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The Dynamic Leader Podcast

The Dynamic Leader Podcast

By Shelley Flett

In season #3 we continue speaking with experts and sharing insights around the future of leadership, the importance of communication, building capability through people, remaining curious and transforming the way we approach work to become more effective and ultimately, more dynamic.
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Episode #69. Interview with Alistair Gordon about developing technical experts

The Dynamic Leader PodcastSep 27, 2021

Episode #167. Interview with Karen Stein on leadership coaching.
Nov 29, 202350:43
Episode #166. Interview with Jamie Anderson on mentorship
Nov 22, 202341:52
Episode #165. Interview with David Fish on strategic storytelling
Nov 14, 202350:47
Episode #164. Interview with Adam Bennett on leading strategy & transformation
Nov 09, 202350:36
Episode #163. Interview with Kim O’Keeffe on Anything is Possible
Nov 01, 202339:56
Episode #162. Interview with Grayson James on effective collaboration

Episode #162. Interview with Grayson James on effective collaboration

In this episode, Shelley speaks with Grayson James, a seasoned expert with over three decades of experience assisting Executives, Boards and Senior Management teams in enhancing their collaborative business performance.

A common misconception is that effective collaboration hinges on the level of cooperation exhibited by our colleagues—a notion Grayson opposes, considering it a costly oversight. To Shelley, the term 'collaboration' is often carelessly tossed around in many workplaces. Grayson simplifies it to 'working together with other people to get important stuff done,' an essence critical to the existence of organisations.

Delving deeper, they consider whether the rising emphasis on collaboration aligns with a decline in hierarchical structures. Grayson has seen a shift over recent years in the nature of interactions and expectations, steering away from the top-down command and control model, which does not fly anymore, especially by the younger generation.

Embracing a collaborative leadership approach, Grayson acknowledges the necessity of command and control, consensus, or even no consensus, depending on the given context.

The true challenge lies in how we discern what is needed at this time and to pivot and respond effectively in the given situation’.

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Oct 25, 202349:50
Episode #161. Interview with Ella Zhang on the link between self-care and success

Episode #161. Interview with Ella Zhang on the link between self-care and success

In this thought-provoking episode, Shelley engages in a conversation with Ella Zhang, a dedicated strategic change maker, facilitator and executive coach with extensive experience in both fortune 100 companies and start-ups.

The focus of their discussion is the profound link between self-care and success, delving into the correlation between inward self-awareness and its profound impact on outward outcomes. Ella, the author of the book 'Upgrade,' passionately explores how our thoughts, emotions and actions bear direct consequences that ripple across our organisations and interpersonal dynamics. She advocates that understanding this crucial link between self-care and success is paramount for modern leaders.

The emergence of self-reflection and personal growth in leadership development has gained momentum in recent years. Ella emphasises the need to intertwine professional and personal development, gaining insights into our own cognitive and behavioural patterns to prevent self-sabotage. Often the challenges we are facing are not from the outside world, but self-imposed. It is through overcoming and 'upgrading' these challenges, adjusting our habitual reactions, that we can enhance our effectiveness as leaders.

She underlines the essential aspect of managing and taking ownership of our time, energy and performance to become the inspirational leaders that others need us to be.

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Oct 18, 202339:39
Episode #160. Interview with Lisa Carlin on working within your culture

Episode #160. Interview with Lisa Carlin on working within your culture

Culture is something we could endlessly explore, there are so many different perspectives and opinions.

In this episode, Shelley talks with Lisa Carlin about working within your culture, as opposed to changing it.

Lisa is a strategy execution specialist and the co-founder of Future Builders Group, a network of organisational development specialists.  She works with Leaders to turbo charge their transformation projects and change.

Strategy execution, Transformation, Change, Projects, implementation, cultural change, digital transformation – these words all mean something slightly different and they mean something different to each individual. They all motivate a feeling of ‘let’s do something significant to move forward’.

Lisa’s first step to developing her transformation journey began in South Africa the 1990's when she started working in systems development. This encouraged a curiosity in change management. Following this, she started working for McKinsey on strategy projects. The firm delivered amazing strategy work, but just like systems development, didn’t always go as planned because due to people.

After moving to Australia, Lisa started working for a culture change organisation where ideas from a transcendental, meditation movement where used to developed ‘culture in the workplace’.  Culture was not used or understood in the workplace in these years and it inspired Lisa to start her own business combining all the different skills learnt over the years.

