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Simply Living Life

Simply Living Life

By Dan Ekenberg

After completing my bicycle ride across America against all odds in 2017, I realized that we can accomplish incredible things if we will only START. Cycling continues to be a big part of my life, and I will be doing episodes on my cycling life as well as other cyclists. Of course, life isn't only about bicycles! Join me as I share remarkable stories of determination and accomplishments with people living their lives on their terms and "Simply Living Life."
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Dan and Ryan discuss their bike ride across America

Simply Living LifeJul 04, 2021

Follow up with Ryan Drobel

Follow up with Ryan Drobel

Ryan and I met just a few miles into our bike ride across America in the summer of 2017. We catch up on what's been happening in Ryan's life since the bike ride and if another bike tour is in his plans.
Ryan is engaged to his fiance; Stacy and they plan to move to another country next year.
He has been operating his Junk Removal business in Chicago.
We talk about living a simple lifestyle and enjoying the present moment.
Aug 20, 202335:59
Celebrating 2 years without a car

Celebrating 2 years without a car

Show Notes:
For the past 2 years I've enjoyed the savings, health benefits and joy of using my bicycle after selling my truck in 2021.
Bike riding in winter
Saying Goodbye to Ace
One year since I said Goodbye to Ace
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Jul 27, 202312:36
Living life without a car
Aug 01, 202108:24
A very personal and candid conversation with Jeff Lurcook, President of Strive Workplace Solutions
Jul 25, 202101:05:47
Author, Peter Leavell
Jul 14, 202147:43
Dan and Ryan discuss their bike ride across America
Jul 04, 202154:34
Simply Living Live introduction

Simply Living Live introduction

Welcome to the Simply Living Life podcast where we bring you stories of optimism, overcoming challenges, risk taking, perseverance and a little humor too! I hope you find encouragement and inspiration to begin Simply Living Life! I’m glad you’re here!
Jul 02, 202100:22