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Simple Sustainable Home

Simple Sustainable Home

By Rachael McKennon

Simple and sustainable living. Cooking from scratch. Growing and preserving the harvest. Non-toxic cleaning and skincare. Ditching the plastic and aiming for a low waste lifestyle on the path to zero waste. Having fun learning and growing every step of the way.
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Unlocking Resentment

Simple Sustainable HomeDec 23, 2022

Unlocking Resentment
Dec 23, 202234:36
Sinking in to Seasonal Living
Dec 16, 202217:56
Taking the Stress Out of the Holidays
Dec 10, 202221:18
Get ready for a Seasonal Slowdown!

Get ready for a Seasonal Slowdown!

Friends, I'm back! I'm here to help you end this year feeling good - calm, peaceful, focused, and grounded. I'll be sharing tips, strategies, and perspectives to help you move out of the ever-busy mode and truly enjoy this time.

I'll share a new episode each Saturday for at least the next 3-4 weeks. If you like it, let me know!

Dec 09, 202201:35
Taking a Brief Summer Break!
Jul 23, 202200:55
Compromise - Walking the Line Between Quality & Your Budget
Jul 16, 202230:38
Creativity - The Secret to a Balanced, Self-Sufficient Lifestyle
Jul 09, 202236:49
Easy Food Preservation Strategies for Beginners (No Canning!)
Jul 02, 202233:30
Fighting Food Waste to Save Money & the Planet

Fighting Food Waste to Save Money & the Planet

In this episode, we're going to take a quick dive into the issues with food waste, how much we're really throwing away, and the simplest strategies to fight food waste.

Spoiler: no clever TikTok hacks required!

Here's what you need:

Free meal planner & pantry checklist -->

Then head to Milk Glass Home to see my zero waste guides, tips for cooking from scratch, meal planning help, and more!

Want some stats? Head to the show notes for more information.

Jun 25, 202223:20
How to Be a Conscious Consumer & Finally Stick to Your Budget
Jun 18, 202248:20
"Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Work, and Do Without"
Jun 11, 202233:46
Meal Planning for Beginners
Jun 04, 202241:30
Sustainable Beauty with Amy of Beauty and the Planet
May 28, 202245:54
BONUS: Cooking From Scratch Podcast Interview w/ Stephanie of Sustainable Minimalists
May 24, 202203:07
Plus Size Sustainable Fashion (on a Budget)
May 21, 202227:18
Stretch your food dollars
May 14, 202246:38
Baby Steps
May 07, 202232:06
Cut the Wrap Already
Apr 30, 202229:40