Greenholt
Jan 13, 201918:24
Straight from Ringling School of Art to Disney: Animation Supervisor Michael Greenholt
Jan 06, 201928:46
Looking Ahead to the New Year with Shaffer Creative
Dec 31, 201814:03
Ten Words of Advice to Animators from an Animation Director
Dec 24, 201820:12
Todd Talks The Promise: The Animated Musical
Dec 17, 201824:06
Sam Cabanac Meets His Hero Glen Keane
Dec 10, 201825:53
Young Superstar from Cégep du Vieux Montréal Sam Cabanac
Dec 03, 201833:32
Mom-blogger turned Photographer: Missy Shaffer
Nov 24, 201810:22
Guillaume Blackburn, the Storied Character Animator
Nov 19, 201835:50
Animator Alain Seguin on Talent and Creativity
Nov 10, 201817:42
Alain Seguin, the Animator's Animator
Nov 09, 201817:54
The Fledgling Animator, Sawyer Shaffer
Nov 03, 201808:52
Introducing to Shaffer Creative
Oct 28, 201808:49