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Something Something Podcast - A Creative Podcast

Something Something Podcast - A Creative Podcast

By Something Something Podcast

The Something Something Podcast is a creative podcast hosted by filmmakers Larry Sands (@larrysands2) and Erick Kaslov(@whoiserickkaslov). They interview the best independent artist from all forms of the creative world; actors, directors, screenwriters, authors, musicians and more.

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Something Something about Justin DiPego

Something Something Podcast - A Creative PodcastMay 30, 2022

Something Something about Mark David Gerson
Nov 09, 202301:00:58
Something Something about Victoria's Black Swan Inn
Oct 24, 202349:43
Something Something about Charleston paranormal
Oct 20, 202353:54
Something Something about the Absecon lighthouse
Oct 13, 202348:15
Something Something about the red mill Clinton NJ
Oct 10, 202334:50
spooktober something something about Sam Zimmerman

spooktober something something about Sam Zimmerman

Welcome to spooktober! And our first guest this year is Sam Zimmerman vice president of programming at shudder

Oct 03, 202335:40
Something Something about Joseph Russomanno
Sep 22, 202349:60
Something Something about Dwight H. Little
Sep 18, 202301:08:38
Something Something about Kay Oliver
Aug 29, 202347:24
Something Something about Michael Tedder
Aug 25, 202337:17
Something Something about Vivianne Knebel
Aug 22, 202325:30
 Something Something about Sonia Palleck
Aug 11, 202301:03:07
Something Something about Steve Bates

Something Something about Steve Bates

Steve Bates is a science fiction writer. His new novel, "Castle of Sand," is now available on Amazon. His first novel, "Back to You," is also available on Amazon. Steve's short stories have appeared in numerous publications, including Kzine and Perihelion.

Before turning to fiction, he was a reporter and editor for The Washington Post as well as for other newspapers, magazines and the web.

Steve has won numerous awards for news and feature writing, including a Jesse H. Neal Award for business journalism in 2009 and an investigative reporting award in 1990.

Aug 08, 202354:21
Something Something about Alex Hook

Something Something about Alex Hook

Alex Hook is an emerging artist who has been acting since the age of seven. Alex made her mark in the Nickelodeon series “I Am Frankie” playing the lead role of Frankie for two seasons. When starting out, she booked many commercials as a young performer winning a Joey Award in 2015 for ‘Best Actress in a Commercial (ages 13-18)’ Canadian national awards for teen actors. Other credits include the Hallmark movie ‘A Nutcracker Christmas’, The Lifetime movie “Galentine’s Day Nightmare” and “Safe House” directed by Jeff Glickman. She can currently be seen in a recurring role on Hallmark’s new series “The Way Home”, which premiered early this year and recently got picked up for a second season.

Jul 21, 202339:51
Something Something about MeShorn Daniels
Jul 11, 202350:10
Something Something about Mari Blake
Jul 10, 202343:16
Something Something about Otto Stallworth
Jun 26, 202301:03:47
Something Something about Kill joy jake
Jun 05, 202354:40
 Something Something about Lynette VanBeber

Something Something about Lynette VanBeber

Lynette VanBeber works in advertising for a broadcast TV station and helps businesses succeed

through the development of marketing plans and the implementation of strategies using a variety

of advertising media.

She’s worked with almost all forms of mass media and has watched consumer behavior and

media consumption change throughout her career; however, the pandemic significantly impacted

the media landscape. With the focus shifting from mass to more individualized consumption, the

methods to help businesses succeed is in a transition.

Lynette is a graduate of Baylor University with a BBA in Marketing and Management and a

Master of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Colorado.

A Colorado native and currently living in Central Texas, she has two awesome kids, is active in

local philanthropy, and spends as much of her spare time as she can outdoors.


May 10, 202301:02:39
Something Something about Jared Cohn
May 09, 202357:00
Something Something about Francis T. Perry Williams
May 08, 202301:00:55
Something Something about Cammie Wolf Rice
Apr 04, 202354:54
Something Something about Brandon Lee Keropian

Something Something about Brandon Lee Keropian

Brandon has over 25 years of experience in the world of Latino film and in the Hispanic

communities of Los Angeles, New York City, and San Antonio TX.

