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Two twenty something Brandon jinx wannabes blasting out hot fresh music takes, some lukewarm.

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Argentinian Sosa

SleepWalker RadioMar 28, 2023

AyooLii Interview

AyooLii Interview

Interview w/ Milwaukee Rapper, Producer, and Social Media influencer AyooLii (AKA Brudderman). Follow AyooLii: Follow dessi2k: Follow SleepWalker Entertainment:

0:00 - Dessi2k is here w/ AyooLi 0:47 - AyooLii on freestyling his verses and the making of the Michael Myers track 2:45 - AyooLii on connecting w/ ThatGuyELI 3:40 - AyooLii’s dream producer (Metro Boomin) 5:00 - Milwaukee style origins s/o The Ching team and Certified Trapper 6:20 - AyooLii on connecting w/ Certified Trapper and the making of the Spenders music video 9:04 - AyooLii on producing and his studio setup 11:12 - Milwaukee slang breakdown 13:15 - AyooLii on needing to blow up outside your city before they recognize you, and his social media comedy persona Brudderman 15:09 - Who Ayooli been listening to recently (Xaviersobased, Certified, Lil RB) 15:55 - AyooLii on his recent NYC trip 16:50 - AyooLii on performing at his first show 18:00 - AyooLii on wanting to work with Rod Wave 18:45 - AyooLi on working w/ Duwap Kaine 19:20 - What to expect from AyooLii in the future (More tapes incoming) 20:30 - Shoutouts 22:10 - Signing Off

Apr 27, 202322:32
VAYDA Interview

VAYDA Interview

Interview w/ Atlanta producer, rapper, and creative Vayda Follow Vayda: Follow SleepWalker Entertainment:

0:00 - We’re here w/ Vayda and she just went viral recently 1:00 - Vayda on growing up in East Atlanta and influence its had on her music, and how she started pursuing a music career 2:39 - Vayda on when she started producing, and playing the piano since she can remember 3:50 - Rapping vs Producing (S/o Producethewav), 4:27 - HUES RADIO and Vayda’s experiences as a DJ 5:50 - Vayda on name changes and her name origin 7:09 - S/o Pharrell, Timbaland, Michael Jackson, and Tyler, The Creator 9:15 -Vayda on choosing who she collaborates with 10:05 - GUMMY (VAYMIX) creation story 11:17 - Vayda on collaborating w/ NoGum Hundo 13:22 - Vayda on changing her approach to sampling, and her process in choosing what to sample 16:50 - Vayda on free styling all her verses 18:00 - Sit down or stand up to record? 18:26 - Vayda on her sound, comparisons, and dealing with the large amount of attention coming her way recently 22:22 - Vayda on Club music and thought process behind making the Breeze EP 23:57 - Vayda's immersive green screen music videos 26:19 - Vayda on collaborating w/ nedarb and working on "Sumo" 27:38 - Vayda on most surprising collaboration she’s had so far, and importance of making producing contracts 30:33 - Vayda on music scenes outside of ATL 32:25 - S/o DORIS 33:10 - The Bad Bitch epidemic 35:39 - Vayda on where she sees herself in the Atlanta music scene, and starting to do shows out of town 40:15 - What to expect from Vayda in the future (New EP every other month) 41:20 - Shoutouts

Apr 27, 202341:55
Argentinian Sosa

Argentinian Sosa

Two twenty something Brandon jinx wannabes blasting out hot fresh music takes, some lukewarm. Episode 4 Follow dessi2k: https://twooccasions.substack.com Follow SleepWalker Entertainment: https://www.sleepwalkerent.com - We’re back and Danny Brown and JPEGMAFIA are Scaring The Hoes 1:35 - Send all videos of you playing “Scaring The Hoes” in public to or dm us @sleepwalker.ent on IG 2:20 - Bad rappers have always existed they’re just way easier to find now, and rappers needa stop going on these CIA-backed alt-white podcasts 5:40 - S/o the 15 year olds on bandlab in Omaha, Nebraska 6:22 - Certified Trapper and the Milwaukee artists invented the new Crank Dat 7:00 - Argentinean Chief Keef 8:20 - Baby Fifity - “Amn Bra” 9:00 - Vayda and Princesa 28 up next 11:08 - There’s a difference between being big and young and turnt 12:20 - Kevin Gates is the originator of eating a$$ 15:52 - Good unreleased songs, a 16:26 - Rx Papi and Rxk Nephew got it 17:52 - Max B might be the best to ever do it #freemaxb20:00 - Prison is modern day slavery 20:44 - CoreCore 23:07 - F*** the CIA we aren’t scared of you 23:30 - Subscribe to the Patreon:

