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The Pipeline Podcast

The Pipeline Podcast

By Scott Jennings

Construction Topics and Talk
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Customized Programming: Easy Access and Low Cost

The Pipeline PodcastAug 29, 2018

What’s a Deposition?
Sep 07, 202311:48
Project Specifications – The Basics, in Five Minutes
Aug 30, 202309:39
Concrete Formwork Takeoff 101 – It’s All About SFCA
Aug 16, 202315:50
The Differing Site Condition - Careful!
Aug 11, 202309:18
Kobe’s Gym Rats and Angela’s Grit
Aug 04, 202311:02
Find a Mentor: They’ve Seen What You’re Seeing
Jul 20, 202312:10
Constructive Acceleration: The Bully Owner
Jul 10, 202310:08
Increase Profit By Knowing Design Intent
Jul 03, 202311:42
Internal Divisional Subcontracting: Like Swallowing Hemlock
Jun 26, 202306:09
The Field Sketch: Kiss a Pencil Today
Jun 19, 202309:30
Trench Talk - Paul Hartmann, Rebar Foreman
Jun 14, 202315:52
Larry King and Katt Williams: Now It’s Your Turn
Jun 05, 202309:06
Measured Mile: It’s Not Just for Contractors
May 25, 202314:10
Partner, But Not Necessarily Via Partnering
May 19, 202309:57
Stroke: You’re Having One Right Now
May 09, 202310:27
Contractor Estimating: Drop the Curtain
May 09, 202311:15
New Civil Grads: Three Roads, Choose One!
May 05, 202312:05
Construction in Thailand: 1st and 3rd World Combined
May 01, 202311:45
Your Last Choice: The Total Cost Claim Approach
Apr 07, 202308:48
What is Extended Performance?
Mar 31, 202309:24
Mindset Differences – Major Leaguers v. Minor Leaguers
Mar 21, 202308:20
An Offering of a Contractor’s Standard of Care
Mar 10, 202311:25
Business In Hawaii Is The Same, But Totally Different
Feb 13, 202314:17
Pipeline Trench Talk 01 - Crane Operator Clem Conceicao
Feb 03, 202325:32
How to Start a Professional Construction Company
Jan 29, 202311:10
What’s the Difference Between Unit Price and Lump Sum Bids?
Jan 24, 202309:41
The Low Bid Model – Time to Go?
Jan 15, 202310:22
Utility Drawings 101: The Plan and Profile
Jan 06, 202315:10
Subsurface Disclaimers Don’t Hold – Travelers v. U.S.
Dec 29, 202213:25
Parkinson's Law - Hoping to Quantify Pacing
Dec 21, 202209:01
The Preparatory Meeting: Priceless
Dec 14, 202211:39
Legal Jargon and Process 101
Dec 06, 202210:57
Bonds and Bonding Capacity 101
Nov 28, 202210:41
Construction is Broken - Give me the Onsite EOR
Nov 22, 202209:52
The Importance of As-Builts
Nov 14, 202208:26
University Cooperative Education – the Real Deal!
Nov 09, 202210:00
Water in the Hole! What’s it Mean?

Water in the Hole! What’s it Mean?

–The Pipeline Podcast – Ep 230 Water in the Hole! What’s it Mean? – With Scott Jennings

Listen to this latest episode of “The Pipeline Podcast” where Scott Jennings talks about the importance of understanding what water behavior in an excavation tells you about site conditions.  There is good water, and there is bad water.  Bad water is pretty much any water in your house - it causes degradation of wood frame members, settlement in your foundation, and many other things.  In a heavy/civil sense, it can do major things like introduce unwanted buoyancy in temporary or permanent structures and produce unwanted voids below ground.

In this episode, Scott goes over water inspection and field observation/research techniques to help you, your crew, and the structure stay safe during construction. It is also explained here that water may change with the seasons, so it is important to take this into account in addition to the water's velocity, the smell, and, if you dare, the taste. Scott further explains how respecting the water and having a backup plan will help your project succeed.

I hope you find this episode as informative and as exciting as we have.
Please let us know your thoughts about the episode!

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Nov 04, 202209:02
Smartsheet™ - A Contractor's Dream
Oct 26, 202209:41
Pipe Encasement Flotation – Archimedes was the Man!
Oct 18, 202208:56
Owners Loosen Up Your Grip!
Oct 12, 202210:32
Reading Rebar Drawings 101
Oct 04, 202208:43
Great Ways To Die
Sep 27, 202208:56
Don’t Get Your P.E. License - A Ridiculous Statement
Sep 20, 202208:26
I Wrote A Children’s Book Because I Could
Sep 12, 202205:35
Why to Get a Contractor’s License

Why to Get a Contractor’s License

Operating without a contractor’s license can be anywhere from inconvenient to illegal.  Hear here why you should consider obtaining a license.

Feb 01, 202207:23
No Taj Garage

No Taj Garage

Building a business is ultimately about dollars and cents. You’ve got to not lose money to stay in business. Here’s some advice for those in business or thinking about going into business. Spend less.

Dec 06, 202105:59
Linear Scheduling: Effective with a Bend of Your Mind

Linear Scheduling: Effective with a Bend of Your Mind

Gantt charts have long been the established norm for construction scheduling. Linear scheduling is not nearly as common, especially in America, but can be a great tool.

Nov 28, 202110:30
A Kick in the, Well, You Know: “Last Minute” Bid Postponement

A Kick in the, Well, You Know: “Last Minute” Bid Postponement

The effects on a Project by an Owner who untimely, in a “last minute” manner, postpones a bid are significant – here’s how.

Nov 25, 202109:28
Claims Tools & Methodologies

Claims Tools & Methodologies

Construction claims are generated using many tools and many different methodologies. Listen here to learn some of the basic to intermediate approaches.

Nov 01, 202109:29
Cake Batter and Concrete Mix Design: Same Thing!

Cake Batter and Concrete Mix Design: Same Thing!

Knowing how to read a concrete mix design is helpful for the project management team: from project manager to foreman. Here are some basics.

Oct 12, 202109:16