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She Rocks Global

She Rocks Global

By She Rocks Global

She Rocks Global (SRG) showcases the stories of perfectly imperfect women from around the world. SRG is a podcast collaboration produced by Maca Botta, Nwabisa Mayema and Zoja Kukic. 5th. season of SRG was recorded remotely and was mixed by our partners at Theme music for this podcast is composed and arranged through a collaboration between South African musician NOSIHE & Hanna Sikasa from Germany. Mixing Engineer is T.Luminous Please do subscribe to our podcast, rate and review us too - this makes it easier for more people to find us. Thank you! Until next time!
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She Rocks meets Marta Etienne, and together we celebrate our 50th epiosde!

She Rocks GlobalAug 23, 2023

She Rocks meets Marta Etienne, and together we celebrate our 50th epiosde!
Aug 23, 202352:38
She Rocks meets Ndey Jobarteh
Aug 16, 202336:41
She Rocks meets The One who Sings
Aug 09, 202335:14
She Rocks meets Deborah Palacios Wanzo
Aug 02, 202331:57
She Rocks meets Lola Shoneyin
Jul 26, 202338:32
She Rocks meets Samyukta Rupakheti
Jul 19, 202337:37
She Rocks meets Ximena Alemán
Jul 12, 202337:08
She Rocks meets Spoon Carrey
Jul 05, 202337:08
She Rocks meets Tara Purnell
Jun 28, 202334:07
She Rocks meets Patrice Gordon
Jun 21, 202334:03
She Rocks meets Pamela Potrie
Jun 14, 202327:40
She Rocks meets Bistra Kumbaroska

She Rocks meets Bistra Kumbaroska

What are the words that haven’t met? What does it look like when we think about not leaving a legacy on this earth? What is more? These are some of the questions that Bistra, our Macedonian guest, living in Vienna, brings answers to during this latest episode of She Rocks Global. Join us in conversation with this human who adores connecting with other humans. May this episode rock your world!



LinkedIn: Bistra Kumbaroska

Instagram: @bistrakumbar

Company IG: @heartbeatsinco

Company LinkedIn: Heartbeats Innovation & Communication

Jun 07, 202335:46
She Rocks meets Lovelyn Nwadeyi

She Rocks meets Lovelyn Nwadeyi

In today’s episode, Maca and Nwabisa meet Lovelyn. Lovelyn describes herself as a trusted advisor. She is a Nigerian individual who grew up in South Africa and has meandered her way to live in The Netherlands. We dig deeper into the notion of trust and its importance when driving for humans to do right by each other. Lovelyn takes us through some examples of her work experiences and let’s just say that you might find yourself doing a lot of research after this episode. Let us know what you learn!

LinkedIn: Lovelyn Nwadeyi

Instagram: @nwadeyi_miss

Facebook: Lovelyn Chidinma Nwadeyi

Nigeria/South Africa



May 31, 202341:06
She Rocks meets Sonja Kresojevic
May 24, 202335:57
She Rocks meets Amanda Molenaar
May 17, 202330:56
She Rocks meets Pía Carrau
May 10, 202333:09
She Rocks meets Priya Jeram Patel

She Rocks meets Priya Jeram Patel

Welcome to our 5th season! We are so excited to introduce you to Priya. A filmmaker and storyteller from South Africa that not only will be sharing a perfectly imperfect conversation with us, on this episode, but will also be responsible for editing  this whole season with her production company 400 seats. Listen to her story  about connecting people and bringing stories to life while redefining her identity to be her best self for success.  Share your insights on our social media channels! Keep Rocking

LinkedIn: 400 seats

Instagram: @400Seats 

Twitter: @400Seats


South Africa

May 03, 202327:31
She Rocks meets Blanka Supe
Jan 11, 202335:43
She Rocks meets Carmen Correa
Jan 04, 202332:51
She Rocks meets Andy Robert
Dec 28, 202239:03
She Rocks meets Lee Zuk
Dec 21, 202233:56
She Rocks meets Doris Leung
Dec 14, 202232:33
She Rocks meets Saray Khumalo
Dec 07, 202237:18
Meet the Makers Special: She Rocks meets Zoja Kukic.
Nov 29, 202227:57
Meet the Makers Special: She rocks meets Maca Botta.
Nov 22, 202222:04
Meet the Makers Special: She Rocks meets Nwabisa Mayema.
Nov 16, 202231:30
She Rocks meets Maryse Elliott
Oct 13, 202131:02
She Rocks meets Diamond Greer Jones
Oct 06, 202138:17
She Rocks meets Nicole Banister
Sep 29, 202133:48
She Rocks meets Erika Halonen
Sep 22, 202132:42
She Rocks Global meets Eliada Griffin-EL

She Rocks Global meets Eliada Griffin-EL

In this episode, we are in conversation with Eliada - an academic, a mother, a wife. Eliada’s passion for building community in order to unleash innovation is infectious. So is her delight in answering the questions that we surprise her with. We hope you find this conversation delightful too. Keep rocking!

Sep 15, 202133:49
She Rocks meets Lauri-Ann Ainsworth
Sep 08, 202132:22
She Rocks meets Mohale Mashigo

She Rocks meets Mohale Mashigo

In today’s episode, we are in conversation with Mohale Mashigo - an award winning author, and in her words, storyteller. We have a big conversation around superheroes, what it means to be supported, how we keep rocking as women and how to surround ourselves with women. It’s a really great episode full of insight from Mohale. We hope you enjoy it, keep rocking!