Mar 28, 202323:55


Interview w/ Atlanta rap-artist MULO.FROMPLUTO Follow MULO.FROMPLUTO: Follow Ban: Follow SleepWalker Entertainment:

0:00 - @lboychannelnews is here w/ MULO.FROMPLUTO 0:20 - MULO.FROMPLUTO on growing up in Atlanta then moving to the suburbs in elementary school, and his experience adjusting to the new environment 1:23 - MULO on being inspired by Chief Keef to pursue rapping 3:13 - MULO on his father being an African DJ 3:50 - MULO describing his sound 6:06 - MULO on growing as an artist through experimenting with different sounds 7:58 - MULO reflecting on the first tracks he put out when was only 14-15, which received a relatively large amount of attention at the time 11:35 - MULO on preferring to lock in with producers and making multiple songs with them, but still occasionally using YouTube to find beats 13:13 - S/o SwaJ Beats and Tyreekcc 14:12 - MULO on his recording process, and his most recent release Overt 15:30 - MULO on his stressful school situation 22:52 - MULO on using Overt to showcase his versatility as an artist 23:52 - MULO on his connection to Kodie Shane and their track NOSTRESS 25:02 - MULO on process of creating Overt, his longest music release to date, and pushing himself out of his comfort zone 28:20 - MULO on what he thinks people should take away from Overt 31:10 - MULO on doing live shows in Atlanta 34:35 - MULO on what to expect from him in the future 35:55 - S/o Moneyyshawn and FF (Finnesse Family AKA FFinesse The World) 37:25 - MULO on other underground scenes in the country he’s interested in (NYC) 38:10 - MULO breaking down the way he names his songs 39:40 - MULO on benefiting from being around older people in music that help him be more confident in himself and what he’s doing 41:28 - MULO on where he sees himself in the next few years 43:35 - Signing off

Mar 27, 202343:45
No Idols

No Idols

- We’re back w/ a vengeance and Danny Brown and JPEGMAFIA are dropping a tape called Scaring The Hoes” 2:32 - AI Sample police gonna be on Albertan Bandcamp producers' asses 3:45 - AI music has gone too far and it’s only going to get worse 5:00 - AI radio station killed The Breakfast Club and Funkmaster Flex 5:55 - Diving into No Idols by The Alchemist and Domo Genesis and it’s background 7:22 - "Elimination Chamber" feat Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, and Action Bronson 8:35 - "Gamebreaker" feat Earl Sweatshirt 8:58 - "All Alone" 9:52 - "Till The Angels Come" feat Freddie Gibbs and Prodigy and Power Ballad feat Smoke DZA 11:07 - "Daily News" feat Action Bronson, Earl Sweatshirt, and Spaceghostpurrp 12:05 - S/o Boldy James getting double necked on IG live we fully support you 12:45 - "Daily News" (cont.) 13:45 - The Alchemist has never been challenged to a Verzus because he made “We gon make it” 15:15 - SGP "Daily News" verse may be the only official Raider Klan x Odd Future collab, 17:00 - SGP is the Soulja Boy of burning it all to the grown 20:09 - "No Idols" feat Tyler The Creator 22:16 - Tyler has really come a long way 24:24 - Odd Future might be the all-time greatest collective of our generation 27:12 - "Me and My Bitch" 29:05 - Domo Genesis now 30:40 - Signing Off

Mar 20, 202331:09
ThatguyELI Interview

ThatguyELI Interview

Dessi2k interview w/ Milwaukee producer, multi-instrumentalist, and teacher ThatguyELI  

Follow ThatguyELI: 

Follow dessi2k:  

Follow SleepWalker Entertainment: 

0:00 - Dessi2k is in the building w/ the one an only ThatguyEli 

0:52 - ThatguyELI on his favorite michigan artists (YN Jay, Rio, Kasher Quon, Teejayx6) 

