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Social Media Unwind

Social Media Unwind

By Andrea Jones

Welcome to the Social Media Unwind Series - bite-sized mindfulness meditations for online entrepreneurs and digital content creators.

This series is brought to you by the Savvy Social School. Learn more at
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Building Good Social Media Habits

Social Media UnwindDec 08, 2020

Be in the moment
Jun 27, 202316:15
Comparison and Social Media
Jun 30, 202111:19
Meditation for Confidence Boost
Dec 10, 202008:03
Building Good Social Media Habits
Dec 08, 202005:35
Meditation for Anxiety during the Election
Oct 28, 202007:01
Guided Meditation
Jul 07, 202004:44
After Receiving a Negative Social Media Comment
Jun 03, 202007:35
3 Mindful Breaths
May 12, 202004:13
Release Tension After Being on Social Media
Mar 29, 202005:26
Exploring Your Relationship with Social Media
Mar 29, 202005:46
Introduction to the Social Media Unwind Series
Mar 29, 202002:55