As a son to Edward James Olmos, Brandon began as an intern with Olmos Productions in

1991. Beginning with the production of American Me (1992) and it’s making of documentary

Lives in Hazard (1993), along with It Ain’t Love (1996) a documentary about domestic


Brandon was able to shadow Mr. Olmos and his team of producers learning about Latino film;

but more importantly following Mr. Olmos as an activist after the LA riots of 1993.

After receiving a music performance degree from Hunter College he co-produced with Olmos

Productions and The Smithsonian Institute the 1999 The Kennedy Center Presents: The

Americanos Concert. This PBS broadcast won a IMAGEN Latin Image award in 2000.

Brandon further learned the world of Latino film by assisting Marlene Dermer in her dual role as

Co-Founder of the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival and co-founder of Latino

Public Broadcasting.

Brandon has been a member if the MOTION PICTURE EDITORS GUILD since 2004. As a post

audio supervisor, sound engineer and mixer Brandon has over 40 film and TV credits,

composed music for over 15 films, over 100 songs, and they all sound awesome!

In 2008 Brandon produced an album with Latin Grammy nominees AMOR Y PASION in San

Antonio TX. There he met film producer Aaron Lee Lopez. From 2010-2018 Brandon Co-

Produced 10 feature films with Aaron and Mutt Productions. He also directed social and

cultural documentaries Una Noche De La Gloria 2010, Dia Del Rio/Day of the River 2012,

and This is MyCountry 2013.

Brandon consulted with the City of SA Film Commission and was a board member for the

LULAC council for the Arts. Brandon was also an advisory board member for the Cesar E

Chavez Educational Foundation. As Director of production at Phase 5 a community news

website Brandon developed the AMERICAN VOZ EDUCATIONAL PROJECT a documentary

and classroom materials about San Antonios legacy of Latino politics in America.

In 2016 Brandon partnered with Leonard Rodruigez who spent 8 years in The WHITE HOUSE

Office of Latino Initiatives. They created The San Antonio Motion Picture Academy Summer

Bootcamp - a film industry workforce development program. In 2020 they launched CINEMA

FINANCE GROUP as a film financing resource for independent and diverse cinema.

Now in 2021 Brandon is producing a remake of the 1982 TV drama 300 Miles for Stephanie a

biopic about a hispanic police officer who vows to run 300 miles in search of a miracle to save

his daughters life.

Check out Brandon's stuff

Mar 28, 202301:12:30
Something Something Noelle Gizzi

Something Something Noelle Gizzi

Noelle Gizzi links

You wanted to learn more? How sweet! By now you probably know the professional scoop--she's an actress, she's a writer...but what else is there to be known? Who is Noelle Gizzi? 


Noelle grew up in Randolph, New Jersey, where she first got a taste of performing in the Fernbrook Elementary School talent show (a performance of which IS on YouTube, by the way). Noelle also developed her love of literature during elementary school, during which she devoured the Harry Potter series along with many other books. Noelle likes to joke that she "got smart on accident" after her third grade teacher neglected to put her in a reading group and then let her join the coveted "green group." Noelle had big shoes to fill from then on, being in the green group. That was the smart kid group!

Noelle's childhood was largely unhappy due to factors both internal and external. Her home life was unfortunate, and she was diagnosed with depression at an extremely young age (the pictures she drew of coffins cued in the kindergarten teachers). Part of the reason Noelle was so drawn to theatre was because she was so massively unhappy. For a little while, she was able to be somebody else. For a moment, she didn't have to be Noelle Gizzi. Along the way she fell in love with the art, and one of her main goals as a performer is to bring joy to people who need it. If she can make one sad person chuckle, then that will be enough. 

