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Social Minute: After Hours

Social Minute: After Hours

By T Squared Social

The show where we explore the bravery and the guts it takes to show up in person and online in today’s business world. Season 6 of the Social Minute Podcast is moving after hours to dig into those talks we all wished we had with mentors and peers. Join the conversation as we get a little more human with our guests, flip the open sign to closed and speak about what matters.
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Darby Sutherland

Social Minute: After HoursJan 23, 2020

Tania Friesen

Tania Friesen

EPISODE ONE features @tfriesen as we catch up with her on internet bullies, letting go of her restaurant and celebrity crushes. We sat down with some local craft beer, turned the lights down and got into life in 2021. 

NOTE: There is a slight hum of a refrigerator in the background of this recording which may trigger a deep need to eat fresh cinnamon buns, order decadent desserts or swing by @cityperkscoffee for a hot cup of fresh coffee.

Jan 15, 202101:13:17
Jacqueline Conway
Nov 07, 202055:33
Andrew McDonald
Sep 14, 202001:03:11
Nicola Tabb
Jul 18, 202058:45
Brian Michasiw

Brian Michasiw

In this episode I sit down with a personal mentor of mine Brian Michasiw, owner of Brainsport.  We talk about the changing face of marketing over the 30-year history of the store, online shopping and building community.

Feb 12, 202039:26
Darby Sutherland

Darby Sutherland

In this episode we sit down with Darby from Tourism Saskatoon to chat about user generated content, finding inspiration and psyching yourself up for Instagram video.

Jan 23, 202041:31
Jordan Baraniecki

Jordan Baraniecki

In this episode, we sit down with Jordan Baraniecki to chat about public art, abstract ideas and the unknown.  Take a deep dive with us into the intersection of fine art and digital marketing.  

Jan 14, 202050:52
Wendy Sharpe

Wendy Sharpe

In this episode, we sit down with @wendy.sharpe to talk about art and social media.  We explore the topics of analog content creation, back alleys and expressing emotion through colours.  

Nov 17, 201945:46
Ash Kilback

Ash Kilback

In this episode, we sit down with @ashkilback to speak about being more human.  We jump around from vegan soup, being over connected and the rabbit hole of comparison.  Take a deep dive with us into storytelling and social media.

Oct 30, 201901:05:50
The Social School

The Social School

We sat down with Kelly and Jaime from The Social School to hear all about the social media landscape across Canada.  Listen to what they have learned from hosting their wildly successful city tour conference.

Jul 20, 201934:49
Nomadic Ninja YXE
Mar 11, 201949:19
Flat Out Food
Mar 11, 201942:12
Eric Anderson
Mar 11, 201940:02
Mar 11, 201928:44
Kevin Dunn
Mar 11, 201946:57
OUT Saskatoon

OUT Saskatoon

Glitter, rainbows and Twitter with OUTSaskatoon. Join us every Tuesday at noon for Social Minute as we chat about everything social media. #socialmadelocal #socialmedia #YXE #talk #livevideo #weekly #local

Mar 11, 201928:48
Jess Tetu
Mar 11, 201945:56
The Curvy Canuck
Mar 11, 201948:37
Karlee Ratzlaff
Mar 11, 201941:35
Little Pots YXE

Little Pots YXE

Succing it, growth and finding balance with Little Pots YXE. Join us every Tuesday at noon for Social Minute as we chat about everything social media. #socialmadelocal #socialmedia #YXE#talk #livevideo #weekly #local

Mar 11, 201924:42
Marc Rousseau Comics

Marc Rousseau Comics

Creative process, ranking Social Media platforms and getting off the toilet with Marc Rousseau Comics. Join us every Tuesday at noon for Social Minute as we chat about everything social media. #socialmadelocal

Mar 11, 201930:47
Thirteen Pies Pizza + Bar
Mar 10, 201921:07
Saskatoon Pole & Dance Studio
Mar 10, 201923:08