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She Looks Like Me

She Looks Like Me

By Simone Cheri

She Looks Like Me is a podcast for women on the journey of leading more aware, aligned and intentional lives in the pursuit of their deepest passions, biggest goals and as entrepreneurs, crafting a life on their own terms. SLLM exists to highlight the stories and lessons of boss black women entrepreneurs whose experiences and expertise are vision-driven and purpose-filled, and provide safe space for other black women in business to navigate that journey personally and professionally.

Your host, Simone Cheri, is a 7-year Digital Brand Strategist, Graphic and Web Designer and Ecommerce Founder.
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Recapping Season 2: Trusting, Knowing, and Growing... What's Next?

She Looks Like MeJun 22, 2022

Recapping Season 2: Trusting, Knowing, and Growing... What's Next?
Jun 22, 202227:44
Protect Your Brand and Your Peace: A Holistic Approach to Life for High Achievers w/ Lerae Funderburg
May 18, 202231:32
You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup: How to Advocate For Yourself and Move Past Limiting Beliefs w/ Dr. Candace Holmes
May 11, 202235:12
Protecting Our Legacies: Estate Planning 101 for Black Families w/ Jala Eaton

Protecting Our Legacies: Estate Planning 101 for Black Families w/ Jala Eaton

Raise your hand if you felt triggered by the character Molly's journey on HBO's Insecure (Season 5) in trying to help her parents through estate planning and they were just not having it?! Oh, the resistance. The invincibility. I meannn... It's me, lol... I'm the person who was triggered. But on a serious note, more than 70% of Black Americans don't have a will. We've heard the stories of celebs like Chadwick Boseman, Aretha Franklin and Prince not having estate plans in place, but what about our own families? The implications of this mean we're, as a whole, missing out on the largest wealth transfer in history. So grateful for Jala Eaton, a generational wealth expert and Founder of On My Own Financial and J. Eaton Law, PC., whose on a mission to empower black communities across the nation to build and protect their wealth in non-traditional ways. As a writer, professor, award winning certified trust and fiduciary advisor, and trust and estates attorney in California, Jala's mission is to close the racial wealth gap. She was so gracious to join me on this episode to share the tip of the iceberg of what it looks like to begin the estate planning process, how to navigate these difficult conversations within the family, why it's so important to plan before something happens and so much more. 

For additional resources and content to help you navigate the estate planning journey for yourself or other family members, be sure to check out or follow Jala on Instagram @yourwealthbestfriend. Thank you, Jala!

Apr 27, 202246:15
The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Ourselves w/ Dayana Cadet
Apr 20, 202232:51
Healing Through Physical and Mental Mindfulness w/ Oyah Kheperu
Apr 13, 202239:23
Flying High at the World's Busiest Airport w/ Jai Ferrell
Mar 30, 202244:04
Run Your Race and Do All The Things: Part 2 with Delisha Grant

Run Your Race and Do All The Things: Part 2 with Delisha Grant

In the second installment of my chat with Delisha Grant ⁠— corporate attorney, host of December 26er podcast and speaker ⁠— we talk about what it means to do 'all the things.' On this episode we talk about discovering (and re-discovering) your voice after valley moments, what doing all the things looks like when navigating life and loss, and how to do what you can until you have the capacity to do more. 

This is the episode for you if you're going through it and need a little encouragement to see your way through trying times... we've got you, sis!

Mar 23, 202238:36
Run Your Race and Do All The Things: Part 1 with Delisha Grant

Run Your Race and Do All The Things: Part 1 with Delisha Grant

Whoever said entrepreneurship isn't for the faint of heart was right! I got a chance to connect with Delisha Grant, a corporate attorney, podcast host and speaker, to talk about the importance of defining success for yourself and your life, the ebb and flow of starting your own business and what it means to run your unique race and be all that you are meant to be in the world. In part 1, Delisha shares her post-college journey into entrepreneurship and what that experience looked like for her as a black woman in business. If comparison to others is stealing your joy or you just need encouragement to know you're not alone, this is the episode for you.