Despite her father's warnings that acting should only be a hobby, Noelle went on to study acting in college and earn her BA in Theatre Arts from Ramapo College of New Jersey. She had stopped seeing her father by age fourteen, so he didn't have much say over her major anyway. Look out world--she's not taking no for an answer!

Noelle is also a big lover of dairy products, cats, cool pens, the color yellow, Harry Styles, and crafting. She thanks you for reading this far, and wishes you health and good cheer!

Mar 25, 202357:13
 Something Something about Matthew Holten
Mar 25, 202356:25
Something Something about Dr. David Smith

Something Something about Dr. David Smith

David W. Smith MD, ACP, BS (Chemistry), Board Certified (Internal Medicine Specialist), recognized as a visiting scientist for both The Human Performance Laboratory for the Division of Sports Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the North Shore Division of Neurosurgery and North Shore Neurological Institute, Chicago Illinois. Over his 30-year medical career, he served as Chief of Medicine at Reid Hospital and Healthcare Services. In addition, he founded commercial companies for developing his innovative product concepts XennovateMedical LLC, TBI Innovations LLC, and Delta Chase LLC.

As Chief Science Officer, he has served as lead design and medical education consultant to GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a $90B+ Pharmaceutical and Healthcare company, GENTEX Corp, the largest manufacturer of USAF helmets, and Materials Modification Inc., nano–materials and coating pioneer to the military complex.

Consistent with his Internal Medicine credentials, Dr. Smith has Intellectual Property and peer-reviewed publications in diverse fields of science, providing him with a unique perspective in overcoming a broad spectrum of significant medical paradigms. Specifically, his solid background in analytical chemistry (with an added emphasis in physics), combined with his medical degree and internal medical career, allowed him to bring a better understanding of energy interactions and impartations to the human body, which has proven particularly useful in the study of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Dr. Smith discovered and then pioneered “SLOSH Theory,” which represents the basis of his Q-Collar invention for humans designed to mitigate SLOSH energy absorption by the soft tissues of the brain, proven to reduce the risk of brain damage from traumatic events (first product authorized by the FDA for this purpose). Further, he co-authored with Julian Bailes MD, a world-renowned neurosurgeon, a presentation on “The Physics of Traumatic Brain Injury-Revisited,” delivered at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, Sept 2016. This venue represents the largest gathering of Neurosurgeons and Brain Injury Specialists worldwide. This event provided the backdrop for Dr. Smith’s disclosure of his latest thinking on how “cavitation” explains how the physics of a concussive wave can produce the chemistry of a TBI.

In his scientific role with Xennovate Medical, he presented several novel battlefield dressings to the Department of the Army Research Lab (DARPA) at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Aberdeen, MD. Dr. Smith assisted Gentex Corp, who was successfully awarded a $90M contract in the field of mitigating the forces involved in human ejections from supersonic aircraft. He was the lead scientist in Xennovate’s two-year funding effort with DARPA’s Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JEIDDO).

Dr. David Smith stuff




Mar 22, 202301:00:11
Something Something about Jass Aujla
Mar 13, 202301:03:10
Something Something about Lizzy Small

Something Something about Lizzy Small

Elizabeth "Lizzy” Small is an actress, dancer, singer, songwriter and… therapist?

She starred in the Christmas television dramedy, 12 PUPS OF CHRISTMAS on the ION Network.  She plays the role of a savvy and sassy corporate executive bound and determined to help save her brother’s company while helping him find love and happiness.  She had a major supporting role in the Lionsgate film SPARE PARTS opposite George Lopez, Marisa Tomei and Jamie Lee Curtis. The film is the true-life story of four at-risk high school Hispanic boys who defy the odds by forming a robotics club and competing against some of the nation’s top colleges, including MIT. Lizzy plays the role of Lizzy, a Cornell student who impresses one of the boys with her knowledge of robotics and wins his affection.  As a performer, she started her professional career with a series regular role on HIP HOP HARRY for Discovery Kids/TLC and she has appeared in over 70 national commercials, music videos and several variety shows. Other notable credits include a guest role on ABC’s THE MIDDLE and a supporting role as the Baker Elf in THE SANTA CLAUSE 3: THE ESCAPE CLAUSE opposite Tim Allen.

