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The Determined Society with Shawn French

The Determined Society with Shawn French

By Shawn French

The Determined Society Podcast is the home for the most impactful conversations for all things personal development! If you are into business, entrepreneurship and personal development then this is the podcast for you. You will hear the most accomplished entrepreneurs and influencers in their respective spaces interviewed weekly. Anyone who has ever accomplished anything of significance has a story of adversity, struggle and obstacles on their way to becoming the best in their field. Their stories will be told here so it serves as encouragement and a potential survival guide for the listeners.
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PRIMETIME to SHINE w/ Bo$$ Babe Christy Primmer

The Determined Society with Shawn FrenchFeb 04, 2022

When Opportunity Meets Preparation with Drew Plotkin

When Opportunity Meets Preparation with Drew Plotkin

Throughout our lives, all of us will be presented with opportunities that could be completely life-changing. While some people may find themselves in these situations more often than others, the people that repeatedly win are the ones that are prepared when an opportunity shows up in their lives. Being prepared means having the mindset to do what is required to move forward, and knowing that above all else, integrity and doing the thing matters. The people that win are the ones that want to do right by others, constantly provide value, and put honesty and integrity above monetary gain. Drew Plotkin is an example of what it looks like to do just that, and pay attention to the clues that success leaves behind.
Drew Plotkin is an Emmy-nominated journalist, TV news producer, and Founder of Derm Dude, a balls, beard, and tattoo product line with natural and powerful ingredients. Drew found himself in a bizarre series of life-altering events leads that led to him working on mega-commercial brands with huge success and over 1 billion dollars in worldwide revenue. Drew has created and directed award-winning TV broadcast commercials that have included major celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, Cindy Crawford, Ellen Pompeo, Dwayne Wade, Kristin Davis, Jane Seymour, Paris Hilton, Drew Brees, and more. Drew’s life story is a rollercoaster ride in which he developed his own techniques and tools for continuously navigating life’s never-ending trails of valleys and peaks and learning to survive and thrive.
In this episode, Drew shares the story of how he landed on death row twice, survived a dangerous mission to Ethiopia to save babies, and what he learned along the way. He talks about his new book, “Under My Skin”, and a little bit about the lessons and stories that can be found inside.
Key highlights:

Why Drew chooses to live life unfiltered
Drew’s story of landing on death row twice
Too many people are falling for get-rich-quick schemes
Success happens with opportunity meets preparation
Why Drew wrote his newest book: “Under My Skin”
Drew’s story of going to Ethiopia to negotiate to save babies that were believed to be cursed
Why he started his Derm Dude line and what the products do for men
You can’t put a price tag on doing the right thing and having integrity

Connect with Drew Plotkin:
Instagram: @chiefdudeofficer
LinkedIn:Drew Plotkin
Derm Dude Website:
Get Drew’s new book: Under My Skin
Connect with Shawn French:
Instagram: @theshawnfrench
Facebook group: The Determined Society
Twitter: @theshawnmfrench
YouTube: The Shawn French
Nov 21, 202252:23
Relentlessly Pursue Your Goals with Erik Allen

Relentlessly Pursue Your Goals with Erik Allen

Whether you want to start a business, learn a new skill, or just have more meaningful relationships in your life, you need to be relentless in your pursuit of whatever it is that you want. Improving your skills in any area of life requires staying consistent and even being willing to not be very good at first. As long as you know what you want and stay on the path to reaching your goals and finding your purpose, you will get there. Today’s guest is an incredible example of what it looks like to get off the path of destruction and pursue a life of meaning and purpose.


Erik Allen is a man of integrity, work ethic, and determination. He grew up with a complicated childhood and a broken home. Erik had to raise himself from the age of 14 and unfortunately, found trouble along the way. He was empty and tired of settling for less, and eventually he gave his life to Christ, leading to everything changing for him. He and his wife are committed to breaking the cycles of addictions, depression, abuse, and divorce by continuing to strive for improvement through honest and open communication, gratitude, and goal-setting. Today, Erik is an entrepreneur and host of the Erik Allen Show podcast where he highlights Entrepreneurs, World Changers, & Success Minded People. Erik helps entrepreneurs get known and noticed online and he has a message for you today.


In this episode, Erik shares his chill-inducing redemption story of being kicked out of his childhood home and the path of pain and self-destruction that led him on, and what eventually caused him to turn his life around. He also encourages others to continue to pursue their spouse and what it looks like for him and his wife to set an example of a healthy and loving relationship for their children in an effort to break the painful cycles they were both raised in. Erik offers inspiring words of advice to anyone wanting to pursue a big goal or improve in any area of life, and how to find a work-life balance as a parent on the pursuit of greatness. Tune in for more!


