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Sharsh Credit card Show

Sharsh Credit card Show

By Sharsh

This show gives you information about credit cards daily.
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AU Bank Zenith Credit Card

Sharsh Credit card ShowSep 28, 2023

AU Bank Zenith Credit Card
Sep 28, 202304:53
SBI AURUM Credit Card
Sep 15, 202304:01
AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card
Sep 06, 202302:51
Yes Bank Multicurrency Travel Card
Aug 31, 202303:19
Axis Bank MY ZONE Credit Card
Aug 24, 202304:06
Rent Payment Using Your Credit Card – June 2023 Update
Aug 10, 202303:49
BPCL SBI Card Octane
Aug 03, 202303:53
SBI Prime Credit Card
Jul 27, 202303:41
Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card
Jul 20, 202303:35
RBL Bank Titanium Delight Card
Jul 13, 202303:30
Monitoring Methods for SBI's Cashback and Reward Programmes

Monitoring Methods for SBI's Cashback and Reward Programmes

Take advantage of SBI credit cards by keeping track of your accumulated points and benefits. For credit cards, SBI provides a variety of rewards and rebate programmes. You may increase the value of your points and take advantage of the incentives offered by your credit card by keeping careful track of your rewards. By following the instructions listed below, you can use and keep track of the rewards and points you earn when using your SBI credit card. Read more:

Jul 06, 202302:53
Utilisation of Credit and Credit Card Applications
Jun 22, 202303:19
To launch co-branded RuPay credit cards, Paytm collaborates with SBI and NPCI.
Jun 15, 202302:43
Benefits Of SBI Pulse Credit Card

Benefits Of SBI Pulse Credit Card

The SBI Card Pulse launched by one of the largest banks in the country, the State Bank of India (SBI) is a fitness focused credit card, specifically designed for those who follow an active lifestyle. The annual fee of the card is Rs.1,499.  

Click here to get information about benefits of SBI Pulse credit cards:

Key Benefits of the SBI Card Pulse

  • Get one-year NetMeds membership complimentary and one-year FITPASS PRO membership.
  • Get up to eight complimentary domestic lounge access (2 every quarter)
  • Get 10 reward points on Rs.100 spent on pharmacy, dining, and entertainment.
  • Get 1% fuel surcharge waived o transactions between Rs.500 to Rs.4,000
  • Get Priority Pass Membership worth $99 for the first two years. 
Eligibility criteria for SBI Pulse Card

The eligibility criteria for SBI Pulse Card are as follows:

  • The applicant should have a regular source of income with a minimum of Rs.2lakh annually.
  • The applicant should be a minimum of 21 years of age and a maximum of 60 years of age.
  • The applicant should be a resident of India. 
  • Documents required for SBI Pulse Card

The following documents are required for SBI Pulse Card:

  1. Valid address proof: Electricity bill (not more than three months old), Aadhar card, etc.
  2. Valid identity proof: PAN card, Passport, etc.
  3. Valid income proof: Salary slips (not more than three months old), bank passbook records, etc.
  4. Duly signed application form.
  5. Passport size photographs.
Apr 29, 202200:51
How Do Credit Cards Work?

How Do Credit Cards Work?

A Credit Card is a wonderful convenience that lets you pay for your purchases online or offline without cash. But how does a Credit Card work?

Let’s begin by examining a Credit Card carefully. A Credit Card comes with the following:

  • A number that uniquely identifies it
  • An expiry date
  • The name of the holder
  • The logo of Visa or Mastercard – the two companies that provide the infrastructure and systems that process Credit Card transactions. 

Click on this link to know more about how does credit work:

On the back of the Credit Card is:

A magnetic strip or chip

The CVV number. This is needed for online transactions.

How do Credit Cards work? Let’s take a look at what happens when you use your Credit Card at a retail store.

How do Credit Cards work online?

When you are paying for purchases online, the e-commerce store will ask you for the following details:

Choose whether it is Visa or Mastercard

16-digit card number,

Expiry date,


Name as printed on the card

Billing address (sometimes)

Once you hit pay, the information is sent to your bank via a payment gateway. The bank sends an OTP or one-time password to your registered email ID or mobile number to authenticate the transaction. If the OTP is correct, then your transaction is complete.

Apr 28, 202201:11
Best Travel Credit Cards in India for 2022

Best Travel Credit Cards in India for 2022

Travel credit cards offer accelerated rewards on travel along with perks like complimentary lounge access, air mile earning and co-branded benefits with Airlines and Travel Partners. These cards are best suited for those who need to travel frequently for business or leisure. Here’s all you need to know about the best travel credit cards in India.  

Click on the link you will get full information about the best travel credit cards in India:

Best Travel Credit Cards in India for 2022

Read about the top 10 travel credit cards in India and the benefits they offer to make traveling more economical for you. 

