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Social Distance Happy Hour

Social Distance Happy Hour

By Reanna

Can't hang out with your friends because of the pandemic? Hang out with us!
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One Year Reunion Episode

Social Distance Happy HourMar 12, 2021

One Year Reunion Episode

One Year Reunion Episode

It's been a whole year since Social Distance Happy Hour launched as a "panic reflex" to process everything.

Reanna, Stephanie and Melissa reconvene to reminisce.

Mar 12, 202101:17:49
Spooky Intermission (Season 2, Episode 6)
Oct 16, 202051:29
That's a Hard No (Season 2, Episode 5)

That's a Hard No (Season 2, Episode 5)

Heather Drago of Clever Girl Marketing and Sarah Saunders of Purposeful Growth and Wellness kick off the first episode of their brand-new podcast, That's a Hard No, exploring the important and sometimes impossible-feeling practice of setting boundaries. 

Hear how Heather's tough conversation with a client catalyzed a "Year of No" for this recovering people-pleaser, and why Sarah said YES to adding a podcast to her life even with three children under three and a new business.

This podcast is launching into a full series under Heather and Sarah's leadership. Head over to to follow along.

And don't forget--you can find Social Distance Happy Hour on Twitter at @distancehour and on Instagram at @socialdistancehappyhour. Episode ideas? Questions? Feedback? Email


Welcome to “That’s a Hard No” – the podcast about saying no (in all its forms) so you can become the authentic and empowered person that this world needs.

Quick disclosure: While Sarah is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, this podcast is in no way a replacement for one-on-one therapy with a mental health professional. If you are struggling with mental health issues, we welcome you on this journey, but also invite you to seek out professional help.

Looking for a therapist? Here’s a good place to start:

Key Takeaways
  • When you mindfully look for opportunities to say no, you learn that “no” isn’t always a negative thing. Often, it’s a positive.
  • Watch for all the little things in your daily life that are keeping you from achieving your goals or simply being happy. Start saying no to those things that aren’t serving you, as a way of practicing self-care.
  • There are countless types of nos. A no can be as simple as not answering the phone, not opening your email first thing in the morning, or not making unhealthy food choices.
  • Reframe your brain. Think of saying no as a win. Think about what you’ve made room for instead. What positive things can happen now that you’ve said no?
  • Check your gut. Ask yourself if you’re setting yourself up for a bigger problem down the road by saying yes now. If it feels wrong, it should probably be a no.
  • “No.” is a complete sentence – full stop. Resist the urge to precede it with “Sorry, but…”
  • Not saying no or avoiding a concrete no is the same as saying yes.
Resources & Recommendations
  • BookBoundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life, by Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend (link to Amazon)
  • Caring Bridge – the platform Heather used to keep friends and family members up to date while going through cancer treatment (
  • Score Sheet – If you want to challenge yourself to say “no” at least once a day (like Heather did during her initial #yearofno), we highly recommend you keep track. Whether you use our downloadable PDF, jot a note in your planner, or download a habit tracker app on your phone, make sure you take note of when and how you say it, what’s happening, and how you feel.
Sep 29, 202001:14:11
Plot or Not! (Season 2, Episode 4)
Sep 18, 202001:09:11
How I Met Your Father (Season 2, Episode 3)
Sep 04, 202001:55:21
Time Capsule (Season 2, Episode 2)
Aug 18, 202001:08:46
Episode Two Teaser

Episode Two Teaser

What's next? You'll never guess.
Aug 10, 202003:11
The Launch to Launch All Launches
Jul 27, 202001:21:30
Special Announcement: Join me for Season 2!

Special Announcement: Join me for Season 2!

I’ve spent a few weeks brainstorming what to make of the next season of Social Distance Happy Hour. Unlike most podcasts, SDHH lacks a premise beyond “there’s a pandemic now.” 

I never got around to setting a firm format, structure or point of view—because I didn’t really have the time or headspace, and maybe more relevant—the very foundations of society are continually shifting beneath our feet. It feels like trying to plant a flag in a lava flow.

Instead of making up my mind this time around, I’ve decided to lean into the flux.

Which is why I’m excited to announce to you that Season 2 of Social Distance Happy Hour will be an ongoing experiment in pitching and piloting new podcast concepts. And I’d love to hear your ideas.