Key highlights:

● Erik’s redemption story

● How he met his life and decided to give his life to Christ

● Erik’s advice to couples to pursue their spouse every day and what it looks like to model a healthy relationship

● How Erik got started in the space and how he helps podcasters and entrepreneurs

● Why numbers don't matter as much as you think when it comes to podcast sponsorships

● Advice Erik received from Ed Mylett: “CANI” - Constant And Never-ending Improvement

● If you want to get good at something that you want to do, you have to be great at what you're doing  now

● Setting big goals: whatever you want to get better at, you need to submerge yourself in it, become obsessed, and be relentless in your pursuit

● Stacking wins and gratitude

● Dealing with guilt as a working parent

● Why you should share other people’s content online

● The importance of surrounding yourself with people that are living the life  you want to live


Quote from the episode:

“My desire to be successful is bigger than my desire to sleep.”- Erik Allen


Connect with Erik Allen:

Instagram: @erikgallen

Facebook: Erik Allen Media

Twitter: @ErikGAllen

LinkedIn: Erik Allen

YouTube: Erik Allen Media

Podcast: The Erik Allen Show


Connect with Shawn French:

Instagram: @theshawnfrench


Facebook group: The Determined Society

Twitter: @theshawnmfrench

YouTube: The Shawn French

Nov 14, 202253:31
Building companies and people with Integrity with Tony Whatley

Building companies and people with Integrity with Tony Whatley

Who is Tony Whatley?:

Mentor | Entrepreneur | Engineer | Car Fanatic

Tony Whatley is a 20+ year entrepreneur of multiple companies, business coach, best-selling author, podcast host, and speaker. He is Co-Founder of LS1Tech, an online automotive performance community which grew into the largest of its kind. This website grew to over 300,000 registered members and 150 advertising accounts, and was later sold for millions, in only 5 years. Amazingly… it was just his part-time business!

Tony shares his mindset and business strategies within his Amazon #1 best-selling book, Side Hustle Millionaire, and teaches people how to startup, scale, and exit their companies.

With his previous oil/gas profession, managing $100M+ international projects, he consults small businesses on how to benefit from his expertise in processes, systems, and leadership.

His purpose is to help people gain the knowledge and courage to take action. He strives to help others become the best version of themselves.

When not performing the work that he loves, you can usually find Tony and his wife Lisa traveling the world, or racing cars.

In this episode:

Tony and I sit down for one of the more raw and authentic conversations we have had on the show. You will see very quickly how he is different than a lot of other business coaches and entrepreneurs out there. He has actually done everything he mentors others to do. While working full-time in operations and spearheading multiple International projects he co-found LS1Tech which was an online automotive performance community and it quickly became the biggest of its kind. Tony later sold that company for millions.

The biggest thing I enjoyed about speaking with him is his commitment to being 100% REAL. You will hear us get down to the nitty gritty on so many aspects of the coaching business and entrepreneurship. You aren’t going to want to miss this information and fun filled episode with my new friend, Tony Whatley.

Nov 07, 202248:04
The Millionaire Mind with Daniel Gomez

The Millionaire Mind with Daniel Gomez

Who is Daniel Gomez:

Daniel Gomez is an Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer and Podcast of the Year Recipient. Daniel speaks and coaches at events all over the world!

His passion is to elevate businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve their true potential through their training and coaching programs. Daniel has empowered his clients to build epic success in their personal and professional lives. He is the International Best-Selling Author of “You Were Born to Fly”, a book written to inspire and give people the high-performance habits and confidence needed to be the leaders of their own destiny.

Daniel Gomez Inspires:

Daniel Gomez has over two decades of experience in the arena of Leadership Development & Team Building, Sales Training, Customer Service, and Coaching. He is the International Best-Selling Author of "You Were Born to Fly", a book written to inspire and give people the high-performance habits and confidence needed to be the leaders of their own destiny. Daniel’s high-energy and ability to unlock the untapped potential in people have made him a highly sought-out trainer for top organizations including the U.S. Air Force to develop their officers. He gives organization the success principles, leadership skills, and champion's mindset to develop and build a winning team. Daniel is a true professional and easy to work with!

His enthusiasm captures the audience's attention from beginning to end. He engages the audience by challenging them think, feel, and believe that it's never too late to begin something amazing! Daniel takes great pride in cultivating leaders and champions. By providing them the tools necessary to succeed, he raises the level of expectation in people's lives and helps them transform their limiting beliefs. 

Daniel loves connecting with his audiences and making it personal. Having lost both of his parents to cancer and watching his wife battle breast cancer, he is no stranger to adversity, self-doubt and overcoming obstacles. His authenticity attracts admiration from others. He believes in being truthful and from the heart. His vulnerability and honesty inspire transformation in people's lives. Daniel’s unique way of connecting is what makes your event special and memorable. His presentations are customized for each event and exceed expectations. 

If you are an event planner looking for an inspiring, highly motivated and passionate speaker for your next event, then Daniel Gomez is the speaker for you!

The Millionaire Mind Bootcamp: Begin Living and Thinking Like A Millionaire God’s Way

Are You Programmed For Abundance and Wealth?

Have you ever stopped to think how millionaires become millionaires and build great wealth and success?

