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Ship it and Sip it

Ship it and Sip it

By John McTavish

The truth about building startups? It's messy, fun, miserable and amazing — if you've got the right team in the right places.

Ship it and Sip it sits right in that time after you start gaining traction, launch a new app or deploy a fab new feature. Well done, let's grab a drink and break down what got you here and where you're going next.

This is our goal for Ship it and Sip it.

We'll talk about small and big wins, about challenges and about what keeps us excited to work creatively to build the tomorrow we deserve.

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Build a High-Quality Product with Natalia Puzikova

Ship it and Sip itOct 29, 2021

How to write in public and grow your tribe with Alena Lysiakova 🐉

How to write in public and grow your tribe with Alena Lysiakova 🐉

Late last summer, we welcomed Alena Lysiakova 🐉 to our content and marketing team 🤝 During the interview, we asked her what she thought about going public and sharing about the work on social channels. She seemed willing but not overly excited — but this year that all changed 🚀 And now she's flourishing with Copy & Coffee and inspires us on a daily basis 💪 Here's what we got into on this episode: • What kind of content she loves to write + what's the next experiment • Who inspired her to really go all-in on posting in 2023 • How people and brands grow in different and similar ways on Linkedin • Why you need to reach both potential customers and your tribe with content Enjoy the show and have an amazing weekend 🍻

Apr 28, 202335:37
Startup traction, paid users and product launch — the complete Nano pipeline explained 🚰
Apr 24, 202332:27
Deep-dive on Product-Market Fit and Sparrow PMF Coaching
Apr 14, 202349:25
Creating Momentum and Igor's insights from 2 years of building in public
Apr 10, 202333:47
Bonus Episode | Startup Bootcamp Outcomes — Myne, Lingoers and PT Fitness Coach

Bonus Episode | Startup Bootcamp Outcomes — Myne, Lingoers and PT Fitness Coach

How much progress can you make as a founder with 'just an idea' in one month? With simple tools, consistency building in public and grit — the answer is a lot 📈 "It's given me a chance to really focus on the MVP and where that needs to be niched down to. I had the pleasure of speaking to over 200 PTs — the waiting list grew a lot further than I expected." – Sam Cholera, founder of PT Fitness Coach "Talking about this idea in public was a big thing for me — when you go to the pub you might tell your mates about an idea. But going on Linkedin and telling your professional network about it is another level. It was always something I was daunted by before. But, having done it, it's been amazing the response I've got — it's just been incredible." – Christopher Elward from Myne ”That was the kick of motivation I needed — you get motivated by action. You see that ok, this is possible." – James Hutchinson at Lingoers I caught the founders James, Chris, Joe and Sam just after they pitched their startups to our selection panel at the end of Bootcamp Batch 1. Enjoy the show to find out what they accomplished and the traction they built for their idea in public. Join the next round at

Apr 06, 202347:47
Nimble Knowledge Management with Ethan Summers at Extelli 🐙

Nimble Knowledge Management with Ethan Summers at Extelli 🐙

What if you could make knowledge documentation faster, easier and more interactive in your team? That's what Ethan Summers and the team at Extelli do — and the solution sits right in Chrome ready to use in a flash. This interview uncovers: 🪜 Ethan's path to entrepreneurship from hardware to software + joining Harmony Venture Labs 🧠 How teams of all sizes use Extelli — from small startups to established orgs 💡 Why it's key to retain workflows, info and know-how in any team — hint: it saves time and $$ "It is magical to sit down with a developer, come up with a feature, identify an issue, fix it — and then they push it and it just works. If you've lived in software your entire life, maybe it can be easy to forget just how magical that is." – Ethan Summers Tune in and enjoy the show!

Check out to try it out with your team.

Learn more about Harmony Venture Labs at

Subscribe to Shegun's Let's Build newsletter at

Mar 24, 202341:50
The Bootcamp Special — 5 founder interviews

The Bootcamp Special — 5 founder interviews

Pitch day is on Monday, who will win the prize of a free MVP build with Paralect?

