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Spoken Label

Spoken Label

By Andy N

Spoken Label is a podcast series designed to interview and record sessions from authors, poets, artists, musicians etc in North West England and beyond.

Formed in 2015 and ran / edited by Andy N, author of ‘Return to Kemptown’ and ‘The End of Summer’,it is always often to submissions from interested artists.

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Rebecca D'Harlingue (Spoken Label, October 2021)

Spoken LabelOct 28, 2021

Aqeel Parvez (Spoken Label, June 2023)

Aqeel Parvez (Spoken Label, June 2023)

New from Spoken Label (Spoken Word / Author / Poet Podcast) features Aqeel Parvez. Aqeel Parvez is a poet who lives in Leeds, UK. He is the author of numerous chapbooks including "The Streetlights Are Beckoning Nirvana" (Analog Submission Press). His work has been published among other places in 16 Pages Press, Sludge Lit, Horror Sleaze Trash, Back Patio Press, Saturday Night Bombers and is also one of the committee members of Bone Down, the literary affinity group. He can be found on as Instagram @ap.writer, & twitter @aqeelparvez

Jun 07, 202342:05
Amy Langley (Spoken Label, May 2023)

Amy Langley (Spoken Label, May 2023)

Latest up from Spoken Label (Spoken Word / Poetry / Artist Podcast) features the wonderful Amy Langley.

Amy has been writing poetry since she was 5 years old; her first experience of writing poetry was when she stayed at her grandparents, who lived in Wiltshire, in the summer holidays; she used to have a little book next to her bed; she would hear the birds singing and be inspired to write.

Amy continued my writing throughout her childhood and recalls writing a poetry book and gifting it to one of her favourite primary school teachers.

Amy used to perform on Manchester’s open mic night scene when she was 18, a lot of it was freestyling however there was some pre-written material.

There was a little hiatus from performing but the stage soon came back to being a spotlight in Amy’s heart in 2017 when she began performing at The Wonder Inn in Manchester City centre. Then followed The Old Abbey Tap House in Hulme to further expanding to Dulcimer in Chorlton, Mind Over Matter in Camden, BYOB at Box Park in Wembley, Mind Over Matter in Ancoats, Pull Up Bar in Ancoats and has spoken at Sale Write Out Loud a few times.

One thing Amy is sure of; her love of writing and performing poetry; expressing herself through word allows her to set free thoughts, feelings & share experiences that can benefit those that take the time to listen.

More about Amy can be found at:

May 28, 202339:07
Caitlin Kendall (Spoken Label, May 2023)

Caitlin Kendall (Spoken Label, May 2023)

Latest up from Spoken Label (Spoken Word Podcast) features the awesome Caitlin Kendall.

Caitlin's work is magical, melodic and homely, whilst retaining an air of politically-charged attitude. Currently firmly ensconced in the far reaches of Northern England, she got her first Bent Key publication as part of our first period zine, Bloody Hell, and is a valued member of the Bent Key community. With poetry that zips together the turbulent journey of motherhood with a deep connection with the earth and nature wrapped in human emotion, her words will grab you by the wrist and pull you into another world.

More about Caitlin can be found here -

Her debut collection 'Nothing is yours' can be purchased here:

May 25, 202348:34
Sara Jayne (Spoken Label, May 2023)

Sara Jayne (Spoken Label, May 2023)

Latest Spoken Label (Author / Artist / Poetry Podcast) features the wonderful Sara Jayne.

Sara Jayne is an established singer, who grew up in Chorlton-Cum-Hardy. Having covered many popular bars and restaurants across South Manchester since 2019, Sara Jayne recently debuted her poetry performance at the much loved SpeakEasy poetry night. Sara Jayne Provides captivating vocals as a professional singer and thought-provoking poetry that aims to decode life and it’s many contradictions using wordplay.

Her Instagram feed is:

May 23, 202338:23
Mark Jackson (Keith's Brother) (Spoken Label, May 2023)
May 17, 202343:05
Eric Loveland Heath (Spoken Label, May 2023)
May 12, 202342:45
Tuesday Tony (Spoken Label, May 2023)
May 10, 202328:59
Bonus Episode - Live Zoom Book Launch for 'The Scope of art and poetry' (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Bonus Episode - Live Zoom Book Launch for 'The Scope of art and poetry' (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Bonus Episode for Spoken Label of the book launch for "The scope of art and poetry'(edited by Daniel Kay and Mel Wardle Woodend). The book is described as "This anthology aims to raise money and awareness for disability charity Scope. The book contains a selection of poetry and art from both well-known and emerging poets and artists. In each piece the art has inspired the poetry. This is known as ekphrasis. The collection includes poems about living with a disability, as well as those that explore the social and political aspects of everyday lives. The anthology is a celebration of people's lives and experiences, and all proceeds from the book will go to Scope. Edited by Daniel Kay and Mel Wardle Woodend with cover art by Paul Riding. Published by Dream Well Writing Ltd - Staffordshire based publishers of dyslexia friendly books with worldwide distribution and an environmentally conscious ethos founded in 2017 by Mel Wardle Woodend Staffordshire Poet Laureate 2019 – 2022."

