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Sound Journeys - Travel Meditation

Sound Journeys - Travel Meditation

By Yotam Agam

SOUND JOURNEYS - exotic travel thru sound. Hi everyone and welcome to sound journeys . exotic travel thru sounds. with a planet flooded with noise polution, we hardly get a chance to experience and appreciate the obvious soundscape environment around us. We need silence and silence come from conscious listening. My name is Yotam, am a sound designer, and musician, following the path of travel , yoga and culture for many years. I invite you to close your eyes for a few moments and come experience the word with me trough my ears. In each episode we will visit places around the world, from landscapes to cityscapes, people, conversations and many more.Headphones ON, Eyes closed. Breath. Step in
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Sound Journey IMPULSE

Sound Journeys - Travel MeditationJan 28, 2023

Sound Journey IMPULSE

Sound Journey IMPULSE

A unique collection of sounds from my resent travel and work.
Paris, Tel Aviv , India and a few others,

Fused with experimental electronics I have build from the sounds themselves.

Hope you enjoy 

** Headphones 

Jan 28, 202315:10
The Retreat - Spanish Mountains

The Retreat - Spanish Mountains

A collection of field recordings during a two weeks retreat with Kia Naddermier in the Spanish Mountains.
crafted into a journey of music, conversations, nature walks and various practices.

An invitation to experience the journey with us.

May 30, 202201:16:39
Sound Journey Episode 10 SINAI

Sound Journey Episode 10 SINAI

Sound Journeys is a personal journey of traveling and experiencing the world through sound.
this journey represent the unique soundscape of traveling to Sinai, Egypt.
While it is a desert environment, there is a strong signature of local soundscape from beduins jeeps, conversations and local music to travelers, car radio, ocean  waves and silent nights...
immerse into the "Red Sea Highway" wild ride...

Apr 10, 202221:09
Sound Journeys Episode 9
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Sound Journeys Episode 3

Sound Journeys Episode 3

Hi everyone and welcome to sound journeys . Exotic travel thru sounds.

In a world exploding with information, we sometimes forget the basics, simple conscious  listening. without gazing at our phones or computer screen. just listen.
These episodes are a reminder that we share an amazing soundscape on this planet and that we tend to take it for granted.

In this episode we will start our journey in extremely remote village in Tanzania, Africa, a group of woman is herding the cattle out to drink water.
walking silently with the herd , reveal details of conversations and skin moving…

Reaching the edge of the village we come across a "Hunting Ceremony" where woman and man gather together and start to generate heat (tapas) and energy before going to hunt, the woman chants in high pitch voices to encourage the man to be brave while the man preform breathing (pranayama) exercise, and use voices and drones techniques to answer the calling.

I encourage you to take a deep breath and dive into the ceremony , let your imagination take over and just let go, be an observer for your mind and body reaction.

From there we will go up north to Jerusalem old city and visit  Chapel of Saint Vincent de Paul, where the Delaware University choir is preparing their live stream from Jerusalem to the graduation ceremony in Delaware ...building up excitement.

And lastly we will walk back silently in mount kofta Tanzania back to my hotel room in Chennai,  India to experience a blessing by mahesh.

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Apr 01, 202020:20
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