Have you ever stopped to think why so many people get stuck in the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck without having enough money to last for the month?

Building a Life of Abundance and Wealth:

Every person has a Financial Inner Economy that is governed and run by their value system, self-image, and relationship with money. Their Financial Inner Economy is what determines the level of success a person will achieve or fail to achieve in life. The reality is that most people possess a Poor-Minded Financial Inner Economy which keeps them struggling financially no matter how hard they try! The Makings of a Millionaire Mind Bootcamp will give you the right attitude, the right heart, and the right approach in becoming a millionaire God’s way.

Oct 31, 202247:49
Good Grief with Lori Miggins

Good Grief with Lori Miggins

Tragic Loss:

In this episode Shawn French sits down with new Author, Health & Wellness Coach and Grief expert, Lori Miggins. As we all go through life we experience tragic and massive losses of friends and loved ones. A lot of the times it is frowned upon to grieve in an open and honest way due to the fact that those that are closest to us may judge our experience. You will hear things like, it has been 3 years shouldn’t you not be crying or it is time you move on and live life. Why is it socially unacceptable to grieve continuously? Today’s guys has dealt with this judgement through the loss of the 2 people closest to her. Just imagine losing your parents within years of each other to tragedy…

Here is a peak behind Lori’s story and what we discuss on this show….

Daddy’s Little Girl:

There is no love and bond like one of a Daddy and Daughter. Trust me, I have three children. A son and two beautiful daughters. While my son is everything to me, my daughters have me experiencing emotions and empathy that I never knew was possible. Lori and her father had that same type of bond. He was her best friend and someone she knew she could always count on. Even though her father was loved by her and her family, he struggled mentally and emotionally for years. He took multiple attempts on his life until…he was successful.

Lori lost her father to his own hands only days after she married her amazing husband, Robert. Her father was at her wedding and fully engaged into the experience and love that his daughter was receiving at the alter.She recalls pulling up to her parents home and only seeing police and first responders. What she learned was her worst nightmare had been realized. Her father was gone. Her world came crashing down and luckily she had Robert and her loving mother to get through all of this.

Eventually, she began to heal from her nightmare and life began to get back to normal. Until…..

A Mothers Love:

It wasn’t very long after Lori lost her father that she lost her mother. To everyone’s knowledge her mom was in perfect health. No signs of sickness or anything. Quickly after Lori and her family learned this news, her mother passed away. They soon learned that her mom had undiagnosed stage 4 cancer. Losing a parent is never easy but losing both parents in a tragic way is something one can never prepare for. After this life altering event, Lori struggled with grief once again and it quickly brought back all of the feelings of losing her Dad as well. It was like pouring salt in an unhealed wound. Here she goes again and turned to amazing husband for support to get her through.

Lori’s Response to grief:

Lori knew she needed to help others not only acknowledge but express their grief. She dove into writing in a journal daily about her grieving process and what she learned along the was the importance of giving equal attention to things things and people in her life that she was grate for. After a while, the gratitude took over and she proceeded to to inspire others in her life. She quickly became stronger mentally and physically so much so that she launched a successful health and fitness business. To this day Lori manages her grief while showing her children what a true inspiration she is.

Her grief journal titled Good Grief launches November 3rd. Make sure you listen to this episode to learn all about it.

You can learn more about Lori's grief journey on her podcast:

You can learn more about Lori's health and wellness journey and how she can help you at:

Connect with Lori on Instagram:


Oct 24, 202238:40
Dominating life and relationships in Growth Mindset with Brian Covey
Oct 17, 202248:36
How to increase your revenue by $100k in 45 minutes with Rola Diab

How to increase your revenue by $100k in 45 minutes with Rola Diab

Shawn French sits down with Business Coach and Strategist, Rola Diab. She speaks about her thriving coaching business that focuses on helping small to mid-sized companies increase their bottom line revenue. Since revenue feeds the ego and profitability feeds the family, her intention is to grow and expand the world of business coaches with her all encompassing business coaching platform to support current and future business coaches. If you are a business owner and increasing your revenue by 100K in 3 months would benefit you then you will not want to miss this episode.
Oct 10, 202233:53
From Pizza Hut Manager to Multi-Billion Dollar CEO with Todd R. Skelton

From Pizza Hut Manager to Multi-Billion Dollar CEO with Todd R. Skelton

In this episode Shawn French sits down with arguably the most successful entrepreneur he has met in a long time, Todd R. Skelton. Todd has always gone against the grain in his growth as a young man, leader and now a multi-billion dollar CEO. Early on in his adult life he was enrolled into college and worked for Pizza Hut at the same time. After a year into college, Pizza Hut approached him about being their youngest manager in company history. He was all in on this opportunity but there was a catch…They told him that he could not go to college at the same time. His response was unlike most others. Todd immediately agreed and dropped out of the University. He did his best to keep this from his parents by saying he wasn’t attending class because he simply couldn’t find parking.