2:25 - ThatguyEli on the DIY Milwaukee and Wisconsin music scenes 

3:15 - ThatguyELI on how he’s progressed musically over the years  

4:20 - ThatguyELI on the Milwuakee claps and its history 

5:40 - ThatguyELI on how connecting with AyooLii 

8:33 - ThatguyELI on his musical background and being a music teacher 

10:01 - ThatguyELI on his studio and general recording process 

11:38 - Milwaukee lingo breakdown 

12:55 - ThatguyELI on the segmented nature of the Milwaukee music scene and working to build more of a community within it 

14:05 - ThatguyELI on shows and the growing power of internet presence 

15:11 - ThatguyELI on producing “Kurt Cobain” track 

16:57 - ThatguyELI on how Duwap Kaine got involved in the remix to Soul Train  

18:43 - ThatguyThatguyELI on not limiting himself to one genre 

19:43 - ThatguyELI on where he sees himself at the end of the year 

20:10 - Signing Off

Feb 27, 202321:45
Universal Truths

Universal Truths

Two twenty something Brandon jinx wannabes blasting out hot fresh music takes, some lukewarm. Episode 2

0:00 - Welcome to episode 2 of the SleepWalker Pod, it’s very warm out and producers shouldn’t try to recreate samples 

2:20 - New Lisha G x Slime Dollaz, and the legend of DJ Phat and DJ Smokey 

4:30 - s/o Jadassea and the UK/NYC connection runs deep (The diaspora is strong)

8:25 - Ice Spice vs St Mercator (The Biggest Bird) 

12:20 - Bitch Where is one of the greatest album intros of all time, Chief Keef is the youngest OG of all time, And no-one has aged better than Sosa 

16:08 - Where is Yung Bans??? 

16:30 - RIP Bankroll Fre$h 

17:17 - Remember Agoff?, Lil Tracy had it in his blood to be a successful musician, and Levi Carter was lit 

20:01 - Soulja Boy is a titan of industry 

21:40 - Whose aged gracefully?: Father, Domo Genesis, Lite Fortunato, Wiki 

24:38 - RATKING 

27:40 - Zelooperz is building a pyramid brick by brick 

29:52 - Earl and Babytron have real conversations w/ you when they rap

31:56 - Black Noise is really tapped in 

34:42 - Favorite Posse cuts: Black Hippy tracks, Oldie, 1Train, Really Doe, The Last Huzzah 

34:57 - The Last F****ng Huzzah 

36:20 - All rappers want to be comedians, and all comedians want to be rappers 

37:50 - Detroit / Michigan vs Milwaukee  

40:01 - Ghostface Killah vs Action Bronson 

41:13 - The best rappers just tap into universal truths that go hard

Feb 16, 202342:01
Jewelssea Interview

Jewelssea Interview

Interview w/ South Philly Producer / DJ / Artist Jewelssea  

0:00 - We’re here w/ Jewelssea and it’s been kinda decent outside, but the cold front is coming 

0:52- Jewelssea on growing up in South Philly 

3:34 - Jewelssea on initially being a producer before DJing, playing instruments, and how she got into making beats through scoring digital films  

5:35 - Jewelssea on getting into music production through scoring films before transitioning to boom-bap lo-fi beats 

6:35 - Jewelssea on the first track they released 

8:00 - Jewelssea on making her Transcend beat tape w/ JJared 

10:14 - Jewelssea on being featured on the Women Of The World Vol 2 international Beat tape

13:08 - Jewelssea on when they started DJing and the legendary Alt+Escape rave series 

18:00 - Jewelssea on her time studying abroad in Berlin in 2019 

19:30 - Jewlessea on returning from Berlin with newfound DJ experience, and dealing with COVID, and picking DJing backup for the summer of 2021  

21:00 - Jewelssea on being a full-time DJ since May 2022 

22:21 - Jewlessea on playing at the Adult Swim Festival   

24:04 - Jewlessea on playing MakingTime X The Lot Radio  

27:03 - Jewelssea on playing Shrek Rave, Bikini Bottom Rave and other silly shows 

28:30 - Jewelssea on their background in 3D animation 

30:45 - Jewelssea  on her 2020 project It’s All Love 

32:20 - Jewelssea on their current sound (House and Drum N Bass) and plans for upcoming releases 

34:30 - Jewelssea on working with Jah$tar (S/o BNYX and larry) 

37:00 Jewlessea on placement for Robb Bank$ and working at the WOD producer camp  

40:35 -  DJ questions (what software you use? Do you pre-record your sets? Longest set? Craziest lineup? 

