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A mixture of quick chats and discussions around specialised technology solutions.
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Interview with Arveen Ramdinee from MUA

SilverBridgeNov 10, 2022

Interview with Arveen Ramdinee from MUA

Interview with Arveen Ramdinee from MUA

We recently spoke to Arveen Ramdinee about their Partner Portal Journey (Intermediary Portal).
We talked about some significant moments along the way, touching on the following points: 


00:00 About Mauritius Union Assurance
00:38 Our partnership
00:59 The experience
01:24 Business challenges
02:24 Embracing digital
03:38 The pandemic
04:33 The process
05:45 The results
07:34 The milestones
08:32 The value of collaboration
09:02 A focus on digital transformation
09:38 A thriving partnership

Nov 10, 202210:20
Harnessing tech innovation to deliver tailored insurance solutions - Yunus Scheepers

Harnessing tech innovation to deliver tailored insurance solutions - Yunus Scheepers

Maintaining customer loyalty and business profitability are ongoing  challenges for insurers. Many have turned to developing more affordable  products. If anything, this has highlighted the opportunities to be  capitalised on by meeting customer expectations for a more tailored  approach and increasing relevance in their lives by delivering more  value beyond insurance products. The future of the industry requires  reinventing traditional processes to cater for a more sophisticated  consumer base. Insurers can harness the potential that exists in a  competitive market by providing customers with platforms that help them  introduce value-adds. By doing so, these customers’ lives can be  enhanced. Such platforms are possible, now more than ever, thanks to the  increased prevalence of relevant data insights.

Read the full article here:

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