There is a societal narrative that you must go to college to be successful. Todd has proven it a lie…. Listen in for more of this brilliant man’s story and rise to the top. Todd Skelton is a true inspiration and a man of integrity. The world is better everyday because of Todd and his heart.

Oct 03, 202251:15
2000 Percent raise with John Cerasani

2000 Percent raise with John Cerasani

In this episode Shawn French sits down with the Founder of Glencrest Global, John Cerasani. They recount John’s rise in corporate America as a high performing Insurance Broker. Years into his career he realized that no one in this esteemed brokerage was doing half the work he was doing. Meetings were paused and productivity was brought to a halt for inner office birthday parties and it drove him crazy.

John began his own brokerage at his kitchen table shortly after the realizations mentioned above. He didn’t start by chasing down smaller clients. John went after the whales just like he did while being employed by someone else. After a short time period a large private equity group bought his company for 10’s of millions of dollars.

John is now an author of 2000 Percent Raise and has his own podcast launching today!

You can find John on IG at @johncerasani

Sep 26, 202256:54
Lifestyle Transformation with a Pro w/ Juliana Holloran

Lifestyle Transformation with a Pro w/ Juliana Holloran

Shawn French sits down with Juliana Halloran, president and CEO of WeFit is an IFBB pro bodybuilder and professional athlete. She’s built a business around helping people achieve their peak physiques in an easy to follow 12 week body transformation program.

You can connect with Juliana on:

Instagram: @theofficialwefit

Sep 19, 202243:29
Be The Light with Ryan Rogers

Be The Light with Ryan Rogers

Shawn French has done it again. Take a listen as he sits down with Ryan Rogers who is a retired infantry Marine, the author of the war memoir “Lions of Marjah,” a public speaker. Last Fall, The USA withdrew from the Middle East leaving behind SIV's and even American Citizens. His translator Kamran was one of those left behind for The Taliban to take aim at. He and others hid in attics and other places in order to save their own lives. 

Listen in as Ryan tells a story that you only see in the news…

 Ryan is also the host and founder of a top rated podcast called Choices Not Chances Podcast.

You can connect with Ryan on:

Instagram: @choicesnotchancespodcast

Sep 12, 202238:27
Screw it and Do it with Michele Weinstein

Screw it and Do it with Michele Weinstein

Shawn interviews the creator of Screw it and Do it and if you love comeback stories you are going to love this one. Michele is a victor of a 10 year struggle with anorexia, abuse and anxiety. In this episode we discuss how she overcome all the above to become the empowered woman she is now. Michele now inspires and empowers others to say screw it and do it to create the life they truly desire. You are not going to want to miss this real and raw episode.

You can connect with Michele at:

IG @michelechristineweinstein

Sep 05, 202227:36
Building Brands and Beating Brain Cancer w/ M. Curtis McCoy

Building Brands and Beating Brain Cancer w/ M. Curtis McCoy

Shawn French truly believes that every once in a while you sit down with someone and become entranced by their spirit, resilience and their miraculous story. My conversation with M. Curtis McCoy had that effect on me.

In this episode we speak on entrepreneurship and his successes down to his end-stage brain cancer. The doctors gave Curtis very little time to live and suggested that his mother take him to Disneyland. He could not have been more offended. All he wanted to do was get back to his businesses and continue on his path to success. He lost everything he had and then….

HE LIVED! Curtis beat brain cancer one day at a time and began rebuilding his empire.

Listen in to hear more of this miraculous story of a man I respect dearly.

You can connect with M. Curtis McCoy on:

IG- @mcurtismccoy (Where you can also buy all his books and learn how to think like a leader)

Aug 29, 202248:56
The Sales Angel w/ David Angel

The Sales Angel w/ David Angel

In this episode Shawn French sits down with one of the greatest Sales Professionals around the globe, David Angel. We sit down and have a raw and authentic conversation about everything sales. Whether its relationships, habits or objections, David drops some serous fire for you all to learn from.

David has a true gift and is a true consultant providing those within his programs nothing but the best knowledge and skills they can apply into their daily process.

David is well known on social media and is a TEDx speaker. The host of a leading Sales Academy The Ultimate Sales Academy Training and the host of The Sales Masters Podcast which has hit Top10 positions in 7 countries.

He ensures that you will find what you are looking for with little to no hassle. Providing you with an immediate way to improve your processes, systems, training, and most importantly the results you get in your business. (He even guarantees results!)

He has also set up back door options for people today where they can get full access to over 780 interactive videos on his platform for a noal £7 so you can get more results straights away irrelevant to your current situation! - Just visit now and add the code 7POUNDS

You can connect with David on IG @davidthesalesangel

Aug 22, 202248:36
Better Everyday w/ Trevor Anderson

Better Everyday w/ Trevor Anderson

In this episode Shawn French sits down with Trevor Anderson but his friends call him T.A. So…that is what I call him!