44:33 - Jewlessea on how she met Tisakorean #WERKKK 45:45 - S/o Zack Fox 

46:15 - Jewelssea on working w/ Dazegxd

 47:53 - Jewelssea on joining the /none booking agency roster (FKA NoneSuch)

51:21 - Jewelssea on their residency at The 700 

53:45 - Jewelssea on her L8House event and comic book series of the same name 

56:19 - Jewelssea on their merch (available on her band camp)  

57:42 - Jewelssea on who she’s listening to these days (PinkPantherss, liv.e, Frankie Knuckles, Coco Brice, Phony People, Kush Jones, DJ Swisha, Acemo, Moma Ready, and Kornel Kovacs)

59:25 - Jewelssea on moving out of Philly in the near future 

1:01:21 - 2021 summer vs 2022 summer 

1:07:37 - What to expect from Jewelssea in the future

1:08:20 - Shoutouts

Feb 09, 202301:09:24
utrippin! Interview

utrippin! Interview

Interview with LA / Atlanta based producer and legend in the making utrippin! 

0:00 - utrippin! is here and has been making beats and playing RuneScape since breaking his arms 

1:35 - utrippin! on growing up in LA and moving to Atlanta 

3:22- utrippin! on playing the guitar, and getting into producing his freshman year  

5:41 - utrippin! on not having a sound, and influence of the Plugg genre 

7:58 - s/o off-camera Nolan

9:02 - utrippin! on when he started DJing, and producing vs DJing 

11:44 - utrippin! on briefly rapping, and the first songs he put on the internet 

12:10 - utrippin! name origins 

13:54 - utrippin! on his most recent project #5 , and breaking down the titles of his projects 

15:55 -utrippin! on tapping in with Bear1boss, making 80 songs in less than 2 weeks, and their upcoming tape together 

19:17 - utrippin! on the collectives he’s a part of (Work Department, Nitemare, Corazonn)  

21:45 S/O grandfero aka kadept_one 

22:52 - utrippin! on being based in LA and having different artists stay with him or at nearby BnBs where they could work together including Uglyfriend, Brentrambo, Nolan, Captaincrunch, and Lil Xelly  

24:43 - S/O Uglyfriend  and building natural relastionships 

26:10 - utrippin! on working with BoofPaxkMooky 

27:12 - utrippin! on making “We Aint Goin” w/ Nerdcoke and NGeeYL  

28:35 - utrippin! on his u/u instrumental tape series 

29:30 - utrippin! on designing his own cover art, and working with Slug 

30:44 - utrippin! on working on other things beyond music 

31:16 - RuneScape Stakes and other video games  

35:25 - utrippin! on wanting to score and develop his own video game 

36:40 - utrippin! on working w/ David Shawty 

37:47 - utrippin! on working w/ Nolan  

40:17 - utrippin! on “managing” Jake Hansen and shyguyslug 

43:17 - Producer Questions: 

  - What Software do you use? / Ableton vs FL  

  - 44:56 - s/o Perc40  

  - 47:14 - Do you like sampling or building your melodies?  

  - 47:48 - Do you have any specific preference to where you make beats?

  - 49:56 - Do you prefer collabing or making beats solo?  

  - 51:33 - You ever get producer block? How did you work through it? 

52:34 - What is Glockafella? (VST group) 

54:29 - utrippin! on working w/ Pasto Flocco (New tape coming soon)  

55:19 - utrippin! on connecting all the segments of the underground he’s a part of 

55:58 - You f*ck w/ conspiracy theories (Repitlians, underground government, Denver Airport, Slab City) 

59:47 - utrippin! on how he feels about the current state of music and where he sees himself within it 

1:02:29 - What to expect to see from utrippin! i the future (if you don’t stop then you can’t not win) 

1:03:49 - Shoutouts

Feb 08, 202301:04:25
Glizzy Gang / Usual Suspects

Glizzy Gang / Usual Suspects

Solid convo about a lot of things including rap's Blog Era, Divine Council vs Larry League, the gradual decline of Glizzy Gang, Milwaukee rap music, Popstar Benny tags, Trippie Red fans, Lil Yachty's new album, T*** L***z, 360 deals, and a whole lot more.  Tapioca in!

Jan 31, 202348:05