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Show Me Your Playlist

Show Me Your Playlist

By Show Me Your Playlist

Welcome Katie Krueger and friends from all over as they sit down and banter about what songs they would choose to go on certain playlists. We make them all the time for the gym, road trips and breakups. Listen to how we make the ultimate playlists and maybe find a song our two to add to yours. Philadelphia based and supported.
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Say Cheese and be your own Boss! With Brianna Spause of BS Productions

Show Me Your PlaylistFeb 15, 2019

Happy Birthday Sug Daniels!

Happy Birthday Sug Daniels!

It was a long time in the making but it finally happened! I got to record with Sug Daniels @sugdaniels_ whose birthday just so happens to be today which so happens to be their annual birthday show which is taking place this year at KFN in Philly with The Lunar Year and Best Bear ! Doors at 7 show at 7:30pm! Don’t miss it! So happy to have a full circle moment and record another episode of SMYP it’s been such a great project that has allowed me to connect to some great humans!
Nov 16, 202201:19:58
Sarah Knittel, a Tornado with a Heart.
Nov 13, 201901:13:39


It happened! I did a live show with one of the most badass driven women I know Adesola of Full Bush. Listen to us talk about all the projects a creative loves to get into! We all have an origin story so we all have a origin playlist! Make sure you check out @fullbushband !
Sep 10, 201944:32
Summer Sounds of Fieri with Nathan Hurst

Summer Sounds of Fieri with Nathan Hurst

Finally a playlist for Guy Fieri .. just kidding finally a podcast with Philly Illustrator, Beer enthusiast, snack lover Nathan Hurst. This week we talk about Tattooed Moms, art shows, flavortown USA! Go follow him @nathanhurstart on IG! Go follow this weeks artist @nozziebear and check out his music video for his song brunch -> LISTEN TO NATES SUMMER IF FIERI PLAYLIST HERE ->
Jul 18, 201901:10:55
Hot Tramp Presents YarnBombing bops with Lace in Moon Crochet Street Artist

Hot Tramp Presents YarnBombing bops with Lace in Moon Crochet Street Artist

Hot Tramp Festival Aug 28 - Sept 1

Here is the ticket link -


Just released EP "Like Moons" and currently working on a music video for track "Dis-Moi" which will be out soon!

Janette King

Just released EP "143" and will be releasing music video for "Love Another" on July 19th

Shades Lawrence

Just released EP "Second Life" and will be releasing new EP "East West Road" in December. It's first track "The Return" will come out on July 19th

The Leanover

Full album "Portico" is out on July 30 following both singles "Lily" and "Forward and Back"


Will be releasing full album in September which follows her two singles "Waterfall" and "Flawless".
Jul 05, 201901:39:41
Tubey Frank Show Me Your Sunbeams

Tubey Frank Show Me Your Sunbeams

After a non stop week I write this description from a lyft to work.

I had the wonderful Tubey Frank on find his music here : 

Listen to us banter about hustling so hard so we can lift all the wonderful creative people around us up, how our environment can inspire us to  create projects that connect us to the people that matter and how being 16 and being a punk blasting hip hop to piss off our conservative neighbors. 

Make sure to check out his upcoming events/shows on Instagram @tubeyfrank 

First song featured by musician Bug Martin and "Dharma Blues" 

Jun 20, 201901:25:29
Up Up and Away with Taylor Kelly

Up Up and Away with Taylor Kelly

This weeks episode is with Philadelphia's bad ass babe of Neo-Soul Taylor Kelly ( @TaylorKellyMusic ) This lady has not only been my roommate for the past two years but have been paving her path of bad ass r&b and infectious soul to the people of Philadelphia. 

She is releasing new singles off her upcoming album and what better playlist to make than new music she has been listening to! Some really solid gems on there and we talk about and  listen to her new single "Taco Night"

As well as her music road she has paved, her musical highlights, what musicians she is really digging in Philly and more!

Make sure to follow her on instagram and listen to her on spotify!

Apartment Sessions:

May 28, 201901:09:05
Give Me A Playlist Ivory!

Give Me A Playlist Ivory!