How this will work:

My cohost and I will kick off season two with a pitch episode. We’ll exchange ideas for podcasts back and forth, and we’ll also welcome live guests and share recorded messages from guest pitchers (that’s you, if you want!) pitching your own ideas. 

We’ll record some hot takes on what we like the most, and then spend the rest of the season producing one-off pilot episodes of the best ideas, often taking turns co-hosting alongside you (if your idea is picked up) and/or other special guests.

How to pitch your podcast idea:

The easiest way to pitch your podcast idea is leaving me a short message on Anchor at (which has a one-minute recording limit) or by emailing a recorded file to You can do this any time before July 17th.

If you’d like to pitch your idea live on the podcast, email We’ll be recording the pilot episode over the weekend of July 18th, so you’ll need to be available sometime that weekend for a brief chat.

What your pitch should include:

  • Your name
  • A brief synonpsis of what the podcast would be about/how you’d format it
  • An idea for the title of your podcast, if you have one (can be a working title).

What kind of podcasts are up for grabs?

Anything—comedy/humor, news and interviews, industry-specific, pop culture fancasts for music, movies, TV, games, book series, etc.; hobby shows around cooking, running, etc.

What will make my pitch shine?

I’m not expecting a lot of polish or panache—this is Social Distance Happy Hour, after all. But because I am the way that I am, your pitch will have a better chance of being featured if you include a really dumb, punny or overly clever title.

Also, because this isn't Radiolab, pitches that are easily executable without too much production (and basically no budget) are necessary. Unless you want to shell out the big bucks for our travel budget (Just kidding-- I'm not going anywhere. There's a pandemic!)

Who owns this amazing idea? Why should I share it with you?

Your pitch is your pitch. If we record it, you’ll co-host (unless you don’t want to), and if you decide it goes swimmingly and you want to actually launch the show, it’s all yours. If we don’t record your pitch, it’s all yours. I’m excited to share your pitches with my audience, but I’m not stealing them. Promise.

Jul 09, 202003:03
25 - The Call-in Show
Jun 26, 202033:28
24 - Two plus four

24 - Two plus four

Sorry for the unplanned hiatus. We're back!

While the pandemic rages, another kind of rage has dominated headlines: the righteous anger around police brutality and systemic racism that puts black people of color at great risk in our society. Reanna is joined by Davis in this episode for a frank (and sometimes, admittedly, fumbling) discussion from our point of white privilege about what's going on, how we're working to be better, and the eye-opening experiences we've had in this light. The point is: We haven't done nearly enough,  but we're committed to being better.


Birthing Beautiful Communities

YWCA of Greater Cleveland

The Bail Project

Black Lives Matter

Raise your voice:

Register to vote (Ohio)

Educate yourself:

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

We also talk about how we're--correctly or not--balancing safety and social distancing with the need for human interaction as this pandemic drags on. Since this discussion (recorded June 3), we've enrolled our kids in part-time daycare and will talk more about that decision soon. The recommendations keep shifting, the data keeps evolving, and what feels right one day may feel reckless the next. But we're doing our best.

If you're enjoying the show, please consider leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen.

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Go to the podcast page and leave me a voice message.

Jun 20, 202001:00:01
23 - Trauma, Self-Compassion and Ambition in the Time of COVID

23 - Trauma, Self-Compassion and Ambition in the Time of COVID

I'm joined this week by Marya Simmons, a former colleague and the owner of Shift in Notion Consulting, LLC, to talk about Trauma, Self-Compassion and Ambition in the Time of COVID. As an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, she's had an entire career to build emotional resilience and to understand how trauma manifests. We could all use her perspective as we individually grapple with the collective global trauma this era has ushered in.


Learn more about Marya and her work at and connect with her on LinkedIn at

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May 29, 202052:05
22 - We Can Stop Pretending Now

22 - We Can Stop Pretending Now

Open letter to my sourdough starter: I don't need this kind of negativity in my life right now.

Join  me (your host, Reanna) for a very special solo episode this week. I'm talking to myself, but really: I'm talking to you. 

Grab a beer if that's your thing, and exchange rants with me about the very deep well of despair we may find ourselves in. 

Also, I got bit by a chipmunk.

Things I mention today:

Gripe along with me. Email and let me know how things are going or share an anecdote about your quarantine life. Call in and leave a message for me to play in a future episode. Or find me on Twitter @distancehour and Instagram @socialdistancehappyhour.