Trevor Anderson, CSCS (T.A.) is the Owner and Founder of Better Every Day®. He is a renowned Performance Educator, Speaker, and a Multi-Sport Performance Expert. T.A. coaches and mentors the youth, and educates other teachers and trainers. He has trained Super Bowl Champions, Heisman Trophy winners, NBA All-Stars and Hall of Famers, MLB All-Stars, Gold Glovers, World Series Champions, and Hall of Famers, World #1 Golfers and Major Champions on the PGA and LPGA Tours, World Long Drive Champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, Tennis Grand Slam Champions, and many of the best athletes in the world.

In addition to training, T.A. writes new training curriculum, conducts educational certifications, and delivers functional movement and performance presentations for Under Armour, TPI, IDEA, Vertimax, and , among others. He also co-founded “The Comeback Team”, an organization of some of the world’s top medical and performance professionals created to help people start their comeback from any adversity that they may have faced, and find their best self forward.

T.A. is an Under Armour Master Trainer, creator of GOLFleticism®, and is trusted by golf professionals worldwide, as a consultant and Golf Performance expert. He has also been featured countless times on the Golf Channel, had regular monthly fitness articles in Golfweek Magazine, and appears regularly in Golf Digest Magazine, having been named multiple times as one of the Top 50 Golf Fitness Coaches in America.

You can connect with T.A the following ways:

IG- @ta2claps
Twitter- @TA2claps

Aug 15, 202256:11
Overcoming Trauma and becoming a POWER HOUSE w/ Virginia Brown

Overcoming Trauma and becoming a POWER HOUSE w/ Virginia Brown

In this episode Shawn French interviews a powerhouse in education and early childhood development. Virginia Brown and her husband had a dream to open schools and be a positive impact in early childhood education. They opened up one school and then her whole life was turned upside down…

One the eve of her and her husband traveling afar to watch their oldest son to play in a competitive soccer tournament, her husband tragically and unexpectedly passed away in his sleep.

Imagine being excited to travel with your family and then waking up with your world completely shattered. Virginia has gone through a ton of pain and trauma in morning the loss of her husband and raising two amazing young men.

While she admits her trauma and loss was tremendous, she also credits it to the person she is now. Virginia believes what she went through enabled her to focus in and become a highly successful entrepreneur.

She now owns 6 schools under the umbrella of The Global Child and is beginning to franchise out. Virginia is laser focused in creating an educational system that will truly educate our youth… The Right Way!

You can connect with Virginia on social media to say hello or to inquire about being a franchise owner of The Global Child:

IG: @virginiagonthierbrown

Aug 08, 202236:08
Dream Makers w/ Jim Morris

Dream Makers w/ Jim Morris

If you love a great sports comeback then you are going to love this interview with Jimmy “The Rookie” Morris. Yea, I said it. Jimmy Morris! In this episode 

Shawn French sits down with Jim and he recounts his childhood and Father that didn’t support him at all in his baseball career. His career ended early due to some arm injuries until….Shawn French sit down with Jim and he recounts his childhood and Father that didn’t support him at all in hi

Until one day he was throwing batting practice to his High School Baseball Team and they noticed how hard he was throwing the ball. Soon after they all made a deal that if they won Districts then he had to go try out for the minor leagues.

Jim ended up making his Major League Baseball debut on September 18, 1999 striking out Royce Clayton of the Texas Rangers.

Nowadays, Jim Morris is motivational speaker for corporations and all other events. He is also a published author and just released his second book called Dream Makers.

You can order a copy at

Aug 01, 202246:29
Creating Healthy Habits w/ Stephen Campolo

Creating Healthy Habits w/ Stephen Campolo

Shawn French is starting off Season 3 with a BANG! Stephen Campolo wasn’t always the physical specimen he is now. He grew up in NY and was a self-proclaimed “fat kid.” One day he decided he was going to change the way he looked because a certain girl he liked was surely going to like a boy with muscles.

He began his fitness journey running a quarter mile and a time and slowly started to increase the work load. He began to notice muscle definition while in the weight room and even started seeing vascularity in his arms. Stephen fell in love with the process and after a period of time…An absolute stud was born.

Stephen lost over 100 pounds naturally and on his own. He did not cheat the process once. The change in his life was so impactful and he experienced so much joy from his transformation, he decided to help others do the same.

Today Stephen is an online fitness coach that has helped 1000’s of clients lose 20-60 pounds in less than 90 days. You could be next!

You can connect with Stephen on his social platforms:

Instagram: @stephencampolo

TikTok: @stephencampolo


Jul 25, 202247:14
The Dark side of modeling, human interaction and entrepreneurship W/ Gia Macool

The Dark side of modeling, human interaction and entrepreneurship W/ Gia Macool

In this episode Shawn French sits down with the dynamic and kind-hearted Gia Macool. Gia is a model, fitness pro, 1stPhorm Sponsored Athlete but what is most impressive about her is how much she cares about people. This was such an amazing conversation that covered social media, the dark side of modeling, human interaction, adoption and her business ventures.

