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Welding 4.0

Welding 4.0

By Smart Weld

This podcast will provide you with all necessary information on welding's.
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Advice for New Welders

Welding 4.0May 15, 2022

Advice for New Welders

Advice for New Welders

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One of the most difficult trades, welding requires having in-depth knowledge and attention to detail. If you have a passion to learn to weld, then the article will assist you in becoming a pro in this profession.

Know the Metal

If you want to learn to weld, you need to acquire some basic metallurgic knowledge. You should be aware of the base metal and the electrode you are welding with to understand the behavior of the final bead.

Wear a suitable dress

An item of appropriate clothing is compulsory to put on because it extracts ultraviolet and infrared rays during the welding process. These rays easily burn or damage skin. Sparks emitted during the welding process can burn clothing. Thus, it’s vital to wear a leather jacket and canvas gloves with other safety gear to protect yourself. Ensure to put on a welding helmet that shields your eyes and defects any debris. So, it is a must for new welders to put on proper safety gear during welding.

Protect yourself from fumes and gases

Welders can protect themselves in two ways:

  • When the welding process excludes poisonous fumes and gasses, they can utilize the exhaust system or turn on the fan.
  • Moreover, they can also use an exhaust hood for breathing properly in this toxic environment.

Avoid electric shock

The most important thing that welders need to understand is how they can guard themselves against electric shock. Make sure to check out your electrode holder gadget before striking an arc.

  1. The ground should be dry
  2. Your clothes gloves should be dry
  3. Don't touch electrodes or metal materials with wet hands or moist clothes while trying to weld

Inspect the equipment

Whether you are professional or new, you need to inspect your equipment before starting the welding process. Otherwise, you must confront the serious accidents. It's the intelligent thing to examine frayed wires or leaking hoses from the equipment so that you can eliminate safety risks. All welders need to inspect their equipment and tools daily.

Go through books and stay away from clutter

A welder needs to read many books about welding productivity to perfect their skill and weld efficiently without any risk. Always be aware of your surroundings. Thus, you should have the proper knowledge of your equipment, how to operate, and its safety features. It is very important that all welders read all descriptions very carefully to avoid any misunderstandings.


Becoming a welder is not an easy task; you must take care in perfecting your skill while remaining safe. Avoid hazards and wear proper PPE devices. Similarly, inspect welding holders and equipment before working because sometimes the tools need repair and maintenance. Negligence can place your life at risk.

May 15, 202207:24
WELDING: It’s Not Just a Career, It’s a part of our everyday lives

WELDING: It’s Not Just a Career, It’s a part of our everyday lives

Welding is the backbone of almost all cyclic and non-cyclic industries in one way or another. Construction relies on steel which in turn requires welding to assemble parts. Either way, no one can stay away from this fascinating process. Hence, a Welding Career is a prosperous career with low competition and high career scope. Welding Career in Modern World. Welding is not a traditional profession anymore where the skills used to get passed from one generation to another. It has become a rock-solid career. Many welding schools have started providing degree and diploma courses to create the profession in industrial, manufacturing, and construction units. It’s a promising career with increasing job opportunities in different sectors. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the welding career will grow by 3% from 2019 to 2029, with constant further growth.

The welding process is based on science and research and is evolving rapidly. Different types of welding use different techniques to achieve the same goal of joining metal materials and fixing broken parts.

How Does Welding Impact Life?

Welding is an aspect of life that often goes unnoticed, but one cannot think of a life without welding.Welding is used in cars and the construction of parking garages. It is used in kitchen appliances and grocery stores, devices, and machinery used to create devices. Without welding, one cannot imagine modern life.

What Does Welding Teach?

Welding is a process that looks simple but requires a lot of preparation and intelligence. It needs physical and mental abilities along with patience and passion. Welding makes one mature to understand assembly processes, and innovation and makes a person responsible for labor and life. The job requires blood, sweat, and brains, and only people with passion can pursue it for a lifetime. It includes documentation, maintaining and managing inventory, handling heavy equipment, and using science to fix anything. Hence, welding teaches one to become an all-rounder and prepares one to be ready for all surprises. It trains an eye for details and is as fit as a fiddle to handle ground-level work. 

How does Welding as a Career Impacts one’s Individuality?

It’s entirely subjective what one thinks of welding and a welding career. It’s not just a career but a way to lead a life. Welding needs all kinds of work and helps understand how important it is to have a base knowledge of everything around. Welding has also been proved to be a gender-biased job. Welding jobs were always thought to be men’s role as they need hard work and constant physical tension. Still, many women welders in America and worldwide have started their journey as welders, making them break the patriarchy and free to choose their career paths.

Welding needs teamwork and innovative ways to solve problems. It enables an individual to think differently and focus on solutions rather than issues. Welding is a great profession to choose. Not only because it has high scope but because it shapes a competent person and makes people understand the dignity of labor.

May 15, 202203:42