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Embrace the Grain Photography Podcast

Embrace the Grain Photography Podcast

By Embrace the Grain Photography

Every two weeks Sherry and Jake chat about different topics, relating to both digital and film photography. The show is mainly focuses on analog photography, with hints of digital photography included. Located in Alberta and New Brunswick Canada.

Music by : Sea Hero

Cover art photo provided by Sherry Christensen.
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Episode 84 - Penne Ferris

Embrace the Grain Photography Podcast May 04, 2022

Episode 86 Summer Bonus Show
Aug 17, 202242:05
Episode 85 - Brands...
May 18, 202238:56
Episode 84 - Penne Ferris
May 04, 202253:49
Episode 83 - Solo Catch Up Show

Episode 83 - Solo Catch Up Show

Episode 83 - solo catch up show


You can find us on IG at

@sherrychristensensenphotography and @jakerosephoto

FB: Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast


Into music by Sea Hero, break music by Mike Gutterman

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Apr 20, 202252:16
Episode 82 - Double Trouble - Betsey Karl and Sam Warner
Apr 06, 202201:39:12
Episode 81 - The California Invasion
Mar 23, 202201:49:46
Episode 80 - Music Feeds The Soul

Episode 80 - Music Feeds The Soul

Join Jake, Sherry & special guest host Billy Sanford to judge the Music Feeds the Soul contest! Entries can be found on if you want to follow along. It wasn’t an easy choice… but Wendy Gunderson was the Grand Prize winner with her version of Elvis Costello’s This Years Model cover. Special thanks to all the entries, Jack Bulkley, George Griffin, Larry Effler, Gabe Sachs and Jeff Greenstein for entering! Then Jake had to pick between Sherry and Billy…

In segment two we chat about film labs and photo gear…


You can find us on IG at


@sherrychristensensenphotography and @jakerosephoto

FB: Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast


Into music by Sea Hero

Mar 09, 202201:14:23
Episode 79 - Opps We Forgot Something!!!
Feb 23, 202258:48
Episode 78 - Bob St. Cyr
Feb 09, 202201:19:53
Episode 77 - Becca Petersen
Jan 26, 202254:43
Episode 76 - Billy Sanford
Jan 13, 202201:39:39
Episode 75 - Holiday Spectacular

Episode 75 - Holiday Spectacular

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope you have a great holiday and we will be back in January!

Todays episode is a solo show with voicemail from Mario Piper of the Gen X Photography Podcast and Sam Warner

plus the Xmas Joke Contest! Thanks to the entrants for playing along and sending such great entries! Tune in to find out who the big winner is…


You can find us on IG at

@sherrychristensensenphotography and @jakerosephoto

FB: Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast


Dec 16, 202101:08:56
Episode 74 - John Meadows
Dec 01, 202101:14:35
Episode 73 - Alex Jahr

Episode 73 - Alex Jahr

Episode 73 - Alex Jahr

Alex is a Toronto based photographer, who describes her work as documentary. Check our her project Unbreakable on her website or IG @alex.jahr

We talk about her installation/gallery show and the importance of self portraits (even if we don’t like doing them!) Of course there is some gear talk, some scanner chat and we check the answering machine!

You can find us at:

IG: @sherrychristensenphotography and @jakerosephoto

FB: Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast


Nov 17, 202158:12
Episode 72 - Mark Welsford
Nov 03, 202101:35:42
Episode 71 - With every dark cloud there are Silver Linings

Episode 71 - With every dark cloud there are Silver Linings

Jake and Sherry are back (a week early!) They catch up on the last week and also talk about a project… the Silver Linings project! It is a time sensitive project, hence the early show!

Mike Kukavica and Andre Domingues call in to tell the listeners all about the project. You can find it here at

Polaroid Week is coming Oct 24-29th


Voicemail from Billy Sanford asking about tripods

Book Reviews!

  • Jake - Gordon Parks, A choice of weapons
  • Sherry - Chris Attrell - Forgotten Saskatchewan

You can find us online at

IG @embrace_the_grain @sherrychristensenphotography @jakerosephoto

FB Group: Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast and Frugal Film Project ’21

Want to be featured on our IG feed? #embracethegrainpodcast

Oct 21, 202153:13
Episode 70 - We're Back!!!
Oct 13, 202156:40


Life happens... ETG will be on hiatus for a while.

Jun 19, 202106:03
Episode 69 - Nancy Bueler
Jun 10, 202101:26:59
Episode 68 - James Lee
May 27, 202101:40:07
Episode 66 - Bill Smith
May 13, 202101:50:47
Episode 67 - Trevor Meunier
Apr 29, 202142:40
Episode 65 - Just Shooting The Sh*t
Apr 15, 202101:20:11
Episode 64 - Seth Scott

Episode 64 - Seth Scott

Let's take a virtual trip... since we can't travel, we can dream and plan about it! Our guest Seth Scott has done a lot of traveling, lot into place considered dangerous or even a war torn country! He's been questioned, chased by rebels and lost his luggage more times than you can count! He also is a hybrid photographer, packing both digital and film... 


Seth @worldinfilm @sethcscotty

Jake @jakerosephoto

Sherry @ruralrouteonefilm

FB Embrace the Grain Photography Podcast or Frugal Film Project '21


Intro Music - Sea Hero

Apr 01, 202101:19:36
Episode 63- The Old Camera Guy - David Mihaly
Mar 18, 202101:10:13
Episode 62 - We Got GAS

Episode 62 - We Got GAS

GAS... Gear Acquisition Syndrome... we both caught it. Thankfully it was short lived... but did result is purchases... tune in to find out what is new on our shelves. In the second half of the show we chat about the rumour that Kodak is bringing back an emulsion! We hope its true and what could it be??? So many great choices... 

