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She Sparks Tech

She Sparks Tech

By Casey Bertelsman

She Sparks Tech is a podcast where we highlight the stories of womxn using technology in their careers and the paths that got them to where they are today. Our goal is to inspire women to embrace technology and find their unique career path using it and represent diverse voices so we can all start to see someone who looks like us in tech.
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Explore Product Marketing with Melanie Crissey

She Sparks TechMay 18, 2023

Explore Product Marketing with Melanie Crissey
May 18, 202339:58
Transitioning into Tech for a More Flexible Career with Anna Miller
May 04, 202334:12
GIS Tech Applications with Diana Hu
Apr 21, 202350:54
Tech Sales & Being an Ally with Jennifer Pollock
Apr 06, 202325:58
Transitioning into Tech with Polina Norina
Mar 23, 202335:39
There is no such thing as "too young" with Anemari Fiser

There is no such thing as "too young" with Anemari Fiser

The combination of analytical thinking, a realistic way of looking at the world and the passion for solving problems, drove Anemari Fiser to a career in Software Engineering without giving it a lot of thought.

Once she had her first job as a Developer, she quickly identified her next career goal: becoming a Tech Lead. And she made the decision to move countries and companies to join a team that supported her in pursuing a Tech Lead role faster than “the straightforward path”. And she became a tech lead at 26.

But like so many of us, she struggled with burnout once the pandemic hit. Anemari quit her job and was looking for a way to heal. 3 months later, she received her certification as a coach and started her business as a Career Coach in tech. 3 more months later she was working with a bootcamp to support their students getting their first tech roles.

In 2022, Anemari joined the CodeOp team as their Education Lead/Product Director. CodeOp is a company supporting women+ transition into tech. This led her to pursue a topic very close to her heart: working with companies on training and coaching their Tech Leads on tech leadership skills. -

Anemari still supports women+ transition into tech, but her main focus is growing Tech Leads, as she believes the best way to amplify positive change in a team is by having great leaders.

Connect with Anemari:

Looking to transition into tech? Start exploring what comes next for you  & your career with my easy to use Transferable Skills Guide! Download it here:

Stay in touch with Casey & She Sparks Tech:  

Instagram @SheSparksTech 


Mar 09, 202340:57
 Exploring Cybersecurity with Schlaine Hutchins
Feb 23, 202336:59
Celebrating Women in Tech for Black History Month

Celebrating Women in Tech for Black History Month

History serves as an important way of recording the past. By being able to recognize important figures, people can understand current circumstances and pave the way for a better future.

However for centuries, Black voices have been erased from the historical narrative, as storytelling has been told by primarily white voices and predominantly celebrates white figures.

Many students (including myself) have not been taught about the contributions of Black people, especially Black women, to this country’s history; even when they are, those lessons are often cursory and superficial, and minimize the impact of those contributions.

So this episode is dedicated to bringing some of those stories to life.

Emphasis on *some* because I know these highlights don’t even scratch the surface of the impactful women who have been ignored by history.


Some accounts mentioned in this episode:




Feb 09, 202319:16
Exploring People Ops & Tech Foundership with Jen Paxton
Jan 26, 202330:32
Leaving Education for Instructional Design with Sarah Sterner
Jan 13, 202354:04
2022 She Sparks Tech Reflections with Casey

2022 She Sparks Tech Reflections with Casey

For the last episode of the year, I want to celebrate everything that has come from She Sparks Tech.

30 episodes
Doubled listener-ship
Listeners in over 20 countries

I launched my How to Identify Transferable Skills Guide this month.

And if you aren’t following along on instagram @shesparkstech, you are missing some truly great content and that is really where I’m trying to bring the party to in 2023.

Listen to the episode for all of the advice that I want to revisit for the LAST EPISODE OF 2022. (Re: supposed to be posted in 2022, but I'm a human, whoops!)

Jan 04, 202316:27
Ep 30: Using Tech to Build Life Improving Devices with Sideny Collin

Ep 30: Using Tech to Build Life Improving Devices with Sideny Collin

Dec 16, 202225:19
Ep 29: How to Identify your Transferable Skills
Nov 30, 202219:33
Ep 28 Tips for Applying for Roles in Tech with Expert Recruiter Sanja Mitar
Nov 10, 202244:28
Ep 27 From Teaching to Tech with Nicole Mills
Oct 27, 202230:33
Ep 26: Unboxing Humans with the Power of SaaS Solutions Featuring Danielle Boris
Oct 13, 202234:12
Ep 25 Overcoming Challenges in Tech as a Woman of Color with Trina L. Martin
Sep 29, 202236:24
Ep 24: Baby Feeding Education with SimpliFed CEO + Founder Andrea Ippolito

Ep 24: Baby Feeding Education with SimpliFed CEO + Founder Andrea Ippolito

SimpliFed is the telehealth platform democratizing access to baby feeding and breastfeeding services.

By providing high-quality virtual care covered by insurance, the Ithaca, New York-based company envisions a world where every parent feels good about feeding their family – because baby feeding and breastfeeding are central to maternal and infant health.

Founded in 2019 by Andrea Ippolito, a biomedical engineer and mom of two, SimpliFed provides evidence-based and inclusive virtual baby feeding services to everyone, no matter how they choose to feed their baby.

SimpliFed’s mission is to create a new model for optimal baby feeding by building trusted relationships with parents, partnering with healthcare payers and providers, and shifting policy, practice, and narratives to drive health and economic equity, starting with baby’s first foods.

