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Sip&Snip: A DataSnipper Podcast

Sip&Snip: A DataSnipper Podcast

By DataSnipper

Welcome to Sip&Snip - A DataSnipper Podcast. Sip&Snip covers the pains, gains, and latest happenings in the world of audit, finance, and intelligent automation. We’re in a age of never-ending technological transformation; keeping up with countless conversations around AI, machine, RPA, etc. is impossible. DataSnipper’s here to keep you up-to-speed on what’s worth knowing. So what are you waiting for? Grab a drink, kick back, and let's Sip&Snip.
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The Huge Negative Impact of Repetitive Audit Tasks | Ep 02

Sip&Snip: A DataSnipper PodcastNov 01, 2023