You  can find Gia on:
IG  @giamacool

Twitter  @GiaMMacool

Business  IG @lobosdefense


Apr 26, 202245:36
Unlimit Your Potential

Unlimit Your Potential

In this episode Shawn French chats with Seth Pepper is an instant classic. He didn't start swimming until he was 14 years old and within a manner of 4 years he was a 2X National Champion, 23X All American and he holds the record for the fastest ever split. Seth is now a mental performance coach working with the highest level athletes, CEOs, and entrepreneurs.   Listen in as Seth dives into how you can create the success you desire with your most powerful tool of all...YOUR MIND.  

You can follow Seth on IG: @sethpepper  

Contact Seth at:

Apr 19, 202201:06:27
Exposure or Exposed?

Exposure or Exposed?

In this show Shawn French gets perfectly clear on what is broken within youth sports. I go into great detail as to what I truly believe the issues are and I also explain that I AM NOT against Travel Ball or Showcases. What I AM AGAINST is it being a one size fits all. We need to bring our focus back onto developing the athlete NOT exposing them. 

Follow Shawn on IG: @theshawnfrench  

Apr 15, 202223:30
The Destruction of Youth Sports with Lee Taft

The Destruction of Youth Sports with Lee Taft

This is without a doubt one of the most impactful conversations that Shawn French has had on his show. Lee and I cover the most controversial subject in youth sports. We dive deep into travel ball organizations in ALL sports and how they are destroying sports, parents, and more importantly the kids. Youth Sports is NOT even close to being about the kids. It has turned into a way for adults to make money and expose kids to their monetary and egotistical gain. Follow Lee Taft on IG @leetaft

Apr 12, 202259:44
Quantum Leaps w/ Joey Kramer

Quantum Leaps w/ Joey Kramer

Have ever heard of the term Quantum Leap? Yea, I thought so! Listen in and learn as Shawn French interviews Joey Kramer about his real life Quantum Leap story. He and his wife were down to their lat $200 with no relief in sight. Joey cried out to GOD and spent time meditating and it was then that he saw the vision. He and his wife went onto to create a business that would go viral during COVID. In fact, they created $80,000 in income in the matter of days! Their life changed in the very moment that Joey decided to manifest their dreams into reality.

You can follow Joey Kramer on IG: @kramerjoey

Apr 05, 202252:37
A Story of GRIT & GRACE w/ Amberly Lago

A Story of GRIT & GRACE w/ Amberly Lago

Shawn French dives into an intentional conversation that uncovers what resilience truly looks like. Amberly Lago was in a horrific motorcycle accident that left her leg shattered and only a 1% chance of her being able to walk again. When the doctor told her this news that would break most people she quickly celebrated saying’ “So you’re saying I have a chance!?”

Listen in to hear the rest of Amberly Lago’s story that left her bedridden to wheel chair to living her life on her terms and inspiring the masses to create the same in their lives.

You can follow Amberly on IG @amberlylagomotivation

Learn how to work with her at:

Join her texting community


Mar 29, 202254:17
Making SHIFT Happen w/ Anthony Trucks

Making SHIFT Happen w/ Anthony Trucks

Making SHIFT Happen w/ Anthony Trucks

In this episode Shawn French has the opportunity to sit down with Anthony Trucks and we speak about life and making SHIFT happen. 

Anthony grew up in The San Francisco Bay Area. He was born in Martinez but grew up in Antioch for the most part. Early on in childhood he began to face adversity most children don’t. At an early age, Anthony ended up in the foster system and as you can imagine he came across some pretty mean people. 

All of his experiences turned him into the man he is today. A husband, a PRESENT father and an overall genuinely amazing man. 

Listen in to hear some amazing wisdom and incredible perspective. 

You can find Anthony below:

IG @anthonytrucks

Mar 22, 202245:22
Preparing Your Fields for Rain w/ Danny Tufariello

Preparing Your Fields for Rain w/ Danny Tufariello

In this episode Shawn French sits down with Danny Tufariello CEO of Evolve Baseball. They discuss the mindset of an athlete and quite honestly how the industry is creating a softer athlete when it comes to mental preparation.

Although it may be controversial it’s true and we strive to tell the truth in this episode to bring awareness to young athletes and parents worldwide.

You can find Danny on IG:



Evolve Baseball

7131 Alico Rd. Unit 2

Fort Myers, FL 33912

Connect with us :

Mar 15, 202246:08
Creating EPIC relationships with LEGENDARY people w/ Ken Joslin

Creating EPIC relationships with LEGENDARY people w/ Ken Joslin

In this episode Shawn French sits down with real estate mogul Ken Joslin and we discuss how to build relationships with legendary people. All too often we go about our entrepreneurial Ventures in the mindset we have to do these things alone. When in reality having EPIC people in our corner will get us so much further in life and in business.

Tune in to hear how how Ken utilized his network to make massive leaps and bounds in his real estate business and his coaching business.

He is a man with GOD in his heart and his sole purpose is to elevate others.