Follow Delisha on Instagram @delishajgrant and be sure to check our December 26er podcast @december26er

Mar 16, 202237:53
And The Category Is... New Season, New Adventures and (still) Black Girl Magic

And The Category Is... New Season, New Adventures and (still) Black Girl Magic

Season 2 is here! We're back and I'm excited to start my sophomore season with you and share what I've been up to since the end of season 1. We're talking words of intention, life epiphanies, and doing THE WORK to manifest opportunities that align with our desires. I'm also up to a new thing that has me in these #InternationalStreets, living my best black girl traveling life and making an impact within a startup company. Wanna know where in the world is Monie San Diego? Tune in to hear where I've been for the last month and where I'm headed next... it's lit!

Mar 09, 202214:29
We Made It! Reflecting on Season 1 of SLLM
Mar 01, 202125:54
Profiting From Your Purpose w/ Averri Simone
Jan 21, 202137:02
It Starts With You: Centering Yourself in the New Year w/ Dr. Gimel Rogers

It Starts With You: Centering Yourself in the New Year w/ Dr. Gimel Rogers

It's a new year! After the rollercoaster that was 2020 we need all the new, feel-good vibes. Many of us are looking for ways to find balance in our lives, relationships, careers and within ourselves. Maybe you've been overthinking, overreacting, or overperforming, and the concepts of peace and calm seem just out of reach or unfamiliar altogether.

If you're anything like me, you always welcome some sage advice, and our first guest of 2021 did just that! Dr. Gimel Rogers, Psy.D., ABPP is a licensed therapist and is Board Certified in Clinical Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology. We got the opportunity to discuss all things mind, body and spirit in the name of finding your center, getting grounded and living your best life (on your terms) in the new year..

On this episode, we talk about:

  •  The 4 signs someone lacks centeredness and share helpful tips to regain your center and discover balance again
  • The importance of putting your mental state first and what taking care of your mind, body and spirit ACTUALLY looks like
  • Strengthening your mind to strengthen your discipline so you can become more intrinsically motivated to do the things you love
  • Identifying the big vs. small bags in your life and knowing what's worth your energy (Spoiler alert: Ms. Badu already told us, all you must hold onto is you)
  • Responding vs. reacting and staying centered when people or circumstances are seemingly getting in the way of your greatness
  • Why saying affirmations out loud can have a greater impact than simply reading them to yourself

To connect with and stay informed on the latest in Dr. Rogers' world or either of her brands, F.I.R.E. Igniting Lives and One Temple Fitness, follow her @_f1r3 on social platforms or visit

Jan 07, 202149:14
Preserve Thy Self: What It Means, What It Doesn’t and Tools for the Self-Preservation Journey w/ Gabrielle Morton
Dec 10, 202056:44
Partnerships, Pivots and Profits as Told by a Beauty Boss w/ Tiffini Gatlin

Partnerships, Pivots and Profits as Told by a Beauty Boss w/ Tiffini Gatlin

Imagine going from a corporate role in banking leadership to creating a business that brings in per month what you used to make in year? This week's guest did just that, making the transition from her role as Assistant Vice President of Consumer and Small Business Banking at Bank of America into her first creative endeavor, the Atlanta Go To Girl. Nearly 11 years later, Tiffini Gatlin -- now the Founder and CEO of Latched + Hooked Beauty -- recently celebrated the first six-figure year in her business... in a pandemic... as a black woman-owned business (when "they" said 40% of us wouldn't be in operation after this year). On this episode, I got to sit down with Tiffini to talk about her road from corporate to creative entrepreneur, what she's learned along the way, and how she approaches challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles. Tune in for an inspirational story on what it looks like when you don't give up, lean in to your natural talents and lead with pure intentions as you solve problems for the community you serve.

