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Spiritual Weirdo Podcast with Lydia Bachmeier

Spiritual Weirdo Podcast with Lydia Bachmeier

By Lydia Bachmeier

Welcome to the Spiritual Weirdo Podcast hosted by Lydia Bachmeier. Season 2 coming in 2023: muggles welcome. If you’re looking to master manifesting, grow your confidence, develop new subconscious beliefs, improve your relationships, and attract money and abundance in all its forms, then you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. My goal with this podcast is to provide you with resources, tools, strategies, inspiration, and motivation to empower you to go after, achieve, and manifest everything you want.
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[46] Subliminal Programming to Make Manifesting Easy

Spiritual Weirdo Podcast with Lydia BachmeierDec 14, 2021

[46] Subliminal Programming to Make Manifesting Easy
Dec 14, 202119:29
[45] Protecting Your Energy This Holiday Season
Dec 02, 202114:26
[44] Manifestation 101

[44] Manifestation 101

Manifestation 101: everything you need to know to start co-creating your like on purpose.


  • What is manifestation? Common misconceptions now that "manifesting" is mainstream
  • My 5 step process to manifest anything
  • What most people forget about when trying to manifest something and how they block themselves


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Nov 20, 202139:54
[43] Stepping Into A New Paradigm & Podcast Rebrand!
Nov 04, 202126:12
[42] How To Tell If A Manifestation Method Is Working For You
Apr 23, 202125:53
[41] Manifesting For Someone Else
Mar 30, 202119:16
[40] Shadow Work: The Massive Success Secret
Mar 23, 202132:29
[39] Wash Away Stress Guided Meditation & Hypnosis
Mar 16, 202123:39
[38] Why You Don't Have Your Manifestation
Mar 09, 202119:17
[37] Manifest Social Media Growth
Mar 02, 202126:19
[36] Give Credit: Your Work Isn't Actually Yours
Feb 23, 202116:33
[35] What To Do If You Became Spiritual And Lost All Of Your Friends
Feb 16, 202123:24
[34] Manifest Your Mate: Step By Step Guide
Feb 09, 202131:54
[33] I Manifested Ryan Gosling
Feb 03, 202123:31
[32] How To Ask For A Sign or Guidance
Jan 27, 202123:46
[31] Channeled Letter To 16-Year-Old Lydia
Jan 19, 202119:32
[30] Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) And How It Changed My Life
Jan 12, 202129:16
[29] My Akashic Records Reading Experience
Jan 05, 202123:49
[28] Social De-Conditioning with The Saffron Sage
Dec 22, 202038:32
[27] What To Do When Mantras Don’t Work For You
Dec 15, 202016:22
[26] COVID Fatigue: Tips for Feeling Better Mentally
Dec 07, 202029:48
[25] Why I Gave Up Dancing

[25] Why I Gave Up Dancing

Tune in for this rant about staying true to your authentic self and the story of why I quit dancing.

Nov 30, 202024:03
[24] Masculine VS Feminine Energy with Jillian Eileen
Nov 23, 202042:36
[23] Abundance Activation Hypnosis Program
Nov 16, 202025:37
[22] 7 Money Beliefs You Probably Have
Nov 10, 202026:34
[21] My Experience With Releasing Negative Emotions
Nov 01, 202030:39
[20] How To Stay High Vibe Without Support
Oct 24, 202025:40
[19] Can You Manifest A Specific Person?
Oct 12, 202020:55
[18] Manifesting With The Moon
Oct 05, 202024:02
[17] Angel Numbers
Sep 28, 202016:02
[16] My Spiritual Awakenings & Talking With An Angel
Sep 21, 202054:38
[15] Improve Your Visualizations To Speed Up Manifesting
Sep 14, 202021:29
[14] Find Your Own Best Affirmations
Sep 07, 202021:53
[13] How I Manifested A Waterfront Mansion
Sep 03, 202023:26
[12] Toxic Positivity, Rachel Hollis, & How To ROAR
Aug 24, 202027:30
[11] What Does It Mean To Be A Fierce Manifester?
Aug 17, 202026:15
[10] Visualization: Hanging Out With Your Higher Self
Aug 10, 202012:24
[9] Align With Your Higher Self
Aug 03, 202024:48
[8] Make Decisions With Confidence
Jul 27, 202017:03
[7] How To Stop Caring What People Think
Jul 20, 202023:36
[6] Confident AF Hypnosis Program
Jul 13, 202017:56
[5] The Importance of Authenticity in Marketing
Jul 05, 202023:53
[4] How Your Emotions Impact Your Vibration
Jun 29, 202030:34
[3] Hypnosis Program: Reject Racist Thoughts

[3] Hypnosis Program: Reject Racist Thoughts

Do not listen to this recording while driving. Please ensure you are in a safe space where you can relax completely. Hypnosis program begins at [3:11]

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Jun 22, 202028:19
[2] Releasing Guilt

[2] Releasing Guilt

Guilt is a wasted emotion. Learn how to release it and recover your energy. To schedule a breakthrough NLP session with Lydia please email for current rates and information.

Be sure to subscribe and leave a review! Screenshot, share to your Instagram stories and tag me @lydiabachmeier

Within this episode, I misspoke at [3:13] when I stated "systematic" racism instead of the correct word: systemic. 

Jun 22, 202023:12
[1] Intro & Taking Imperfect Action

[1] Intro & Taking Imperfect Action

Introduction to Lydia Bachmeier and the purpose and intention behind the Choose Again Podcast. Who is Lydia? How did she go from the corporate world to owning multiple businesses? Plus, tips for how you can start taking imperfect action as someone who strives for perfection[26:57]. 

Be sure to subscribe and leave a review! Screenshot, share to your Instagram stories and tag me @lydiabachmeier

Jun 22, 202036:29