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The Lonely PhD

The Lonely PhD

By Sherran Clarence

This podcast is hosted by the author of the blog, ‘How to write a PhD in a hundred steps (or more)’, Dr Sherran Clarence. The podcast connects with posts on the blog that focus on what makes a doctorate - and becoming an academic - an often-lovely endeavour for many researchers, especially those who are under-represented in academia. On this podcast I chat to many different scholars about what makes academia lonely and frustrating for many and how we can work together to make academia kinder, more representative and more powerfully diverse and socially just. Join us and be inspired!
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What do you think you ‘know’ about your research problem?

The Lonely PhDApr 15, 2021

Coping with rejection, criticism and self-doubt: making academia kinder
Apr 17, 202107:37
What do you think you ‘know’ about your research problem?
Apr 15, 202110:53
Making time to think
Apr 15, 202110:32
When you hate your writing and everything sucks
Apr 15, 202105:40
Scholarly writing is a craft
Apr 15, 202107:18
Becoming a more resilient writer/scholar
Apr 14, 202112:53
Talking yourself up: Being bold in sharing your work (and self) with the world
Apr 14, 202107:47
Making my peace with ‘good enough’ writing
Apr 14, 202109:28
Making it in academia: holding the tension between vulnerability and imperviousness
Apr 14, 202109:37