In order of appearance:

  1. Sam Cholera from PT Fitness Coach 💪

  2. James Hutchinson at Lingoers 🎙️

  3. Chris and Joe from Myne 🏡

  4. Andrew Manchenko at City Scout 📍

  5. Brooke LeBlanc from Point Five 🍹

    Stay tuned for the results, and bravo to all the founders for working hard to gain traction these last 4 weeks 👏

Mar 17, 202301:20:43
The latest trends in Product Design and launching Brick with Lena Grechits

The latest trends in Product Design and launching Brick with Lena Grechits

Every time we kick off a fresh product build with a founder, a creative designer is one of the first on the scene. Most times, a quick design prototype is step 1 to a successful launch.

So how does it happen? And what does the environment that supports each product designer look like?

Let's pull back the curtain on our design process this week with Head of Design Lena Grechits 🥂

"I really like the atmosphere in our team because we're not only working on projects and sometimes see other designers, but we have special meetings twice a week … where we share our latest updates, our new projects, our maybe some tools that we found, some new techniques. We share experience and have one moderator every week who is responsible to find a newer topic, a new tool, something to share." – Lena

We also get into:

🤖 AI tools in Lena's workflow

🧱 The team's new design library Brick

👣 Lena's path to design leadership

Watch and celebrate the power of design with us 🙌

Mar 10, 202344:30
Launching the Startup Bootcamp and building wearable healthtech with Chris Fernandes

Launching the Startup Bootcamp and building wearable healthtech with Chris Fernandes

How do you take an idea from a napkin note to a product with validated potential in just one month?  

That's one of the main topics on this week's Ship it and Sip it with Bodii founder Chris Fernandes. Beyond
Bodii, Chris has teamed up with Victoria to launch our Startup Bootcamp — already wrapping up week 1 of 4 🚀  

John and Chris broke down the inspiration and strategy behind both the Bootcamp and Bodii:
- How are validation and traction different yet equally important?
- Why is the Bootcamp a supportive and valuable step for very early-stage founders?
- What is the main goal for the month and what'll happen at the end?  

Plus find out how his own founder experience at Bodii has helped Chris focus on the best strategies to help founders gain traction 🚀  Enjoy the show and we'll be back soon with stories straight from the founders of Bootcamp cohort 1!

Feb 24, 202301:00:21
The launch of Kickstart and Victoria’s path from Project Management to Global Partnerships

The launch of Kickstart and Victoria’s path from Project Management to Global Partnerships

Two things founders always want — to launch faster and make their money go further.

Oh, and the product should be kickass, too. Well, we're here to hit all three targets 🎯

How? One way is now super-clear thanks to Victoria Barouskaya's new partnership package code-named
Kickstart 🥾

"We pulled together all the tools and startup services we use and trust to build better products. With Kickstart we launch faster and cheaper thanks to consolidated discounts on everything from databases, hosting, analytics, and more." – Victoria

On today's Ship it and Sip it, John and Victoria dive into Kickstart and also:
🤝 Her experience at Web Summit and Hub Berlin
🥳 What it's like to return to in-person events
🐾 And her path from project management to partnerships

🎙️ Find the podcast on your favorite player here 🎙️

But wait, there's more: Kickstart's for any founder — so in the show we'll reveal the discount code you can use to join for free 🤑
Share it with a founder who's building now 🎁

Jan 20, 202339:43
Meet the founders building preventative care HealthTech at PremedGo

Meet the founders building preventative care HealthTech at PremedGo

What’s the key to better health? It’s a complex problem but the team at PremedGo have one part of the answer — to make preventative health checks more accessible, affordable and frequent. This is their story.

"We think now is the time we can create our aim and vision — to create a healthy economy. Where everyone has control of their health — they know what's going on in their health." –
George Opoku Nimfour, CEO and Co-Founder.

So much has happened since Victoria Antonovich met with George and Robert Wong at Web Summit last year!

We sat down to get the story straight from them:

• Why they're inspired to launch the PremedGo app
• How they decided to focus on preventative health checks as the first part of the solution
• What success looks like for their startup in the next 6 months

Enjoy the show and check out their fresh new website at!

