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Soul Reverence Podcast

Soul Reverence Podcast

By Soul Reverence

The Soul Reverence Podcast brings spirit into form through conscious love and respect for the full spectrum of life. Join Marianna Voulgaris as she channels her wisdom of the planets, stars, elements, and herbs - and Nicole Love as she shares insights and gentle ways of softening and opening more into your divine truth.
The path of Venus as she travels through the gates of our energetics and levels of consciousness guides our conversation and topics.
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Welcome 2022, Happy New Moon in this New Year!

Soul Reverence PodcastJan 01, 2022

The First Full Moon of 2023 Brings Us Epiphanies
Jan 05, 202346:47
Full Moon in Gemini, Mars in Retrograde Conjuncting the Moon, and Venus Ascends from the Underworld
Dec 07, 202243:41
Total Lunar Eclipse with Taurus, Scorpio, and Much More
Nov 07, 202249:16
Full Moon in Aries, Venus in the Underworld, and Samhain 2022
Oct 09, 202249:17
Tarot with Carolyn Ayers, Full Moon, and the Death By Intent Gate

Tarot with Carolyn Ayers, Full Moon, and the Death By Intent Gate

This is the 12th episode, completing our first year creating this podcast, and it feels special. So, we invited a sacred woman, whom we both love, to share her Tarot wisdom with us. Welcome Carolyn Ayres of Tarot of Becoming. Carolyn shares spreads with us, and deep dives with our discussions on Death By Intent and more. Here are Carolyn’s spreads if you’d like to try them. Spread to Support Your Death By Intent Process
Card One: You in this moment with your fear and excitement about evolution. You as Ego
Yes, your ego can be excited about evolution but that doesn’t mean it will let go of control (-:

Card Two: What does this phrase “Death by intent” mean to you?

Cards Three and Four: After looking at card one and two, do you see resistance or willingness? Be honest with yourself...
If you see resistance draw Card Three for your fear and Card Four for how to to move through your fear with love and compassion, that is, how to hold your fear’s hand and take it with you. (-:
If you see willingness open to this process of Death with Card Two, draw Card Three for your next step, asking: What must first be released? Then draw Card Four asking for a helper to hold your hand as you take your first step and release.

Card Five: Ask for your loving Soul, your higher being to speak to you through a card. Take a moment before drawing the card, center in presence, draw the card and let it speak. You may need to close your eyes again. Whatever it takes to bypass the mind and allow your Soul to speak. What would it say to you, through this card, about your process of allowing Death?

Full Moon Spread
Card One: What are you full of?

Card Two: Who to use this fullness in service to yourself and so others and the planet? (Action card)

Card Three: What must now be released as you begin to wane?

Card Four: How to appreciate the cycling process, the ongoing creation destruction which is being mirrored to us All with the larger cycles of Gaia? Please find Carolyn at Please find Marianna at Please find Nicole at As always, we give gratitude to Todd Norian for his healing music❤️
Sep 09, 202240:07
Portals of Support
Aug 11, 202242:24
A Wobble Super Full Moon and A Big Transformational Time

A Wobble Super Full Moon and A Big Transformational Time

The Largest Moon of the year with Venus in our 2nd chakra, Pluto conjunct the Moon, Sirius and the Sun shining bright on us and her, Uranus with the North Node and the Moon, and so much more going on in the stars and within each of us. We are in deep with releasing and receiving right now, creating space for yourself to transform in this celestial wave is highly encouraged. Motherwort is the herb Marianna chooses to bring up for support with this moon. Motherwort holds powerful space for our evolutionary process. Gratitude for Todd Norian and his beautiful/healing music used in this podcast. Gratitude and tenderness for each of us, we are doing great evolutionary work. Gratitude for all the support during this powerful time of transformation ❤️🌕🌀
Jul 13, 202201:21:05
Sweet Super Full Moon in Sagittarius and Much More
Jun 13, 202251:25
2022 Eclipse Season Begins
Apr 26, 202201:18:29
Support and Portals For Powerful Growth
Apr 01, 202201:22:20
Awareness and Tools For This New Moon and Big Movement Planetary Time - Episode #6
Mar 02, 202201:02:41
Rest, Receive Love, and Get Ready to GO!

Rest, Receive Love, and Get Ready to GO!

We’ve been releasing the old for a while now, resting and receiving Love in this time is perfect. Slowing down to feel into our new selves for a huge forward momentum, coming soon, is the feeling of this time. Venus going direct and reaching her first gate (our crown chakras), Mercury in Retrograde, Saturn’s influence, the New Moon in Aquarius, Imbolc, and the herbal ally, Angelica, are all honored in this episode. We honor Todd Norian for his beautiful music, thank you! Also, both Marianna and Nicole are offering classes this month. Reach out to Marianna for Astrological and Herbal Readings, for her Herbal Classes and more at And, reach out to Nicole for Psychic Readings, Intuitive Energy Healings, and Psychic Healing Classes at ——— Here is a quote from our Tarot Expert friend, Carolyn, about the Lovers card. “In the year of the Lovers, we will learn about what slashes our world into opposing forces and forms, and, about how we can heal internally and externally. We will explore the wounded masculine within and around us even as we experience the power of the divine feminine to nurture and repair. Let us heed the call of Love!”- Pamela Eakins
Jan 31, 202201:00:47
Welcome 2022, Happy New Moon in this New Year!
Jan 01, 202251:46
Releasing Old Ways of Being to Expand in Our Divine Truth

Releasing Old Ways of Being to Expand in Our Divine Truth

Eclipse Portal messages for this New Moon Solar Eclipse time. The planetary alignment at this time is sure to bring buried items up for review and healing. We find how purifying and powerful living in our truth is. Our paths are golden and filled with opportunities for expansion. Echinacea is the herbal ally for this month, and is such a loving being. The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra is recommended reading for those excited for divine downloads. Meditation with the ‘Beloved Fire’ and what it looks/feels like to Be On Your Divine Path are more healing tools your invited to explore.
Dec 03, 202150:58
Embodying the Hidden Truths
Nov 04, 202149:52
October 2021, Finding Your Balance in a Time of Great Change
Oct 06, 202141:01