I sat down with Frankie & Robbie of The Band Ivory ( @thebandivory )  Listen here: They talk to me about when they started this project started, what influences them, what their process is making music. I ask them some deep thinkers and we talk about art, projects. We go on tangeants and with me that is always easy.  Listen to this episode! Share it! Follow the band on Instagram. Leave me reviews.  A intro to recap a solid weekend filled with music, tater tots, partying and sex playlists.  Subscribe and follow me on instagram @showmeyourplaylist 
Apr 17, 201901:23:13
Just Want You To Listen . . . . . to these Bass Mint Bands

Just Want You To Listen . . . . . to these Bass Mint Bands

As an ode to not only my talented roommate Taylor Kelly for releasing "JWYTK" go listen here on spotify :
follow her on instagram @taylorkellymusic

I did a "Just Want You To Listen To These Bass Mint Bands!" Playlist
Listen to these mini interview with
Adesola of Full Bush
Find Full Bush Here : @fullbush_band
Ari of Minka
Find Minka Here: @weareminka
Dan of Trash Boy
Find Trash Boy Here: @trashboyphilly
Apr 12, 201901:05:39
Style with Kami Lyles of Babe Grenade
Apr 10, 201953:14
Bass Mint / Rose Meat Get Ready to Fest Playlist

Bass Mint / Rose Meat Get Ready to Fest Playlist

This week's episode has Erik & Melina who operates @Bass.Mint a house venue in West Philly who are about to host their Spring Bass Mint Fest -> check the facebook event here ->  to keep up to date if it turns to a little earlier BBQ! They talk about how they landed in Philly, their favorite venue/bar, the care that goes into running a house show and not only the music they suport but the music they make! They also made two sweet playlists of local music you should check out and a Paul McCartney Song you MUST listen to here -> & Check them out on Instagram @rosemeatmusic
Apr 04, 201901:14:49
Sippin’ and Stitchin’ with Lea Saccomanno

Sippin’ and Stitchin’ with Lea Saccomanno

It’s Business in the Day and Party at Night with Lea Saccomanno of @sippinandstitchin I talk or rant about sexism in skateboarding art shows and my love for Hulu’s new series Shrill. Lea and I talk about how she created sippin’ & stitchin’ , being boujee and gritty at the same time, stoner metal and how she is running workshops at local bars. Check out her playlist here: Find her events on Facebook here: Music by: R.I.E.K ->
Mar 20, 201901:07:01
Untethered House Show

Untethered House Show

This episode is pretty special, I was asked to join this event “Untethered” that was at the West Philly house venue by the   @siennacestemusic the organizer of the event. It was a night filled with art and music a benefit for sexual assault and abuse survivors and those who support survivors. I talked with various artists that attended and they all told me what song they would put on an "Overcome, Empower" Playlist.  We have two music tracks in this episode by Sienna Celeste & Eeden Shale !

Thank you to Sienna, Melina, Rose, Eeden, Sean, Tess, Eddie and Aleasha for being the guests of the episode!

Spotify Playlist here :

Sienna & Sean : Music Lessons

Eeden Shale :

Flesh & Mesh :

WOAR Information :

As a survivor if you are looking a place to tell your story, have a community to listen and find resources check out :

Mar 13, 201901:15:28
Embracing your growth with Corinne Dodenhoff
Mar 01, 201901:06:02
What’s cookie’ good lookin with Sam Gellerstein 🍜

What’s cookie’ good lookin with Sam Gellerstein 🍜

I talk to @samgellerstein about philly music, food and wine. If you need a NYC food map he has one here : | how we like our ramen and a playlist filled with punk, hardcore, jazz and ambient R&B listen to his playlist here : I have a top five which includes @readynowband new song “singing sweetly” MAKE SURE TO REVIEW AND SHARE MY EPISODE !!! Follow us on Instagram @showmeyourplaylist
Feb 22, 201901:08:06
Start A Revolution with Cherry Veen Zine
Feb 18, 201901:07:56
Say Cheese and be your own Boss! With Brianna Spause of BS Productions
Feb 15, 201901:02:04
Night Jams with Camp Candle

Night Jams with Camp Candle

New Episode Monday 👈🏼 Camp Candle came over and talked about their Night Time Jams Playlist! Let me tell you it’s sooo goood and you should listen to it after you listen to this episode! We talk about how they started, what their first concert was, where to get vegan cheesesteaks and most importantly the musicians and artist that we just need to listen to at night ! Rate and Review! follow on Instagram @showmeyourplaylist. Playlist here ->
Feb 11, 201957:17
Traveling To The Gig with Brian Walker

Traveling To The Gig with Brian Walker

Listen this week as I sit down with Brian Walker of @adaywithoutlove singer, songwriter, musician, blogger and creator of the Philadelphia D.I.Y collaborative. We talk about community, making friends in unexpected places and creating music and it’s process . Brian puts together a playlist of songs to travel to gigs to and plays a few while recording. Make sure you check out his new single with @samryebread called “going”
Jan 21, 201901:08:30
Philly Walkin’ with Elaine Rasnake

Philly Walkin’ with Elaine Rasnake

Philadelphia local musician Elaine Rasnake put together a philly fueled playlist to walk around the streets of brotherly love. Seriously though this was such a fun playlist of finding new songs.
Jan 14, 201901:10:36
Mic check 1.2.

Mic check 1.2.

Promo for first episode of Show Me Your Playlist
Nov 27, 201800:42