May 05, 202345:25
Katy Naylor (Spoken Label, May 2023)

Katy Naylor (Spoken Label, May 2023)

New from Spoken Label (Spoken Word / Artist / Poetry Podcast) features Katy Naylor. Katy Naylor lives by the sea, in a little town on the south coast of England. She writes poetry, fiction and text adventure games in the time that falls between the cracks She has work published or upcoming in Outcast Press, The Bear Creek Gazette and Not Deer Magazine. She can be found on twitter @voidskrawl #poetry #spokenwordpodcast #spokenword #poetrypodcast

May 04, 202352:36
Caitlin Mckenna (Spoken Label, May 2023)

Caitlin Mckenna (Spoken Label, May 2023)

Latest up from Spoken Label (Spoken Word / Poetry Podcast series) features the wonderful Caitlin McKenna whose debut collection "Now Say it back" has being published by Bent Key Publishing.

Her bio advises "Caitlin McKenna is incredibly talented. First appearing on our founder's radar during the On the Mic poetry evening at Leeds' Left Bank, her words are fierce, feminist and unapologetically confrontational. Barely edging into her twenties, she has taken the mantle of queer representative and run with it - delivering fast-paced wit, reflective short-form pieces and lengthier spoken pieces that force you to look at how we exist in society today."

Some links include:

Apr 29, 202348:20
Joy Wassell Tims (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Joy Wassell Tims (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Latest up from Spoken Label (Spoken Word / Poetry Podcast) features from Stockport but originally Burnage, the brill Joy Wassell Tims.

Joy is a Stockport based writer. Her poetry has been published in various literary magazines including The North, Iota, and Dream Catcher. Both poetry and short stories have been published in Orbis.

In February 2022 she had two poetry pamphlets published by Bedford Falls Publications: Word Hoards and Shout. Both are available for purchase from the publisher.

Shortlisted for the Cinnamon Press Poetry pamphlet competition in 2017, her poems have been anthologised in Invisible Zoos, and Peterloo Poets, both 2019; Writing the Cathedral (2014) and Best of Manchester Poets (2013). Her first novel was shortlisted by North West Arts.

She is currently Writer-in -Residence at Burnage Library, running its monthly Burnage Writers group and organising their 'Wordsmith' open mic events.

Her website is

Apr 25, 202338:35
Rhianna Levi (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Rhianna Levi (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Latest Spoken Label (Spoken Word Podcast) features the amazing Rhianna Levi

Rhianna Levi is a writer, teacher and academic based in Worcester, England. She holds the title of Worcestershire Poet Laureate 22/23, being the youngest poet ever to have the role. Alongside the publication of her debut poetry collection, Mortal Veins (2023), Rhianna has been published in numerous anthologies and literature mags. Rhianna has degrees from both the University of Worcester and Birmingham City University. As a writer and holistic educator, her work empathises the complexity of humanity and existentialism that in itself is a remarkable phenomenon.

Her debut book 'Mortal Veins' can be bought via Amazon where it is described as " Humanity has always had a complex relationship with the world around it, and yet it can also be a thing of beauty which inspires magic caressed in our palms. Explore the wonders of existence and thereafter inside mortal veins with poet Rhianna Levi. A debut poetry collection that brings our veins together as one."

Some words about Mortal Veins:

"Mortal Veins is a brave and bold debut collection that addresses difficult matters, confronting a plethora of problems that are all too familiar to many readers. An urgent new voice, Levi is writing into a growing canon of mental health and personal development poetry. A haunting, a fresh bruise, or a journey through recovery, there is something here for all." - Dr Charley Barnes, author of Copycat and Sincerely, Yours.

"This dramatic, dynamic debut collection explores fearlessly what it is to be human, other worldly and wild all at once. Passionate and profoundly affecting, these poems find language for those things that are both concrete and hollow in all of us and in doing so encourages us all to find language of our own." - Cathy Carson, creator of the one woman show Becoming Marvellous
"Rhianna Levi makes a striking debut in Mortal Veins. With poetry that provokes the relationship between linguistics and storytelling, Levi tackles existentialism, mental health and self-awareness whilst exploring the boundaries of language. Bold, thought provoking and distinctive." - Chloe Hanks, author of I Call Upon The Witches and May We All Be Artefacts

Apr 20, 202355:06
Douglas Weissman (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Douglas Weissman (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Latest up from Spoken Label (Spoken Word / Author Chat Podcast) features the wonderful Douglas Weissman.

Douglas writes " stories of friendship, of finding beauty in the grotesque, of finding magic in the mundane; stories about building bridges, about burning bridges, about growing trees, about turning trees into bridges, and the ways strangers find common ground. "

He advises his young adult series "and and New Adult novel were released by Epic Press in Fall 2016. "

His short stories have been published in 3 Elements Review, Wild Musette, Kingdoms in the Wild, Lamplit Underground, and I Must Be Off and was shortlisted in Glimmer Train's "Family Matters" writing contest in 2015. 

