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By Shawnell Miller

In this podcast you’ll hear stories from myself and other amazing women who decided to take a leap of faith, build their confidence and get more in tune to become the women they were created to be! We’ll open up conversations around career transitions, healing past traumas, faith/spirituality, relationships, motherhood, the entrepreneurial journey and much more!!
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Ep 50: Developing self-trust (Ft. Jiselle Gilliard Jegousse)

InTune-LivingFeb 22, 2023

Ep 50: Developing self-trust (Ft. Jiselle Gilliard Jegousse)

Ep 50: Developing self-trust (Ft. Jiselle Gilliard Jegousse)

In this week's podcast episode. I had the pleasure of chatting with Jiselle Gilliard Jegousse the creator of Mighty Emotions. Jiselle teaches us how to use our emotions as tools to get unstuck & enhance our lives. This conversation is jammed packed with so many gems about self confidence, what self trust looks like daily for us. We also shared what our emotions are trying to tell us.

If you found this episode helpful. Make sure to take a screenshot and share to your social media. I would love to hear how this episode resonated with you. Remember to tag me! 

Talk to you next week

xoxo Shawnell


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Ep 40: I'M BACK 🎉 Embracing the Seasons of Life!

Ep 40: I'M BACK 🎉 Embracing the Seasons of Life!

Oh my god I've missed podcasting! However, I needed to take some time to recalibrate and come back better than ever. In this week's podcast episode we'll take a deep dive into the importance of embracing your season of life. Lucky for you... I had to learn the hard way which lead to total burnout. I hope this episode will prevent you from making the same mistake or provide some perspective and clarity about the season you are in.




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Ep 2: What To Do When Others Try and Plant Seeds of Doubt

Ep 2: What To Do When Others Try and Plant Seeds of Doubt

In this episode, we'll discuss what to do when someone tries to plant seeds of doubt in your mind. We have to be careful with whose opinions we listen to!

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Apr 12, 202113:57
Ep 1: Welcome to InTune-Living!!
Apr 05, 202119:09