Jan 13, 202344:47
Venture in Winter — the state of VC and what's next?

Venture in Winter — the state of VC and what's next?

Are you a startup founder looking to raise funding for your pre-seed, seed, or series-A startup? This show covers the current VC industry conditions and take a look into the future of fundraising.

Our guest Max Flietmann shares his experience from a decade of entrepreneurship and helping other founders reach their funding goals.

We discuss:

  • The current state of fundraising in Europe and worldwide
  • What industries and areas are most affected by the slowdown in VC funding
  • Which ones are still holding steady and could come out of stronger
  • What investors want to see now from founders in terms of ideas, teams and metrics
  • How founders can raise in this environment and what to do to thrive as the winter ends.

Max has a ton of resources for founders and we chat about his love for Notion and what info products he’s got in the pipeline for 2023.

So make a warm cup of your favorite winter brew and enjoy!

Want to watch — check out the livestream recording 🎥

Check out Max’s work at:
Wizard Ventures
Base Templates

Dec 16, 202201:00:02
Building Products with AI/ML and expanding the R&D vision with Vladimir Panteleev

Building Products with AI/ML and expanding the R&D vision with Vladimir Panteleev

Thinking about creating a generative AI product — bringing imaginative stories to life with Stable Diffusion or Dall•e?

"You ask for something, and you don't search for it in the existing world — you create it from scratch. It's like high-tech cyberpunk or something, because we're gonna live in this world where you ask for something and we don't bring it — we create it." – Vladimir Panteleev

Our guest this week is Head of Research and Development Vladimir Panteleev and we had a whirlwind conversation about new and exciting tech, including:

🪄 How generative AI is like casting spells to create magic in the digital world
🤝 Why people, not tech, are at the center of the R&D mission
🚀 What Vladimir thinks about 'hardcore' engineering

And, of course, how the team vets and brings new tech into projects with a focus on maintaining product simplicity.

Enjoy the show 🎥

Nov 25, 202237:47
Why do serial founders choose no-code solutions instead of custom development?
Nov 22, 202258:23
The main insights from building Selva with Michael Lapidus

The main insights from building Selva with Michael Lapidus

Paralect Accelerator teams are getting ready to launch two startups of batch 2022 — Selva and Menaflow.

This week Michael Lapidus, PdM at Selva, was invited to the new episode of Ship it and sip it. He shared all the insights about the upcoming launch of Selva and talked about the features that will surprise the microbial community.

"Selva right now is a Frankenstein of all that you have on the Internet in terms of social medias and in terms of science communities online. But polished with a great design and really good developed features." – Michael

We also discussed:

  • Problems that the founders originally wanted to solve
  • The decision to focus the platform on the microbiome niche
  • The business model of Selva and how scientists can invest in the community.

Watch or download the interview to find out more details about the work on the platform and learn what country is Michael planning to visit in the near future.

Nov 04, 202236:36
Web Summit preview show with Konstantin Kariapin — an inside look at Lisbon’s tech scene.

Web Summit preview show with Konstantin Kariapin — an inside look at Lisbon’s tech scene.

"If we speak about tech itself, I'd say that Portugal — for some reason — is becoming a second Silicon Valley. We even have a bridge like the one in San Francisco." – Konstantin Kariapin, Head of Business Development   

This week we have a special preview show ahead of Web Summit in Lisbon 🤝  
Konstantin has been in Lisbon for the last few months getting to know the startup scene and checking out local accelerator and incubators. Now he's ready for the big event.  

But he won't be alone! Victoriya Antonovich and Victoria Barouskaya are going to find more founders, investors and partners for our community.   Besides the team and their goals for Web Summit, they discuss:  
- Konstantin's first experience at a conference and what he learned  
- Why it's easy to shake off the nerves at big events  
- Whether the investing slowdown will sour the mood  

"Before I went to my first conference I was a bit nervous. But you know, it's so easy to overcome these feelings because all you need is to just start talking to someone. Then  it goes by itself like a flow — you don't even have time to think that you're nervous — it all happens so naturally."  