May 21, 202030:50
21 - Preparing for Birth during COVID and Working Toward an Economic Rebirth

21 - Preparing for Birth during COVID and Working Toward an Economic Rebirth

It's another Friday in social distancing. Grab yourself a cold beverage and pretend you're hanging out with some friends. We'll keep you company while you empty the dishwasher. Again.

Sara McCarthy, soon-to-be mom of two and director of communications for the Fund for Our Economic Future in Northeast Ohio, joins the podcast to discuss how she's getting ready to have a baby during COVID-19 and how the Fund is adapting its economic strategies through a new post-pandemic lens.

How are they managing the practical, day-to-day decisions while also looking ahead to the big picture? What's worth getting hopeful about as we work toward rebuilding? Sara shares how the Fund's members and her colleagues are pivoting.

Find the Fund at, and check out the transportation resource Sara referenced at

Apocalypse Book Club

Reanna's Pick: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, a read-in-one-sitting dimensional traveling thriller.

Sara is exclusively reading childbirth preparation books right now, understandably. She recommends Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth and Reanna recommends Expecting Better by Emily Oster.

Don't forget! You can support indie bookstores and the podcast by making your online book purchases through our Bookshop affiliate site:

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May 15, 202001:05:09
Special Mini-Episode: Fever on a Plane Out of Cleveland

Special Mini-Episode: Fever on a Plane Out of Cleveland

Leigh joins me to tell the story of her likely coronavirus exposure on an American Airlines flight out of Cleveland.

"Why, why, why are they not taking temperatures at the entrance of the airport?"

May 09, 202019:27
20 - Bubble Foam and Uterus Buttons - A Mother's Day Ode to Opting Out

20 - Bubble Foam and Uterus Buttons - A Mother's Day Ode to Opting Out

Welcome to the  20th episode celebration of Social Distance Happy Hour.

We’re celebrating, not because we’re still in shelter-in-place/quarantine and COVID is killing people and idiots are protesting and everything has become horrifically politicized enough that we’re still talking about it 20 episodes later. We’re celebrating because we’ve survived this far. And if you’re listening, so have you.

If you’ve been listening from the beginning, thanks for rolling with the scrappy nature of this all.

If you’re new to the podcast, we actually introduce ourselves in this one.

Show host and founder Reanna (@reannakwrites )is joined today by frequent guest co-hosts Stephanie (@schishish) and Melissa (@koskim), friends and fellow moms who have been chronicling this experience since mid-March.

Today in Quarantine:

We talk about all the kid activities we're opting out of.

Resources to help you feel guilty about all the easy things you’re not doing with your kids at home: (seriously, I love this account, but...I just can’t.) Days with Grey.

Mother’s Day

Are you a mom? Do you have a mom? How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Tweet with your low-key ideas to @distancehour


Apocalypse Book Club 

Reanna's Pick: The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker 

Melissa's Pick: The Long Mars by Stephen Baxter and Terry Pratchett

Don't forget! You can support indie bookstores and the podcast by making your online book purchases through our Bookshop affiliate site:

The Like Button

Stephanie's pick: @FacesofCOVID - a man retweeting articles about people we have lost. If you find yourself getting numb to the huge numbers

Reanna's picks: Kate J Baer’s poetry on Instagram (@katejbaer) and I Mom So Hard (@imomsohard)

Melissa's pick: @_HappyAsAMother on Instagram

Listeners: Join in the Happy Hour!

Answer this question: What’s the last nice thing you did just for yourself?

You can answer it any way that’s easiest for you, and we may share your answer on a future episode.

You can do this whenever you want. We’re recording in the first week of May, but these inboxes are open whenever you are hearing this!

May 08, 202055:42
19 - Pandemic Pivoting and a Cross-Continental Holding Pattern

19 - Pandemic Pivoting and a Cross-Continental Holding Pattern

Reanna is joined by new friend and special guest Isabel Galvez, owner of IG Global Solutions, a Spanish translations service that combines her language skills with the marketing and PR skills she has honed over the course of her career. A native of Peru, Isabel recently took early retirement to return to her home country and reunite with her husband, who moved back to practice medicine a few years ago.

But that was before the COVID-19 pandemic canceled pretty much everything.

Join us to hear how Isabel has had to hit pause, and what she is doing both to pivot her business plans and maintain some semblance of well-being while in a cross-continental holding pattern.

