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Best Practices with SPG

Best Practices with SPG

By Sports Planning Guide

Best Practices with Sports Planning Guide is a podcast built for sports executives that explores the intersection of sports tourism, the holistic impact of events and the travel industry’s ascent in sports and entertainment. From the first napkin sketches to championship winning programs, these are the stories that matter the most, helping to grow sports tourism to even greater heights. An interview series from Sports Planning Guide, a Premier Travel Media sports destination digital and print publication.
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6: Janis Burke with Houston Sports Authority

Best Practices with SPGOct 27, 2022

6: Janis Burke with Houston Sports Authority
Oct 27, 202252:33
5: Matt Libber with Maryland SoccerPlex

5: Matt Libber with Maryland SoccerPlex

Executive Director of the Maryland SoccerPlex, Matt Libber looks forward to the coming sports seasons. Maryland recently announced a new Sports Turf Institute. This unique skill set for sports is outside of a university, but there are plans to expand the program to include credit for schools nearby. The institute also supports testing technological advances when it comes to turf such as mowers, field lining, etc. which can translate into cost savings for sports destinations with turf fields. As a volunteer, Matt shares his wisdom on dividing your time for others, resolving problems, managing your team productively and treating others with respect in the industry.

Having worked at Elite Tournaments, Matt has had plenty of expertise in the sports industry. From building that company to the powerhouse it is today to working for Maryland SoccerPlex, Matt has developed a podcast of his own that celebrates sports tourism players with a series of interviews and talks.

While Matt has known lots of success, he also talks about one of the near-misses when, after years of preparation, Baltimore-Washington lost the Fifa World Cup United 2026 Bid. Matt was very involved in the process, and talks about how their loss was still considered a win from the press and developments of their sports facilities.

Sep 21, 202201:00:05
4: Megan Van Petten - Founder of Esports Trade Association

4: Megan Van Petten - Founder of Esports Trade Association

Join us for an interview with Megan Van Petten, the Founder of Esports Trade Association, as we explore with Megan the foundations of building ESTA, how ESTA is growing and taking on new challenges, new programs at the EsportsNext 2022 Conference, advancements in Esports in Chicago, and the expanded accessibility of Esports. Megan Van Petten has been honored by HuffPost as one of the Top 5 Most Influential Women in Fantasy Sports for her work as Director of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, which spurred her to launch the Esports Trade Association in 2017. She foresaw the Esports industry to be promising uncharted territory. By bringing the players, teams, leagues, & stakeholders together, she supports the spirit of team collaboration for all involved. She oversees strategic solutions in order to highlight and celebrate the talent emerging in the industry today. This includes hosting the Esports Connected podcast, which offers interviews, education and inspiration for esports innovators.

Aug 17, 202233:11
3: Jon Solomon from Aspen Institute
Jul 20, 202233:31
2: Al Kidd from Sports ETA

2: Al Kidd from Sports ETA

In the second episode of Best Practices with SPG, we sat down with Al Kidd, president & CEO of the Sports Events & Tourism Association (Sports ETA), to discuss how organizational leadership and innovation at Sports ETA over the last five years has helped the association grow its staff, revenues and value proposition in the eyes of its membership. A Cleveland area native who now calls San Diego home, Kidd gives us a glimpse into the latest industry data as well as why his mom has remained a role model throughout his life and career. Listen in for expert advise on how Sports Tourism is leading the travel industry towards recovery. 

Jun 15, 202257:50
1: Lance Harrell - SEO Consultant with Premier Travel Media
May 18, 202232:16