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Learning, Teaching and Scholarship Podcast

Learning, Teaching and Scholarship Podcast


This podcast is all about Good Practice in Learning, Teaching and Assessment as well as the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. From reading out loud your ideas and publications, to chats and interviews with colleagues from the across the sector. If there is anything in particular you are interested in get in touch on Twitter under @UofGADD
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SoTL and Research Integrity

Learning, Teaching and Scholarship Podcast Dec 20, 2020

Virtual Placement Research Process - a Vodcast

Virtual Placement Research Process - a Vodcast

This is a 'vodcast' (a conversation with visual clues) between Vicki Dale and Karen Thompson talking about virtual placement research process. It will link to an article recently published by Thompson and Dale (2022) which covers themes including self-regulated learning, thematic analysis and its shift to reflexive thematic analysis, working from home, taking a studio perspective online and lessons learned.

Thompson, K. and Dale, V., 2022. The role of virtual placements in promoting self-regulated learning: stakeholder experiences of an online learning community during the Covid pandemic. Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice, 10(1), pp.12-22.

Dec 08, 202216:36
Designing and delivering an ODL programme – Our Experiences

Designing and delivering an ODL programme – Our Experiences

Craig Alexander @calexander_91, Colette Mair ,  Eilidh Jack @UoGSDAEG


In this podcast, Colette, Craig and Eilidh discuss their experiences on designing and managing an online distance learning programme in Data Analytics. They share their findings on the characteristics of ODL learners, and how they differ from similar on-campus programmes. They also discuss some considerations at the design stage of an ODL programme and how materials and assessment can be delivered with the use of digital technology and the expertise of a learning technologist. Finally, they discuss some challenges during their time running the programme and suggestions for those interested in setting up their own ODL programme.

Dec 07, 202231:09
Widening Participation and Medical Schools

Widening Participation and Medical Schools

Dr Nana Sartania (University of Glasgow) and Dr Clare Ray (University of Birmingham) talk about widening participation and medical schools focussing on the following question:

  1. Who do we regard the widening participation students? Is this categorisation adequate/justified? Are we missing any students who need help but are not targeted, based on the current criteria the universities use? –
  2. As a society, do we need to try to widen access to traditionally elite University subjects such as Medicine, Law etc?
  3. If pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds want to go and study Medicine, what barriers do they face? Is that different from pupils from privileged backgrounds?
  4. What help is available to them to overcome the barriers? (from parents, schools, target medical schools)? The help they get from med schools - is that enough for them to do as well as their privileged peers?
  5. Once the students gain a place on the course, are they on a level playing field?

Nov 30, 202244:04
Leap of Faith: Enhancing the Agency of Early Career Academics

Leap of Faith: Enhancing the Agency of Early Career Academics

This is an audio recording of the following paper, read by Mark Breslin. 

Enhancing the Agency of Early Career Academics 

Mark Breslin, Julie Harvie, Brian Leslie, Evelyn McLaren
University of Glasgow 

ABSTRACT This article explores the lived experiences of four early career academics (ECAs) transitioning from school educators (within the  primary and secondary sectors) to lecturers in initial teacher education in a United Kingdom Higher Education institution. These  ECAs were established teachers with strong practitioner identities within their field of education and experienced in reflective  practice. This study aims to gain a deeper understanding of how their agency was impacted in this transition. The concept of  agency is firstly explored, and an ecological model presented and used as a framework in this study. A collaborative  autoethnographic methodological approach is used to structure personal and professional reflections in order to gain an insight  into the evolving identities of the ECAs as they embrace and develop new careers within Higher Education (HE) as lecturers.  Factors emerge which have both hindered and enhanced agency and this paper sets out some recommendations for change. It is  hoped that HE establishments may find these findings useful to consider when inducting new staff and helping them develop and  flourish in the early stages of their academic careers. 

Keywords: Agency, identity, early career academic, academic scholarship, academic induction

For the full paper please follow

Apr 12, 202254:11
Dr Anne Tierney: answers questions about SoTL

Dr Anne Tierney: answers questions about SoTL

What is SoTL? How do you get started? Where will SoTL be and how did it begin? Are just some of the questions we are discussing in this episode.
Listen in for tips and advice about SoTL and here what colleagues from other institutions have to say.

Anne Tierney is an Assistant Professor in the Learning and Teaching Academy at Heriot-Watt University. She has a particular interest in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, especially how scientists engage with it. Anne led a QAA Scotland collaborative cluster in micro-credentials in 2021-22 and is currently deputy chair of The Scottish Tertiary Education Network for Micro-credentials. She is Assistant Director for Improving University Teaching, an annual, international teaching and learning conference, and is on the editorial team for the Journal of Perspectives on Applied Academic Practice, as well as reviewing for several other SoTL journals.

