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Meaningful Conversations from the Speakers Collective

Meaningful Conversations from the Speakers Collective

By Speakers Collective

Meaningful Conversation podcast series is brought to you by the Speakers Collective. These important podcast conversations are facilitated by our members to challenge stigma and promote learning on a variety of social issues.
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Telling Stories The Brain, Trauma And Creativity - Meaningful Conversation

Meaningful Conversations from the Speakers CollectiveMar 09, 2023

Poetry How It Might Become An Unexpected Part Of Your Mental Health Toolkit

Poetry How It Might Become An Unexpected Part Of Your Mental Health Toolkit

This Meaningful Conversation brings together someone who found poetry was a way through severe depression, and a distinguished poet and filmmaker, to talk about why and how poetry can help our emotional well-being. Rachel Kelly (author, ambassador for SANE and Rethink Mental Illness) and Pele Cox (writer, filmmaker, and former poet in residence at the Royal Academy) will talk about their experiences, and about how reading and sharing poetry (Rachel) and writing it (Pele) can unlock and explore feelings in deep and meaningful ways. This one-hour conversation follows Rachel’s book about the therapeutic power of poetry ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone: Poems for Life’s Ups and Downs They discuss the poems that can help and why, as well as sharing thoughts on how to write poetry, how to read it, how to memorise it, and practical ways to make verse an unexpected part of your mental health toolkit and your everyday life - helping with everything from insomnia to a broken heart, from feeling worthless to amplifying feelings of joy. This Meaningful Conversation is hosted by the Speakers Collective. Find out more about the Speakers Collective at You can find out more about Rachel and Pele via the following links;

You'll Never Walk Alone: Poems for life's ups and downs by Rachel Kelly

Apr 19, 202357:39
Telling Stories The Brain, Trauma And Creativity - Meaningful Conversation
Mar 09, 202357:27
Honest About Editing - Meaningful Conversation

Honest About Editing - Meaningful Conversation

A lot has happened socially in the last few years to raise awareness of our body image and how we feel about our bodies - but is it enough? Where can we go from here? 

Activist and campaigner, Suzanne Samaka, and comedian and author, Dave Chawner join body image advocate Emi Howe to discuss edited images used within the media and how they can impact our mental health. 

This important online Meaningful Conversation was recorded just before Eating Disorders Awareness Week (27 February-5 March) and a positive discussion hosted by the Speakers Collective. Find out more at  

Emi Howe 

Emi is a Digital Wellbeing Specialist, author of The Body Hoax and a TEDx speaker. Emi is passionate about unpicking our digital lives, how we use technology and the impact it has on our wellbeing. Emi talks frankly in the workplace about our online health and body image. 

Suzanne Samaka

Suzanne is the founder of the #HonestyAboutEditing campaign which is to amend the law to label content that has been digitally edited i.e. Photoshop/filters/FaceTune. Suzanne has done this to protect young people’s mental health from low self-esteem and negative body image and to ensure they are aware of real vs. fake online, they don’t aspire to something that is not achievable.

Dave Chawner

Dave is a number 1 best-selling author, award-winning stand-up, presenter and mental health campaigner. Dave is a regular presenter on TV and Radio and his book Weight Expectations became a best-seller just 3 days after being released.

Getting Help

Looking for eating disorder support in your area visit

Feb 27, 202357:53
Responding to suicide and its impact - Meaningful Conversation
Oct 07, 202254:48
Pain As Opportunity - Meaningful Conversation
Jun 17, 202258:09
Simply Us, Disability Not Just Another Tick Box - Meaningful Conversation

Simply Us, Disability Not Just Another Tick Box - Meaningful Conversation

Chandy Green speaks to Sarah Petherbridge and Holly Sutcliffe on the challenges of negotiating an inaccessible world and the positive benefits of allyship.

Sarah Petherbridge

Sarah is a disability awareness trainer and public speaker on the topic of diversity and inclusion ("D&I") from a disability angle. Sarah draws on her experience of working as a professional with a disability in a corporate environment for various accountancy firms. Sarah was born profoundly deaf and communicate by way of hearing, lipreading, some BSL and intelligent guesswork! 

Chandy Green

Chandy is disability & mental health advocate and active fundraiser who’s won awards for his work in his local community. After being diagnosed with a brain tumour as a child and undergoing treatment into adulthood Chandy has tried to show that despite a diagnosis you can work towards anything & live beyond a medical condition.

Holly Sutcliffe

Holly is a Neurodivergent Mental Health Advocate, who works with individuals, families and institutions as an Integrated Holistic Coach. As a late-diagnosed autistic human, Holly finally realised why and how she has struggled for so long to live a ‘full life’. Now, she embraces her version of ‘full’, which looks totally different to a neurotypical one and embraces the joyful, conscious, heart-led life she lives with her daughter by the sea.

About the Speakers Collective

The Speakers Collective is a Social Enterprise.  We work together with a shared commitment to challenge stigma, facilitate important conversations and promote learning on a variety of social issues. To find out more about our work and speakers visit

Mar 09, 202257:53
The Power of Movement - Meaningful Conversation

The Power of Movement - Meaningful Conversation

It is no secret that physical exercise is good for your mental health and well-being. This meaningful conversation explores the Power of Movement with an expert panel who are at the forefront of encouraging exercise and campaigning.  

Hannah Beecham, RED Together Founder of RED January, a nationwide movement that’s empowering people across the UK to move every day in January to support their own mental health and raise funds to help others.  Hannah was inspired to start RED January after witnessing the transformative effect that regular physical activity had on her Mum’s mental health, particularly during the winter months, a time when many of us need an extra boost of motivation. Since it started, more than 200,000 people have taken part in raising millions of pounds for charity.  

Simon Hawtrey-Woore, Outdoor Executive Coach Simon leads his life with a deep curiosity for people and experiences, a passion for open collaboration, a desire to keep things simple and a love of the outdoors.  Simon believes that staying connected with our sense of adventure is the most potent way to escalate our impact and fulfilment. Simon has 25 years of marketing experience and 16 years as a coach helping senior business leaders find their true path so that they can live life as a fulfilling adventure in their career and beyond.

Katie Burt, Writer and Runner A writer and professional contemplator. When not found with a laptop at her fingertips, you will likely find Katie running, attempting to cycle, or seeking out decent coffee.  Katie has built up a loyal social following, proud member of the RED January community ‘REDer’ and during lockdown completed a half marathon running around her living room! 

Jon Salmon, Host & Speakers Collective Director Jon will be hosting the conversation and would describe himself as a reluctant runner. However, it has been campaigns and social movements like RED January that has motivated Jon to keep putting the trainers back on.

Dec 16, 202157:49
Introducing Speakers Collective Meaningful Conversations
Dec 15, 202100:39