You can find Isabel on Facebook ( and LinkedIn (

Today's recommendations:

Brown: The Last Discovery of America by Richard Rodriguez

The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

Purchase books through our Bookshop store to help support indie bookstores and this podcast!

Don't forget...

Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite feed, follow us on Twitter (@distancehour) and Instagram (@socialdistancehappyhour), and share with a friend!

May 01, 202001:02:23
18 - Now What?

18 - Now What?

After a monthlong hiatus, podcast husband (and real-life husband) Davis joins Reanna for an extra-long happy hour, sitting in the dark next to our recuperating old dog splitting a glass of wine and trying to answer the question: Now what? This isn't just a brief interruption in life as we know it, it's a complete disruption with no real end in sight. So how do we navigate work, recharge, stay sane and find solace in a stay-at-home life? Tune in to find out.

Reanna would also like to sincerely apologize for singing in this episode. It's not good.

Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on your favorite feed, follow us on Twitter (@distancehour) and Instagram (@socialdistancehappyhour), and share with a friend!

Today's recommendations:

  • #Apocalypsebookclub recommendation: The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker. Maybe my least coherent review yet, but it's a great read nevertheless. Davis recommends Dune, which he hasn't read in a decade but won't stop talking about on a weekly basis. Order on to support indie book stores and the podcast through our affiliate site. You can find all our past book recommendations, too!
  • The English Game is the perfect Venn diagram overlap of Downton Abbey and soccer. It's soooo extra, but in a good way.
  • Moshi, the $40 app that helps your kid fall asleep. As an added bonus (side effect), it is a straight-up horse tranquilizer for adults, too. Use our affiliate link to get a free month to try it out: 

Apr 30, 202001:13:23
17 - Mystery Science Home Theater

17 - Mystery Science Home Theater

My friend Andres joins me from a vacant school building where he serves as a professional problem-solver, enjoying the respite from another chaotic morning of homeschooling. We cover the bases of Today in Quarantine (from which of the parents in each household is the Yelling Parent, to trying not to despair at the cacophony of protestors demanding business as usual), then jump into a much more entertaining topic: entertainment.

How will pop culture address this time period in plotlines? We both pitch spec scripts for some of our favorite shows and discuss the practicalities of getting Hollywood back online...and how things might be different when shows and movies start filming again.

A bigger, better Apocalypse Book Club

We're excited to announce that Apocalypse Book Club has a new home on, an online book retailer that supports independent bookstores across the country. As an affiliate, Social Distance Happy Hour will receive a small commission if you purchase any books through the site. We've curated every recommendation our host and guests have made since the podcast launched, so if you're looking for your next read, start here:

Andres's recommendation is Y: The Last Man, a series of graphic novels about the strange disappearance of all male mammals on earth (except two). By Brian K Vaughan (Author) Pia Guerra (Illustrator) Jose Marzan (Illustrator).

Reanna's recommendation is Severance, by Ling Ma, a pandemic story with many real-world parallels right now.

The Like Button

Andres is on Twitter (too much) @garikapc, and he recommends following these accounts:

@thesounddefense, @tomhorsman, @sgtjanedoe

His wife recommends that you follow Charo on Instagram @officialcharo.


Looking for binge fodder? Andres wholeheartedly recommends Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Apr 24, 202001:07:52
16 - Feel Your Feelings and Eat Your Dinner
Apr 17, 202057:25
15 - Hobbies and Habits with Chance

15 - Hobbies and Habits with Chance

My friend Chance joins me for a full-length episode to discuss how hobbies and habits have shifted now that the novelty of sheltering in place has worn off, but the promise of things returning to "normal" still feels distance and vague. Reanna confesses to infrequent showering, Chance misses walking at work, and we walk through how well "fend for yourself" is working as a parenting strategy.

We have essentially no recommendations for you, because Chance is a renaissance man who seems to be basically consuming all manner and genre of media these days, and Reanna is having a social media nervous breakdown and finds nothing amusing whatsoever on the Internet these days. 

Apr 15, 202053:24
14 - 28 Days Later

14 - 28 Days Later

My friend Sarah joins me on the podcast to talk about sheltering at home when you live alone, how she's channeling anxiety into activity, and how to make a good impression on your next work Zoom conference call. She's been marking the days since she worked outside the house, and people: It's already been 28 days. How did we get here? Where do we go from here? And how the hell do we delineate Tuesday from Saturday?