Have a nosey at Anne's latest papers for more SoTL learning: 

TIERNEY, A., AIDULIS, D., PARK, J. & CLARK, K. “Plotting a route through SoTL: From bioscientist to pedagogic researcher”, Practice and Evidence of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 15:1, 34-42, 2021.

TIERNEY, A., AIDULIS, D., PARK, J. & CLARK, K. “Supporting SoTL Development Through Communities of Practice”, Teaching and Learning Inquiry, 8:2, 32-52, 2020.

WEBB, A. S. & TIERNEY, A. M.  “Investigating support for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; We need SoTL educational leaders”. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 57:5, 613-624, 2020.

With a big "Thank you!" to Anne for sharing her time and expertise with us.  

Mar 11, 202214:56
Dr Andrea Webb: answers question about SoTL

Dr Andrea Webb: answers question about SoTL

In this episode Dr Andrea Webb who is Associate Professor of Teaching & Area Coordinator (Social Studies), Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy at The University of British Columbia (Canada) was so kind to answer a host of questions about SoTL and introduce SoTL in Canada to us.
You will find more information and all the resources Andrea has shared on our UofGSoTL Blog

I hope you enjoy this episode and many thanks to Andrea for her time! 


Mar 11, 202232:42
An Essay about Finding Scholarship
Dec 22, 202117:15
Introducing Prof Scott Border
Dec 08, 202111:18
SoTL and the Early Career Academic

SoTL and the Early Career Academic

In this podcast, Dr Nicola Veitch and Dr Michelle Welsh (University of Glasgow) are exploring how to get involved with SoTL research especially when starting as an early career academic. Based on previous experience, Nicola and Michelle discuss what scholarships means, how to start with SoTL research and how to identify projects, the importance of collaborations, the need for ethics, funding opportunities, and many more valuable nuggets of knowledge. Podcast edited by Dr Ourania Varsou (University of Glasgow).

Dec 01, 202144:21
Transitioning from Private Sector into Higher Education

Transitioning from Private Sector into Higher Education

Meet our Colleagues from the Adam Smith Business School Dr Helen Mullen, Dr Nick Quinn, and Dr Matt Offord sharing their experience moving into lecturer roles with learning, teaching, and scholarship focus after having successful careers in the private sector. Hear about the trials and tribulations adjusting to academic life and becoming involved in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. And in fact what makes the involvement with SoTL so attractive as part of the career in higher education. 

Feb 18, 202157:47
SoTL and Research Integrity
Dec 20, 202026:59
SoTL and the Professor
Dec 18, 202043:19
SoTL and the Library
Dec 15, 202016:39
SoTL and the Questionnaire

SoTL and the Questionnaire

In this episode Dr Vicki Dale is giving us tips about how to design questionnaires for SoTL projects. We talk question design, when to use or not to use a questionnaire, and what to do about demographic data. 

Correction: Vicki referred to measures of central displacement but meant measures central dispersion.

These are the references Vicki is mentioning in this episode: 


Pallant, J., 2020. Survival manual: A step by step guide to data analysis using IBM SPSS.

Ryan, F., Coughlan, M. and Cronin, P., 2007. Step-by-step guide to critiquing research. Part 2: Qualitative research. British Journal of Nursing, 16(12), pp.738-744.

Dec 13, 202038:17
SoTL and the Dissemination Fair
Dec 09, 202018:47
SoTL and the Masters in Education

SoTL and the Masters in Education

Today, my colleague Karen Thompson shares her experience of undertaking the MEd in Academic Practice. How this works next to a busy fulltime lecturing job, joining the masters via a non-traditional route and how it impacted her work and teaching. 

Dec 06, 202013:12
SoTL and the University

SoTL and the University

In this episode I am talking to Dr Michael McEwan head of subject for our MEd in Academic Practice program. Michael is explaining a bit how credit bearing SoTL provision at the University of Glasgow is organised, and shares findings from a case study he conducted with early career researchers on our program and their perceptions and understanding of SoTL. 

Dec 06, 202014:15
SoTL and Gamebased Learning
Dec 03, 202023:55
Dawne Irving-Bell and the National Teaching Repository
Nov 16, 202031:32
Natasha Taylor and SoTLwalks
Nov 03, 202021:39
A story of becoming a university educator

A story of becoming a university educator

The original title was 'Living by the Proverb', this is a bit of an experiment contemplating how our upbringing our background influences and shapes our teaching identities, and why this is important for our practice. 

Sep 16, 202038:04
September 7, 2020

September 7, 2020

Sep 07, 202000:31