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A Space for Oddities

A Space for Oddities

By Katie and Vincent

Katie and Vincent explore and archive the oddities of the creative sphere, powered by cheap booze, giggles and silly voices.
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Bauhaus – Modernist design and an avant-garde religion

A Space for OdditiesJul 04, 2021

IKEA – Furniture, Meatballs and HUMAN REMAINS?!
Feb 06, 202201:36:58
Synaesthesia – Can you taste the name Derek and smell the colour Blue?
Jan 30, 202201:17:03
Margaret Calvert – The designer who's influence change signage and high fashion (maybe)
Jan 23, 202201:12:05
Cottage Core – Animal Crossing, thatched roofs and *THAT* Strawberry Dress
Jan 16, 202201:20:19
Christmas Special 2021
Dec 19, 202101:30:47
Digital Art – What links Memes, NFTs and David Hockney?
Dec 12, 202101:20:33
Yayoi Kusama – The power of the humble polkadot
Dec 05, 202101:19:24
Bus Stops – Including a service timetable, an awkward bench and a 10ft Soviet Sculpture?!
Nov 28, 202101:16:32
Drag & Creativity – Far more than just a drag race
Nov 21, 202101:17:20
Sun Ra – An angel from space, Jazz-cat and Afrofuturism pioneer
Nov 14, 202101:03:20
British Folklore Aesthetics – Burryman, Boss Morris, Ben Edge
Nov 07, 202101:02:14
Halloween Special – (Season 2 Pilot)

Halloween Special – (Season 2 Pilot)

We're back with a spooky special!
Ready for Season Two to kick off next week, we've come together and made a special episode to celebrate the spookiest time of the year.

Discussing the origins of pumpkin carving, Irish tales and haunted painting – get yourself a bowl of assorted sweets, put in those plastic fangs you've owned for years and dive in.

Note: we had a slight issue with our audio but our audio technician (Nosferatu) has worked his ghoulish magic to make the listening experience the best it can be. 

Oct 31, 202101:20:33
Louis Wain – The 'schizophrenic' pioneer of the modern pet portrait
Jul 11, 202101:14:48
Bauhaus – Modernist design and an avant-garde religion
Jul 04, 202101:03:38
Baba Yaga – Feminism in a flying pestle and mortar
Jun 27, 202145:33
The War of Colour – The battle to secure The Blackest Black
Jun 20, 202135:33
Judgement and Flaying – A gruesome painting perfect for a child's bedroom
Jun 13, 202133:11
The Dark Art of Sampling – A less-than-legal process develops a whole new sound
Jun 06, 202148:05
Russian Prison Tattoos – A pictorial prison language with a brick for an eraser
May 30, 202151:13
Comic Sans – Hated by many, loved by children (and scientists)
May 23, 202135:52
Moondog – The Viking and the blind Composer
May 16, 202150:05
Golem – Did Jewish folklore inspire Marvel's The Hulk?
May 09, 202129:60
Hexafoils (Pilot)

Hexafoils (Pilot)

WARNING! This is unedited and contains rather strong language. We don't swear throughout but get a little fruity in around the middle.

This is a pilot for the podcast, so has not been edited fully. This means there will be guffs, burps and generally rough sounds as we practice recording and try to define our format for future episodes.

Katie and Vincent explore the oddities of the creative sphere—this week looking at Hexafoils. These symbols of folk art and agricultural superstition are explored through spelling, giggling and sillyness.

May 03, 202130:22