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What If It All Works Out?

What If It All Works Out?

By Sophie Callahan

The podcast created to inspire women to show up as themselves, from where they are, with consistency and confidence
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Ep0.5: Welcome to 'What If It All Works Out?': Meet Sophie

What If It All Works Out?Apr 30, 2023

Ep05: The Secret To Creating To Discovering Endless Content Ideas

Ep05: The Secret To Creating To Discovering Endless Content Ideas

How many of you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel that’s never going to stop spinning, when it comes to posting on social media for your business? I know that the idea of coming up with new content for the rest of forever sounds hard and overwhelming and the majority of you just don’t know if you’ve got it in you. I get it!

You probably feel like you can’t think of one engaging caption right now, so how are you meant to come up with one every week?

Do you struggle with creativity? Well don't panic.

Because it doesn’t have to be that difficult. You’re almost certainly overthinking it.

When you get into the habit of creating, your creative muscles starts to strengthen.

The hardest bit is always getting started! So let's start right now...



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May 30, 202317:39
Ep04: How To Write Copy That Converts, with Val Casola

Ep04: How To Write Copy That Converts, with Val Casola

May 23, 202342:28
Ep03: Why It’s Never Too Early To Build Your Personal Brand, with Jules Williams

Ep03: Why It’s Never Too Early To Build Your Personal Brand, with Jules Williams

Jules Williams studied photography and journalism at university 20 years ago. After choosing journalism as her career path, she fell into the world of influencing, blogging and content creation, building a sizable social media following through sharing snippets of her life and journey through motherhood.

During lockdown of January 2021, Jules decided to return to her love of taking photos and completed an online photography course. 

In the June she launched her photography business, offering shoots for couples, families, brands and newborns and when she promoted her shoots online, she became almost immediately fully booked!

Jules’s work is stunning, recognisable and so natural, so it’s no surprise she’s in demand as a photographer, but in this episode we talk about why building a personal brand before she ever had a business was a catalyst for her success and how having a ready-made community to sell to, has made a huge difference.

We also talk about how to level up your own brand photography, juggling kids and self employment and the privilege of getting to do a job you truly love.

If you’re at an early stage in business and you’re waiting to get all your ducks in a row before you start showing up online, what I’d love you to take from this episode is that it’s never too early to start showing up and leverage the power of community and building connections.

Here’s Jules Williams with her story.




May 16, 202339:07
Ep02: Using Social Media To Make A Positive Impact, with Nanny Louenna

Ep02: Using Social Media To Make A Positive Impact, with Nanny Louenna

Louenna Hood, or 'Nanny Louenna', as she is better known online, has built an incredible business as a childcare expert. A qualified Norland Nanny, she has cared for over 100 children over the past two decades, including working for high profile and royal families.

Three years ago, Louenna recognised that there was a gap in the market for an accessible, informative resource to help parents through the ups and downs of parenthood. She created a multi-award winning app and quickly became the well known ‘nanny in your pocket’, used by celebrity mums and thousands of families around the world. 

In March 2022, Louenna launched a small appeal to help Ukranian refugee families, by sending a few boxes of essentials out to Poland. The campaign quickly snowballed and she raised a staggering £190,000. As a result, Louenna was presented with a ‘Point of Light’ award by the Prime Minister and a British Empire Medal in King Charles’ 2023 New Year’s Honors. We talk all about how this initiative evolved in this episode.

I enjoyed our conversation so much. Louenna is such an expert at what she does and so passionate.

When I asked her to be a guest on the podcast, I really wanted to show the good that social media could do, as well as highlighting the importance of serving your audience, truly solving their problems and getting the right exposure, in order to grow your business.

Louenna does all of those things so well and, as a result, whether or not you’re in the childcare industry or just running a business that serves your target audience, this episode is full of really inspiring examples of how to build a trusted, impactful brand online.

So I know you’ll enjoy this and I’d love you to join me in welcoming Louenna Hood to the podcast today.

Find Louenna online:




Louenna App:

May 09, 202340:01
Ep01: The Magic Of Telling Your Own Story, with Jessica Rose Williams

Ep01: The Magic Of Telling Your Own Story, with Jessica Rose Williams

May 02, 202339:57
Ep0.5: Welcome to 'What If It All Works Out?': Meet Sophie

Ep0.5: Welcome to 'What If It All Works Out?': Meet Sophie

Welcome to 'What If It All Works Out?'

Today we’re talking all about what this podcast is about and how it’s going to change your mindset, your business and the way you show up in your life!

I am your host, Sophie Callahan, and this is Episode 1!

Welcome to the very first episode of What If It All Works Out? A podcast name that was chosen by you guys. I polled my Instagram audience with my shortlist of podcast names and this was your favourite, so I’m so excited that you guys have got to be a part of this launch with me.

So this podcast stems from the discussions I have day in, day out with some of the most incredible, interesting and inspiring people. I get to work with a lot of wonderful small business owners in my job and I feel like everybody has something to teach us. And I wanted a platform that allowed me to share the stories, the messages, the lessons that I get to hear all the time.

From other coaches, other experts, people who’ve achieved success, overcome challenges, had life changing experiences, found fame, reinvented themselves… there are all kinds of people with all kinds of stories, that we can gain inspiration from.

And for such a long time now, I’ve really wanted to launch a podcast that brought all of these messages together, to inspire and empower women.

Mostly, as I said, I’ll be chatting to people who I think have stories we can learn from, but I’ll also be doing the odd solo episode, just like this, where I’ll chat through something I feel is important or valuable or that I’ve found has really landed with my current clients and students.

I’m a mindset and marketing coach for female entrepreneurs. And I help women show up with consistency and confidence online. Whether that’s for their business, for the personal brand, as an influencer, standing for a cause, as the social media person for their family run business… in whatever capacity you need to show up, I want to help you do that in a way that you feel really good about and in a way that’s sustainable and doable. In a way that fits with your life.

I don’t believe there is a one size fits all when it comes to growing an audience online. I don’t believe we all need to fit into the same social media schedule.

I don’t believe we should all be posting the same thing. I’m a big believer in advising, testing, experimenting and giving you the confidence to do that.

I teach strategies and methods that with your life, not against it and I always always aim to give you more freedom and flexibility as a coach.

And my hope is that by bringing other people onto this podcast I can add value to the stuff I already teach, I can prove to you that you are just as capable and worthy of success as anybody else, I can show you how powerful creating content and putting it out in the world can be, I can show you that everybody starts somewhere and faces challenges.

And I can show you just exactly how amazing it can be when it really does all work out!

And as this is episode one, I thought I’d start with my own story about how I came to be here, on this podcast, teaching women about marketing and all of that…

So here goes!

Apr 30, 202315:47