To stay connected with Tiffini, follow her @TiffiniGatlin across social platforms and make sure to support @LatchedNHooked this holiday season! #ShopBlackOwned

Nov 27, 202001:10:32
A Glam CEO's Guide to Public Relations and Working with a Publicist w/ Lillie Mae Williams
Nov 12, 202040:59
Your Story Matters: A Crash Course in Self-Publishing w/ April Sheris

Your Story Matters: A Crash Course in Self-Publishing w/ April Sheris

Have you ever wanted to share your story or expertise through storytelling? 

Maybe you've had a book idea but you're not sure how to get started?

On the fourth episode of She Looks Like Me, April Sheris and I discuss the importance of sharing our stories and how they can be healing and helpful for both the writer and their audience. We talk about the major differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing,  celebrating the small wins along the way, what to expect when working with an editor and how brand partnerships can build relationships and create unique avenues to promote your book. As the Founder of Upland Avenue Productions, April shares why she recommends self-publishing to those she works with and how her brand, Books Are the New Rich, supports self-publishing authors through resources, community and support on the journey.

For literary marketing tips and the latest in publishing trends, follow April @aprilsheris and Books Are the New Rich @BooksAreTheNewRich across social platforms.

Oct 29, 202043:22
Finding Tribe and Curating the Energy Around You w/ Malkia 'Milk' Hornsby

Finding Tribe and Curating the Energy Around You w/ Malkia 'Milk' Hornsby

How are the people in your circle adding to your life? How are you adding to theirs?

In this episode, I have a heartwarming conversation with my dear friend -- Kenyan-American beauty, wife, mom, and 1/2 of 2x Grammy Award Winning, Multi-Platinum husband and wife production duo Milk + Sizz -- Malkia Hornsby about the importance of tribe and navigating self-awareness, healing and leading with love on the journey to finding community. We discuss challenges we've experienced along the way in finding tribe, setting boundaries that create healthy relationships and protect your peace, what to consider when going into business with friends and when it may be time to shift away from unhealthy relationships that don't serve where you're headed.

To keep up with Milk and all of the amazing things she's always up to, follow her at @milknsizz on social media platforms.

Oct 15, 202057:36
Start That Sh*t Anyway w/ Shawntel Asemota White

Start That Sh*t Anyway w/ Shawntel Asemota White

On episode 2 of #SLLM, we're encouraging you to get started! 

Along with special guest, Shawntel Asemota White, we're diving into the importance of starting projects fueled by the things you're passionate about and sharing actionable habits you can incorporate into your routine to position yourself for success.  If you've been looking for a nudge to start that thing you can't stop thinking about or the idea that keeps you up at night, this episode is for you.

It's time for you to start that -ish!

About the guest: Shawntel Asemota White is a leader in experiential marketing and project management with over 12 years experience in large scale event productions and community programs. After working with some notable corporations, brands, celebrities, and organizations, she made the decision to transform lives and small businesses by becoming a Wellness Coach and Business Strategist equipping entrepreneurs with mindfulness techniques and business strategies so they can confidently launch successful businesses and be well. She is the creator of The Soa Inspired Podcast which shares transparent stories of entrepreneurship, candid interviews with influencers, and wellness tips with the hopes that listeners will find inspiration to be well and be better. When she’s not consulting or coaching, Shawntel enjoys soaking up the local culture, reading, and finding joy in everyday moments in Atlanta with her husband and daughter Jayla.

You can find her online @soainspired and @thesoabrand on all social media platforms.

Oct 08, 202038:25
Who Is Simone Cheri?

Who Is Simone Cheri?

SLLM is live! In this first episode, I'm sharing a bit about who I am, the inspiration behind the podcast and what to expect on future episodes. She Looks Like Me will feature guest interviews with amazing black women and women of color who are pursuing their passions and living life on their own terms.

Sep 29, 202035:36