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Songwriting Tips & Tricks

Songwriting Tips & Tricks

By Kieper

Hello, songwriters out there!

This podcast is dedicated to all of you that want to overcome writer's block, find inspiration, or just want to have a good listen to the approaches to songwriting other musicians came up with.

Have fun with this program and happy songwriting 🎶
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Thesaurus Rex

Songwriting Tips & TricksJan 31, 2020

Come Together
Apr 17, 202337:18
I can see clearly now

I can see clearly now

Hey everyone! I hope 2022 is not hitting you all too hard.

Today, we will talk about how important it is to have a clear image of where your song is going in your head and discuss ways to clarify your story and why it is so powerful to define every possible detail of your story and the universe your song is happening in. 

What are your experiences with plotting your stories? How clearly do you define your storylines?

See you next time, 


Jan 30, 202215:25
Side Notes

Side Notes

Hello and welcome back again to an all new season of Songwriting Tips & Tricks, 

In this episode we are talking about methods of taking notes of songs that pop up in our mind and are so easily forgotten. Hang in there, because there is so much potential to help you write wonderful songs that would otherwise slip your mind. 

If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to send a message and share this podcast with your fellow songwriters out there. 

Until then, stay safe

Jun 26, 202115:20
To be, or not to be a Songwriter

To be, or not to be a Songwriter

Hi everyone, 

Did you ever ask yourself, what it really means to be a songwriter? Is it just the lyrics, is it the music, is there more to it? What describes a songwriter best?

Well, this episode is focused on what parts come together to form the term songwriter. We discuss the mindset you should have when turning to these parts and to steadily grow as an artist. 

So what do you think makes up a good songwriter? Let me know of any opinion or feedback you might have on this, and other episodes in the comments or via Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr. 

Happy songwriting and all the best. 

Cheers, Kieper 

keywords for this episodes are: poetry, author, musicianship, painter, artist, Emily Dickinson, music theory, playwright, songwright, black lives matter

Jun 07, 202014:43
Songwriting Tips & Tricks

Songwriting Tips & Tricks

Hey there, 

Would you say that you're writing is aspiringly good or that it is still missing something extra to it? Something to make it stand out? 

Would you say that your choice of words is too basic, or to dull or are you already aware of how to find intriguing new words to use in your songs? 

In any of such cases, this podcast is dedicated to songwriters all around the globe to join in on a conversation about writing songs and finding the right words. It shows new approaches to writing lyrics and structuring a plot and gives in-depth analysis of famous hit songs and poetry to utilise in your writing process. 

My name is Kieper, and I'd love to have you tune in and join me on Songwriting Tips & Tricks.

Jun 01, 202000:49
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