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Simple Fiscal

Simple Fiscal

By Alex Hubenthal

Helping Small Businesses Scale to 7 Figures a Year

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Lifelong learning | S02E04

Simple FiscalFeb 23, 2022

Sharing finances with your partner | S02E11
Jul 18, 202244:58
Knowing when to quit | S02E10
Jul 05, 202221:48
Eating crow | S02E09
Jun 21, 202234:13
How would you use $1,000 to start a business? | S02E08
May 16, 202235:18
Big announcement! | S02E07
May 02, 202224:35
Don't quit your job just yet! | S02E06
Mar 23, 202244:35
Boundaries in business | S02E05
Mar 08, 202238:43
Lifelong learning | S02E04
Feb 23, 202234:04
The importance of consistency in business | S02E03
Feb 14, 202237:16
Yearly goal setting | S02E02
Jan 24, 202238:57
How to take your business online | S02E01
Jan 14, 202234:11
Talk to your accountant (before the year ends)! | S01E20
Dec 15, 202141:47
Improve your invoicing game | S01E19

Improve your invoicing game | S01E19

Invoicing clients might seem like just another admin task to deal with, but in reality, it's one of the most important elements of your business. Alex and Declan sit down to discuss their invoicing strategy and tips on how to keep your clients happy (and paying!).

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Nov 22, 202136:53
Three common mistakes to avoid when starting a new business | S01E18
Nov 15, 202142:10
Tax strategies you probably weren't aware of | S01E17
Oct 26, 202128:26
Self-employment taxes explained |S01E16
Sep 30, 202143:51
What affects individual taxes? | S01E15
Sep 20, 202143:36
Good Debt vs. Bad Debt | S01E14
Sep 14, 202135:28
How to get out of debt | S01E13

How to get out of debt | S01E13

Debt is not fun, just ask Declan who spent 16 months paying off over $33,000 worth of it. In this episode, Alex and Declan talk about getting out of debt strategies, their experience with debt, and ideas to keep you motivated during the process.

Helpful links:

Sep 07, 202141:34
Rent vs Buy: What's the go/no-go on home ownership? | S01E12
Aug 06, 202141:39
Hacking Credit Card Rewards Programs—An Interview with Eli Facenda | S01E11
Jul 29, 202153:29
Is Bitcoin the currency of the future? - Part 2 | S01E10
Jul 17, 202101:01:27
Is Bitcoin the currency of the future? - Part 1 | S01E09
Jun 28, 202141:19
The No-Nonsense Guide to Budgeting | S01E08
Jun 16, 202144:31
Unpacking all things life insurance | S01E07
May 31, 202148:27
Stephen Warley is teaching teens how to start a business | S01E06

Stephen Warley is teaching teens how to start a business | S01E06

Stephen Warley has been self-employed long before it was even cool. Now, he's giving back and teaching teens how to start a business. In this week's podcast, we sit down with Stephen—founder of—to unpack his entrepreneurial philosophies and ask him questions like: What financial skills do young entrepreneurs lack the most? What's the most important financial skill young entrepreneurs should master to be successful in business? And, if he were to create a new curriculum for a "13th" year of school, what classes would he include?

Learn more about Stephen's Summer Startup program here.

May 26, 202142:04
The "Magic" of Masterminds | S01E05

The "Magic" of Masterminds | S01E05

In an ambiguous career environment, without traditional “role models” — those found in typical hierarchically structured careers — finding the support to navigate the unsteady entrepreneurial waters is hard to come by. But that doesn’t mean support isn’t there.

For the past five years, Alex, Declan, Todd, and Kyle have met weekly to hold each other accountable, build deeper networks, uncover opportunities, and overall provide a safe and non-judgmental space to solve problems.

I this week's episode, we unpack what has made our seemingly normal Mastermind group into a transformative tool for both our personal and business lives.

Learn more about our story here:

May 18, 202149:14
What if your client wants to pay in Bitcoin? | S01E04
May 06, 202135:11
Let's talk about debt | S01E03
Apr 22, 202131:26
Button up your business finances | S01E02
Apr 03, 202139:29
The Case for S-Corp Election for Digital Entrepreneurs | S01E01

The Case for S-Corp Election for Digital Entrepreneurs | S01E01

You have courses to conduct, content to create, and clients to consult, the last thing on your mind as a Digital Entrepreneur is your tax burden.

In this episode, Declan and Alex discuss why S-Corps are so important and how they will save you money on your taxes over the long run.

Mar 22, 202152:16