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Sharing the Heart of the Matter

Sharing the Heart of the Matter

By SharingHoTM

A place where we talk about heart stories, inspirations, and our journey to discover what matters most.
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Episode 6: Really Listen To The Way We Talk To Ourselves

Sharing the Heart of the MatterFeb 24, 2023

Episode 20: The Art of the Interview with Dr. Gerald Stein
Jun 02, 202347:01
Episode 19: Long Distance Letters with Vicki and Wynne
May 26, 202330:44
Episode 18: No Time For Kings with Mark Petruska
May 19, 202325:08
Episode 17: Building a Base with Brian Hannon
May 12, 202330:17
Episode 16: Nuggets of Kindness with Stuart Perkins
May 05, 202324:34
Episode 15: Writing into a Full and Balanced Life with Brenda Harrison
Apr 28, 202330:09
Episode 14: Holding Space with Deirdre Wilcox
Apr 21, 202345:03
Episode 13: The Best Seat In the House with Bruce Bohrer

Episode 13: The Best Seat In the House with Bruce Bohrer

In this episode, Vicki and Wynne had the pleasure of visiting with Bruce Bohrer, author of “Best Seat in the House:  A Diary of a Wrigley Field Usher” and it was a terrific, behind-the-scenes peek into a beloved sports venue in Chicago.

Tune in as Bruce shares anecdotes about famous players – Ryne Sandberg, Ernie Banks, and Ryan Dempster – and stay for the fun as Bruce shares stories about the “real stars of the game” – the fans – as he talks about fun encounters with the irrepressible die-hard Cubs fans. 

Bruce’s nine-year ‘second career’ was a dream come true --  and a privilege, he says, to work in historic landmark.  Join us as Bruce shares fond memories, including the bonds he built with his fellow ushers and fans from around the world.

We talk about all the characters that come together to make a ball field work - the marriage proposals, pictures taken, and vendor songs. Wrigley Field shows up as a character in its own right complete with history, ambiance, and destination for all those that want to see one of the oldest ballparks in America. Bruce also tells us about how his book about his post retirement stint as an usher came together with the stats, the stories and the surreptitious notes he took on the job.

We know you will enjoy this entertaining and fun episode!

Show notes: Episode 13: Best Seat In the House with Bruce Bohrer on HoTM

Best Seat In The House: Diary Of A Wrigley Field Usher | Eckhartz Press Best Seat in the House: Diary of a Wrigley Field Usher eBook : Bohrer, Bruce: Kindle Store

Apr 14, 202338:26
Episode 12: On Storytelling with Stuart M. Perkins
Apr 07, 202321:45
Episode 11: How to Journal the Right Way with Libby Saylor

Episode 11: How to Journal the Right Way with Libby Saylor

In this episode, Wynne Leon is with Vicki Atkinson and Libby Saylor to talk about Libby’s post about how to journal the right way. That is to say to journal to really heal the tough, icky, and not so fun, phases and feelings. We touch on the inner child and how journaling can work to really soothe those parts of ourselves who don’t feel heard.
We bring in Rumi’s guest house and liken journaling to really welcoming the whole complement of feelings in so we can receive the message and move on.

Libby and Vicki talk about the therapeutic effects of putting pen to paper. Libby inspires us as an artist and human to make the journaling and growing process attractive and social.
Finally we talk about how life requires us to pay attention and grow and that sometimes we write it down to squeeze out what we need.
We know you’ll love this episode with the company of wonderful people looking to lean-in to growth!

Show notes can be found at the HoTM website: Episode 11: How to Journal the Right Way with Libby Saylor

Mar 31, 202333:56
Episode 10: The Power of Intuition with Deirdre Wilcox
Mar 24, 202345:16
Episode 9: The Audacity to Believe with Mitch Teemley
Mar 17, 202332:02
Episode 8: Expressive Writing
Mar 10, 202332:24
Episode 7: Grow Damn It!
Mar 03, 202335:20
Episode 6: Really Listen To The Way We Talk To Ourselves

Episode 6: Really Listen To The Way We Talk To Ourselves

In this conversation with between Wynne Leon and Libby Saylor (aka The Goddess Attainable), they talk about Libby's post, Really Listen to the Way We Talk To Ourselves, self-compassion, dating and the mirror of love, and healing wounds from our families of origin.

Here are some of Wynne's take-aways from this episode:

What I learned - Libby’s beautiful perspective about listening to ourselves, “I just want to listen [to myself] with LOVE.”

My favorite phrase from Libby  – “I’d already journaled til my hand was about to fall off”

How I felt after our conversation – hopeful. Libby’s beautiful way of leaning into the mess of ourselves and life is courageous and contagious.

Show notes:

Check out Libby’s bio on Our Team page. And follow her on Instagram @thegoddessattainable

Feb 24, 202328:35
Episode 5: Fathers, Sons & Flannel
Feb 17, 202336:44
Episode 4: Why Theater Matters

Episode 4: Why Theater Matters

I’ve heard Jack Canfora joke that being a playwright in America in this day and age is a little like choosing to be a figure skater in Kenya. Meaning no disrespect to Kenyan figure skaters, of course.

Which makes me respect Jack and his path even more. He started with writing comedy sketches in his 20’s and then became a playwright in his 30’s. He’s won awards, had his plays performed off-Broadway, and taken a lot of other jobs (teacher, copy writer, writing coach) to make it work. That is to say, Jack knows more about the business of writing than most of us put together – and still he writes!

I could gush endlessly about Jack. And I often do. I’ve had a writer’s crush on him for forever because he speaks to my heart. Every time I talk with him, read him, or listen/watch one of his plays, I come away smarter and more human. Along with his brilliance, he has a gentle kindness, empathy, and humor that make what he says sorta hang in the air with soft wonder.

Please listen to this great conversation as we wind our way through collective effervescence, Abraham Lincoln, what the theater sounds like to a playwright and actor, and the “concentrated dose of emotion” we get from theater.

Here are links for this episode:

Show notes: 

Step 9 - Jack's play released as a radio drama in podcast form or search New Normal Rep Step 9 wherever you podcast

Jack's theater company: New Normal Rep

Jack's blog writing: The Writing on the Padded Wall and on Wise & Shine

For info on Jack as a writing coach and his plays:

To follow Jack on Twitter and Instagram: @jackcanfora

Feb 10, 202323:29
Episode 3: On Mountaineering, Martial Arts, Overcoming Challenges and Motherhood
Feb 03, 202329:35
Episode 2: Finding My Father's Faith
Jan 27, 202337:37
Episode 1: Why We Are Here

Episode 1: Why We Are Here

Vicki and Wynne launch the Sharing the Heart of the Matter podcast and talk about why connection is so important. Delving into blogging, sharing stories that are close to the heart, and revealing what community means to them, they start this journey into listening to ourselves and each other with full hearts.

Jan 20, 202326:41