Get to know our guest via her social media accounts : TW: @BlckPorcelain, IG:@blckporcelain

Aug 18, 202128:18
She Rocks meets Wendy Williams

She Rocks meets Wendy Williams

In this episode you will enjoy an unconventional conversation between Nwabisa, Maca and Wendy Williams, our first US guest. She shares how she coped with being a woman in the  business world; creating her own leadership style based on impact and collaboration. You will learn how she manages fear of the unknown and how she daily works on her purpose . Enjoy and share with us your impressions and stories!

Aug 11, 202130:10
She Rocks meets Aliza Napartivaumnuay
Jul 28, 202131:07
She Rocks meets Nilam Sari
Jul 14, 202131:51
She Rocks meets Heuda Guessous
Jul 07, 202133:52
She Rocks meets Sarah Chantler
May 19, 202133:57
She Rocks meets Rocío González
Apr 28, 202133:20
She Rocks meets Patricia Gannon
Apr 21, 202130:49
She Rocks meets María Riccetto
Apr 14, 202142:33
She Rocks meets Bezawit Eshetu
Apr 07, 202130:53
She Rocks meets Alexandra Gómez Bruinewoud
Mar 31, 202138:57
She Rocks meets Inya Lawal

She Rocks meets Inya Lawal

In this episode of She Rocks Global, Maca and Nwabisa spend some time with Inya from Nigeria. She is a social entrepreneur who describes herself as a happy girl. This filmmaker is a powerhouse! We talk about mentoring, she tells us what it means to live with dyslexia and she declares that one day she will be a zillionaire.

Get to know our guest deeply by her social media accounts: IG and TW @sarahinyalawal, FB and Linked In Sarah Inya Lawal.

Mar 24, 202129:08
She Rocks meets Sonja Dakic

She Rocks meets Sonja Dakic

Sonja is a serial entrepreneur, and for her, running a business and having kids are very similar. And that is exactly what makes her story even more interesting, from the way she talks about the problem-solving and social focus of women entrepreneurs to her story about exiting her first business. When she talked about her exit, Zoja and Maca didn’t have anything else to add, that was exactly the same way the process went on for them — so hopefully this will be useful for the ones who are going through a similar process.

Mar 17, 202135:27
She Rocks meets Selina Bebaako-Mensah

She Rocks meets Selina Bebaako-Mensah

In this episode, Zoja and Nwabisa have a sprawling conversation with the warm Selina. 

Selina is a champion of reinvention and has followed career paths in the law, broadcast journalism and is currently a fashion designer in Ghana. We talk about how sometimes choosing your path means disappointing those you love. We talk about body positivity and we talk about the search for true love. Oh, we also talk about Beyonce and Beyonce’s mother showing Selina Beb brand the recognition that it deserves.

Get to know our guest deeply by her social media accounts IG: @selinabeb and @selinabm, Tw: @selinabeb, Fb: Selina Bebaako-Mensah


Mar 08, 202135:49
She Rocks meets Leonie Joubert

She Rocks meets Leonie Joubert

"We can't edit ourselves anymore, we can't be polite, we can't be timid anymore."

Society has an unspoken expectation that women should remain polite and obedient. No more of that! This must-listen episode has Leonie talking to us about being disobedient in the face of challenges that need our urgent attention. It's not easy so we also explore the toll of being a disobedient woman takes on one.

Get to know our guest deeply by her social media accounts Tw: @LeonieJoubert  Tw: @P_nauts Fb : Leonie Joubert   Fb: The Psychonauts

Sep 23, 202032:09
She Rocks meets Asanda Ngoasheng

She Rocks meets Asanda Ngoasheng

"A lot of people want people who are bridge builders and I always say I am a disruptor"

Join us as we explore the power that lies in the simple word that is "no". Asanda talks to us about self-care whilst being a disruptor, she presents the world view of a nurturer who is also a disruptor.

Get to know Asanda deeply by her social media accounts : IG: @astarwriter FB: Asanda Ngoasheng

Sep 16, 202036:52
She Rocks meets Ange Muyubira

She Rocks meets Ange Muyubira

"I believe in it (entrepreneurship) because I find that it is a way of creating; making what you believe in without sitting and waiting for life to make it happen" 

Ange literally moved across continents, learned new languages and was displaced from her home country, not once but twice, and yet each and every time she chooses to look for and find opportunities for herself and others in places you wouldn't even dream of looking in. Find out more by listening to this fascinating conversation.

Get to know Ange through her social media accounts 

Fb: Ange Noelle Muco 

Fb: Kaz' O' zah Art

IG: @angemuyibira

IG: @kaz.o.zah

Tw: @zah_art

Tw: @AngeMuyibira

Sep 09, 202026:06
She Rocks meets Carryn Ortlepp

She Rocks meets Carryn Ortlepp

"Every now and then I do brave and stupid things that are very well planned."

Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about how we think we need to show up in the different parts of our lives. Carryn lives through a number of different worlds where she has realised that the best way for her to show up each time is to show up as herself - no separation between Work Carryn and Home Carryn - just Carryn. Perfectly imperfect.Check out our guest social media to get to know her truly  TW: @carrynpeta IG: @cazinct

Sep 02, 202029:12