You can connect with Ken Joslin on IG @kenjoslin

Learn more about his programs and how to work with him at:

Mar 08, 202231:02
Being a Gladiator in the right Arena w/ Craig Siegel

Being a Gladiator in the right Arena w/ Craig Siegel

In this episode Shawn French sits down with the king of revamping the mind, Craig Siegel. Listen in to hear about a man that left a career on Wall Street after recognizing he is a gladiator in the wrong ring. It’s one thing to accept that reality but it’s another thing to honor yourself and MOVE toward your purpose with passion. He embodies the above.

So much of success in life is knowing how to create your own reality by controlling the way we think.

Craig speaks about his journey into the meteoric rise he’s had and you’re not going to want to miss it.

Cheers to a QUANTUM LEAP.

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Mar 01, 202242:02
A Big League Championship Mindset w/ Ryan Theriot

A Big League Championship Mindset w/ Ryan Theriot

In this episode Shawn French sits down with a 2-Time MLB World Series Champion. We discuss the true secret to success and winning championships in your life. Mindset. Tap in here to hear Ryan’s thoughts on how his thought process and mindset proved to be his biggest weapon of all.

I truly enjoyed speaking with “The Riot” years after we played together at LSU. He is the exact same person that I remember from those days at Alex Box Stadium. He is calm, confident, mentally strong but more importantly a man who loves his wife and children more than anything in the world.

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Feb 22, 202241:36
Getting RealAF with DJ

Getting RealAF with DJ

Listen in as Shawn French sits down with RealAF’s co-host DJ. If you’d ask DJ how he thought his life would look 2 years ago he surely wouldn’t have given you the description of how his life looks today. Find out who and what played significant influence in his life that allowed him to achieve heights that he couldn’t imagine in such a short time. You’ll quickly find out what DJ’s secret is and the best part of it all is…YOU can have it all too.   

Find DJ on IG: @officiallydjohnson  Also on:  RealAF Podcast

Feb 15, 202254:38
Living A Legendary life w/ Larry Hagner

Living A Legendary life w/ Larry Hagner

In this episode Shawn French sits down with the creator of The Dad Edge Podcast author two books, Larry Hagner. Larry is a husband and a father of 4 energetic boys.

Why did I want to have Larry on my show? That’s a very simple answer. He epitomizes what a man, husband and father strives to be on a daily basis. Men want to be strong leaders in their household and strongly desire for it to be centered around love. All too often we fall short due to patience and ego.

Larry’s mission is to teach the skills necessary in order for all of us men to have legendary marriages and relationships with our children as well as TO LIVE LEGENDARY LIVES.

Tune in to learn more about Larry and how you can support him in his mission.

Connect with Larry:

IG- @thedadedge


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Feb 11, 202201:10:60
PRIMETIME to SHINE w/ Bo$$ Babe Christy Primmer

PRIMETIME to SHINE w/ Bo$$ Babe Christy Primmer

Listen in as Shawn French sits down with Christy Primmer, A world-renowned thought leader on self-care and financial empowerment for women. She spent two decades facilitating trauma counselling and naturally transitioned into the coaching industry. As a personal development author, Christy is obsessed with helping women create their EPIC life.

This episode is abloute fire and full of energy. Women all over the world benefit from her empowerment strategies. Why should you be any different?

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Feb 04, 202242:50
100 Steps with Americas Happiness Coach Feat. Sandee Sgarlata

100 Steps with Americas Happiness Coach Feat. Sandee Sgarlata

In this episode Shawn French sits down with a woman who was stripped of her happiness at the age of 12. Imagine walking up 100 steps up to your home only to have your world turned upside down. Sandee Sgarlata had a dock leading up to her childhood home that was exactly 100 steps. These steps were her happiest moments every single day until....

One day while Sandee was at her friends she received a call that would change her path forever. Listen to find out how a 12 year old little girl lost all her happiness and was DETERMINED to make it her life's mission to regain it and to coach others how to find theirs. 

You can find Sandde at 


On Instagram- @coachsandeesgarlata

Jan 28, 202244:44
Life of a Resilient Woman w/ Beka Chamberlain

Life of a Resilient Woman w/ Beka Chamberlain

In this episode Shawn French sits down with an incredible woman that was born into a cult. So many of us have seen news stories like this or watched it on a Documentary. Beka LIVED this life to no fault of her own. She peels back the the curtain for all of us so we can take a look into her life and the adversity she has to over come. This episode will hit you right in the heart and I guarantee that you will not look at life's problems the same again. If Beka can fight through all of this, then we can push past any adversity we currently face.

She is a true warrior of resilience and I am forever grateful to call her FAMILY

You can find her on Instagram @Beka.Chamberlain

Go follow her journey! 

Jan 21, 202246:41
Real Talk w/ Rick Lademann of Beyond Motion

Real Talk w/ Rick Lademann of Beyond Motion

In this episode Shawn French sits down with Rick Lademann who is a true professional in the sports performance world. This man has literally done it all from working with the World Champion Chicago Bulls to MLB Hall of Famer, Larry Walker to everything inbetween. What is more impressive than his resume is his true passion for his industry and the committment to training athletes the right way. 