Have fun and if you're going to be at Web Summit or in Lisbon anytime soon, just shoot a message to Konstantin, Victoriya, or Victoria to meet up!

Nov 02, 202231:58
Launching startups faster and building a tech ecosystem with Trevor Newberry from HVL

Launching startups faster and building a tech ecosystem with Trevor Newberry from HVL

What's it take to build a startup venture studio?
How do you go about creating a sustainable, local tech ecosystem?  

We set out to find answers to these questions and more in the latest Ship it and Sip it.   The guest is Trevor Newberry, Director of Product Delivery at Harmony Venture Labs. Over the past year, we've worked with Trevor and the team to launch startups including Cowello and ListedKit.   

"One thing we've experimented with is actually bringing entrepreneurs in before we actually have a product and saying: 'look, we've been watching you, seen the decisions you've made. We really have a lot of confidence in you as an entrepreneur and we'd love to build something with you.'"  

Beyond ideation and building products — Trevor has co-founded the cohort course AppThink to train the next generation of startup leaders to create winning products.  

Dive in to learn all about quick B2B product launches, ideation + validation, and what's coming up next from Trevor and the HVL team.

Oct 10, 202250:14
From Agora to Selva — Startup Rebranding and why to niche down?
Oct 04, 202217:06
Validating product ideas with Irina Demidova

Validating product ideas with Irina Demidova

Meet Irina Demidova, Senior Business Analyst at Paralect.  This week we invited Irina to "Ship it and Sip it" to talk about her experience in ProductLab, Paralect Accelerator and Startup Summer courses.  

Watch the video to find out:  
👉🏽 How to understand that your startup idea is brilliant
👉🏽 How to define the MVP scope and prioritize features
👉🏽 What are the ways to communicate efficiently online
👉🏽 Why Irina decided to become a business analyst
👉🏽 How to become a professional Business Analyst and much more  

"Despite everything what is happening, we need to move forward because it makes our world a little bit better" − Irina.

Sep 27, 202219:47
Marketing Automation Tool for MENA region — the Founder's vision

Marketing Automation Tool for MENA region — the Founder's vision

This week we had an interview with Nihal Hassan, Founder of Menaflow.
He shared:  
👉The main idea and mission of Menaflow
👉His impression of the Paralect Accelerator
👉Customer feedback on the product
👉Key issues that Menaflow solves
👉Plans for fundraising  

And much more insights 🔥

Sep 26, 202224:58
How to raise funding in today's market and build healthy investor relationships

How to raise funding in today's market and build healthy investor relationships

"In the last couple years, we've been in an unbelievably long upwards spiral in the venture market which was mainly driven by cheap capital. I wouldn't go so far as calling it a venture crisis or venture winter, more-so a market correction back towards normality." – Konstantin Lotter from Trustventure.

This week we sat down with Konstantin and Konstantin Kariapin to talk about:

- startup fundraising and the challenges of current market conditions

- hows and whys of startup financial modelling + investor relationship management

- how to position early-stage startups for successful fundraising.

With base in Berlin and Cologne, Konstantin and the Trustventure team are in the thick of the European startup scene.

"Your main task is to actually portray your business model in a quantitative form — the beauty of that is that you can uncover your most important value levers for your business model."

Want to know how to raise funding faster and maintain healthy investor relations right now? Have a listen 👀

Sep 05, 202248:53
Connecting Founders to Investors with Lukas Reider

Connecting Founders to Investors with Lukas Reider

It's a turbulent time for startups, fundraising and investments.

Was there too much hype into certain sectors?
Are VCs making smart choices?
And how can founders navigate the scene in Europe to raise the funds they need from the right partners for their stage and industry?

I had all these questions and more for our latest guest Lukas Rieder from Greca.

Lukas and his team have been matchmaking between startups and VCs for years — so who better to shed some light on the current situation 🔦

Let's dive in!