Plus, I want to hear from you: If you are listening to this podcast, visit to leave me a quick message in response to today's prompt:

How are YOU differentiating one day from the next? What new routines or patterns have you created or fallen into?

Leave a brief message on Anchor and I'll include it in a future episode.

Be sure to follow @DistanceHour on Twitter and find me on Instagram (and my Chicken Stories) @arkayokay

Today's Recommendations:

Apocalypse Book Club

Reanna's Pick: The Power by Naomi Alderman

Sarahs' Pick: The Giver by Lois Lowry

Sarah's pick for the Like Button: The Fleming Family in County Kerry Ireland. She also suggests giving Tik Tok a try, even if you aren't 19.

If you want to help out employees in the service industry around Cleveland who are losing income during this time, send them a tip via Cleveland Tip Jar:

Don't forget your local food bank still needs your support. Find the nearest one and make a gift, if you're able:

Cuyahoga County's regional health system, Metro Health, has established the Helping Hand Fund to help deliver coordinating the delivery of emergency food and supplies to people in need. Make a gift here:

Apr 09, 202001:02:11
13 - A Mostly Empty Red Lobster
Apr 08, 202040:29
12 - Cause and Effect
Apr 05, 202001:01:28
11 - Breaking News in Vermiculture

11 - Breaking News in Vermiculture

Reanna and Melissa talk about the new routines we're falling into and fighting for as shelter-in-place resets our life's rhythms. Reanna shares some important updates on her son's worm experiment, and Melissa offers up some ideas for getting kids involved and invested in family responsibilities.

We also introduce a new segment, For After, where we talk about the places we fantasize about going after this is all over.


The Like Button

Reanna recommends @wolfgang2242 on Instagram for some great escapist rescue animal videos.

Melissa recommends Reanna's Instagram (@arkayokay) for some kid-friendly, informative chicken facts.

Apocalypse Book Club

Reanna recommends Joseph Heller's The Dog Stars, another post-epidemic dystopia book (but only if you can handle that sort of read right now).

Melissa recommends The Long Earth, the first in a series by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter, with parallels to our situation, but through the lens of parallel universe travels.

For After...

Melissa is looking forward to revisiting L'Albatros (for date night) and Luna (for family breakfast).

Reanna is hoping 17 Public Square and The Farmer's Table, both in Medina, make it through this.

Don't forget to buy gift cards to support your favorite struggling restaurants right now if you can swing it!

We want to hear from you!

Leave us a message to feature on a future episode here: or get in touch if you want to chat for a future episode!

Find us on Twitter at @distancehour. Find Melissa on Twitter and Instagram at @koskim and find Reanna on Twitter @reannakwrites

Mar 31, 202035:56
10 - Wine and a Candle

10 - Wine and a Candle

It isn't easy finding time to ourselves with two little kids in the house that we can't leave, so Davis and I took advantage of naptime and unsupervised playdough and TV time to record another date night (and by night I mean 2:13 p.m.) This time, from a tidied-up bedroom, besieged by noisy pets. Because we're NEVER alone.

Today's topics:

Other recommendations:

Mar 29, 202058:04
9 - All Communications Are Crisis Communications

9 - All Communications Are Crisis Communications

In this sweeping global crisis, all communications are crisis communications -- from how your organization or brand communicates with stakeholders, to how you coordinate impossible work schedules with your coparent and now coworker (spoiler: not well!)

We talk about actual, useful information for anyone having to communicate on behalf of an organization, thanks to Melissa's PR expertise. Reanna discusses the tough choices nonprofits are having to make right now, and we reflect on how donors and funders can best help organizations who are serving those most affected by this crisis.

If you work at a nonprofit and are working on trying to pivot your fundraising efforts, here's a great list of resources from AFP:

The Like Button

  • Stephanie's pick: Cleveland's The City Club has a deeper-than-deep archive of past discussions to help fuel conversation, keep you informed and serve as a resource for parents of older kids looking for at-home civics lessons.
  • Melissa's pick: The National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma has deputized its head of security as a social media manager during the COVID-19 social distancing.
  • Reanna's pick: Jimmy Fallon's kids are all our kids--talking over us while we try to be professionals, climbing us like the playground equipment they're not allowed on anymore, and fighting for equal access to snacks. Tune into The Tonight Show: At Home to bask in the relatability.

