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Simple Homesteading Life

Simple Homesteading Life

By Ann Accetta-Scott

Join Ann Accetta-Scott, author of The Farm Girl's Guide to Preserving the Harvest, curator of, and encourager to those who seek to live a simple homesteading life. Each week brings forth seasonally based topics ranging from growing and raising your food, preserving the harvest, cooking from scratch, animal husbandry, establishing a homestead, living a chemical free and holistic life, and the emotions behind this blessed journey.
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S2-EP 5 Tips on Raising Homesteading Kids

Simple Homesteading LifeFeb 19, 2021

S2-E6 | 5 Tip to Making your Homesteading Dreams a Reality

S2-E6 | 5 Tip to Making your Homesteading Dreams a Reality

In this episode I talk about how to make your dreams a reality. Many will quit the homesteading life because they become frustrated and do not have the necessary information to achieve living a sustainable homesteading life. 

I want to share with you how we problem solve projects and goals to accomplish what we need in order to continue living a sustainable life. In detail I talk about:

  1. Find the workaround for projects which will hinder your ability to live sustainably.
  2. Determine if it is the right time to incorporate another project.
  3. Research thoroughly the task which you need to accomplish. 
  4. Find your community.
  5. Plan accordingly. 

This life is worth living, do not walk away from your dreams because the reality of achieving it is difficult. 

#homesteading #sustainableliving #goalsetting

Feb 24, 202124:48
S2-EP 5 Tips on Raising Homesteading Kids

S2-EP 5 Tips on Raising Homesteading Kids

I like to believe that our 7 children have learned something from us over the years. In truth, I pray that out of the 7 at least 2 will seek to live the life we do. However, each child is their own person and their dreams may not always align with ours. 

There are two types of homesteading kids:

  • Ones that are born into this life
  • Children who are brought into this life

Today's podcast covers the latter of the two, the kids who were uprooted from everything they know and brought on this homesteading journey.

In this podcast episode I give 5 tips on how to raise homesteading children, along with how to instill the values of living a simple, traditional life. This can be accomplished with children of all ages, when you begin is key. 

Once our kids are gone and we become empty nesters, Justin and I know we've done something right when our children share with their children the stories of our homestead and why we chose to live the way we do.

#homesteading #homestead #homesteadingkids

Feb 19, 202124:11
S2-EP 4 | Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with Justin
Feb 03, 202126:24
S2-EP 3 | My Time Off-Grid
Jan 26, 202137:17
S2-EP 2 | Homesteading with my Husband - special guest, my husband!
Jan 15, 202129:15
S2-EP 1 | Establishing a Homesteading Mission Statement
Jan 09, 202125:01
Episode 20 | What modern appliances can you forgo to live a more traditional life?
Oct 27, 202021:16
Episode 19 | Winter Emotions and End of Season Recap
Oct 16, 202028:27
Episode 18 | What to do with Green Tomatoes
Sep 11, 202016:25
Episode 17 | How to Design a Potager or Kitchen Garden
Aug 21, 202016:27
Episode 16 | Pantry Preparedness Guide

Episode 16 | Pantry Preparedness Guide

A well stocked pantry will have 6 months worth of pantry staples at any given time. This does not cover what we preserve from the garden, but instead non-perishables which are regularly purchased from the market. Is your pantry successfully stocked for a pandemic, unemployment, or natural disaster? If not, I talk about the basics every pantry should have, AND how to substitute the items which are sold out.

For example, what can be substituted for cooking oil? What produce stores best long-term? Do you know how to make many household cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products?

This podcast skims the Pantry Preparedness Guide, however, a full detailed list can be found here:

Or if video is your preference, take a look at our YouTube video:

Part of a well-stocked pantry is the ability to own your food source. Take the steps for owning your food source and preserving the garden's bounty or items which have been purchased from your local farmers market. My book, The Farm Girl's Guide to Preserving the Harvest will provide you the confidence you need to preserve foods within the comfort of your home. 

Do not wait until the last minute to stock your pantry, it is best to always be prepared at all time, regardless if you are homesteading or living in town. 

#pantrypreparednessguide #foodstorage #preparingforapandemic 

Aug 18, 202024:54
Episode 15 | 5 Reasons Homesteaders Procrastinate and How to Prevent this from Occuring

Episode 15 | 5 Reasons Homesteaders Procrastinate and How to Prevent this from Occuring

Many homesteads do not thrive due to procrastination. Let me give you a hint as to what I am referring to: 

  • Garden
  • Preserving
  • Raising livestock
  • Projects
  • Home 

Come discover the 5 tasks which causes homesteaders to feel overwhelmed, learn tips as to how to resolve the issues, and how to get back on track to being a successful homesteading family!

Aug 07, 202040:09
Episode 14 | 5 Tips to Living a Simpler Life
Jun 15, 202035:08
Episode 13 | Month End Recap May 2020
Jun 01, 202024:49
Episode 12 | Do you have what it takes to be a leader?