Raising in Europe soon? Catch up with Lukas and the Greca team at these upcoming events:

The Tech BBQ in Copenhagen, Sept. 14-15th

Bits & Pretzels in Munich, Sept. 25-27th

Slush in Helsinki, Nov. 17-18th

Aug 19, 202244:53
Agora changes the game for scientists — here's the co-founder's story.
Jul 29, 202229:44
First-time founder Kate Novoselova — life in Portugal and building a community-first app
Jul 08, 202258:57
The Human Capital team — creating a unique culture at Paralect
Jun 17, 202222:42
Life in Bali as a Founder, Mentor and Director with Lyubov Dementyuk

Life in Bali as a Founder, Mentor and Director with Lyubov Dementyuk

"The most essential part is to ask your users the right questions — think twice or three or four times about the questions you're gonna ask." – Lyubov Dementyuk

This week's guest has been a co-founder at a few startups, helps lead us as Managing Director at Paralect and most recently joined Founder Institute Bali as a mentor!

That's a lot! So we tried to get through the highlights and most valuable experiences along her path so far, including:
⚖️ How to prioritize features for new products
📞 Talking to users and making the most of these interviews
🌏 Life as a digital nomad in Bali + the startup scene there
🚀 Her vision of the future of Paralect Global

"When you think from the perspective of partnership — that you are working with the company, not in the company. I always pay attention to the idea. What do people do here, why — do they believe in this? Are they ambitious? And I pay attention to the team. And for me these two things matched perfectly at Paralect."

Jun 03, 202201:06:07
Behind the lens — meet the videographers of Paralect Media

Behind the lens — meet the videographers of Paralect Media

When you watch a video, do you usually think about how much work was done to get us to see it?

📹 A beautiful setting, high-quality sound, a catchy plot — the combination of these elements is the result of the work of a passionate team.

John McTavish interviewed Paralect's videographers to find out how our video content is created and what goes on behind the scenes.

Vlad Nazarenko & Ilya Kravchuk shared:

- why they changed from freelancing to creating with us
- how the issues and responsibilities are distributed within the team
- how they planned and filmed the video series for the accelerator
- what were the most memorable and most challenging moments about filming in the last few months

Interesting to learn more about our video team's workflow? Watch the full interview on YouTube and enjoy!

May 23, 202216:60
Data Strategy for Early-Stage Startups (that investors will love)
Apr 25, 202259:07
Building up alumni communities with Nudge
Apr 01, 202249:03
Go-to-Market + Growth Marketing with Alexandra Cote
Mar 21, 202201:03:05
Building in Public is a Powerful Go-to-Market Strategy

Building in Public is a Powerful Go-to-Market Strategy

"It's normal … this imposter syndrome is never really going to go away — you just learn to dance with it better." – Jasna Klemenc Puntar.  

For this episode of Ship it and Sip it, we went remote and talked with Jasna about how to make the most of e-networking and professional branding.   

Any founders (or anyone) who want #BuildInPublic can learn:  
👤 How to create an appealing profile and digital reputation
🚀 Why startup founders AND teammates help brand positioning
🤝 Where to meet people to grow your e-network  

This is part one of our collaboration with Jasna — on March 24th she'll host a webinar with us to dive deeper into LinkedIn best practices for startups, founders, and all of us.   
Get your questions ready and sign up here!

"If you never ship anything, if you never publish anything, you're never gonna get there. This is the trick — do it and think, do it and think. There's a lot of doing involved."

Visit our website to learn more about🔗:  
Paralect Accelerator
Subscribe to our social networks✔️

Feb 25, 202258:53
Validating problems and improving outreach with Art Garadecki
Feb 15, 202233:16
Brand Design and Finding Inspiration with Helen Sushkevich
Jan 21, 202239:08
Inside Look at VC Startup Funding with Michail Lapidus
Jan 06, 202226:51
Who is John McTavish? Meet the host of Ship it and Sip it
Nov 26, 202121:52
Paralect Launch Ecosystem with Pavel Prata
Nov 12, 202128:39
Build a High-Quality Product with Natalia Puzikova
Oct 29, 202141:46
HealthTech and .NET Engineering with Sergey Lukashov
Oct 15, 202131:56
Web3 — what it means for the creator economy. Interview with Alex Shkor
Oct 04, 202141:31
Tales from Georgia and the BA Dream Team with Kseniya Tsyganok
Sep 17, 202136:21
Paralect's Founder-Focused Approach with Dmitry Schetnikovich

