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Shifting Perspectives

Shifting Perspectives

By Bianca Cortinas

A place where your host Bianca Cortinas a life experiencer expert and transformation guide, shares, stories and perspectives, that act as activations and promote shifts. We talk about all things subconscious change, human design, and anything that gets you back to you, all while going deep on the subconscious work with ease and flow. Take time and let's get intimate as we playfully explore this beautiful thing we call life.
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June Oracle and Shifting Manipulation

Shifting PerspectivesJun 08, 2021

June Oracle and Shifting Manipulation
Jun 08, 202137:46
MOON ENERGY BALANCE session sample - Audio for New Moon in Aries

MOON ENERGY BALANCE session sample - Audio for New Moon in Aries

MOON ENERGY BALANCE session sample - Audio for New Moon in Aries 

This is the audio from my most recent MOON ENERGY BALANCE its an intro and the insight part of what you receive when you choose to participate energetically in this powerful energetic balance session I do with those who sign up each moon cycle. They are held on the New and Full moon each month. I pull messages from where the connection of our subconscious consciousness needs most to maximize the energies of the moon for self enhancement. I tap into the energies and my intuition to provide these energetic shifts. Participating means you receive the integration of these messages that I do in a process for subconscious integration.  After the integration you feel empowered and closer and closer to self-realization. These are an easy way to do the work on expanding your consciousness and aligning with the energies of the planet.

To book and join the next Full Moon energy Balance click HERE


This is a special offering for group consciousness work. These powerful energy aligning sessions create the space for deep transformation on a subconscious level with the support of the moons energies each month. How it works: You sign up and by this energetic exchange via your payment the healing begins, all MOON Balance Sessions work with your consciousness. It's a consciousness collaboration of QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT meaning no physical participation is necessary, you are energetically participating. With that participation you receive all the benefits. All healing communication and shifts happens directly with your subconscious and superconscious that are making any necessary alignment changes on your behalf while you go about your life. The energy shifts are subtle and integrate gently, and the PDF and recording you receive by email or text if you prefer serve as a conscious reminder of the healing that took place during the ENERGY BALANCE and is NOW a part of you. Its Empowering and Life affirming! The difference between this and any other MOON RITUAL is that it doesn't just remain as insight for your conscious that you then need willpower and repetitive action to integrate (constant doing) to become second nature. Instead this energy work integrates into your subconscious immediately and is ready for you to start implementing the change immediately and you'll notice when you start taking small inspired action. The changes from your upgrade start to appear in your life progressively over a short amount of time. Most commonly you will notice a rise in your vibration and general well-being. This type of subconscious focused energy work provides a gateway to higher consciousness, opening the doors of possibility for a PEACE and EASE filled existence. This is a very special deeply healing offering for group consciousness work after the session is complete a pdf with recording of the messages is created. Purchases before each of the following dates will be included in the session. (think of them like reiki but for your subconscious mind.) New Moons for 2021: Feb 11, Mar 13, Apr 11, May 11, Jun 10, Jul 9, Aug 8, Sep 6, Oct 6, Nov 4, Dec 3 Full moons for 2021:Feb 27, Mar 28, Apr 26, May 26, Jun 24, Jul 23, Aug 22, Sept 20, Oct 20, Nov 19, Dec 18. Following the Date of the MOON BALANCE session with-in 1-3 days you'll receive the pdf with the messages and a podcast like recording.

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Apr 15, 202139:47
Moon Balances and The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Moon Balances and The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Bianca Cortinas shares from the heart, as an intuitive she shares as inspired. Interested in working with her, you can find her on IG @me.biancacortinas follow as she is most active here and feel free to reach out. or to book a free discovery call or book a session check out her website and offerings HERE Much appreciation for your support in listening if you enjoy what you hear please leave a review and subscribe for future episodes.  Always a surprise when you are SHIFTING PERSPECTIVES If you'd like to send a message, Bianca would love to hear from you. That can be done by clicking HERE Much love!!  Until next time

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