Rick's career started with a simple phone call made to Al Vermeil which turned into a domino effect that has benefited multiple professional and amatuer athletes of the years. 

You can follow Rick on IG @beyondmotionath 

Jan 14, 202252:21
Living your story w/ Actor Christopher Coy

Living your story w/ Actor Christopher Coy

In this episode Shawn French dives in deep with his cousin and experienced Actor Christopher Coy. Chris grew up in a small town in Florida called North Port. At the ripe age of 17 he decided graduate early, pick up his whole life and move to Hollywood to achieve his dreams of being an actor. Everyone who loved him told him not to do it and to go to college. To Chris, not going to Hollywood would have been completely out of alignment for him. He not only felt that everyone was wrong, he proved it! This DETERMINATION in Chris is and was second to none. The thoughts and feelings he had about his career were loud and deafening to him. The world is better because he chose to LIVE HIS OWN STORY. 

You can all follow Chris on IG @christopherjamescoy

Jan 11, 202201:01:50
Matt Lisle- The most followed, MLB Hitting Coach

Matt Lisle- The most followed, MLB Hitting Coach

Today Shawn French sits down with an old friend of his, Matt Lisle. Matt is the most followed MLB/NCAA Hitting Coach on the Internet. On this epidose we sit down and talk old times and catch up each other's lives. His story is absolutley incredible and the amount of adversity he went through to get to where he is now is impressive. We go deep into his journey. Sit back and enjoy this true success story.

Jan 06, 202243:28
Building Confidence
Dec 23, 202114:53
Falling off TRACK

Falling off TRACK

Who falls off track!? EVERYONE! Shawn French sees so many people shaming the shit out of themselves for falling off track. The only thing that attracts is more bad decisions that will keep you down. If you fall of track do these 3 things. 1) reconnect with your why! 2) get right back on track with the very next opportunity you have to make a great decision or a bad decision, 3) stop beating yourself up over it and RISE ABOVE THAT SHIT!

Nov 17, 202114:33
Why 75Hard….AGAIN????

Why 75Hard….AGAIN????

In this episode Shawn French discusses to his listeners why he is doing 75Hard again. He has gotten so much questions via DM on why he is doing it again. Some messages were good questions and some were just flat out stupid. So here it is, this is WHY!!! Until he fixes his mindset completely he will not be satisfied AND will continue to do 75 whenever the f@ck he wants!

Nov 09, 202115:26
That Weak Motherfu*ker In Your Head

That Weak Motherfu*ker In Your Head

In this episode Shawn French speaks about that weak motherfucker in your heads that tries its hardest to hold you down and torpedo your very existence. That voice is there!!!! Acknowledging that it’s there is the first step in winning versus that voice. Think of your most wanted and desired goal and envision how it is going to feel when you achieve it! Pretty fucking nice right? Now envision that weak voice coming and telling you that you CANT. WHATS YOUR RESPONSE? Here’s mine…..

Oct 05, 202111:13


In this episode Shawn French breaks down what a non-negotiable is bad how to schedule them into your day in order to maximize your progress towards your goals.

Aug 26, 202115:11
Breaking The Silence

Breaking The Silence

Shawn French believes It’s ok to disagree and think differently. We need to come TOGETHER!

Aug 04, 202107:51
We are NOT the sum of our mistakes & failures

We are NOT the sum of our mistakes & failures

Here’s a quick impromptu episode that Shawn French felt the need to put out. Stop defining yourself by your mistakes and failures. That’s not who TF you ARE!

Jul 15, 202106:36
LiFe Is NoT G RaTeD

LiFe Is NoT G RaTeD

Shawn French is sick and tired of people throwing shade at public figures for the type of language they use. In this episode he discusses multiple public figures and how they are shamed for their choice of language.

Jun 18, 202107:51
Rock Bottom to Entrepreneur with Vincent Simonelli

Rock Bottom to Entrepreneur with Vincent Simonelli

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Vinny speaks about his past and how he has overcome adversity in his life to become a successful Entrepreneur. Put your seatbelt on!
May 07, 202131:24
How we do one thing is how we do EVERYTHING!

How we do one thing is how we do EVERYTHING!

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
In this episode I speak about my experience at the gym this morning. You’re not going to want to miss this!
Apr 25, 202115:21
Everyone goes through it

Everyone goes through it

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
I’m not always high energy. I struggle too and I touch in this subject in this episode.
Mar 20, 202112:37
I GET TO with Matthew Booth

I GET TO with Matthew Booth

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Matthew Booth and I sit down and have a chat about his I Get To movement. In life, how we think of things and perceive things is critical. Do you have to or Do You GET To? Listen and find out.
Mar 08, 202139:60
No Magic Pill

No Magic Pill

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
In this episode I touch on success and explain that there isn’t a Magic Pill. It’s just a ton of hard work and repetition. Oh yea, and I give a ton of love to my member of The Determined Society.
Mar 05, 202117:05