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Shaney Crawford dotcom

Shaney Crawford dotcom

By Shaney Crawford

Thoughts and ideas from Shaney Crawford, an aspiring coach.
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#2 Perfectionism: Superpower or Character Flaw?

Shaney Crawford dotcomDec 28, 2022

#24 The Uncomfortable Art of Letting Go
Mar 26, 202304:36
#23 Self-Pity is the Enemy of Integrity
Mar 12, 202307:19
#22 I asked ChatGPT to Analyse My Writing
Mar 05, 202303:28
#21 Living in a Fantasy World Where Dishes Do Themselves

#21 Living in a Fantasy World Where Dishes Do Themselves

I have never been fond of doing dishes. In fact, I don’t like doing anything that never gets permanently “done”, like making my bed, doing my laundry, cooking, or cleaning.

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Mar 03, 202304:47
#20 Staying Open, Humble, and Teachable
Feb 25, 202309:32
#19 Naming Your Feelings
Feb 19, 202307:51
#9 Getting Out of My Own Way
Jan 05, 202302:42
#8 Leave Some Space Around It
Jan 04, 202303:25
#7 Small Commitments to Action
Jan 03, 202305:42
#6 How to Divorce Your Phone
Jan 01, 202306:04
#5 Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity
Dec 31, 202203:02
#4 Chase Serenity

#4 Chase Serenity

In 2021, when I started on my journey of recovery from food addiction, the serenity prayer was reintroduced to me in the context of addiction. I had never thought about the connections between addiction and serenity, courage, and wisdom before. I thought addiction was just about the substance, and I didn’t realize that it’s our thoughts that bring us to addiction, and that serenity, courage, and wisdom could help get us out of it.

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Dec 30, 202203:53
#3 All we need is... reassurance?
Dec 29, 202204:14
#2 Perfectionism: Superpower or Character Flaw?
Dec 28, 202203:12
#1 Can a night person become a morning person?
Dec 27, 202203:36