Episode 12 | Do you have what it takes to be a leader?

The homesteading community is growing by leaps and bounds, but it needs more leaders. More contributors. More individuals who seek to bring others into the life we live. Homesteading leaders come from all walks of life, the suburbs, small homesteads, large farms. You do not need a platform to be the leaders. You need to have passion about the life you live.

In this podcast I cover how to organically draw people into the lives we live. Also, I've included a challenge for each one of you. Take the challenge and then sit back and watch the outcome. 

Be the teacher, leader, sharer, giver, and encourager for the life we live. You have as much clout as I do on this matter.  

#homestead #leadership #mentor

May 31, 202027:10
Episode 11 | Eat What you Raise and ALL the Feelings Behind It
May 23, 202023:42
Episode 10 | Are You a Lone Wolf?
May 16, 202030:09
Episode 9 | The Simple Life is Far from Being Simple
May 10, 202042:25
Episode 8 | End of the Month Recap - April 2020

Episode 8 | End of the Month Recap - April 2020

In a perfect world all tasks at hand are completed in a timely manner. As a homesteader, this world does not exist, and that's okay! Homesteading often requires you go with the flow. Forgiving yourself for what doesn't get done and celebrating the tasks which do.  April was a good month for the property, take a listen to what's change, the accomplishments, and the plans for May. 

I'm extremely excited for May to begin. I am the type of person who likes to see instant change. And boy, will there be some instant changes happening in May! 

PS - here's the smoked kale kraut I mentioned -->

Apr 25, 202022:08
Episode 7 | Canning Questions - Q & A Time!
Apr 18, 202029:17
Episode 6 | Preserving the Spring Harvest

Episode 6 | Preserving the Spring Harvest

Preserving the Spring harvest is made easy with multiple home food preservation methods. Learn how to preserve the garden's bounty by utilizing the following tools:

In this episode I breakdown the best methods for preserving many spring vegetables. And as promised, here are a few of my favorite Spring preserving recipes:

Don't forget, you can join me on YouTube for tutorials on preserving, cooking, and vlogs on simple living. Learn how we strive to live a simple homesteading life, and while you're there hit the subscribe and notification bell to stay alerted as to when a new episode airs. 

Happy homesteading, I'll talk to you guys next week!


Apr 11, 202035:26
Episode 5 | Selecting Poultry Breeds for your Property with guest, Murray McMurray Hatchery

Episode 5 | Selecting Poultry Breeds for your Property with guest, Murray McMurray Hatchery

Selecting the best poultry breeds for your property is important. Learn which poultry breeds are best for your property size and location. Learn all about heritage, broiler breeds and everything in between. 

If you're ready to incorporate poultry let's talk about the best (and most convenient) place to purchase poultry. Is it the feed store, a neighboring farm, or a hatchery?

 Whether you're new to raising poultry or a seasoned keeper, you'll want to listen in on this episode.

#selectingpoultrybreeds #orderingchicks #chickseason

Apr 05, 202046:32
Episode 4 | The Modern Homesteading Homemaker
Mar 27, 202035:57
Episode 3 | Home Food Preservation for the Modern Homesteaders

Episode 3 | Home Food Preservation for the Modern Homesteaders

Preserving the harvest is the goal for every homesteaders and garden enthusiast. The problem is, many do do not know where to start. In this episode we use my book, The Farm Girl's Guide to Preserving the Harvest, as a foundation for all who preserve, or seek to preserve, food at home. I talk about the many preserving methods available, and the reason why many are hesitant to start. 

Once you get past the fear, you will be on the journey to truly owning your food source!  

Mar 20, 202038:03
Episode 2 | Getting through Covid-19

Episode 2 | Getting through Covid-19

Touching base with me with this unexpected podcast. A quick check-in on how we are managing the homestead, and ourselves, during this pandemic. But more importantly, how YOU can help others get through this time without having a platform. We entered this life to seek food ownership and a simpler way of living. Now it's time to encourage others to do the same.  #teachdontpreach  

Mar 17, 202021:25
Episode 1 | Living a Homesteading Life

Episode 1 | Living a Homesteading Life

What better way to launch a Simple Homesteading Life than to introduce myself, my family and my homestead to you! Learn how it all began, what it took to get here, and what's coming up next! Living a homesteading life takes work, dedication, successes, as well as, failures. It's through the grace of forgiving ourselves for the setbacks which makes the average homesteader a phenomenal one.  Hopefully, through podcast I can encourage you to stay encouraged and gain the strength to encourage others to living this simple homesteading life. 

Happy homesteading, 


Mar 13, 202035:44
Welcome to a Simple Homesteading Life (TRAILER)

Welcome to a Simple Homesteading Life (TRAILER)

Homesteading is a lifestyle. One which comes with work, dedication, and emotional growth. If you're looking for your tribe, well, you've found a tribe member in me. Join me weekly by subscribing, and let's get down to homesteading. 

Mar 03, 202001:08