Paralect's Founder-Focused Approach with Dmitry Schetnikovich

"We still want to think in terms of the one single offer for the founder. To the person who'd like to start their own business … and go all-in with the product." – Dmitry Schetnikovich, Founder and CEO of Paralect.

We got Dmitry into the Ship it and Sip it studio to dig into Paralect's history, understand his perspective on launching products and explore his vision for our future 💡

We dove into many topics — Dmitry's pre-Paralect days, the 5th year of Startup Summer, growing through failure as a founder, and what our concept of a venture studio looks like.

"The stories everyone shares on this show are all enabled by the culture, teams and people that make up Paralect. Even the inspiration to start Ship it and Sip it came from Dmitry's podcast." – John McTavish

Enjoy the show 🙏

Aug 31, 202139:22
Founder Chat — VISXA's Product Discovery Phase

Founder Chat — VISXA's Product Discovery Phase

"We keep trial and error — we have a couple sets of ideas, then we change it, we test them and make sure this is what we need." – Mohamed Abosbanab, VISXA founder

We caught up with Mohamed to see the progress the team has made in phase one of the Paralect Accelerator 🚀

This product discovery and design phase includes:
🎉 Design and launch of the VISXA website with sign-up forms
💡 Refining the product requirements for the MVP
🤝 Talking with potential partners and users to improve the solution(s) VISXA brings to the travel and immigration market

"I've gone to talk with the partners and people who'd like to relocate to try to see how we can — when we build the MVP — actually help them. And I've discovered that the market is changing rapidly. When you design something, you should be flexible — you can pivot — and you have to keep learning." – Mohamed

Enjoy this clip and stay tuned for more from VISXA 🙌

Aug 31, 202146:59
Founder Chat — Discovery and Design of Nudge with Julie Landeroin

Founder Chat — Discovery and Design of Nudge with Julie Landeroin

"We made sure that everything there had a purpose, that the flow was seamless between the screens, and we tried to tackle edge cases as much as possible. So I feel like for the developers it's going to be a lot easier to work on this." – Julie Landeroin, Founder of Nudge.

We caught up with Julie to check in on Nudge's progress halfway through the Paralect Accelerator 🚀

Find out:
✨ What special touches Victoriya Antonovich’s design team added to the website and app
✍️ How Kseniya Starodubova and Pavel Prata helped refine Nudge’s value proposition
💡 What ideas came from prospective users that helped shape the MVP
🤔 Why Nudge is designed with every user in mind
👉 How Nudge supports the transition towards workplaces every Millennial dreams of

Nudge is flying towards its launch and we can't wait to get more feedback from the early user community to make it even better along with Julie 🙌

Aug 25, 202121:03
Growing as an Engineer and Learning Cocktails with Mike Gagarin

Growing as an Engineer and Learning Cocktails with Mike Gagarin

This week's episode of Ship it and Sip it is fresh and cool like a perfect gin and tonic on a hot day 😎

John got fellow vlogger and front-end code-maestro Mike Gagarin in to chat:

💡 How he moved from design to development
🤔 What one important concept he teaches to new engineers
🙏 Why Paralect is still exciting and engaging for him after almost 5 years

And, of course, his (relatively) new video series Bukhlonautica 🍻 where he shares recipes and secrets behind famous and up-and-coming cocktails.

Shake yourself a tasty beverage and enjoy!