As a singer-songwriter, she grew up immersed in music because of her dad, and is inspired by artists like Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, and Alicia Keys. She is constantly exploring who she is through her sound but is rooted in a dark, R and B influenced pop style.

Mar 04, 202353:49
Something Something about Mayor Janice Kovach

Something Something about Mayor Janice Kovach

  Janice Kovach is the Mayor Clinton NJ and is part of the New Jersey Film Commission

Janice stuff


If you want to know more about the New Jersey Film Commission, you can e-mail her at

Feb 24, 202342:56
Something Something about Liz Fletcher
Feb 20, 202351:17
Something Something about Brian Morra
Feb 09, 202358:55
Something Something about Rose Bonner part 2
Feb 03, 202343:50
Something Something about Tommy Townsend
Jan 16, 202358:19
Something Something about JD Slajchert
Jan 10, 202359:29
Something Something about 2022

Something Something about 2022

Something Something about 2022

Dec 22, 202201:07:15
Something Something about Anthony Mora

Something Something about Anthony Mora

This week Anthony Mora stops by to tell us all about working in PR for Hollywood 

Dec 20, 202258:00
Something Something about Patrika Darbo

Something Something about Patrika Darbo

This week the great Patrika Darbo stops by to talk about the life of a working in Hollywood 

Dec 20, 202256:55
Something Something about Lea Rachel
Dec 12, 202246:13
Sonmething Something About Joshua dudley
Dec 12, 202201:02:20
something something about Samuel Zimmerman
Oct 31, 202247:22
Something Something about Bob Cheek
Oct 25, 202258:19
Something Something about Rose Bonner
Oct 11, 202245:59
Something Something about Charleston paranormal
Oct 11, 202201:07:25
Something Something about Kaylee Lauren
Sep 13, 202244:41
Something Something about Eric Sande

Something Something about Eric Sande

The Real King Of Miami, Author Tells True Life Counterpart To Films & Shows such as Savages, Scarface, and Snowfall.

Eric befriended Ray during his life imprisonment, and before his death, Ray became a father figure to him. Eric recorded the many colorful, harrowing, glamorous, and bone-chilling stories Ray told him about his life in crime. Eric’s upcoming book recalling his time with Ray, King of Miami, is a factual tale of how gangsters really lived and the fallout from the drug wars, a true real-life counterpart to films and shows such as Blow, Goodfellas, Savages, Scarface, Ozark, Narcos and Snowfall.  Eric is currently available for interviews.Like Ray Liotta’s character in Goodfellas, Eric Curtis Sande grew up idolizing the gangsters and drug dealers who ran his suburban neighborhood outside of Miami.  In the glamorous 1980s in South Florida, cocaine and other drugs were everywhere.  These dealers seemed to have all the yachts, the luxury cars, and the gorgeous women they could want.  Even Eric’s father, who hated drugs so much he told him he would kill him if he ever used, became a drug dealer — that’s how the good money was.  Eric spent much of his childhood with his father incarcerated for dealing. Eric’s biggest neighborhood hero, a local legend, was Ray “Little Ray’ Thompson, a real-life Scarface and drug kingpin, whose luxury yachts, often piloted by decoy seniors, brought in an estimated over 2 million pounds of marijuana into Ft. Lauderdale, one of the largest marijuana smuggling operations ever known to the feds.  Ray was captured by the FBI and imprisoned for life for multiple murders and assassinations.

Eric's stuff 

Sep 13, 202201:10:40
Something Something about Karin Nahmani
Jul 18, 202259:42
Something Something about Jason Boyce
Jul 07, 202201:05:15
Something Something about Shanon Lyn Harwood
Jun 20, 202201:00:47
Something Something about CRAVEN Something Scary
May 30, 202201:27:07
Something Something about Justin DiPego
May 30, 202201:09:37