If you want to get in touch with Andrea or more learn about SimpliFed, you can use the resources below:

Andrea Ippolito on LinkedIn
SimpliFed on LinkedIn
SimpliFed on Instagram
SimpliFed Website

Sep 15, 202247:51
Ep 23: How I Went from Engineer to Business Owner & Reignited my Passion for Tech
Sep 01, 202215:43
Ep 22: Constructing your Unique Career Path with Elinor Moshe
Aug 25, 202229:15
Ep 21: Bringing Event Planning to the Tech Industry with Alexandria Tomayko
Aug 15, 202238:34
Ep 20: Product Marketing in Healthcare Tech with Courtney Greenwood
Jul 28, 202230:11
Ep 19: The power of Video Marketing with Nina Froriep
Jul 14, 202240:03
Ep 18: Nonprofits and Equal Opportunities with Lorena Soriano
Jul 14, 202242:03
Ep 17: Breaking Latinx Stereotypes in Talent Acquisition with Virgginnia Buccioni-Hillmann
Jun 16, 202245:56
Episode 16: Using Tech to Build Financial Independence with Daniella Flores
May 06, 202139:56
Episode 15: Breaking the Glass Ceiling with Toni Collis
Apr 22, 202143:49
Episode 14: #MorethanGraphics with Danielle Meadows-Stinnett

Episode 14: #MorethanGraphics with Danielle Meadows-Stinnett

In this episode with Danielle Meadows-Stinnett we are talking all things graphic design and being true to who you are.

Danielle is the owner of minority-led branding agency Octane Design Studios and is also a podcaster, mentor, wife, mom of 4, and lover of cosplay, comics, chai tea, and live MMA. She chooses to mimic her Creator, living humbly & laughing often.

With over 12 years of marketing and multimedia agency experience, Danielle is a Grassroots Developer & Curator, helping brand and launch over 100 local businesses across America; ⅔ in Kentucky. She is always seeking to amplify voices and stories to both inspire and evoke change whether designing digital campaigns or designer sneakers. Danielle is also an advocate of non-traditional education, leading online meetups, and workshops for DIY marketing, motivated by her belief in empowering others.

Although Danielle is passionate about providing creative services, she strives to be more than just the graphics she creates. Over the years her hashtag #MoreThanGraphics has become a life principle for herself, one she executes through storytelling and sharing life chronicles as producer and co-host of the #MoreThanGraphics podcast.

Episode links:







Reach out at or via dm on Instagram @octanedesigns!

Apr 08, 202134:02
Epsiode 13: Afifa Siddiqui on Executing Ideas and Professional Pivoting
Mar 25, 202136:59
Episode 12: Improving Feedback with Libby Robinson
Mar 11, 202127:44
Episode 11: Kelli Lucas on User Experience
Feb 25, 202131:42
Episode 10: Supporting Women in STEM with Stephanie Slocum
Feb 11, 202142:09
Episode 9: Creating Widespread Awareness of Palm Oil Conservation with Chelsea Whelmer
Jan 28, 202133:03
Episode 8: Marine Science Technology with Melissa Cristina Marquez
Jan 14, 202128:04
Episode 7: Chela Mancuso on Using Technology for Band Promotion
Dec 31, 202038:19
Episode 6: Katelyn Sanchez on Construction Coordination using 3D Modeling
Dec 17, 202028:43
Episode 5: The White House Communications Team
Dec 03, 202009:23
Episode 4: Building Relationships Online with Jules Costa

Episode 4: Building Relationships Online with Jules Costa

This interview is with Juliana Costa, an online entrepreneur who started her own business after working remotely as a freelancer. She’s become a self-taught expert on connecting with people online and has grown her network to include clients and now-friends across the world.  She shares a bit about her story to get to where she is now and how she goes about networking online to continue to grow her business.

You connect with Jules on Instagram where she shares her experiences and helps others learn about finances and entrepreneurship.

Instagram: @Julesontap


Some of the useful software she mentions are below in case you’re interested!

Canva - graphics design - Click up - project management - Asana - team management - Slack - team platform - Chalk - networking - check app store Let’s Lunch (not lunch time :) ) - networking - Wave - invoicing service - Last Pass - password management -

Great educational resources:

Ahref’s Blogging for Business - free course - Following relevant hashtags Find an Accountability Group or Mentor CEO School Podcast - Profit First Youtube Video -

Check out Jule’s Instagram post on LLCs to learn more about different state requirements!

Nov 19, 202032:45
Episode 3: Farming Efficient Technology with Madison Mackley
Nov 05, 202033:21
Episode 2: Coding with Dr. Isi Idemudia
Oct 22, 202020:30
Episode 1: Using Technology in Sales with Kristin Johnson

Episode 1: Using Technology in Sales with Kristin Johnson

In this episode, I interview Kristin Johnson, an account executive at Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. We explore how she uses technology in her sales role. The focus in this podcast is the customer relationship management (CRM) software, SalesForce.
To get in touch with Kristin, check out her LinkedIn profile here.
Oct 08, 202057:44
Introducing the Host of The She Sparks Tech Podcast, Casey
Sep 24, 202003:26
She Sparks Tech Trailer

She Sparks Tech Trailer

Introducing the She Sparks Tech Podcast, where each episode explores the story of a woman and where her career has taken her because of technology. Technology spans into every possible career field and understanding how it's used gives us each an opportunity to personalize career paths that inspire us every day.
Aug 31, 202000:52