Lisa's learnings in strategy, technology, culture and people work, led her to create a multidisciplinary transformation perspective.

There are three stages to multidisciplinary transformation and Lisa will guide you through these during the conversation.

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Oct 11, 202341:43
Episode #159. Interview with Mei Ouw and Kylie Ryan about how emotions impact the way we lead
Sep 27, 202346:47
Episode #158. Interview with Wayne Schembri on transitioning to a new role
Sep 20, 202349:38
Episode #157. Interview with Brett Lillie on rediscovering your athlete within

Episode #157. Interview with Brett Lillie on rediscovering your athlete within

Sep 13, 202347:04
Episode #156. Interview with Nina Mapson Bone on meaningful work
Sep 08, 202342:19
Episode #155. Interview with Max Ginpil on executive leadership
Aug 30, 202334:59
Episode #154. Interview with Peter Baines on why leadership matters
Aug 23, 202349:44
Episode #153. Interview with Michael Clark on customer experience
Aug 15, 202351:53
Episode #152. Interview with Jacqueline Farrington on motivating people through stories
Aug 09, 202343:19
Episode #151. Interview with Leah Mether on leading courageously through change
Aug 02, 202351:41
Episode #150. Part Three on Feedback with Dwight Hodge - Giving Feedback
Jul 26, 202351:37
Episode #149. Part Two on Feedback with Dwight Hodge - Seeking Feedback
Jul 19, 202340:19
Episode #148. Part One on Feedback with Dwight Hodge - The importance of connection
Jul 12, 202350:11
Episode #147. Shelley talks about saying no without damaging your brand
Jul 04, 202324:03
Episode #146. Interview with Adrian Baillargeon on teams that swear
Jun 28, 202341:11
Episode #145. Interview with Marnie Jones on recruitment & attracting talent
Jun 21, 202344:23
Episode #144. Interview with Vanessa Vershaw on ambition
Jun 13, 202348:04
Episode #143. Interview with Lana Johnson on strategy and change
Jun 07, 202345:50
Episode #142. Interview with Jacqui Clarke on your money story
May 30, 202345:49
Episode #141. Interview with Jade Green on authenticity and unlocking potential
May 24, 202349:49
Episode #140. Interview with Brenda Harrington on inclusion and diversity
May 17, 202346:10
Episode #139. Interview with Anne Duggan on self-disruption
May 10, 202350:02
Episode #138. Interview with Darren Fleming on mindset mastery
May 02, 202346:25
Episode #137. Interview with Kerry Howard on how to heal a workplace
Apr 25, 202355:10
Episode #136. Shelley speaks about boundaries and managing expectations
Apr 19, 202329:30
Episode #135. Interview with Melo Calarco on beating burnout
Apr 11, 202346:59
Episode #134. Interview with Wayne Schembri on the transition from peer to leader
Apr 05, 202353:09
Episode #133. Interview with Tom Bosna on wellness in the workplace
Mar 22, 202344:50
Episode #132. Interview with Nikki Bersin on fun
Mar 14, 202334:57
Episode #131. An International Women’s Day special with Narelle Burke & Kristy Flett
Mar 07, 202341:58
Episode #130. Interview with Michelle Bowden on presenting
Mar 01, 202351:28
Episode #129. Interview with Dr Kristy Goodwin on digital wellbeing
Feb 23, 202343:36
Episode #128. Interview with Jessica Hickman on bullying and the bystander effect
Feb 15, 202345:23
Episode #127. Interview with Donna McGeorge on adaptive capacity, change and ChatGPT
Feb 08, 202343:24
Episode #126. Interview with Sharon Melnick on power
Jan 31, 202344:60
Episode #125. Interview with Dominic McLoughlin on becoming a better people manager
Jan 24, 202343:34
Episode #124. Interview with Tim Sacklin on professional development & lifelong learning
Jan 17, 202331:41
Episode #123. Interview with Carolyn Apostolou on health & wellness
Dec 06, 202243:33
Episode #122. Interview with Brad Giles on effective onboarding
Nov 30, 202245:44
Episode #121. Interview with Tracey Ezard on professional intimacy
Nov 23, 202249:37
Episode #120. Interview with Jamie Dixon on creating story habits
Nov 15, 202245:11
Episode #119. Narelle Burke interviews Shelley Flett on mindset and leadership
Nov 09, 202232:30
Episode #118. Interview with Belinda Morgan on succeeding part time
Nov 02, 202245:31