Connect with us

Have questions about crisis communications? Want to send us a video of what's in your medicine cabinet? Did hearing little baby noises in the background of this episode make your ovaries explode a little? Want to be a guest on a future episode? Get in touch on Twitter at @distancehour, @ReannaKwrites, @koskim or @scchicks33.

Mar 26, 202052:11
8 - House Hunters: Apocalypse and Make-at-Home Hooch

8 - House Hunters: Apocalypse and Make-at-Home Hooch

Reanna and Davis welcome Tyler and Marissa, who couldn't take a hint that they shouldn't buy a house and now are responsible for the terrible misfortune that has befallen the entire human race. Our dear friends are stranded in Pittsburgh, where beer is scarce and expensive and there are too many people enjoying the great outdoors in their neighborhood.

To atone for their karmic mistake, Marissa has devoted her Instagram account to prescribe dinner ideas to her cooking-challenged friends. She performs admirably in a live pop quiz. Tyler sneaks in a movie recommendation that violates the terms of this podcast.

We say goodbye twice because we forgot to talk about beer.

Like what you hear? Subscribe on Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever else you listen to podcasts via RSS. Find us on twitter at @distancehour and leave me a message to be featured on a future episode. Want to join me for a future happy hour? Reach out on Twitter!


  • Spice up your beef stew with this recipe from Eat Train and Love or Epicurious. Marissa's top tip: sub the lemon with orange.
  • Need your own dinner diagnosis? Hit Marissa up on Instagram @marissanorrisa
  • Tyler's book recommendations: the short story Harrison Bergeron from Kurt Vonnegut (which you can read for free online), and if you're feeling REALLY ambitious, the 1,000-page mammoth Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. Just think, even if you don't get into it, that's 1,000 pages of toilet paper or kindling when society collapses. It's a great investment either way.
  • Watch Shin Godzilla. What's more relatable than a bumbling bureaucracy mismanaging an unprecedented crisis? It's bonkers (in a good way).
  • Want a great apocalypse-Lovecraft-detective noir mashup? Check out Carter & Lovecraft, then read the second book in the series, After the End of the World. Then grieve the fact there are only two books in the series and you'll be left feeling empty and unfulfilled.
  • Watch High Fidelity on Hulu. Relate to Tyler's apparent persona as a Music Douche.
Mar 25, 202001:13:24
7 - Old Worms and New Business
Mar 24, 202046:51
6 - Shelter in Place: Would You Rather

6 - Shelter in Place: Would You Rather

Today (March 29, 2020), Governor DeWine issued the order for Ohioans to shelter in place at home for the next few weeks. Reanna and Davis debrief in the minutes after the press conference. Reanna equates luck and guilt. 

It's a lot.

And so...Enjoy a mid-episode stress break with a minute of backyard birdsong, recorded today from our back porch.

Then, an imperfect but still delightful interview with Reanna's childhood friend Leigh, featuring Shelter in Place Would You Rather, a discussion of one's Internal Age, a hidden gem (secret beer drive-thru) and a deeply uncivilized alternative to toilet paper.

Leigh's Reading and Listening Recommendations:

Andrew Bird

Chilly Gonzalez

Tina Fey's Bossypants

Mar 22, 202054:47
5 - $600 Worth of Totally Reasonable Target Purchases

5 - $600 Worth of Totally Reasonable Target Purchases

Happy Friday, listeners! Reanna, Melissa and Stephanie reconnect after a few days of special guests. Stephanie faces down the uncertainty of returning from maternity leave next week (from home), Melissa tests out some new podcasting gear and Reanna tries to justify the most insane Target trip she's ever taken.

We also tackle all the ways we've panicked, come up with some great ideas for future episodes and have lots of time on our hands to really weigh in on just how corrupt and awful most of our leaders are. This involves a decent amount of swearing. Relevant reading: The coronavirus is exposing the arbitrary, cruel realities of America's rules.

