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Sober Bliss

Sober Bliss

By Gayle Macdonald

The Sober Bliss Podcast bringing you hints, tips, advice and inspiration as you walk your path to living a rich and full alcohol-free life. Discover why sobriety is the most loving gift of self care and self love, and how you can feel empowered and joyous with your choice to live the abundant life of alcohol-freedom you deserve.
I'm Gayle Macdonald, coach, mentor, mum, and tea drinker! I'm here to help you to transform your relationship with alcohol in a way that feels good, so you can live the life you deserve without alcohol holding you back.
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Sober Bliss: Quit Drinking. Feel Good - An Introduction to my book

Sober BlissOct 11, 2023

Sober Bliss: Quit Drinking. Feel Good - An Introduction to my book
Oct 11, 202318:43
Ten Ways to Feel Good This Sober October
Oct 06, 202332:41
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Sep 25, 202329:02
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Aug 09, 202344:18
Three Years of Fun & Freedom From Alcohol. A Conversation with Dawn
Jun 22, 202338:09
How Michael Jordan Helped Me To Quit Drinking
Jun 01, 202333:07
Sobriety & Suicide - The Podcast I Didn't Want to Make

Sobriety & Suicide - The Podcast I Didn't Want to Make

Sobriety & Suicide - The Podcast I didn't want to make, yet I feel is necessary. I have not shared anything new with you for two months because I’ve been in a very difficult place, trying to cope with the unimaginable loss of my son. As the title suggests, this is a podcast about loss and love, suicide and sobriety, extremely hard things to talk about, but I feel that it is my duty to talk about them.

This is a very distressing sbject, so please listen with caution and if you feel triggered by the content or it affects you in any way then please get support. I don’t want to burden anyone with this or cause pain. However, I do feel like I am being blocked somehow by this and need to get it out in order to move through and forward.

This won’t be a neat and tidy podcast, with helpful hints for you take away, it’s not that kind of podcast, but I do hope that by sharing my experiences it will help you to see that there is another way, various ways in fact to deal with life, to cope with tragic, heartbreaking events, tend to our emotions and find tiny moments of comfort in what is otherwise and impossible situation.

Alcohol is not the way, not the way at all and I am extremely grateful for my sobriety, without which I would not be here now, there’s no way I would be still upright if I was drinking.

** At the beginning I say two weeks - it should be two months. And, when I say 2003, I mean 2023 (fuzzy brain!)

Resources mentioned in the podcast

***Get the book: Sober Bliss, QUIT DRINKING. FEEL GOOD.***

May 16, 202301:03:08
Do Mummies Really Need Wine?
Apr 18, 202339:38
Marvelous Midlife with Laura Shuckburgh
Apr 03, 202344:07
The Sober Summit with Maggie Klaassens

The Sober Summit with Maggie Klaassens

The Sober Summit with Maggie Klaassens! Welcome to this fun-filled, exciting, and inspirational podcast episode, where I'm chatting all about the upcoming Sober Summit with the wonderful Maggie Klaassens. Maggie is a mom of three young kids, a health coach, and former wine enthusiast turned sober drinker.
She created The Sober Summit to help other middle-lane drinkers rethink their drinking and see what life could be like without alcohol.
Many of the authors, podcasters, and influencers speaking at The Sober Summit are the reason why she is alcohol-free today.
Maggie's goal for this event is to bring all of these incredible resources together in one place to help educate and inspire others to live their best life, alcohol-free!

Tune in for all the details on what makes this summit a really great event, no matter where you are on your sober journey, there is something there for you.

For 3 days, April 12-14, this FREE virtual event is bringing you inspiration from 24 of the best authors, podcasters, experts and influencers from the sober community.  These incredible speakers have successfully changed their relationship with alcohol and want to cheer you on to do the same whether you’re on Day 1 or Day 1,000!   

You’ll learn about the science behind alcohol and what it does to your mind, body and spirit, tools to help you through the first few months of sobriety and tips on how to navigate an alcohol-free life. And so much more! I will be there as will Annie Grace, William Porter, and many more really great influencers. Join us!

Links to join the Sober Summit

Get your FREE Ticket

Get your Early Bird All Access Pass

***Get the book: Sober Bliss, QUIT DRINKING. FEEL GOOD.***

Mar 29, 202336:49
Writing Your Recovery with Ann Dowsett Johnston

Writing Your Recovery with Ann Dowsett Johnston

Writing Your Recovery with Ann Dowsett Johnston. I am beyond excited to share this podcast interview with the absolutely lovely Ann Dowsett Johnston. If you don’t know, Ann is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author of ‘Drink: The Intimate Relationship between Women and Alcohol’ which is still as relevant today as when Ann wrote it, ten years ago. Ann is an amazing woman who has helped to transform lives, through her writing, with her work on removing the stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction and most recently in her role as a psychotherapist. This is a wonderful conversation and I am incredibly grateful to Ann for sticking with me as she had a terrible cold that day. Ann and I discuss the pinking of the market by the alcohol companies; the normalising of what Ann calls the modern woman’s steroid, and the risky drinking by intelligent, successful women. We also talked about Ann’s book, Ann's personal story about hr own drinking and how she quit, the healing power of writing in recovery, and how you can be supported by Ann and other women on the same journey as you in Ann’s nourishing and incredibly healing, ‘Writing your Recovery’ course. Ann shares some of her other tools on how to change your relationship with alcohol both in the early days and long term and we also get an insight into Ann’s new book. So, grab a cuppa, settle in and enjoy.

Resources for more support

Join Ann's Writing Your Recovery Course (starting April 12th)

The Sober Bliss Website

***Get the book: Sober Bliss, QUIT DRINKING. FEEL GOOD.***

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Does Alcohol Really Make a Magical Christmas?
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Nov 10, 202228:49
Are You Afraid to Quit Drinking? Facing your Fear of Sobriety

Are You Afraid to Quit Drinking? Facing your Fear of Sobriety

Oct 29, 202251:34
Sober Bliss Meets - Rehab Studios
Oct 26, 202235:15
What Are You Choosing, Really?
Oct 19, 202249:31
The best thing you can do for yourself if you want to stop drinking
Oct 12, 202240:42
Guided Visualization Meditation - Create aVision for your Sobriety
Oct 06, 202218:55
RAIN Technique for Alcohol Cravings
Oct 06, 202208:30
Evening Meditation for Early Sobriety
Oct 06, 202206:39
Guided Meditation to Help you Through Alcohol Cravings
Oct 06, 202207:50
Postive Affirmations for Sobriety
Oct 06, 202216:13
When being sober feels hard........... And how to bring back the magic!

When being sober feels hard........... And how to bring back the magic!

Sep 24, 202237:30
Four Years of Sobriety - An Interview with My Husband An Ex Beer Monster!
Aug 23, 202246:11
Nutrition in Sobriety with Dr. Brooke Scheller
Jul 07, 202242:47
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The Sober Tools Helping Me Through a Rough Patch
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Dec 09, 202147:19