Intro music by Sea Hero

email the show at

IG: embrace_the_grain jakerosephoto ruralrouteonefilm

Drop us an email or voice message and we will read or play it on air!

Mar 04, 202101:04:43
Episode 61 - Gary Clennan - The Lens Medic YYC

Episode 61 - Gary Clennan - The Lens Medic YYC

This episode Jake and Sherry chat with Gary the Lens MedicYYC who is their favourite repair guy! Gary is a photographer from Calgary, Alberta who started reading repair manuals and tinkering with his own cameras before offering to help his friends. Soon he had a very busy part time "job" repairing and cleaning cameras! Still he finds time to go out and shoot too. Check out his work on IG @calgary_street and if you have some gear that needs repair or service you can find Gary on IG @lensmedicyyc 

Music by Sea Hero

Feb 18, 202101:15:05
Episode 60 - Mark Rossi - Due North Leather Goods
Feb 04, 202101:00:32
Episode 59 - Jess Hobbs & Jody Mansbridge, The Dynamic Duo!
Jan 20, 202101:17:29
Episode 58 - Welcome 2021
Jan 07, 202101:08:38
Episode 57 - Merlin Boissonneault
Dec 31, 202001:23:07
Episode 56 - Roxanna Angles
Dec 17, 202001:10:21
Episode 55 - Jim Austin

Episode 55 - Jim Austin

Today Jim Austin of Jimages joins me to chat about all things photography. Jim is an interesting person, he has taught photography, published some work, travels the world on a boat (can you say lucky guy?) He also talks about Slow Photography... tune in to find out exactly what that is! You can find out more about Jim here and do have a peek at his work... 

Jim also mentioned this project by Kyle Roper and a free PDF copy of is zine Shizen is available for download. Jim also offers 3 free sessions to beginning photographers, both film and digital!

Please support our on Ko-fi and help us upgrade the computer!

Dec 03, 202001:11:24
Episode 54 - The Gear Show!

Episode 54 - The Gear Show!

 What is one piece of gear you wish you had more time for? BUT... even if it gathers dust, you will NEVER sell it! Find out what the listeners say is their choice...  Find us over on the Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast FB group! Help support the show and upgrade our computer here on Ko-Fi and thank you so much for those of you who have supported us! Everyone stay Positive & Embrace The Grain! Music by: Sea Hero
Nov 19, 202001:14:09
Episode 53 - Welcome Jake!

Episode 53 - Welcome Jake!

We had a few technical issues, so we are a day late with the show! Please excuse us! Topics this episode include: listener questions, Ko-Fi donations (thank you so much! Every penny helps... especially when times are so uncertain!) and a little bit of adventure in thrifting. Sherry upgraded her software to produce the show which helped with technical issues. Another new item for the show... the Facebook group, Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast group... its the new hip happening place to interact with Jake and Sherry!

You can find our Ko-Fi page here

Music by: Sea Hero

Nov 06, 202001:08:22
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming soon to a pod catcher near you! Stay tuned for more!

Oct 30, 202001:30
Episode 52 - The Harvest Episode!
Sep 24, 202001:06:52
Episode 51 - Oscar Campos Photography
Sep 10, 202001:14:46
Episode 50 - Short Solo Show
Aug 27, 202023:05
Episode 49 - Bryan Caporicci - Sprout Studio
Aug 13, 202001:05:10
Episode 48 - Andre Domingues - Cinestill - Negative Positive Photography Podcast
Jul 30, 202001:22:42
Episode 47 - Jonathan Canlas - The FIND Lab
Jul 16, 202001:06:47
Episode 46 - Alex Luyckx - Classic Camera Revival
Jul 02, 202057:16
Episode 45 - if its already broken, you can't break it more...

Episode 45 - if its already broken, you can't break it more...

Camera Repairs... tools and tricks and some stuff not to do! Negative Positive Cheesy Filter Challenge... Nikon or Pentax?

Jun 19, 202028:08
Episode 44 - A day late and a dollar short.

Episode 44 - A day late and a dollar short.

A solo show again (sorry.) What are your photography goals? Where do you want your photography to go?
Jun 05, 202032:06
Episode 43 - #tbt

Episode 43 - #tbt

I’m a tad rushed for time... but wanted to give you an episode... so here’s a Throwback Thursday style episode! We are busy getting the crop seeded on the farm... so I’m not in the “studio” recording. What better way than to relive our humble beginnings than a phone episode?
May 21, 202037:14
Episode 42 - Matt Murray - Matt Loves Cameras
May 07, 202047:06
Episode 41 - Jake Rose

Episode 41 - Jake Rose

Today I chat with Jake Rose about cutting costs while shooting film while on a students budget and starting out shooting film. We also chat about Leicas and Nikons, expired film and bulk loading. 

Apr 23, 202001:03:43
Episode 40 - Season 2!

Episode 40 - Season 2!

We are a year old!!! Just learning to walk... today its a short an dirty solo show chatting about what season 2 is bringing and what what Cayden & I were shooting today. Take care... and on with the show...

Apr 16, 202026:59
Episode 39 - Jr Wyatt

Episode 39 - Jr Wyatt

Today I chat with Jr Wyatt about going on holidays with film, since we both traveled the exact same week! Then we chatted about teaching young kids about photography and of course what conversation with Jr would not be complete without Vivian Maier? 

Apr 09, 202058:10