He is a graduate of the Master of Fine Arts program in Creative Writing at the University of San Francisco and lives in Los Angeles with his wife, fun-loving daughter, anxious dog, and indifferent cat.

His website is:

Apr 19, 202347:29
Bonus Episode: Alice Gretton (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Bonus Episode: Alice Gretton (Spoken Label, April 2023)

The latest episode from Spoken Label (Spoken Word / Author / Artist Podcast) is another bonus episode from the recent Ashley Edge book launch features Alice Gretton who delivered a fantastic supporting set.

Alice Gretton is an award winning spoken word artist, with their works spanning across the UK and reaching the USA. They produce Sunrose Arts Festival, joining us on 22nd and 23rd July. Their book, Fruit Salad and Rocket Ships, will be out in 2023.

Alice is on facebook at:


Apr 17, 202309:26
Lisa Moore (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Lisa Moore (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Latest Spoken Label session features the wonderful Lisa Moore.

Lisa advises "As a spoken word poet and writer, I've been honing my craft for over a decade. From winning a spot at the prestigious Vault Festival in 2018 with my poem "You've Lost That Loving Feeling and It's Only Been Two Weeks," to being featured on various discussion panels, I've made a name for myself in the spoken word community.

In 2019, I was commissioned to write a piece for International Women's Week, titled "Silver Foxes." The piece highlighted the plight of female actors being pushed out of the acting industry at 45+. It was published by The Conversation in an article titled "Invisible Lives: Where are all the older women in film and TV?" and featured across social media. My poem "The Menopause Poem" has also been featured heavily on various platforms, including radio, and is regularly requested at conferences and menopausal events.

In 2022, I took my show "Woman on Mute" to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The show explored the various stages of a woman's life and featured spoken word pieces fused with music, movement, and comedy. After a successful run, the show is now being developed for radio."

What people have said about Lisa:

"Critics have praised my work, with Write Angel calling it "an exploration of how it feels to be invisible and silenced as a woman. Powerful words delivered with killer conviction - a must-see!!" Henry Normal said "Lisa Moore is honest, accessible, and engaging. Moore please" and Luke Wright said "Tenacious, powerful, and bloody good company. Go spend some time with Lisa Moore!"

Lisa Moore is a spoken word artist whose writing is deeply steeped in that which makes us human and ‘gets us through’ - grit, love and dark humour! Her work is full of spirit and Mancunian dialect both springs off the page and delights on stage.” – Isabelle Kenyon, Writer and Managing Director of Fly on the Wall Press"

More about Lisa can be found at:

Apr 12, 202341:45
Bonus Episode: Tom S. Juniper (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Bonus Episode: Tom S. Juniper (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Latest up from Spoken Label (Spoken Word / Poetry Podcast) features the wonderful Tom S. Juniper recorded live in support of Ashley Edge during their recent book launch.

Tom S. Juniper (they/he) is a genderqueer autistic poet living in Sheffield. They have recently published a book of poems about monsters. They like doing slams and absolutely don't get overly competitive.

Some links for Tom include:

Apr 11, 202314:15
Kay Channon (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Kay Channon (Spoken Label, April 2023)

Latest up from Spoken Label (Author / Artist / Poet Podcast) features the wonderful Kay Channon.

Kay Channon is a PhD Student. Her research focuses on re-telling The Hunger Games using the social, personal, and political issues she encountered during Covid 19.  She is also a Disability Arts Online blogger and qualified University Lecturer. She has a passion for philosophy and is a published Poet. Her debut poetry collection The Dark Side of Light was published in 2017. Some of her poems have also appeared in Online Magazines, such as the London Progressive Journal and I am not a silent poet. She is also a trained Makaton Signer and is currently taking online classes to gain a level One British Sign Language award. Outside of her PhD, she reads children’s literature as an Ambassador for Inclusive Minds. This company connects with publishers to seek guidance from those living with disabilities in order to provide a healthy and more accurate reading experience for younger people. Last year she was engaged in webinars with the NHS to raise awareness around complex health conditions and improve patient care.

Useful links:

1. Kay's disability arts online blog:

2. One of Kay's latest poems:

3. Kay's YouTube channel: (for Makaton signing and my Hunger Games film that have premiered so far with and without subtitles):

Apr 05, 202343:20
(Bonus Episode) Dee Dickens (Live Ashley Edge, Spoken Label, April 2023)

(Bonus Episode) Dee Dickens (Live Ashley Edge, Spoken Label, April 2023)

Bonus Episode from Spoken Label (Spoken Word / Poetry Podcast) features the magnificent Dee Dickens recorded live at the recent Ashley Edge live launch for Spoken Label with a great support slot.

Dee's bio advises "Dee Dickens lives on a mountain in Wales with her shedding familiars and

her wizard consort. She etches symbols onto dead trees to make people hallucinate. Sometimes she does that for other people under the Llais Newydd spell. Trainee adult, she loves ribs."

More about Dee can be found at:

Apr 04, 202312:54
Anne Delargy - Spoken Label (March 2023)
Mar 29, 202355:19