Aug 10, 202124:50
Startup Heart and Project Management with Victoria Barouskaya

Startup Heart and Project Management with Victoria Barouskaya

Time for Episode 7 of Ship it and Sip it with special guest Victoria Barouskaya 🤝

We explore 🧐
🧭 her journey into project management and Paralec
👉 how she dealt with imposter syndrome at the beginning
💪 and how she's involved with growing the startup ecosystem at her University

"I'm really grateful to our team of developers at that time because whenever I had questions about the tech side — this was a whole new world for me — everyone was really understanding and eager to help me with anything I wanted to know." – Victoria

We hope you enjoy this chat as much as we enjoy working with Victoria 🎉

Jul 19, 202129:29
Ship it and Sip it — Digital Marketing and Paralect's Brand with Alena Timofeeva

Ship it and Sip it — Digital Marketing and Paralect's Brand with Alena Timofeeva

Happy Friday, friends! Time for Episode 6 of Ship it and Sip it 🚀

This week Alena Timofeeva, Head of Marketing at Paralect, joined the show to talk brand positioning and more 🤝

From organizing our distributed team to her ideal home office setup to how we can best connect with new and ambitious founders around the world, John and Alena covered a lot over their cuppa tea.

Enjoy this sneak peek into Paralect Marketing and have a lovely weekend 😎

Jul 02, 202129:57
Meet the Founder — Julie from Nudge

Meet the Founder — Julie from Nudge

"I wanted to build a product to help people follow their dreams — how do you find people who really have your best interest at heart and are qualified to help? And I wanted people to give first, to get into that habit of giving before they ask for something." – Julie Landeroin, Founder of Nudge

🤝 Meet Julie, another founder in Batch One of the Paralect Accelerator 🚀

Right now, she's working with our business discovery team (Product Manager Pavel Prata, Business Analyst Kseniya Starodubova, and Designer Viktoria Antonovich) to establish the MVP design, features, and scope of Nudge.

In our first interview, Julie shares:
💡 How she discovered this problem 8 years ago and the challenges she's had trying to build the solution.
💪 The support system for startups and founders in France
🙏 Why the pay-it-forward approach is Nudge's core feature and competitive advantage.

With her background as an entrepreneur and the depth of customer research she brought into the Accelerator, we are confident Julie's got an idea that can thrive. And we're eager to turn it into a valuable, beautiful product together with her 🙌

Jun 24, 202127:50
Meet the Founder — Mohamed from VISXA

Meet the Founder — Mohamed from VISXA

“The mentality here is different — you’re always looking to not waste a minute, focusing, understanding the plan — what’s the next step? And always happy to help, which I find much more interesting. It’s like building a win-win situation." – Mohamed Abosbanab, Founder of VISXA

This is the first of a series of discussions with our founders in Batch One of the Paralect Accelerator 🤝

Right now, they're going through the business discovery and design phase with our teams to get a clear view of how their idea will transform into a product this summer 🚀

Find out:
💡 Why Mohamed wants to transform legal services for travelers, nomads and immigrants?
🤔 What challenges he's faced in pivoting from lawyer to founder?
👉 And how his vision of VISXA is taking shape with us in Phase 1 💪

Enjoy, we'll be back with more founder interviews soon!

Jun 22, 202126:19
Ship it and Sip it — Startup Scouting with Margo Vorikhova

Ship it and Sip it — Startup Scouting with Margo Vorikhova

Welcome to episode 5 of Ship it and Sip it 🚀

This week, John sat down with Margo to have a look at finding new ideas, making connections with founders around the world and the importance of an inclusive workspace for us at Paralect.

Thanks for watching and have a lovely weekend ☀️

Jun 21, 202129:44
Product Discovery and Design with Victoriya Antonovich

Product Discovery and Design with Victoriya Antonovich

Ever wonder what goes on 'behind the scenes' in the design dept of those cool tech startups 🤔

Who are these artsy folks in black t-shirts?

John invited Paralect's Head of Design Victoriya Antonovich to Ship it and Sip it to dig into product design and our approach to beautiful, intuitive solutions 💡

They focused on the early stages of product discovery, the tools we use to turn ideas into mockups and clickable prototypes, and how our design team supports each other despite being on different product teams 👍

Enjoy the show 🍻

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Jun 10, 202121:05