  • HDFC Bank Infinia Metal Edition
  • Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card
  • SBI Aurum Credit Card
  • Citi Prestige Credit Card 
  • Standard Chartered Priority Visa Infinite

While travel credit cards come with multiple benefits, you should make proper use of it in order to make the most of the rewards. Here are a few do’s and don’ts:


  • Understand the travel benefits on your card and plan your travel around it
  • Register for the lounge access program as soon as you get the card in order to avoid any last-minute hassle
  • Maximize your air mile earnings by putting the highest-earning purchases on the said card 


  • Ignore the rewards/air mile program on the card
  • Use the card for cash withdrawal in a foreign country as it would incur finance charges from the day of withdrawal along with a foreign exchange mark-up fee
  • Keep your bills overdue as it will lead to high-interest charges which will nullify the value of the benefits that you could avail
Apr 27, 202201:41
RBL Bank Credit Cards

RBL Bank Credit Cards

RBL Bank credit cards offer benefits across different categories like movies, shopping, travel, dining, and more. You are rewarded for your expenses on the card in the form of cashback, reward points, and discounts. Details and reviews of top RBL Bank Credit Cards are given below to help you make an informed decision. 

Click on this link to know more about RBL Credit cards in india:

Top RBL Bank Credit Cards in India 2022

Here are some of the top credit cards offered by RBL Bank. Based on your needs and requirements you can check your eligibility and apply for the best RBL Bank credit cards. 

Apply for Best Credit Card Online

If you are exclusively interested in RBL Bank credit cards, you can directly contact the bank. 


Provide your mobile number in the credit card form to start the application process.


Provide the OTP received on your active mobile number to find the pre-approved offers on the screen.


Compare all available options as per your eligibility and select the credit card that suits your requirements the best.


Apr 26, 202201:22
Top 5 Best HDFC Bank Credit Card

Top 5 Best HDFC Bank Credit Card

If you are a fan of HDFC bank only, then I have curated a list of the 5 best credit cards from HDFC for you.

  • HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card
  • HDFC Solitaire Credit Card
  • InterMiles HDFC Signature Credit Card
  • HDFC Regalia Credit Card
  • HDFC Diner Club Premium Credit Card 

Click on this link to know more about hdfc credit cards:

In the above list, the HDFC Diner Club Premium credit card is my favorite. Diners Club Premium credit card is a premium card offered by HDFC bank at a nominal fee. You can enjoy premium benefits without burning a hole in your pocket. You can also get an annual fee waiver on HDFC Diner Club Premium. 

Redeem HDFC Regalia Reward Points

You first need to convert them into Regalia vouchers and then redeem them on Regalia’s website. Regalia’s reward points come with limitations.  You can redeem the reward points only on

But the good thing is that has lots of things for your day-to-day needs like Mobile/DTH recharges, Hotel/Flight/movie Bookings.

Apr 25, 202201:19
7 Reasons Why You Should Get an ICICI Credit Card

7 Reasons Why You Should Get an ICICI Credit Card

ICICI bank is arguably one of the most reputed financial organizations when it comes to issuing a wide range of credit cards. The bank ensures that you get transparent statements and competitive rates at all times, whilst at an insignificant joining fee. Plus, when it comes to credit card benefits, each financial product from ICICI is loaded with targeted perks for the users.

Click here to know more about icici credit cards benefits:

As one of the most credible card issuers in the country, ICICI offers several options for prospective customers, with some cards focusing on travel-specific perks and others offering shopping-centric benefits. Regardless of the one you choose, the application process and approvals are quite quick and aimed at making life easier for the customer.   

Key ICICI Credit Card Features and Benefits

While we shall be discussing the individual ICICI credit card features and benefits later in this discussion, here are the more generic aspects that one can feel good about:

  • Usage-specific benefits, which include perks for travel, fuel usage, lifestyle-based purchases, entertainment-centric payments like movie tickets, and more
  • Wide-range of choices as ICICI credit card benefits depend on the type of credit card you choose to go with, as per your credit profile
  • Most cards issued by ICICI do not come with a significant joining fee
  • Renewal fee waivers are allowed in case of a particular yearly transactional threshold is breached
  • Quick approvals and minimal documentation
  • Support for cash advance
  • Auto-debit support is based on the payment chunk you need to shell out
  • Credit period of up to 48 days
  • Payment timeline of almost 18 days from the statement generation date
  • Interactive interface for making quick and instant payments
  • Option to get curated personal loans based on your credit card usage
  • Ability to increase credit card limit
Apr 22, 202202:04
5 Reasons to Choose a Credit Card for Shopping

5 Reasons to Choose a Credit Card for Shopping

Do you remember those days when we used to prefer buying from a store rather than an online platform? How many times has your mom told you to remember the brand so that you could go and get a physical confirmation about the quality of a product? But the current scenario has evolved and made online shopping a way of life instead of a luxury. As the number of online shoppers has risen, the benefits extended to them have also increased. Right from special discounts on credit cards to easy EMIs, online shopping is popular for apparel and food takeaways alike.  

