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Sperm Donation World

Sperm Donation World

By Adam Hooper

The fertility world a multi-billion dollar industry, run by so-called professionals we put our trust in? But should we? there is a lot about the IVF world that they don't want us to know about while controlling us with fear. We explore alternative avenues and speak to various guests and listen to their stories. For more information
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Episode 70: Fertility Vitamins and Supplements

Sperm Donation WorldJul 01, 2023

Episode 70: Fertility Vitamins and Supplements
Jul 01, 202301:44:14
Episode 69: The Donor Sibling Registry
Jun 19, 202303:16:47
Episode 68: Donor Conceived Queen
Jun 05, 202301:13:32
Episode 67: Donorkind
Jun 02, 202302:39:03
Episode 66: The Well-Adjusted 90s Clinic Donor
May 04, 202301:20:43
Episode 65: Elevit your Game, Talking the MTHFR Gene

Episode 65: Elevit your Game, Talking the MTHFR Gene

Apr 23, 202304:01:29
Episode 64: Let it Come
Apr 20, 202359:21
Episode 63: The Spiritual Messiah
Apr 10, 202301:15:56
Episode 62: C U in the NT to Donate
Apr 04, 202301:01:45
Episode 61: Perth Has A New King
Mar 25, 202301:31:33
Episode 60: The Female Empowerment Coach
Mar 23, 202301:38:52
Episode 59: Just Another Busy Mum
Mar 22, 202301:27:39
Episode 58: A River doesn’t just carry water, it carries Life
Jan 09, 202301:12:08
Episode 57: Israel's Son
Jan 03, 202301:01:52
Episode 56: Raised by a Single Mother by Choice
Dec 19, 202201:21:34
Episode 55: Polygyny Ambitions
Nov 07, 202202:02:30
Episode 54: The Alpha Male Donor
Nov 02, 202202:22:54
Episode 53: Circle of Life
Jul 14, 202259:09
Episode 52: Wonder Woman
Jun 26, 202238:17
Episode 51: Reaching Valhalla
Jun 24, 202201:02:39
Episode 50: From Brisbane to Perth to have a Baby
Jun 21, 202201:10:03
Episode 49: After 10 IUI failures, we needed a new plan
Jun 21, 202247:47
Episode 48: Donating with a Disability
May 09, 202257:43
Episode 47: Fertility Fraud, Doctors impregnating their own patients
May 08, 202202:35:15
Episode 46: Uprooted
Mar 06, 202201:21:48
Episode 45: Donor Child
Dec 27, 202158:21
Episode 44: A Heterosexual couple journey - 4 donor babies over 12 years
Aug 30, 202102:09:56
Episode 43: Sperm Jacking
Aug 19, 202101:25:18
Episode 42: The Laws in New Zealand for Donor Conception
Aug 16, 202150:45
Episode 41: Achieving Parenthood (As a Single Mother by Choice)
Aug 03, 202101:17:15
Episode 40: Another VIC Fertility Clinic to destroy Embryos, are yours safe? Part 2
Jul 28, 202101:19:07
Episode 39: Another VIC Fertility Clinic to destroy Embryos are yours safe? Part 1

Episode 39: Another VIC Fertility Clinic to destroy Embryos are yours safe? Part 1

Lissa Koehler and her ex-partner's first child was born via at-home insemination via a known donor, for a combination of reasons he is no longer an option for future children so they elected to go down the Fertility clinic option. Through an invasive procedure that would involve between30 and 50 internal ultrasounds and other procedures and not to mention extreme medication involved that knocked her around 6 Embryos were the end result, 1 of these embryos resulted in a child, while the rest were stored away to be used at a later date.

Lissa now with her new partner Kariah were considering their options of another baby when suddenly their victorian clinic rings up to let them know that upon contacting their donor on his mandatory 10-year checkup to see if he still wishes for his biological tissue to be used, he has decided to say no once prompted, which has led these embryos down a path of destruction affecting another 5 families in the process.

This interview is deeply personal and touches on an array of topics, the clinic procedures, why the laws need to be reviewed, and what can be done about this, plus many interesting general convos along the way. Lissa is now 40 and will have to go through this process again with eggs that obviously won't be the same quality as they were 5 years ago? This time Lissa's support network is much stronger and we wish them a positive outcome.

For more information about this podcast episode, to support the petition and to follow Lissa and Kariah's socials you can find here

To follow the podcast on Instagram @SpermDonationWorld

Jul 27, 202102:13:39
Episode 38: A Gay man's guide to forming a family

Episode 38: A Gay man's guide to forming a family

Jul 26, 202101:11:48
Episode 37: My Rainbow Tribe

Episode 37: My Rainbow Tribe

Shannon Louise Ashton was a pioneer for same-sex women who always wanted children but found out along the way she had no desire to be with a man so had to think outside the box. She started her motherhood journey via the QFG in the early 2000s at a time when it was all very taboo. Almost 2 decades on a couple of relationships along the way, she has fulfilled her rainbow tribe of 5 children using the popular choice Surfer donor known as id number 188.

On record, there are 48 children, many still unknown and unaccounted for, with some surprise unexpected encounters across the way like coincidentally one of her children going to the same daycare as another donor sibling. With her oldest child Zac about to reach his adult years, we discuss how they plan to navigate this and the prep talks required.

Shannon has quite the positive outlook in life, but she has had to deal with a few dramas along the way firstly them being given the wrong donor they had asked for, having to join the donor sibling registry and DNA sites in order to find more of her children’s half-siblings and then there are the questions from her children about their donor and wanting to meet him and her having to explain that this is unlikely to happen with the donor, they ended up getting. In her own words “sometimes what’s meant to happen just happens”.

To find out more about this episode and links to Shannon's My Family Tribe socials visit 

To Follow and get more information about this podcast follow @Spermdonatiodonationworld Instagram 

Jul 02, 202101:00:48
Episode 36: Talking Male Infertility and Children's books
Jun 28, 202101:41:50
Episode 35: 2 Bumps Same Love
Jun 24, 202102:11:17
Episode 34: East London Represent
Jun 03, 202101:35:03
Episode 33: Clinic Donor withdraws consent and our embryos to be destroyed

Episode 33: Clinic Donor withdraws consent and our embryos to be destroyed

May 25, 202101:29:44
Episode 32: Just Blew into the Windy City
May 19, 202143:03
Episode 31: Making a Baby with Someone with HIV
Mar 09, 202101:32:44
Episode 30: Our Donor is Suing the Fertility Clinic
Mar 06, 202101:22:31
Episode 29: Does my Donor have 1000 children?
Mar 02, 202102:10:40
Episode 28: Single Mother by Choice
Feb 10, 202101:29:24
Episode 27: Like a Rolling Stone
Feb 05, 202101:36:12
Episode 26: The Cold War
Feb 02, 202101:20:56
Episode 25: Donating in Deutschland
Jan 21, 202101:15:49
Episode 24: The Sperminator Judgement Day
Jan 12, 202101:06:55
Episode 23: Pageant Mom
Jan 08, 202101:13:45
Episode 22: Husband Wife team
Dec 23, 202001:11:24
Episode 21: Sperm Donation in the Philippines
Dec 06, 202046:33