>>> More Relevant Links:

The Like Button - The best things we've seen on social media lately

Melissa's Pick: Homeschooling While Working From Home During a Global Pandemic Bingo

Stephanie's Pick: Pandemic Poem

Reanna's Pick: High school choir performs canceled concert remotely

Apocalypse Book Club

Reanna’s Pick: Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel - the on-the-nose post-plague dystopian future book

Melissa’s Pick: **Do Not Google, Do Not Read Reviews, Do Not Watch the Prime show if you don’t want spoilers** The Girl With All the Gifts - Mike Carey 

Stephanie’s Pick: The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History - John M. Barry

OK, Boomer

Convincing Boomer Parents to Take the Coronavirus Seriously

Gratitude Journal

The Cleveland Foundation has announced a rapid response fund. Learn more here: 

Mar 20, 202054:03
4 - Come on, Kyle

4 - Come on, Kyle

This episode kicks off with a hot take from the Target parking lot. Anxiety is a hell of a drug, and it made me overspend like you wouldn't believe.

The real takeaway from this episode, though, is the wealth of resources my guest, Brandan, shared for staying connected through remote work. If you're new to this environment, he recommends finding ways to stay connected beyond calling and texting, particularly:

We also talk about the ideal work-from-home setup vs. the reality of working from home when your house is full of other people--which, somehow, he's managed to evade, even while responsibly social distancing.

If you're a freelancer/solo entrepreneur in Northeast Ohio, come on over to the SPARK Cleveland private Facebook group. We're lots of fun. Just make sure you answer the questions or you'll languish in limbo, and who wants to do that? Hahahahahahaha :( :( :( (That was an indefinite social distancing joke.)

A big thanks to Brandan for talking with me today. If you'd like to chat, please Tweet at me at @distancehour or find me on Instagram. Not interested in a live chat, but still have something to say? Leave a message here and I'll feature it on a future episode. And if you're enjoying the Social Distance Happy Hour, please consider sharing it. Here's a link:

Now, go wash your hands.

Mar 19, 202044:49
3 - Batman Forever
Mar 19, 202043:03
2 - Benign Neglect and Birthday Cake

2 - Benign Neglect and Birthday Cake

Today, Reanna, Stephanie and Melissa talk about the hot sizzle of anxiety around working while parenting at home, how to properly eat an entire birthday cake with your nuclear family, and the broader impact of social distancing in Ohio right now . We're not parading, we're not voting and we're definitely not paying enough attention to our kids during this call.
Our resident fitness role model, Melissa, shares these links for online workouts:

SHED Fitness Columbus is offering free online workout classes (more info here)
The Down Dog app has a bunch of free offers for yoga enthusiasts to keep up their practices while studios are closed
Core Power Yoga is offering a collection of on-demand, online classes

Plus, a guest segment with Reanna and Chance (@blancogigante). Chance has had the unique privilege of having worked, at separate times, with both Reanna and her husband, Davis. He has two daughters, and his wife is essential staff at a hospital. Plus, he's starting his own sports podcast. Check it out here! Oh, and he's tall. Like, *really* tall. We don't talk about that in this episode, but it's something you should know about him.
How are you managing the work/kids dichotomy right now? What's the wildest thing you've seen at the grocery store? What's something we can offer our delivery people, grocery store employees, reporters, health care workers and other essential employees keeping our society afloat while we're stuck inside? Leave us a quick message here, or Tweet at us at @distancehour or @reannakwrites.
Mar 17, 202033:23
Social Distance Solo Mini Episode
Mar 16, 202009:44
1 - The New Normal?

1 - The New Normal?

Hello and welcome to the inaugural episode of the Social Distance Happy Hour!

Meet Reanna, Stephanie and Melissa, three friends in Northeast Ohio who are facing down the prospect of a strange, new normal ushered in by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Governor announced on March 12 that schools would be shutting down for at least three weeks, and today (right after we recorded) announced the closing of restaurants and bars across the state.

Every episode, we'll check in with our guests on how they're holding up and what strategies they've put in place to cope through COVID.

Today's recommended readings for the Apocalypse Book Club

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

California by Edan Lepucki

Gold Fame Citrus by Claire Vaye Watkins

and the real-life apocalypse tales spun by @Aslavitt, former Medicare, Medicaid & ACA head for Obama.

We also worshiped at the altar of Dr. Amy Acton, director of health for Ohio's department of health, who's leading us through this crisis with poise, aplomb and wisdom wholly foreign to any national response to this crisis.

Join us for our pilot episode! We appreciate your patience as we figure out the audio. We don't know what we're doing, but it's feeling like a real smoke 'em if you got 'em situation with any passion projects we've been putting off.

Find us on Twitter at @DistanceHour

Mar 15, 202053:22