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The Smallest Box Possible

The Smallest Box Possible

By Jason Robinson

Are you thinking of starting a small business? Has your side hustle grown larger than your 9-to-5? The Smallest Box Possible Podcast is an honest, unfiltered view from an experienced entrepreneur. Jason Robinson is the Founder of Free Radical Labs, a media and merchandising company in Athens, Georgia. Each episode talks about experiences of small business ownership from the vantage point of someone who has lived it or is living it currently. This podcast is a crash course in the highs and lows of being your own boss.
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Using AI in Your Business: Rabbit Holes Ahead

The Smallest Box PossibleApr 07, 2023

Using AI in Your Business: Rabbit Holes Ahead
Apr 07, 202317:42
Our Process: A Crash Course in Embroidery

Our Process: A Crash Course in Embroidery

Free Radical Labs does alot of things, but one thing we can help you get set up with is good looking embroidery. Whether you are looking to get some gifts or start a clothing line - quality embroidery can really help your idea pop. Give us 20 minutes and we can save you a ton of heartache and headaches when it comes to getting set up in peculiar mix of science and witchcraft that is embroidery.

Apr 05, 202321:15
PPP: The Feds Aren't Dumb

PPP: The Feds Aren't Dumb

Jason's on a bit of a tear this episode talking about PPP fraud. It seems like a couple times a week you see a story on the news about someone getting busted for PPP fraud - but its never intricate or interesting. Generally people got money they didn't deserve or need and spent it on frivolous stuff that's easy to spot from the street. If you made a list of people you wouldn't want to steal from, how high up on that list would you put the Feds?

Apr 03, 202326:32
That Glass of Water Isn't Free: Pricing Your Goods

That Glass of Water Isn't Free: Pricing Your Goods

Someone once said, "yesterday's price is not today's price." Well, do you honestly know what todays price is? Jason is talking about pricing strategies and what all goes into pricing goods and services in today's market.

Mar 31, 202319:55
Memberships and Networking: Time To Get Out of Your Shell
Mar 27, 202323:53
Invoicing: You've Almost Gotten Paid, Don't Mess It Up.
Mar 23, 202323:52
Customer Service: Keeping the Money You've Made in Your Pocket
Mar 22, 202331:27
Your Financial Foxhole: Tips for Surviving Financial Uncertainty
Mar 20, 202322:20
Bags & Boxes: Investing Money and Saving Time Getting Stuff to Your Customers
Mar 17, 202334:41
Print or Press? Our thoughts on the different routes you can go when making t shirts as a business.
Mar 15, 202325:31
Beware False Profit$ - Don't Believe the Business "Advice" You See On Social Media
Mar 14, 202319:45
Our Process: Ordering Screenprinted T-Shirts
Feb 25, 202125:58
Failure May Not Be An Option...but It's a Possibility
Feb 19, 202123:44
First Impressions: Email Addresses featuring Nick Turner
Feb 13, 202125:40
Want a Great Graphic Designer? Expect a Comma ft. Daniel Flores
Feb 05, 202101:16:29
2020 Year In Review Part 2: Surf the Digital Wave (or Get Crushed by It)
Jan 30, 202126:28
2020 Year in Review Part 1: Banking Relationships
Jan 26, 202127:22
How Good Is It Really? Talking Websites with a Legit Professional ft. Nick Turner
Jan 13, 202101:08:21
Toys vs Tools
Dec 07, 202019:05
The Smallest Box Possible
Dec 04, 202015:53
The Prologue

The Prologue

We all have a backstory.  This is mine.

Dec 03, 202010:20
December 2, 2020

December 2, 2020

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Dec 02, 202000:31