Click on this link to know more about 5 Reasons to Choose a Credit Card for Shopping:

Do not trust the myths!

People often believe that having a credit card can be expensive owing to its high credit limits and an unending range of benefits. But that is not the truth! If you use your credit card wisely and are aware of all the facilities extended to you, you will be able to use a credit card to its optimum usage without carrying a debt burden. You can set your own spending limit to ensure that you do not exceed your limits. In addition to this, you are always free to convert your big-ticket purchases into easy EMIs to cut the credit card bill. 

Why credit cards for online shopping?

Here are a few reasons that should make you comfortable about using a credit card for your online transactions: 

  • Every credit card comes with its loyalty points, reward system, and cashback
  • Take care of your big purchases with easy EMIs
  • Protect yourself from fraudulent transactions and defective products
  • Shop internationally
Apr 21, 202201:37
How To Compare Credit Cards?

How To Compare Credit Cards?

Credit cards give you easy access to short-term credit without any collateral and reward you for using the card by offering cashback, air miles, discount vouchers, reward points, and several other complimentary privileges. However, no credit card matches the needs of every individual, which is why it is important to find a credit card that specifically matches your lifestyle and spending preferences. To help you find the perfect credit card for your needs, we have put together a list of the best credit cards in India, catering to popular interests like cashback, online shopping, travel, and lifestyle. 

Click on this link to know more about how-to compare credit cards:

How to compare credit cards using our side-by-side tool

To compare credit cards well, the key is to identify the features that are most important to you and to know what a good offer looks like. There’s no such thing as a “best credit card for everybody” — but everybody can find a card that’s right for them. The best credit card for you might be a cash-back card with no annual fee. Or it might be a travel rewards card with an annual fee but plenty of perks. Or something else.

Our online credit card comparison tool allows you to evaluate cards side by side. You can compare travel cards against each other, for example, or only compare American Express cards, or even put a cash-back card up against a 0% interest card to see which appeals to you more. Our tool lets you compare two credit cards or build a three-card comparison to make a decision easier.

Apr 20, 202201:33
How to choose a credit card to suit your lifestyle?

How to choose a credit card to suit your lifestyle?

With a plethora of credit cards available in the market, you may get a little confused about which one to opt for. Here are some basic indicators to help you choose a credit card. The rule of thumb is to select a card that will suit your lifestyle and spending patterns.

Click on this link to know about the best Citi bank credit cards in India: 

There are 3 main aspects to consider when going for a credit card.

1. Your spending pattern 

2. Interest rates

3. Annual and renewal charges

4. Travel cards

5. Shopping cards for the shopaholics

6. Fuel cards

A quick click here to get full information of best Citi bank credit cards in India

Make the most of your savings, everyday spend, shopping escapade and travel experience with Citi. View all credit cards and apply for credit card with Citi to start enjoying the offers today.

Citi Rewards Credit Card 

Citi Cash Credit Back Card 

Citi PremierMiles Credit Card

Citi IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card

Citi First Citizen Credit Card 

Citi Prestige Credit Card

Apr 18, 202201:11
Why choose an American Express Rewards Card?
Apr 15, 202201:04
How To Earn And Redeem Credit Card Reward Points?
Apr 14, 202201:19
Best Bank of Baroda Credit Card

Best Bank of Baroda Credit Card

Bank of Baroda (BoB) offers a range of credit cards to cater to the different financial needs of the new-age customers. Loaded with special benefits, these cards are issued through a simple and hassle-free application process by BoB Financial Solutions Limited (BFSL), a BoB subsidiary.

Once you own the card, you can also use it to earn rewards under the dedicated rewards program.

Click here to know about the Best bank of Baroda credit cards:

However, the nature of these benefits will depend on the type of card you own. To understand this better, let us take a look at the best BoB credit card options.

Bank of Baroda Credit Card Types 

There are different BoB credit card types to choose from. The features and benefits of the top cards are mentioned below.

1. Bank of Baroda ETERNA Credit Card

2. Bank of Baroda EASY Credit Card

3. Bank of Baroda SELECT Credit Card

4. Bank of Baroda Premier Credit Card

5. Bank of Baroda PRIME Credit Card

6. Bank of Baroda ICAI Exclusive Credit Card

7. Bank of Baroda CMA One Credit Card

8. Bank of Baroda ICSI Diamond Credit Card

Apr 12, 202201:17